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*Capital of Xyndro*

We rushed outside of the inn and saw that there were guards and people scrambling everywhere. The guards were yelling things like, “Get to the castle and protect his majesty.” While the citizens were just running around screaming, “It’s a Dragon! Run!” It looked pretty comedic from my stand point because it reminded me of some movies I have seen before. Jack and I hide our presence and headed towards the castle. I wanted to know what got Qendaess so riled up.

The castle gate had been destroyed during her tirade and we were able to easily go inside. I saw that there were several guards shooting arrows at her and they were proving ineffective. They were just bouncing off her scales with little ping noises. Jack and I stood there watching her destroy everything in her sights for a few minutes before I spoke, “Qendaess that’s enough for now.”

I don’t know if she heard me or if the brand automatically made her stop, but the tail she had headed towards a guard stopped right before it landed. She looked at me, because my presence was no longer hidden after speaking, and then started to turn back into her human form. She stood there naked for a split second before her clothes materialized on her body. She smiled and walked over to me. I swear that her tail would have been wagging if she was still in her dragon form.

She stopped in front of me and jokingly saluted, “Evidence found master!” I laughed at her display, “I can see that.” I looked around at the damage and the guards pointing there bow at me and her, “You could have found it without tossing the place around though.” I laughed and then smiled at her. She blushed and looked at the ground where she was playing with a rock with her foot.

I grinned and then looked at the guards that were pointing there bows at us. I had noticed that Jack was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t really worry about him too much and spoke to the guards, “I would put your bows down if I were you. They were obviously not very effective.” On guard spoke back, “Maybe not on her, but we could easily turn you into a pincushion.”

I laughed and shook my head, “You really think that she would allow that to happen?” I hooked my thumb at Qendaess and she actually let out a growl. It was kind of cute, but I put that thought aside for now. The guards all flinched a little and some even stopped aiming their bows at us. I grinned, “You really want to play this game?” It felt awesome to be able to talk so brazenly to these people, but I knew that if it wasn’t for Qendaess I wouldn’t be able to be so brazen. I really need to do some more training, but I do feel that I might be able to take on the majority of these guards in a one on one situation.

The remaining guards put their bows down, but they didn’t put them up. They kept their arrows notched and ready to use, but they weren’t aiming them at us at least. One of the guards jumped from the top of the wall and landed on the ground a few yards in front of us. He put his bow on his back and then looked at me, “What do you want?” I guess that he must be the captain of the guards in the castle. I looked him up and down and saw that he was pretty toned. I could see the muscles on his arms, but they weren’t massive like a body builder’s. I smiled, “We want to see your king.” The guard snorted, “You could have just made an appointment like everyone else does.”

I grinned, “I think that your king probably doesn’t hold those appointments in any regard whatsoever and we would be waiting for weeks, maybe even months, before we go to see him.” The guard snorted again, “Your point is?” I sighed, “Let me make this simple for you. Tell your king to come out and see us or my dragoness here goes on a rampage again. This time she won’t stop at just the castle. No, she will continue to rampage and take out every single military instillation in your kingdom. Then once your kingdom is taken over by another kingdom, which we will tell them about your little situation, they will gladly give him to us. Whether or not the citizens are treated well is not our problem.”

It really isn’t our problem, but I really don’t want to resort to the method I just described to the guard. He widened his eyes a little and then gritted his teeth, “We will let his majesty know.” He waved his hand in the air and I saw that a couple of guards disappeared from the wall. He then spoke to me again, “If you would be a little patient and wait here for a minute.” I laughed, “I got all the time in the world, but as for her patience…” I let the sentence trail off as I hooked a thumb at Qendaess again.

She growled one more time and the guard stiffened, but he didn’t say anything. We all stood in the middle of the courtyard staring at each other. All of a sudden my communicator beeped in my ear, “Hey, I found the king.” I grinned, “You found him faster than the guards did. I sent them after him a few minutes ago.” Jack laughed, “He was actually in one of the dungeons screwing a prisoner. There were a couple of guards, but I took them out pretty easily.”

I smiled again, “Figured you wouldn’t have a problem. You want to bring him to the courtyard?” Jack spoke again, “I am actually standing in one of the corners waiting for the right opportunity to make an entrance.” I actually laughed out loud at that one and everybody looked at me in confusion. I quickly spoke to Jack again, “For an assassin you sure are trying to be flashy.” Jack laughed at that, “Not every assassin has to hide in the darkness, that’s just a stereotype.”

