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*Island Cave*

I woke up with a slight headache and my body was sore all over. I noticed that there were a couple of notifications waiting for me to open. I looked around and saw that I was alone and opened them.

Congratulations! [Pain Resistance] has reached level 4!

[Pain Resistance Level 4]: Allows the users to reduce the amount of pain felt by 40%.


Congratulations! By saving a [Dragon] you have been forcibly contracted with the [High Dragon of Fire and Earth: Qendaess].

I was staring at the notifications for a good five minutes in shock. The pain resistance leveling up to four was pretty amazing, but the forced contract with a dragon was a little baffling. While I was staring at the notification in awe I heard noise from the entrance to the cave. I craned my neck a little to see, as I hadn’t gotten up yet, and I saw the same beautiful woman from earlier.

I couldn’t see if the wound on her leg was gone because of her clothes, but she had regained a lot of her skin color. She was wearing a different outfit though. I really gave her a good up down and saw that she had a very nice hourglass figure. I couldn’t really tell how tall she was while lying down, but she looked to be around five foot eight inches. The outfit she was wearing was an earthy brown t-shirt and blue jeans. She was wearing a pair of those shoes that a lot of girls like to wear. They have high heels, but they look more like a pair of boots than heels. They were brown in color and matched her shirt.

I wouldn’t think that her fiery red hair would go good with the earthy brown color, but it didn’t look that bad. She was walking back in from outside and when she walked in she saw that I was awake. She stopped in her tracks and stared at me for a minute. I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled. She slightly smiled back and then walked over towards me, “It’s good that you are awake. Let’s set you up now.”

She helped me sit up against the wall and then sat down beside me. We sat in complete silence for almost ten minutes before I couldn’t stand it anymore and I spoke, “So, what happened?” She stiffened up a bit when I suddenly spoke, but she answered my question anyways, “You sucked the poison out of my system and then the pain that I told you about hit you hard. You screamed and roared on the ground for almost five minutes before you passed out.”

I felt my face turn a little red, “Only five minutes? God, I must seem like such a bitch.” I didn’t say it very loud, but she heard me and giggled. She then looked at me, “Not really, most humans that that poison touches actually can’t handle the pain and die.” I widened my eyes and stared at her, “You said it wasn’t lethal for humans!” She blushed a little and played with her fingers, “The poison itself isn’t lethal, but the unimaginable pain can kill humans.”

I glared at her, “Then that means the poison is lethal!” She drew her legs up to her chest, “Sorry.” I could see that she was sad now and her eyes were a little watery. I didn’t understand why she was so hurt by what I said, but I decided to try and calm her a little. I sighed, “It’s okay though. My [Pain Resistance] leveled up because of it, so it really wasn’t much of a bad thing. It also seems like you didn’t lie on purpose or anything, so it’s okay.”

I could see her smile a little, but her legs where still against her chest. I decided since I could I should ask about the contract. I looked at her, “There is something I need to ask you though.” She nodded, “It’s about the contract isn’t it?” I just nodded towards her. She sighed and then turned towards me. She smiled, “It’s nothing bad honestly. It is something that some of the very first dragons in the multiverses set up. If a dragon were to be saved by another race, then they were to form a contract with that race. After billions of years the contract seemed to get forced upon anyone that saved a dragon, even if the dragon didn’t want to be in a contract with the being from another race.”

I nodded my head, “Is there a way out of the contract?” She frowned deeply before talking, “You don’t want to be in a contract with me?” I shook my head, “I never said that, but I figured you may not want to be in a contract with me. I am definitely weaker than you and I don’t really want to be restricted as another person’s slave or anything.” She smiled, “I don’t mind being in a contract with you, you saved my life. Also as for the contract restricting you, that wouldn’t be possible.”

I smiled, “Oh yeah?” She nodded, “Yeah, the reason why is because the slave of the contract is the dragon.” I raised an eyebrow, I guessed that the contract may have been a master and slave type of contract, but I thought it might work based on power. If that was the case then I would end up being the slave of this woman. Fortunately, the contract has actually made me the master and the dragon woman the slave.

I smiled, “So I guess that means you are my slave and I am your master?” She smiled brightly, “Yup!” I laughed and then I noticed that my body was starting to feel a whole lot better. I felt I could move my body without any pain. I was shocked, “I can move and it doesn’t hurt.” I muttered the words, but Qendaess heard me. She laughed, “I am sharing my ability to recover with you.”

