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*Space Shuttle Kira’s POV*

I let out an audible sigh while sitting on the bench a big farther away from Qendaess. She looked over at me and frowned, “Something wrong.” I shook my head, “Nope it’s all good.” I smiled at her, but I saw her glaring at me. I swallowed some saliva as she spoke, “Just so you know I can vaguely feel some of you emotions through our contract.” I felt my brow twitch a bit at the new information and I couldn’t help but sigh, “You’re right. There is something wrong, but don’t worry about it. I can handle it.”

She raised an eyebrow, “Does it have something to with your other women?” I stiffened up a little but I could only look away from her. She sighed and then scooted over closer to me. She grabbed my face and turned it towards her. She looked me in the eyes as she spoke, “Do you love them?” I slowly nodded and she spoke again, “Do they love you?” I paused for a minute because I didn’t know how to answer that question. Do they love me? I know that we have both had sex, but I don’t really know why Cindy loved me. Karen was programmed to, but I couldn’t help but feel that it felt genuine.

Cindy on the other hand still baffles me. I know that I can fall in love with someone myself pretty quickly, which may make me seem fickle, but I can love them just as much as someone I have known for years. Some may say that it really isn’t love and more like an infatuation or extreme lust, but love is one of those extreme unknowns in the universe. No one can really say whether anything is true love or not, not even the person going through the actual emotion. Still thinking of Cindy I answered, “I honestly don’t know.”

She sighed, “Honestly, no one ever does.” She looked me in the eyes again, “Do they like being with you?” I answered, “From what I can tell yes.” She nodded, “Are you all intimate?” I raised an eyebrow, “In which way?” She sighed, “Have you all fucked yet?” I flinched at the tone she had when she said that, but I answered her question, “Yeah.” She nodded again, “Those two things could help you make a decision on whether they love you or not, but it isn’t all the variables.”

She smiled at me, “Just go along with things and if they accept me into the group without much fuss then they must really love you in my opinion.” She paused for a second, “On second thought I think that they really do love you. Most women in the universe wouldn’t be willing to share their man in such a peaceful fashion.” She looked at me again, “The fact that you were confused when the answer was in front of you all along tells me that you haven’t really had a relationship have you?”

I shook my head weakly, “No.” She smiled, “That makes two of us then.” I furrowed my brows, “If you have never had a relationship what qualifies you to give me a lecture?” She smiled, “I may be inexperienced in a lot of things, but we dragons are still a wise race.” My brow twitched again, “So why do you like me then?” I shrugged her shoulders, “Because I can.” I nearly fell off the bench, “Seriously? Just because you can?”

She laughed, “Yup. I don’t know if I love you already, but I do know that I really like you.” She scooted closer and whispered in my ear, “A lot.” It sent a shiver up my back and before I could speak there was some pressure on my ear that caused me to flinch before it felt pleasurable. A split second later the sensation was gone. I looked at her and noticed that she had scooted back away from me and was in her original position.

She had a weird expression on her face, “I just can’t. You even taste like shit right now.” I actually hit the floor this time and groaned. When I looked up at her I saw that she had a small smile on her face. She went to look out the window, but she spoke again, “Oh yeah. Before I forget be careful later on. That horse looked like she took a liking to you as well. We may have to add another member to the family if you’re not careful.”

I snorted, “Don’t worry I am not into full blown bestiality.” She smiled again, “Animals that have survived and grown strong enough can take on a human form you know.” When she finished speaking she turned back and actually looked out the window this time. I widened my eyes and a few images flew through my head as. I shook it to try and clear them out and then scoffed at her words, “Surely the horse won’t last long enough or get that strong.” I ignored this weird feeling that I felt and then stared out the window at the approaching portal.

I probably could have used the portal spell myself and taken us back to the base, but I don’t know if I can make a big enough portal yet. Plus, Jack told me that unauthorized portals were bad unless I had the strength or the position to do it without care. The information made sense to me because you wouldn’t want people just coming and going as they please without some sort of record for it. The portal tower contacted us and Jack told them were we wanted to go and gave him his authorization code for the Playing Cards, which has more benefits than just using his civilian id.

The tower immediately started the portal up and after a bit we were going through it. Just a short while later and we came out of the portal and we could see the planet in the distance. I then thought of another woman that may give me trouble as well and I groaned. Sylvie wasn’t my woman or anything, yet, but she was a very beautiful woman to me. I could see myself being with her, but I already got three women. I honestly probably shouldn’t actively search anymore out, but if they fall in my lap I honestly can’t pass it up.

