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*Forest on the Xyndros border*

We had given the rented horses back to a rental stand in the previous town. For some reason my horse seemed like she was reluctant to leave and it kind of creeped me out. I rubbed her mane and showed her some affection before we left towards the forest. Qendaess snorted, “Playboy.” I laughed and then cut my eyes at her, “Want to be one of my bunnies?”

She snorted again, “Why would a mighty dragon want to be a small bunny rabbit?” I face palmed and shook my head, “Never mind, just forget it.” Jack was trying not to laugh at the entire situation. He looked back at us, “We will be at a clearing in a minute. We will be able to call for a portal there.” I grinned, “I could just take us back myself.”

Jack stopped walking in his tracks. He turned around and stared at me, “Don’t tell me that you learned how to use the spell [Portal] from when we were sent to the planet?” I shrugged, “I won’t tell you that, because it was when we were sent to this solar system.” He face palmed this time and shook his head. He sighed and then looked at me, “You are seriously broken man, but when we get to the clearing you can send us back to the space station. We will need to tell them we are coming though.”

I grinned, “Can’t we just appear out of nowhere? It will be a big surprised for the bastard that dropped me on that fucking island.” I was getting a little ticked, but Qendaess touched my shoulder. I looked at her and she smiled, “We met on that island so it could be counted as a good thing.” I smiled a little, “You have a point there.” I sighed, “Fine, let them know we are coming then.”

Jack nodded and then continued walking. Almost fifteen minutes later we were standing in the middle of the clearing in the forest. It almost looked like it was put here on purpose based on how perfectly circular it was. Jack was talking to the bitches on the space station through the communicator while I was looking around. A few minutes later he was done and turned towards me, “Okay, they are ready to accept our transport. Go ahead and activate the spell.”

I sighed and activated the [Portal] spell. I pictured the portal room on the space station and a flash of lightning struck the area in front of me. A violet colored tunnel opened up where the lightning struck and we could see the portal room on the other side. I was honestly blown away at the convenience of the spell. Mages of any kind are a little over powered in this game; due to not having a mana cost for any spells. There has to be some kind of limit though, but I would have to ask the loli when we get back.

I looked at Qendaess and saw that she seemed pretty calm. I smiled, “You don’t seem too surprised at the fact I can make a portal.” She smiled back, “When you became my master I was told everything about your class so I figured you may have some very powerful spells in your repertoire.” I was a little surprised at what she said and a little dejected that I lost an opportunity to show off.

She laughed, “Were you trying to show off master? If you were I can be surprised and in awe for you.” She instantly widened her eyes and stepped up to the portal, “It’s so awesome master! I didn’t know you could use space magic!” She stepped up to me, “You are the best master! You are the strongest!” She looked at me with twinkling eyes and I sighed, “It doesn’t have the same effect if I know your acting.”

She smiled again, “I wasn’t acting, for the most part. You are the best to me master.” I felt my heart skip a quick beat at her beaming smile and I quickly looked away, “I think we should head through the portal. The asswipes… I mean the people on the other side are waiting on us.” I quickly walked through the portal with Jack and Qendaess’ laughter echoing around me.

I stepped through the portal and I was instantly in the portal room of the space station. I turned around and saw Jack and Qendaess still standing there laughing, but I sighed and after a few seconds they finally walked through the portal. Jack stepped through and clapped me on the shoulder, “You are going to have a very interesting life my friend.” I sighed again, “You have no idea.”

Qendaess stepped out if the portal and as soon as she stepped foot on the metal floor, sirens started sounding. There were loud sirens, flashing red lights, and a robotic voice yelling, “Warning! High Level Creature detected!” It repeated that the entire time the sirens were going off. Guards ran into the portal room and pointed their guns at Qendaess.

I instantly stepped in front of her and glared at the guards, “What are you all doing?” One of the guards answered me, “Our creature detectors indicate that she is a very high level creature.” I raised an eyebrow, “And?” The same guard answered, “She isn’t registered in our system as anyone’s slave or pet so we have to detain her.”

I was shocked, “Why does she have to be registered as a pet or slave?” The guard looked at Jack, “Does your subordinate not know the rules?” Jack shook his head, “This is his first mission and he just captured this creature. I forgot to tell him about the rules dealing with creatures.” I sighed, “What about all of the alien species in the universe? Why aren’t they labeled as slaves or pets then?” I pointed at a person standing at one of the terminals. They were blue skinned and had a mouth at the end of a snout, kind of like an ant eater.

The guards answered again, “They have been registered as a race by the company.” I raised an eyebrow, there was the company again. They really are a multi-universe entity. I sighed, “So your scanners are indicating that she isn’t one of those registered races, so that automatically makes her a creature?” The guards nodded his head, “Exactly.”