It made sense in a way the word assassin has changed over the centuries. The modern definition is a murderer of an important person in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons. I feel that an assassin is someone who kills someone without anyone noticing. Granted this mission was supposed to be an assassination, but it turns out that it is just going to be an execution. Everybody in the kingdom or this planet is going to know that we killed the king of the Xyndro kingdom, but they shouldn’t be able to link it back to the Playing Cards. Well, except for the family that hired us, but I doubt that they will say anything to anyone.

The guard spoke to me, “What’s so funny?” I raised an eyebrow, “Oh nothing. Just wondering how long it is going to take for your king to come.” The guard gritted his teeth, “We are having a hard time finding him due to your dragon’s rampage. I laughed, “Have you tried your dungeon? Maybe one of the cells with a female prisoner in it.” The guard widened his eyes and then looked away. I laughed again, “You did didn’t you? Well that’s okay because I don’t need you to find him for me.”

The guard stiffened up, “Why is that?” I smiled, “Because he is right behind you.” The guard turned around and he saw Jack standing there with an unconscious king thrown over his shoulder. Jack smiled, “Quite a heavy shack of shit here. I got to set him down for a minute.” After that he tossed the king at my feet and I heard Qendaess growl before she tried to step forward. I put my arm out and stopped her. I did manage to feel a heavenly sensation as my arm touched her though.

I looked at her, “Calm down a little bit, okay?” She growled at the king, but she didn’t make another move towards him. I spoke to her again, “Did you see him do something?” She growled, “I didn’t see him personally do anything, but I saw one of the dungeon rooms and…” Her breathing was speeding up and I could see her eyes turn into their dragon form. I realized that she was losing control of her transformation in her anger.

I maneuvered myself in front of her and put my hands on her cheeks, “Look at me Q.” Her dragon like eyes flicked to me and she stared straight into my eyes. I smiled, “It’s going to be okay. He is going to get what’s coming to him. I promise.” She blinked once and her breathing slowed a little, but it was still pretty fast. I really didn’t want to use the brand to forcibly calm her down, if that is even possible, so I did the only thing I could think of. I kissed her.

Our lips met and I felt her body stiffen up. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and explored. I felt a sharp pain on my tongue and I could taste something metallic. I instantly realized that I cut my tongue on her teeth. Some of her teeth must have sharpened when she started to lose control. I could see the surprise in her eyes, but she closed them shortly afterwards and wrapped her arms around my head.

A few minutes later she actually separated from me and then quickly backed up and looked at the ground. She stammered, “I… I… I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” I smiled and spit out some blood, “It’s okay don’t worry about it. Are you alright though?” She blushed and nodded her head, but she never looked up at me. I laughed and then grabbed her chin with my index finger and thumb. I lifted her head and planted a quick kiss on her lips. I smiled at her, “You don’t have to apologize for doing something like that again.”

She blushed, “You mean that?” I nodded, “Of course. Why would I deny that from such a beautiful lady?” She looked at the ground again, “Because I am a Dragon.” I laughed and shook my head, “That doesn’t mean anything to me. I find you beautiful so forget about the whole dragon aspect.” She looked me in the eyes for a few seconds before she smiled and nodded her head.

There was a cough from behind us. I looked back and saw that Jack was standing there with a smile on his face, “Don’t forget we are on a mission here love birds.” I laughed, “I didn’t forget anything Jack.” I kicked the unconscious sack of shit on the ground, “We have plenty of time to spread the manure.” He shook his head and then started to talk to the guard. I don’t know how this all turned into some civilized negotiation, but that is seriously what it looks like.

I looked around and saw that the guards were alert and watching not only us, but the surroundings. Jack and the guard captain were discussing something while Qendaess was still blushing and playing with a rock with her foot. I honestly don’t know why she likes me, but it really doesn’t matter to me. She is beautiful and I could tell that she liked me so I went for it. Karen should be fine with it, but I don’t know how Cindy will react to it. There is also Sylvie that I have to worry about.

I am not a hundred percent sure that she likes me, but there is some sort of feelings there. The whole scene at the infirmary led me to that decision. When it comes to love though I think that Karen and Cindy are the only ones that truly love me, but I could be wrong. Karen was programed to love me in a way and Cindy has loved me for a couple of years now, she just wasn’t able to express it until Karen literally pushed her into it.

Of course Cindy doesn’t have to know because Qendaess is on another planet and I can only visit her in game for now. Karen will probably know and Sylvie will find out when we go back to base. I sighed and shook my head. Qendaess wrapped an arm around mine, “What’s wrong.” I smiled, “Nothing is wrong.” She looked at me like she didn’t believe me. I grinned, “Someone is getting kind of bold.”