I thought about what I just thought and I immediately felt like a pig, but if a woman likes me and I like her then I will go with my heart. Hence, the three other women in my bed, well, two women soon to be three. I glanced over at Qendaess who was staring at the planet and smiled, beautiful. Jack spoke up, “Alright you two lovebirds we are about to enter the planet’s atmosphere so finished up and buckle up.

We both blushed a little bit even though we weren’t doing anything and did as he said. We entered the atmosphere and the ship started to shake a little bit. It wasn’t too bad, but you never know with reentry. Leaving the planet was simple and safe, but reentry could easily turn bad according to Jack. A few moments later and we were landing at the base. It felt good to be back, but I saw Sylvie standing at the end of the platform waiting for us. I cursed under my breath and then tried to figure out what to say when Qendaess spoke up, “That one of you women?”

I sighed and shook my head, “No.” She smiled, “She must be one of the other ones you mentioned then.” I smiled bitterly and then started to unbuckle myself. The ship landed safely and Jack turned around, “Okay, time to report to the boss.” I nodded and then Jack spoke to Qendaess, “Follow behind Scurra and don’t do anything funny. We have to get you approved with the boss before you can be allowed to stay on the base or anything.”

She nodded and quickly stepped right behind me. I could even feel her bulging chest on my back a little and it was causing me to have a reaction. Jack didn’t notice because he was opening the hatch, but Qendaess giggled and leaned even more onto me. I concentrated as hard as I could on something disgusting like two old people fucking or something and almost instantly my hard on went away.

I glared back at her and she just smiled at me as she leaned back up. The hatch was open and we all stepped out of the ship. Sylvie bounded up to us and she was about to say something when she stopped in her tracks and looked at Qendaess. “Fuck.” I cursed under my breath and when I was about to say something Sylvie just smiled and then looked at Jack, “How did the mission go?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “Pretty smoothly actually. Only had to wreck a castle so we didn’t cause too much of a disturbance.” Sylvie nodded, “Just a castle? That’s good.” I could feel my brow twitching again from their conversation. Seriously? It’s a fucking castle for fucks sake! I sighed and then shook my head. Sylvie looked over at me, “How was your first mission away from the planet?”

I answered her, “It was pretty…” I didn’t get to finish my sentence before she spoke again, “That’s good. We should get going The Dealer is waiting on you all.” I got irritated at her blatantly interrupting me, but I figured I may deserve it, but she doesn’t even know what’s going on between me and Qendaess yet. I just smiled and wasn’t going to say anything, but Qendaess had other plans.

She growled at Sylvie, “Who do you think you are to be rude to my master that way?” I face palmed, where the fuck did all that wisdom supposedly go? The image of Qendaess throwing the word wisdom out the window of a speeding car flew through my mind quickly causing me to grin. Sylvie stopped in her tracks and turned back to her, “Who do you think you are to speak to the Ace of Hearts the way you are?”

Qendaess smiled, “Just the Ace of Hearts? From what I have heard you are the weakest of the Four Aces.” Sylvie smiled, “I may be the weakest of us four, but it’s enough for you.” Sylvie started to radiate a dark aura and drew her sword. Qendaess stepped forward and just stood there smiling. Both of them stood there staring at each other for a long time before Sylvie made a move. I sighed, why are both of them fighting? Jack smiled, “This is going to be good.” I looked over and saw he was munching on some popcorn. He pushed the bag my way, “Want some?” Before I could say anything or even ask where he got the popcorn from there was a massive force blasting past us.

I would have been sent flying from the force if it wasn’t for the fact that The Dealer caught me. I don’t know where she came from or how she got here without anyone noticing her, but when I looked up at her from my sitting positon on the ground she smiled. Damn was it a beautiful smile. I actually had to force myself to look back towards Sylvie and Qendaess.

Neither one of them seemed to notice that The Dealer had arrived and continued to duke it out. What was surprising was that they looked pretty evenly matched. Sylvie disappeared from where she was standing and then appeared swinging her sword from behind Qendaess, who reached behind her and grabbed the sword. There was a concussive blast that spread out from the sword causing the ship to slide across the ground a few inches.

There was a crowed starting to gather around now and there were people murmuring, “She actually stopped the Ace of Hearts sword! Who is this woman?” There were even a few people bickering amongst themselves saying that they were going to try and woo her. I snorted and then looked back at the fight. Sylvie smiled while floating in mid-air and Qendaess was still holding her sword. I could see some blood dripping from her hand and I knew that she had been hurt a little. I noticed that there was a notification that wanted to pop up so I opened it.

Would you like to learn the upgraded skill [Flight]?




I immediately selected yes and I could feel my body actually get a little bit lighter. There was another notification that was telling me about the skill.

[Flight] – Upgraded skill that allows the user to fly or hover in the sky. Max Grade - Skill maxed out and cannot be upgraded anymore.