I sighed, “Do I just need to register what type of creature she is then and whether she is a slave or pet?” The guard nodded his head, “Yes, but we must detain her until then.” He motioned for the guards to move in. A couple of them moved to the sides of Qendaess and I tried to back her up. The guard pointed his gun at me, “Step away from your creature. She will be returned after you register her.” I glared at the guards and was about to say something, but Qendaess put a hand on my shoulder. I looked at her and she was smiling, “Don’t worry, just do as they say.” I stared at her for a minute before sighing.

I stepped away from her and the guards grabbed both of her arms. They forced her down to her knees as one of the guards cuffed her. I got pissed and wanted to step forward at how they were treating her, but if I made a move things might get a little worse. I clenched my fists and glared at the guards that were handling her roughly. The head guard watched them escort her out and then looked at me, “It’s been a while since I saw a creature that could speak. You seem to have gotten you a good one.”

I growled at him and it sounded a whole lot like Qendaess’ growl from the castle. The guard stiffened up quickly and then relaxed again, “You can pick your creature up from the pens after you register her.” He did an about face and left the portal room. Jack stepped up and put a hand on my shoulder, “I’m sorry man. I completely forgot that dragon’s weren’t registered as a race.” I looked up at him, “Why is that?” He shrugged, “It has something to do with the fact that dragons are usually solitary beings. This means that they don’t make towns, cities, countries, kingdoms, and etc. That is one of the main requirements of being a race to the company.”

I sighed, “That is completely stupid.” He nodded, “I agree. I think it is just something that the company made up to kind of hinder the dragon species.” I furrowed my brows, “Why would they do that?” He smiled at me, “I think it’s because they are scared of them.” He didn’t say anything else as he left me standing in the middle of the portal room. I took a deep breath and then let it go in order to calm myself.

I unclenched my fist and saw that my palm was bloody from my fingernails. I cursed at myself for being weak, but I have to start somewhere I guess. I flicked my hand a couple of times and the blood splattered on the ground. I walked out of the portal room and saw that Jack was standing in front of a terminal. He saw me walk in and waved me over. I made my way over to him and when I got there he pointed at the terminal.

“This is where you can register Qendaess at.” After he said that I looked at the terminal he was pointing at. I saw that he had it on the creature registration screen. There were a few areas to put some information in. I entered her name, sex, and then her species. I tried to enter her species, but it was a drop down box and I couldn’t find dragon anywhere on the list. I did find other at the very bottom of the list and I clicked on it. After I verified that everything was correct I hit submit.

The window closed and then another one popped up telling me that a creature registrar would be with me shortly. Jack clicked his tongue, “I figured it would do that.” I looked up at him, “Why?” He sighed, “Do you know how rare it is for someone to contract with a dragon?” I shook my head and he nodded, “I didn’t think so. Let’s just say that you would have better luck meeting one of the big wigs in the company than contracting with a dragon.”

I furrowed my brows, “Why weren’t you that surprised about me contracting with her then?” He shuddered, “I have been on a mission with The Dealer man and I saw some crazy shit… After that nothing surprises me that easily.” I sweated a little just thinking about what he must have seen to make someone like him shudder at the thought.

I then asked him another question, “Have you ever saw a big wig of the company?” He then laughed at that, “Man I would have better luck asking my wife to have a threesome with our hot neighbor.” I smiled at that and then shook my head. That really didn’t answer anything I guess, but it did lighten the mood some.

I heard some complaining coming from another door, “What kind of idiot doesn’t know what the species of his own creature is. It is extremely rare for a creature that the company doesn’t know about to be captured.” After that fat ass slug, slithered, is that the word I’m looking for? Ah whatever, this fat fucking slug made its way into the room and then glanced over the terminals.

We were literally the only ones standing at a terminal so the he, she, it, what made their way over here. It sounded like a man so we will go with he from now on. He made his way over to us and then looked at Jack, “So which one of you registered the creature?” Jack hooked his thumb at me, “The kid did.” I cut my eyes at him and I could see that he was smiling and trying not to laugh.

I sighed and then looked at the slug. He was looking down at me, “So exactly why did you list other as a species for your creature?” I furrowed my brows, “Because her species wasn’t listed, duh.” The slug sucked in a breath, “How dare you be rude to me. Do you know who I am?” I raised an eyebrow, “Jabba the Hut?” The slug was confused, “Who?” I shook my head, “Nothing. Someone I knew from my home planet.”