She looked down at her arm and then she blushed and stared at the ground, but she never let go of my arm. Jack walked in front of us and I focused my attention on him. Jack smiled, “The majority of the guards never knew anything about the rooms the king had. I was told that some of the guards tried to speak up to others about it, but the king had them silenced permanently. The only ones that knew about the rooms and kidnappings, but didn’t care, where the knights we killed earlier, the king, and the king’s assistant.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Where is that assistant at now?” Jack laughed and hooked his thumb at a blood splatter on the wall, “Apparently that is all that the dragoness left of him.” I laughed and shook my head, “So the sack of shit on the ground is all that is left?” I kicked the king again and he actually let out a groan this time. Jack nodded, “Yup, we just need to spread this last bag of manure and then we can leave.” Jack kicked the king as well and there was an even louder groan.

I sighed and separated myself from Qendaess before bending down to the king. I grabbed him by the hair and lifted him up. Even though my strength is only a twenty-five picking up some semi-dead weight king was pretty easy for me. The king’s eyes widened and he quickly grabbed my arm, “Let me go you swine!” I laughed and then dropped him on his ass. He hit the ground with an thud and then rubbed his but before standing up.

He saw the guards and then pointed at me, “What are you all doing? Kill this fool!” The guards looked at each other and then towards the guard captain. They all heard about the special rooms in the dungeon and felt nothing but disgust towards this sack of shit. The captain just stared at the king for a minute before he spoke, “You deserve everything that is about to happen to you.” He looked at Jack, “Finish quickly and then get the fuck out of the kingdom.” Jack smiled and nodded his head.

Even though we are going to kill a sorry excuse for a human being they still couldn’t be happy at the fact that we destroyed their castle and killed some of their men. So telling us to get out of their kingdom is actually pretty kind if you think about it. Jack looked at me, “So what we going to do to him?” Qendaess spoke up, “I say we roast him and then feed him to the rats.” I smiled, “That’s a good idea, but burning shit really smells something awful.”

I kneeled down and looked the king in the eye. I switched to queenie mode before speaking, “I say that I go get a couple of friends and we all have some fun.” The king stiffened at the way I was speaking. He quickly spoke, “Sorry, but I don’t float that way.” I grinned and put a finger on his chest, “Did I ask if you floated that way hunny?” The king swallowed some saliva and then tried to scoot back from me, but Jack was blocking his way.

The king looked up at Jack who spoke, “That sounds like a good idea queenie, but do we really want to lower ourselves to this man’s level?” I sighed, “Your right.” I looked at the king and licked my lips, “Such a pity though.” I held my hand out towards Jack who handed me one of his knives. I looked the king in the eyes as I licked the blade of the knife, “If we aren’t going to have any fun, then I don’t think you need this anymore.”

As soon as I got done speaking I took the knife and stabbed it into the ground straight through the king’s crotch. The king screamed and tried to grab himself, but Jack caught his arms. I dug the knife around a little causing the king to scream every time it moved. I was surprised that he didn’t pass out from the pain. I pulled the knife out a little and then used the tip to stab at a little chunk of meat that I saw in the blood.

I pulled the meat chunk out and saw that it was the man’s dick, all three inches of it. I flicked the knife and the meat chunk flew towards the wall. It hit the wall with a small splat sound and then rolled to the ground. To add insult to injury a rat actually scurried out of the wall and sniffed it. I thought that it was going to carry it off for food, which would have been extremely hilarious, but the rat actually squealed and ran back into its hole.

I looked at the scene and tried hard not to laugh. I looked at the king who was sweating profusely from the pain, “It seems that not even the rats want your dick. It’s no wonder you had to resort to kidnapping and fucking your prisoners.” He gritted his teeth and looked at me in a rage, “You’re sick.” I stood up and laughed, “Maybe, but I don’t think anyone would consider me a sick as you.” I flicked my wrist with some strength and the knife imbedded itself into the king’s skull. I was greeted with a notification.

Due to your class and manually using the skill you can officially learn the [Throwing Skill].

Would you like to learn the skill?



I selected yes, because the skill would be something good to have. I also wanted to know if there was a benefit for actually knowing a skill that you can manually use.

Congratulations! You have learned the [Throwing Skill].

Throwing Skill Level 1: Allows the user to throw items faster, farther, and more precise. (Higher the level the less strength and concentration required to throw an item.)

I smiled at the skill. I had to use quite a bit of strength in my wrist in order to get the knife to imbed itself into the king’s skull, plus the fact that I actually hit it on the first try was mainly due to luck and the fact that I was only five feet from him. Jack raised an eyebrow, “You learned a skill didn’t you?” I nodded, “Yup, I learned you’re throwing skill.” Jack laughed, “I guess I can actually use the skill in front of you next time instead of manually doing it. It requires less strength and concentration that way.”