I widened my eyes, “What? You can share your abilities?” She made a kind of gesture, “Sort of, I can only do it through the contract and it only lasts for five minutes. It also only lets me to my passive skills.” I nodded my head, but I was shocked to find out that there was no notification wanting me to learn her passive regeneration ability. Maybe it’s because it isn’t being used in the world outside and as a telepathic link between me and her.

I was a little dejected at the thought that I couldn’t learn her recovering ability, but who knows in the future. I smiled a little and asked her a question, “Is there any way you can use your aura on me again?” She frowned, “I can, but it is going to hurt you.” I nodded, “It’s okay. I can handle it.” I stood up and walked a bit away from her. She looked me up and down before she activated her aura. I was instantly thrown to the ground, but the pain was way less than the last time. It felt like someone was stepping on my back, instead of a giant boulder squishing me. I saw the notification pop up in my field of view.

Congratulations! Due to your class and your contract with a [Dragon] you can learn the active skill [Dragon’s Aura]!

Would you like to learn the skill?



Needless to say, I pressed yes.

Congratulations! You have learned [Dragon’s Aura]!

[Dragon’s Aura]: Allows the user to release the aura of a dragon. Crushes either those in the immediate area or a chosen target with the aura from a dragon. The stronger the user the stronger the aura.

Current effects: Causes fear on targets of a lower strength and has a weight between 200lbs and 10000lbs.

The effects of the skill were pretty cool. A weight of ten thousand pounds wasn’t much for people of higher strength. It was around one fourth the weight of a semi. If I estimated my current strength I could probably pick up a full sized truck over my head. Twenty-five points in strength wasn’t a small amount. It equaled out to around four to five tons of power. I actually had to concentrate very hard when I was fighting back at the school on Earth. Otherwise I would have killed them and there wouldn’t have been a body left.

I guess I must have been smiling because Qendaess tilted her head and spoke, “What are you so happy about?” I stood up and laughed, “This is why.” I decided to show her what my class could do since she was my slave and couldn’t do or say anything I didn’t want her to. At least that was how I hoped this master slave relationship worked. I activated [Dragon’s Aura] and targeted her with it.

She wasn’t affected at all, but she noticed that I used it. She gasped, “That’s my [Dragon’s Aura]!” I smiled and nodded my head, “Yup, but how did you know it was yours?” She had a complicated look in her eyes as she answered, “Every [Dragon’s Aura] is different depending on the dragon using it.” I guess that makes sense when you think about it.

We sat there in quiet for almost thirty minutes before she spoke again, “How did you use my [Dragon’s Aura]?” I knew she was going to ask so I answered quickly, “It’s part of my class. I can learn any skill, spell, or ability as long as I see it being used. Thought I couldn’t learn your [Dragon’s Aura] until I made a contract with you.” She had a shocked look on her face and she seemed to being thinking of something.

She then stood up and hit her fist against her palm, “Alright! I have decided.” I looked up at her in confusion, “Decided what?” She turned towards me and smiled, “I decided to keep our contract and follow you master!” I was a little embarrassed at being called master, but I think I could get used to it, especially if I could get her to wear a maid outfit. I could feel the blood run to my lower half at the thought so I shifted my body and tried to hide it in embarrassment.

Qendaess didn’t seem to notice as she was holding her fist up and mumbling some words I couldn’t hear. I shook my head and decided to not pay attention to her right now. I tried to contact Jack. I didn’t remember if the communicators could work telepathically or not, but I gave it a try. There was quiet for a few seconds, but then he came over the communicator, “One! Man you had me worried there for a bit. I have been trying to contact you for the last two days!” I was a little shocked, “Two days?”

He sighed, “Yeah man. I tried to contact you the next day after we landed and you never answered. I have been trying to contact you since then almost every two hours. Luckily the location function of the communicator was still working and I knew you weren’t dead.” I raised an eyebrow, “So the communicator stops working after I die?” He responded, “Yup.” That was good information to know.

I saw that he was still on the other side of the planet from me before I spoke again, “So how is the scouting going?” He sighed again, “No that great honestly. I found out that the girl really was kidnapped by the king and its not pretty man.” I prepared myself for what was coming next. Noticing that I didn’t say anything Jack continued, “The girl was kidnapped by the king’s men and then he violated her a few times before he gave her to his men. I was able to take care of the men he gave her to and then she requested for me to kill her. She said she couldn’t face her parents and her fiancé now that she has been defiled.”