The slug was surprised, “Do you have slugtopians on your home planet?” I raised an eyebrow again, slugtopians… really? I sighed and shook my head, “No, but he was on an entertainment show I watched one time.” He nodded his head, “Oh ho, a slugtopian that made it as an entertainer. That is some good news to be heard.” He then turned towards another door, “Follow me, we shall go to the pens and see what type of creature you have.” He seemed to have gotten over my sarcasm pretty quickly.

I tried to stop him, “I could just tell…” He was already through the door and gone before I could finish. I sighed and then looked at Jack. He just shrugged his shoulders and then followed the slug. I trudged along behind them and then we made it to an elevator. It was a huge elevator and even then it was tight with the slug and the two of us in it. He pushed a button and then the elevator started to descend. After a few seconds we were at the bottom floor and the door opened.

The slug left first followed by Jack and I. I saw cages lining the walls of the room with various creatures left and right. There were a few bugs that looked like the ones from a famous movie back on Earth that came out in the late nineties. There were some cages with giant spiders and even a few cages with orcs. I was confused and touched Jack on the shoulder, “I thought that Orcs would be considered a race.” He looked up at the orcs in the cage and then shook his head, “Normal orcs would be, but these are barbarian orcs. They are unintelligent war machines that were bred by normal orcs.”

I nodded my head, “So basically they just follow orders and kill shit?” He bobbed his head side to side, “Sort of. More they just kill shit than follow orders. Normal orcs keep them caged up until war time and then they roll the cage out onto the battlefield. After that they have an archer shoot the lock and then let them go crazy.” I raised an eyebrow, “They don’t look any different from orcs I have seen before.” Of course those were only on television and video games.

He laughed, “Normal Orcs don’t look much different from humans. The only major differences are their size and the teeth that they have sticking out of their mouth.” I nodded my head, “I guess I have never seen a normal orc then.” I was beginning to wonder whether or not the entertainment industry has a player giving all these movie writers’ and game designers ideas back on Earth. It would have to be a different species from human, but it makes me wonder.

The slug finally stopped at a cage and when I looked inside I could feel the rage rising inside of me. Her cage literally had straw on the ground for her to sit on and the shit from the previous creature still hadn’t been cleaned up. There was no toilet, sink, or anything for her to use. I grabbed the bars of the cage and stared at her. She still looked the same as she did when they took her, which wasn’t too much of a surprise since it had literally been fifteen to thirty minutes tops since they took her.

I was more pissed at the way the cage was and how filthy it was. I heard the slug snort, “It looks like a human so it’s either a slime or a changeling.” Qendaess turned around at the sound of the slug talking. She snorted, “If you think I am either one of those two they you are blind slugtopian. The slug widened his eyes, “It talks? Between a slime and a changeling only a Slime Queen or King can talk.”

Qendaess rolled her eyes and then glanced at me. I was still fuming about the cage and had a death grip on the bars. She smiled at me and then walked over to me. She pried my hands from the bar and then touched my cheek, “Calm down. I am fine.” I know some people would wonder why I would care so much about her, but that is just the way I am. Once I claim something or someone as mine I care deeply about them.

Even though we haven’t done the deed Qendaess is mine. I took a deep breath and then let it out. I stepped back from the cage and walked up to the slug. He was still staring at her and trying to figure out what she was. I coughed and when he turned his head towards me I spoke, “I can tell you what her species is.” The slug squinted his eyes at me, “If you knew what she was why would you select other?”

I sighed, “For the second time, her species wasn’t on the fucking list!” The slug scoffed, “Impossible, the company knows about almost every creature in the universe. It would be more likely for you to meet a big wig in the company than come across a creature they don’t know about.” I rubbed the bridge of my nose, “The Company knows about her species, but it probably hasn’t been registered as a slave or pet by anyone yet so they didn’t list it.”

He snorted, “So you mean to tell me that you are the first to register the creature? Fine, I’ll play along with you for now. Go ahead and tell me then, what is her species?” I sighed, “Thank you. Now maybe we can get out of here.” He wave his hand, “Yeah, yeah, what is her species kid?” I felt my eyebrow twitch, “She is a dragon.” He laughed, “Oh ho, so she is a dragon then. Well, I could have told you that from the way…”

He paused and stopped moving. After a few minutes he yelled, “She is a fucking dragon!? Why the fuck didn’t you say so in the first place!” I sighed, “I tried, but you wouldn’t let me.” The slug was ignoring me and turned towards Qendaess, “My apologies noble dragon. I never expected you to have graced us with your presence.” My jaw almost hit the floor, “What the fuck?”

I turned towards Jack and saw that he was laughing his ass off. I glared at him, “What’s so funny? I thought the company was scared of dragons? Why would he be apologizing to her?” The slug answered for Jack, “Scared of dragons? Why would the company be scared of the same race as its founder?” My eyes widened and I looked at Jack. He was now rolling on the ground holding his gut. He finally stopped laughing, “I’m sorry man. I just couldn’t help it. It’s not every day that I get to mess with a new guy.”

