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*Ship Leaving the Planet*

Jack and I were sitting in the cockpit of the small space ship that was arranged for us. Jack told me that it was a fighter class space ship and it could hold a few people at most. I saw Xandros slowly getting smaller behind us. Jack and I were looking over the files for the mission one more time when we arrived at our first destination.

We were probably about a million miles from the planet now. It was about four times the distance going from the moon to Earth. I looked back from the planet to what was in front of us and saw a massive metallic circle. It was hollow in the middle and there was a small box hanging from the side of the circle. I could barely make out some windows on the box from where I was.

There was a voice that sounded over our intercom, “Fighter class ship 8749 please enter your identification and destination.” Jack quickly typed in some information on a keyboard and then I heard the voice again, “Information received… Sir Jack of Diamonds and… One of Hearts. Destination is Fernight for official Playing Cards business…” There was a brief quiet before the voice came over the intercom again, “Identification received and approved… enjoy your visit to Fernight.”

The intercom went silent and then the giant circle in front of us started to glow. After a few seconds there was a violet beam of light that shot out from the edge of the circle towards the middle. Suddenly there were more beams that met in the middle of the circle before what looked like a wormhole appeared. It started from where the beams met and then expanded to the size of the circle. I was greeted with a surprising notification.

You have the opportunity to learn a new spell called [Portal]. Would you like to learn it now?



I was hoping that the skill was what I thought it was so I selected yes. I was greeted with another notification.

Congratulations! Due to your class and having seen the spell, you learned the [Space-Mage] spell [Portal].

(Flashy Spell) - [Portal] – Opens a tunnel in space to a location of the casters choosing. Limitation – Caster has to have visited the destination at least once.

I stared at the notification in half surprise and half excitement. I was only half surprised because of the semi-opness of the spell itself. I liked that there was a limitation of some sort to hinder the opness some, but at the same time it sucked. Another part that confused me was the words right before the spell name. It said Flashy Spell; I wanted to know what it meant so I tapped on it.

Flashy Spell – A more visual version of another spell. Sometimes a Flashy Spell is the first version of the other spell. Both spells do almost the exact same thing, but one is less visual.

I think I understood what it was saying from the explanation. Basically there was a spell that could do basically the same thing as [Portal] except no one would be able to see it happening until it already happened. Since none of the spells I have learned so far say anything like that, I can’t help but guess that means they have no flashy or non-flashy counterparts.

Jack didn’t notice the look on my face or maybe he just didn’t care as the ship made its way into the portal. Once the ship entered the portal we instantly ended up flying out of another metallic circle. There was a planet in the distance that looked a little like Earth. Another voice came across the intercom, “Enjoy your visit to Fernight!” After that Jack entered some coordinates into the computer and the ship flew towards the planet.

We flew for about an hour before we slowed down and proceeded to a space station. I was instantly confused, “I thought this planet was low on the technology scale?” Jack nodded, “Yeah, they are pretty low on the totem pole when it comes to technology, but almost every planet has a space station. These space stations are owned by the company and it is not visible to residents of the planet. If the planet is in the space traveling or exploration stage of technology they will see the space station though.”

I nodded, “I guess we need to dock our ship at the space station and then go down to the planet through other means?” Jack nodded his head and didn’t say anything else. A white beam of light hit us from the space station and seemed like it was scanning the ship. After a few minutes there was a voice over the intercom, “Welcome to Fernight Jack of Diamonds and… One of Hearts.”

I was irritated at the pause when saying my codename. The same thing happened at the space ring, which is what I decided to call them for now, for Xandros that we went through originally. I put aside my irritation for now and just sat there in silence. Jack typed something on the keyboard and then the ship flew towards a dock. A few minutes later we were docked at the space station and the ship slowly adjusted its pressure to match that of the outside. Ten minutes later we were walking out of the ship.

When we walked down the ramp there were a couple of men that greeted us. Well they greeted Jack I should say. I was like one of those side characters that was introduce once and forgotten for a couple hundred chapters. They gave me a quick glance and then ignore me. This caused my irritation to skyrocket and I glared at the man in the lead. I could see the man shudder quickly before he glanced at me again. I don’t know what he was thinking, but he quickly put his attention back on Jack. I was greeted with a notification, so I was able to keep my irritation in check.

Congratulations! Due to your class and figuring out how to use a skill you may learnt the skill [Killing Intent].

Would you like to learn the skill?



I thought that the skill might be useful in the future so I learned it.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill [Killing Intent].

[Killing Intent]: Project your killing intent out of your body to your surroundings or a chosen target. Killing intent will paralyze your opponent or those around you in fear if your strength is better than theirs.

When I read the description I was excited yet also cautious. Based on this explanation the guy who greeted Jack was a little bit stronger than me. I wonder if the killing intent is based off of level or strength in general. I put the thoughts to the back of my mind for now and proceeded to just stand there and listen.

Jack was talking to the man in front of him, “We are here to carry out a mission for our client and we need to go down to the planet.” The man nodded, “We can absolutely arraign that for your Sir Jack. Would you like for us to send your servant down before you or do you want him to go with you? I instantly wanted to punch the man in the face, but when I moved Jack put his hand on my shoulder.