I sighed; I don’t understand why some women are so concerned about facing their loved ones after they have been violated. If they truly love her they wouldn’t give a shit. Maybe it is a matter of pride or something, but I don’t know nor do I care. I can’t stand rape and yet here it is happening again. I gritted my teeth, “Did you do as she asked?” There was silence for a minute before he answered, “Not yet. I have knocked her out and was debating about whether I should do it or not.”

I sighed again and briefly thought about how much I had been sighing recently. I felt like an old man that has seen way too much in his lifetime. I put the thought away and spoke to Jack again, “Keep her knocked out. I will be there as quick as I can and then we will bring this king to her.” He quickly answered, “Okay, see you when you get here.”

I cut the communication and then looked at Qendaess, “How strong are you exactly?” She answered quickly, “Pretty strong.” I laughed, “What level are you?” She smiled, “Dragons don’t have levels, we have grades.” I raised an eyebrow, “Oh yeah?” She nodded, “Yes, our grades go from Infant, Adolescent, Adult, Low, High, Supreme, Dragon King or Queen, and Dragon God or Goddess.”

I nodded, “So you are right over the middle of the power scale for dragons huh?” She nodded, “Yeah, why do you want to know so suddenly?” I grinned, “Can you possible destroy a kingdom?” She widened her eyes at me before grinning, “Depends on the kingdom and what planet it is located on.” I grinned again, “The kingdom of Xyndro on this planet.”

She laughed, “That puny kingdom? I could destroy it in my sleep.” I laughed, “Good! That is where we are headed and what we are going to do then.” She smiled, “As you wish master.” I smiled, “Let’s go.” She nodded and we walked out of the cave together. We walked to the edge of the island and then reality hit me. I forgot that I was stuck on a fucking island!

I groaned, “Dammit.” Qendaess laughed, “Hold on a second master.” She walked over to an open area of the beach and her body started to transform. She got down on all fours and scales started appearing on her body. She gradually grew bigger and her clothes ripped from the transformation. She kept growing and giant wings sprouted from her back followed by a tail from the rear. After a few seconds I saw a big brown dragon European style dragon with bright red eyes staring at me.

I received a telepathic messaged, “All ready now master. Hop on.” I could tell that it was Qendaess and I was proven right when she put a wing down on the ground for me to walk up. I ran up her wing and then sat down on her neck. She spoke again, “Hold tight master.” I held on to a scale on her neck and she flapped her giant wings. We instantly shot into the sky and she even broke the sound barrier. If it wasn’t for her head blocking the wind I may have been killed by it. I am surprised the GeForces didn’t kill me. I did get a bit dizzy though and I put my hand on my head.

Qendaess looked back and spoke, “Sorry master, I should have taken off faster, but I was excited to fly again.” I laughed and shook my head, “It’s okay. I was just shocked that something so big could move so fast.” She grunted and blew smoke out of her nose and she looked forward in irritation. I smiled, I wasn’t lying though. She was the size of a fucking Boeing 747. She was fucking massive.

I told her to keep flying until I said stop or she felt like she needed a rest. She nodded her head, but she didn’t say anything. I guess she is still mad at what I said. I smiled and shook my head. Opened my friends list and called Sylvie. She quickly answered the call, “Hey Scurra! Is your mission over already?” I laughed, “No, not yet. I need to talk to The Dealer though. Is there any way to contact her? I don’t have her on my friends list or anything.”

Sylvie answered back quickly, “Is everything okay?” I smiled, “Yeah, everything is fine. I just need to ask her an important question pertaining to the mission.” She was quiet a minute before she spoke again, “I will get a hold of her and have her contact you. Be careful.” I smiled at the care she was showing, “Will do.” She ended the call and I waited for almost thirty minutes before I received a friends request from someone named Saraqael. I accepted the friends request and then I immediately received a call.

I answered and a familiar female voice came across, “You needed me Scurra?” There was a feeling of power oozing from her voice when she spoke. I swallowed some saliva, “Yes mam. I wanted to ask your permission for something.” She spoke again, but the oozing power was gone this time, “Oh? What is it?”

I quickly told her what happened and then asked her if was okay to go through with what I wanted. She was quiet for a second before she answered, “The kingdom doesn’t really need destroyed from what I know, but if you notice anything that warrents their destruction you can. I only wonder whether you have the ability to do it or not.” I smiled, if it wasn’t for Qendaess I wouldn’t. I laughed, “I have an ace up my sleeve and I plan to use it, don’t worry though. This ace is a spade and it will dig up this kingdom from its roots.”