[Glide] has been removed from the active skill list due to [Flight] being the upgraded version.


I was a little upset that I lost a skill, but when I saw that [Flight] was the upgraded version to the skill that the disappointment disappeared. I smiled and then turned back to the fight going on between the two women. Sylvie was smiling, “Not bad.” Qendaess smiled back at her, “Right back at you.” Sylvie disappeared from the air and appeared behind Qendaess again. Qendaess snorted, “Again?” She turned around and reached for the sword again. Her expression quickly changed from one of confidence to one of shock.

The sword coming at her this time was cloaked in a black aura and I instantly knew what skill she was using. She has used the same skill on me once before.

Qendaess quickly stepped back as the sword barely missed her by a couple inches. It smashed into the ground and a small crater formed. Earth shattered and flew in every direction. A few of the higher numbered cards threw up protection of some sort to protect the grunts. There was a shield around me and The Dealer, but Jack surprised the shit out of me. When I looked over towards him the pieces of earth were literally going through him.

He was still eating the popcorn and watching the fight, but none of the fragments were even touching him. The Dealer spoke gently in my ear, “The fragments aren’t going through him, but he is moving fast enough when dodging them that it looks like he isn’t moving at all.” I was shocked and looked up at her. She smiled, “Out of all of the Number Cards and Face Cards only the Jacks have a class based requirement. They all have to be assassins. There are two other Jacks and they are both faster than the Jack of Diamonds.”

This caused my eyes to widen even further, “Faster than Jack?” She nodded, “The Jack of Spades is so fast it’s almost scary.” I looked back at Jack who was still dodging fragments and the lack of a notification surprised and disappointed me. The Dealer laughed, “You weren’t able to learn a skill, were you?” I shook my head, “No.” She nodded, “Almost all of the Face Cards don’t use an actual skill most of the time.”

I widened my eyes, “Why?” She smiled again, “Because when you are actually able to use the skill without the help of the system then it takes less effort and the effect actually doubles.” I widened my eyes, “It doubles!?” She nodded her head again, “For example, Sylvie’s [Dark Heaven Splitter]. When she used it against you in your first spar she used the system’s help because it wasn’t as strong and would have at most made you lose an arm, but the one she used just now didn’t have any aid from the system. The shockwave from it hitting the ground alone would have disintegrated you instantly.”

I widened my eyes in shock and then looked at Qendaess in worry. The Dealer smiled, “Don’t worry about your dragoness. She isn’t weak.” A thought entered my head at that moment, “How was I able to hurt the King of Diamonds the other day if they are so strong?” She smiled, “He let his guard down against you. Plus, you were under the influence of [Increasing Strength (Rage)]. It can boost your strength to almost limitless amounts. It isn’t very easy to activate though, it’s user has to be under so much rage that they could literally hurt themselves.”

I raised an eyebrow at what she was saying, “So I could have hurt myself in my rage at that point?” She nodded, “You actually did hurt yourself immensely, but it was thanks to our Queen of Clubs that you were able to recover so fast. You should thank her and Sylvie when you have a chance.” I nodded my head and then looked back to the fight.

Qendaess punched out towards Sylvie who blocked it with the flat of her blade. Sylvie then held her left arm out and a pitch-black shield of darkness manifested itself. There was no notification so she was personally using the skill right now. I was wondering why she used the [Flight] skill with the system earlier, but I decided to ask her about it later. A few seconds later a pitch-black suit of armor appeared on her body as well. It allowed her tail to poke out and it insinuated her curves well.

One of the bystanders gasped, “She is using her shield and armor! Who is this woman that is pushing the Ace of Hearts to this extent?” I raised an eyebrow at the statement, but I continued to watch the fight. Qendaess smiled and then disappeared into the ground. Sylvie’s eyes widened and she looked around. A few seconds later she looked down and saw Qendaess appear beneath her. She flew backwards in the air and dodged the punch. Qendaess fell back down and disappeared into the ground again.

The Dealer whistled, “Beloved by the earth she is.” I smirked at the way she said it and continued to watch the fight. Qendaess still hadn’t come out of the ground yet in the last five minutes and I could see that Sylvie was getting impatient. She sneered, “If you won’t leave the ground then I will just have to destroy it.” After that her shield started to glow a bright black, which made no sense to me. How the hell does black glow? A few seconds later she aimed the shield at the ground and a fucking laser shot from the middle of it.

It hit the ground and disappeared inside of it. A few seconds later the ground started to crack and The Dealer grabbed me jumping back towards the rest of the crowed. She instantly cast a shield around the entire group. Black lights shot out of the fissures in the ground and then it exploded. An entire section of the ground five hundred yards in diameter was disintegrated and a twenty-foot-deep crater was left.