I shook my head, “So you intentionally threw those knives at those knights manually so I wouldn’t learn the skill?” He shrugged his shoulders, “Maybe, maybe not.” I laughed and shook my head, “You’re an ass.” He laughed and then pointed at the dead king, “What should we do with him?” I thought about it for a minute, “What do we need to do to prove to the family that we completed the contract?” He pointed at the king’s head, “We just need to remove his head and bring it to them.”

I nodded my head and then retrieved one of my swords from my inventory. I placed the sword on the kings neck and then pulled it back before swinging it. The king’s head flew into the air and blood flew from his neck. Jack waved his hand and the king’s head disappeared. I raised an eyebrow and looked at his hand. I saw that there was a ring underneath his glove. I nodded, “Space ring?” He laughed, “Yup.”

I smiled; I need to get me one of those to disguise my inventory as a space ring. I don’t think it really matters, but why advertise that I am a player? The body of the king fell backwards and hit the ground with a thud. I sighed, “Qendaess you want to torch him?” She frowned, “It’s not as much fun if he isn’t alive, but he doesn’t deserve a burial so I guess I can.” I laughed and shook my head while she flung a fire ball at him. Another notification popped up.

Due to your class and witnessing the spell you can learn the spell [Fire Ball].

Would you like to learn the spell?



I clicked yes and then I quickly checked out the information for the skill before closing the notification window. The skill was literally just like it is named; I can shoot a fire ball at someone now. I smiled and then looked back towards Jack, “I guess we can head towards the families estate now.” He nodded his head and then we headed out of the castle. We stopped by were Jack hid the girl and picked her up. She wasn’t really happy that I killed the king myself, but I just shrugged and continued to walk. We all left the capital, with looks of anger thrown at us by some of the guards. It was to be expected though to be honest.

We rented some horses down the road and after learning the [Horse Riding] Skill we quickly left the kingdom and headed towards the Valnix family in the Druxly Kingdom. It took us a day and a half to make it to the kingdom with the horses riding at full speed for the most part. I was surprised at the endurance of the horses and the fact that they could last as long as they did. We did ease up on them for an hour or two every so often so they could rest.

We rode up to an estate at the edge of the kingdom and I saw the words Valnix wrote across the archway leading into the estate. We were stopped by the guards and Jack quickly told them who we were and why we were here. The girl took off the hood she was wearing and the guards instantly showed smiles on their faces as they hollered, “Young lady!” and other such words.

A guard quickly left to get the lord and lady of the estate. A few minutes later there were two horses headed our way from the massive mansion in the distance. I used my [Far Sight] skill and I could see the look of joy on the man’s face. I smiled at the man’s happiness and Qendaess nudged me, “What’s the smile for? Hoping the father gives you his daughters hand in marriage?” I could see the smirk on her face and I snorted, “I got enough to deal with when it comes to women right now.”

She raised an eyebrow, “Oh yeah? You got some other women back home I should know about?” I grinned and looked at her, “Well; I got you, my wife back home, my girlfriend back home, and a possible lover candidate back at base.” The look on her face was absolutely priceless. She stared at me for a few minutes. Jack was talking to the father and mother of the girl we rescued by the time she spoke again, “So what am I then?”

I smiled, “You can be whatever you want to be.” I leaned over and kissed her on the lips while I felt a pinch on my side. I yelped, “What was that for!?” She grinned, “For being such a playboy.” I laughed, “Don’t lick your lips if you’re going to act mad, it ruins the image.” She blushed and then looked down at the ground while I sat on my horse laughing. I looked down at the horse and saw that it was staring at me from its left eye.

I furrowed my brows, “What you looking at?” The horse huffed and then bucked me off. I landed on the ground with a thud and then groaned as I rubbed my ass. I glared at the horse, “What was that for?” It just huffed at me and then started to eat some grass. Qendaess was laughing her ass off. Jack was done talking to the parents and had made his way back towards us. He patted the horse and laughed, “You got to be careful of women man. You have been very lucky so far, but some women don’t like a man who is fickle in love.” He rubbed his hand down the horse’s back.

I snorted, “I am not fickle. I love each girl the same as the rest. I couldn’t choose just one over the other.” My horse then decided to rub its nose against me. I laughed, “Really? Now you want to play nice?” Qendaess spoke up, “Well, women always like to hear that they are loved, even if the man loves another woman as well. It depends on the woman if they want to stay with a man with multiple lovers.” I laughed, “I never said I loved the horse. I didn’t even know the horse was a female.”

The horse snorted and then stepped on my foot with her front hoof. I yelped, “Mother fucker!” I glared at the horse which was eating grass again. Qendaess was laughing and so was Jack. I sighed, “Yeah, yeah laugh it up guys.”


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