I grinned, “So everything you said about the dragons was a lie then?” He wiped a tear from his eye, “Yup. Every single word, well except for the requirement to be a race, that was true.” I felt my mouth twitch again, “I see.” I looked over and saw that there was a cage that hadn’t been cleaned. There was a pile of shit in the center of the cage and I instantly thought of something.

I laughed, “I guess you got me man.” Jack laughed, “Hell yeah I did.” While he was talking I quickly activated a [Portal] and put the exit in the cage. The entrance was right behind Jack. It wasn’t a quiet spell so I had to act quickly. I pushed Jack, or at least I tried to. He stepped out of the way and I ended up stumbling into my own portal. The exit was pointing downwards in the air above the pile of shit.

I saw the pile coming towards me quickly, “Fuck.” I was able to let out one curse before I landed face first in a pile of alien feces. I could hear Jack and the slug laughing as I canceled the portal. I could even hear Qendaess giggling in the other cage. If I could stand the smell I would have just left my face buried in the shit out of embarrassment. I sat up and then glared at Jack causing him to laugh even harder. I used my hand to wipe the shit from my face and then the slug opened the cage for me. I could have gotten myself out with the same spell that got me in, but I didn’t feel like it.

I looked over and saw Qendaess with a hand over her mouth giggling. I sighed, “Shouldn’t we be getting her out of there.” The slug instantly stiffened, “Oh yeah!” He turned towards the cage and opened it, “I am sorry for the major inconvenience.” She smiled at him, “It’s no problem. I should have told my master about the fact that we dragons usually don’t travel through normal space stations. If he would have known we could have warned the station I was coming and they wouldn’t have reacted the way they did when the alarm went off.”

The slug stiffened, “Master?” He then turned towards me and after I got some more of the shit off of my clothes I grinned at him. He swallowed some saliva and dipped his head, “My apologies sir!” I waved, “It’s all good. You guys reacted the way you should have to an unknown creature.” I glared at Qendaess, “My dragoness should have told me that she would have set the alarm off so I knew to let y’all know she was coming.”

I walked over to her and then smacked her on the ass causing her to yelp, “I will take care of her later.” I looked over at the slug, “They only thing that I ask of you now is to make sure these cages are cleaned more often. I mean seriously, you put her in a cage full of shit. That pissed me off more than anything.” The slug dipped his head, “I will get right on that sir.” I nodded, “Good, I guess that means we are good to go?”

He nodded, “Yes, you just need to finish your registration of your creature.” I raised an eyebrow, “I do?” He nodded again, “Yes, unfortunately other races are not allowed to use or see the space station for dragons. There for if she is going to be traveling with you she will have to use a normal one. If she is registered as a creature then the alarms won’t go off at every station.”

I nodded, “Okay, I guess that makes sense.” We went back up the elevator and it was even more cramped now with four of us in there. It didn’t help that everyone was trying to stick to the opposite side of the elevator from me. I sighed and shook my head. We made it back to the terminal and I completed the registration of Qendaess as my slave creature with a bit of my blood on the scanner. I honestly didn’t know the difference between a slave creature and a pet creature. Maybe they had different laws governing their care or something. I did notice something interesting about the registration though.

Name: Qendaess

Sex: Female

Species: Dragon

Type: Slave

Owner: Scurra (******)

I noticed that beside my character’s name was a few asterisks. I pointed it out to Jack and he raised an eyebrow, “So you’re a player then.” I raised an eyebrow, “What?” He pointed at the asterisks, “If you click on the asterisks and have the appropriate amount of clearance it will show your real name there. Only players have this beside their names.” I raised an eyebrow, “So if you registered a creature it wouldn’t say Jack of Diamonds?” He nodded his head, “I ain’t a player so it would say my real name, if I registered a creature with the company.”

I nodded my head, “That’s a good thing to know. At least they have to have appropriate access to get my name from the companies system.” He nodded, “Yeah, only real high ranking officials have access to a player’s real identity, or so I have been told.” He turned and headed towards the ship, Qendaess and I quickly followed. We entered the ship and I sat down in a chair, “Finally we can head back.” I smelled myself, “I really need a shower.” Qendaess giggled, “Agreed.” I scooted over closer to her, “You don’t like the way I smell?”

She activated a [Fire Ball] spell and held it in her hand, “Unless you want me to burn the smell off, stay on your side of the bench.” I held my hands up in surrender and scooted back to my side. I could hear Jack laughing his ass off in the front while we were leaving the space station. I sighed and then gagged a little. This sucks, I literally smell like shit!


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