I saw Qendaess lying in the bottom of the crater with her clothes torn to rags. She had a nipple hanging out which caused someone to whistle earning them a glare from me. They didn’t notice my glare, but a noise brought me back to the fight. Qendaess was standing up slowly and when she made it to her feet she smiled, “Now that is what I’m talking about.” She looked up at Sylvie and smiled at her, “My turn.”

Fire started to rage around her body and the fragments of earth started to float into the sky. She stood there staring at Sylvie while the inferno around her started to blaze even bigger. I could feel the heat even from behind the shield. She started to scream and then she started to transform. Two horns grew from her head and a tail sprouted from her tailbone. Her nails grew into claws and brownish red scales appeared allover her body.

Her clothes were completely disintegrated from the transformation, but her parts were covered by scales causing some spectators to click their tongues. After the transformation was over the fire died down and planted itself on the tip of her tail while a crown made of earth fragments rested on her forehead. Sylvie was shocked at the transformation, “Dragon!?” This one word caused the entire area to grow deathly silent. Qendaess smiled and when she talked there was a growl to her words, “I told you, my turn.”

She disappeared from where she was standing and appeared right in front of Sylvie. She had her hand in front of her face. It glowed red for a split second before a blast of fire struck her. Sylvie flew back and smashed into the ship that we had just arrived on. The ship instantly exploded and shattered fragments everywhere. Sylvie flew out of the debris and smashed her shield into Qendaess.

Qendaess blocked the shield with her tail and then used it to send her flying back into the ground. She growled, “You won’t beat me like this.” Sylvie looked up at her from the human shaped hole in the ground. She jumped up, “I think you’re right.” This caused the crowed to murmur amongst themselves again. A few seconds later the sun dimmed and the world turned dark. Darkness started to spread with Sylvie at the center and there was a foreboding aura surrounding her.

A few minutes later the sun was blocked by darkness and if it wasn’t for the flame on Qendaess’ tail we wouldn’t be able to see anything. Sylvie spoke shortly after that, “[Darkness Rising]” It was the first time I heard somebody say the name of their skill out loud before. The darkness quickly left the world and rushed towards Sylvie blinding us with the light of the sun.

When everyone could see again we were left with a terrifying scene. Sylvie was shrouded in a dark form that looked demonic. There were a pair of curved back horns on the forms head and a giant claymore in its hands. I wondered where the shield went, but she swung her sword towards Qendaess before I could think of anything else. A giant blade of darkness flew towards Qendaess causing her to widen her eyes in shock. She quickly tucked her legs in and put her arms and tail in front of her.

The blade of darkness hit her a spilt second later. The blade was stopped for a couple of seconds before Qendaess was blasted backwards and smashed into the shield blocking the crowd. Ripples were sent throughout the shield, but it held. Qendaess slid down the shield her form going back to its human appearance. I quickly left the shield and caught her body before she hit the ground. She was still breathing and conscious which let me breathe out a breath of relief.

She groaned in my arms, “Damn that bitch hits hard.” She smiled at me when she said it. I pinched her on the nose, “Why did you go and do something so reckless?” She smiled at me again, “Because I wanted too.” I shook my head and looked at her with concern in my eyes, “Well don’t dummy.” She turned her head to the side and said in a low voice, “No promises.” I shook my head at her again and looked back towards Sylvie.

She had turned back into her normal self and her sword was in its sheath again. She walked over towards us and she had a bit of a limp. There were a few rips in her clothes and a couple of cuts on her body. She didn’t come out of this fight unharmed either. She walked up towards us and threw a cloak towards us, “Cover her up, people are staring.” I quickly put the cloak on her and we both stood in front of her.

Sylvie sighed, “You are pretty tough dragon.” Qendaess smiled, “You’re not so bad yourself.” Somebody murmured something about her not having the right to say that with as bad as she turned out. Sylvie looked at the spectator that said the words, “The only reason that I won this fight is because she didn’t go full dragon on me. If she would have gone full dragon she could have destroyed this entire compound with ease. The lower Face Cards would have been a little injured and the higher ones would have probably been okay, but the rest of you on the other hand would have perished.”

Everybody looked at Qendaess in shock. There were a few in the crowd with calm faces and I immediately thought that they may have been some of the Face Cards. Sylvie looked at Qendaess and sighed, “So now my question for you is why did you provoke me?” Qendaess smiled and snuggled up to me, “You were rude to my master and because I wanted too.” Sylvie’s face went blank and I saw an eyebrow twitch a little bit. The Dealer laughed, “Balls this one has.” I couldn’t help but face palm again.


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