She laughed, “If you are that confident and you find a reason to destroy the kingdom then by all means do it. I’ll be watching; oh, nice dragon by the way.” She laughed again and then cut the phone call. I was extremely shocked and looked around the area, but I couldn’t see anything other than blue sky and clouds.

I sighed and then noticed that we were really close to Jack’s location. I had Qendaess land in the forest away from the capital, which was the city that Jack was in. I jumped off her back and when I looked back she was quickly shrinking in size. When she was back in her human form I noticed that she was stark naked. Her bountiful breasts where rising up and down with her breathing and her lower half looked as smooth as silk, does she shave?

I could feel blood rushing to my nether regions and my face felt hot. Qendaess was confused for a split second at my reaction and then she quickly seemed to remember something. She covered herself with her arms and then suddenly cloths appeared on her body out of nowhere. It was the same type of cloths from earlier, but the colors were swapped. Her face was red and she quietly stuttered, “S-S-Sorry you had to see that m-m-master.”

I don’t know what she was sorry for, “You don’t have anything to be sorry for. I’m sorry for peaking at you though. I can try and forget if you want me too.” She waved her hands in front of her, “You didn’t do anything wrong master! It was me that showed you an unsightly form.” I was confused at her way of thinking, “There is nothing unsightly about what I saw. It was extremely beautiful.”

Her face was still red when she spoke, “None of the other dragons think so. They all think that our human forms are ugly. I like my human form though; it’s easier to get around in cities and stuff. No one runs away in fear of me.” I smiled and then walked over towards her. I grabbed her chin and had her look at me. Her face was extremely red. I smiled, “Do I look like a dragon to you?” She shook her head. I was still smiling, “Exactly. I am human and I find your human form very appealing.”

She was a little redder, but she smiled and that was what I was after. I let go of her chin and rubbed her head, “Let’s head towards town now.” She nodded, “En!” We headed towards the direction of the capital and after a few minutes we arrived close to the wall. I contacted Jack, “We are here, but how are we getting in?” He quickly responded, “Head towards the gate and use your Playing Card Identification it will automatically turn into the identification format used on whatever planet you are on." I pulled out my identification like he said and the plastic card turned into a circle piece of metal with a symbol on it. I nodded my head and told him we would be at the gate.

We walked up towards the gate and stood in line. We waited almost an hour before it finally became our turn. The guard looked me up and down and gave Qendaess a lusty glance before speaking to her, “Identification beautiful miss.” I grinned, so it’s one of these types eh? Qendaess smiled, but she didn’t say anything. I guess she was playing the part of my slave and normally slaves wouldn’t talk unless directed to.

I laughed and handed the man my identification disc. He seemed surprised, but he checked it nonetheless. I furrowed my brows; do I look like a hobo or something? He imbued the disc with magic and then after a few seconds he nodded while handed me my identification back. He spoke in a ‘I don’t care about you voice’, “You may enter.” I smiled and then started to walk in with Qendaess following me.

The guard spoke again, “Hold on beautiful miss. I need to see your identification first.” He grinned, “Do you not have one? That’s okay; if you keep me company for a while I can let you in without one.” I sighed; it is that type of person. I spoke to the guard, “She doesn’t have any identification because she is my slave.”

The guard and a couple other people in the area all had looks of surprise on their eyes. The guard glared at me, “How could a poor looking person like you afford a slave?” I was irritated, do I really look poor? I was wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt. I also had a black trench coat thrown over me with my swords resting on my back. I thought I looked alright, but I guess since I didn’t look gaudy like some of the people that skip the line earlier I was automatically poor.

I glared at him, but Qendaess spoke to me, “Master, if you don’t mind I can show him my slave brand.” I was confused, slave brand? When did she get one of those? I put the question to the side and I would ask her later. I nodded my head to her and then watched with interest. She smiled and then looked at the guard.

A few seconds later there was a glow on her right cheek and a symbol started to appear. It looked like a Spade from a playing card, but there was a violet crown on the tip that was slanted slightly to the side. There were also two women lying next to the spade on both sides. They had the upper half of their body plastered against the spade while the other half was on the ground. They had their hands on the spade and looked very seductive.

I tried hard to hide my shock at the brand, but I was confused at why it looked like it did. The guard saw the brand and then he looked a little dejected. He granted us permission to go after he saw the brand and then we walked into the capital. When I looked back at Qendaess she was smiling, but the brand had disappeared.


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