He didn’t look at me and spoke to the man, “He isn’t a servant, he is my comrade and if he wants to go down first he may.” He looked at me after speaking. I looked towards the man that called me a servant before speaking again, “I would like to go down first. I can’t stand the sound of a dog groveling and the smell of its shit.” Jack squeezed my shoulder, but he didn’t say anything.

I saw the man’s eye twitch and then he released a smile, “We can absolutely send you down first Mr. One Card.” He said the last part with a bit of distain, but I absolutely didn’t give a shit anymore. He waved at one of the men behind him and then whispered in his ear. The man nodded and then he actually casted the [Portal] spell. Jack quietly scoffed and I tried to see his expression, but the cloak he was wearing hid his face.

I knew that at that moment whatever was on the other side of the portal wasn’t good. I smiled and then pated Jack on the back before walking towards it. I looked at the man, “Thanks for the ride mate.” He had a small sneer on his face, but I ignored it. I looked at Jack and nodded my head at him. I still couldn’t see his expression, but I did seem him nod his head. I then looked at the original man that started this shit and gave him the bird before stepping through the portal.

After stepping through the portal I found myself free falling from just inside the atmosphere. I instantly cursed myself and my mouth. If I would have just kept a lid on my irritation and been nice I wouldn’t be parachuting without a fucking parachute. What was worse is that I was free falling right into a massive ocean. I could see an island off to one side so I tried to adjust myself and aim for the island.

I adjusted myself a few times and then I finally managed to glide myself towards the island. I started to worry, because I was coming up on the island at terminal velocity. If I didn’t figure out a way to stop I was going to be a pancake on the beach. During my constant worrying I finally noticed a notification. A quick irritation at all the notifications passed through my mind before I opened it.

Would you like to learn the skill [Gliding]?



It was very simple and quick, like the system knew that I was in trouble. I quickly pressed yes and ignored the next notification. The information on gliding quickly entered my brain and I was able to adjust my body enough to slow down a bit. I still hit the beach hard and it knocked the air out of me and caused my vision to blur. I rolled a few times before I finally came to a stop by hitting a tree. I nearly lost consciousness from the impact, but I managed to keep myself awake.

I laid there in pain and felt like every bone in my body was broken. I gritted my teeth and tried to move. Pain shot through my body and I continued to push through it. I managed to sit up against the tree. A saw another notification get added to the waiting list, but I ignored it for now. If I took my concentration off trying to endure the pain I may pass out.

I leaned against the tree for a long time. I lost track of how long after the seventh hour. It was getting dark and I was about to pass out, but I heard a voice through the little communicator in my ear. It was a little earing, with a European dragon on it, hanging on my right ear. It projected the conversation straight into my brain. It was a scientific way of telepathy between two people.

The voice on the other end was Jack, “Where are you One?” I spoke through clenched teeth, “I am on an island somewhere in the middle of an ocean.” Jack quickly responded, “An island? Are you okay? You sound hurt.” I laughed and then groaned in pain, “Yeah I’m peachy man. I go skydiving without a parachute over an island in the middle of the ocean everyday mate. It’s like taking a run for me.”

Jack responded snappily, “No need for sarcasm man.” I could hear that he was trying not to laugh though, which meant that he really didn’t take it to heart. I shrugged my shoulders to no one, which brought more pain, while speaking, “Sorry man. It just comes sort of naturally in situations like this.” Jack laughed, “Yeah, I heard it’s why you originally got trashed by Yogi. Congratulations on thrashing him by the way.” I smiled, “No congratulations needed, he had it coming to him. He is so hot headed.”

Jack snorted, “Well isn’t the pot calling the kettle black now?” I snorted, “So where are you man?” Jack responded rather quickly, “I am in a big trading port on the continent with the country of Xyndro on it.” I nodded my head, “Anyway you can find me?” He was quiet for a minute before he responded, “Yeah, the communicator serves as a GPS locator between the two of us. It will show me the general direction of where you are.”

I raised my eyebrow at this, “Neat.” A few minutes later Jack spoke again, “Bad news though man.” I groaned, “What is it?” He quickly answered, “According to the arrow that I am seeing in my vision it is pointing straight down. That means that you are on the complete opposite side of the fucking planet. I swear I am going to kill those two when we go back to the space station.”

I laughed again bringing more pain, “I want a piece of them first.” Jack laughed, “Alright I can let you have the first punch.” I sneered, “I am going to do more than punch mate.” He didn’t answer for a bit, “I am going to go ahead and head towards the country of Xyndros man. Once I finish the mission I will come get you.” I sighed, “Okay, but I ain’t going to just lay here and wait on you. I am going to try and figure out a way to make it towards you. I just need you to tell me how to use the GPS function on the communicator.”

Jack quickly ran me through the basics of the communicator’s GPS function and then we both agreed to radio silence. He wanted to concentrate on the mission and I didn’t want to distract him. After we cut communication I looked around from where I was sitting. I tried moving again, but the pain nearly made my black out. I didn’t move again, but I did painfully raise my arm to check the notifications.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill [Gliding].

[Gliding]: Allows the user to use their body like they were wearing a wing suit.


Congratulations! Due to experiencing a massive amount of pain and having the will power to remain conscious you have the opportunity to learn the passive skill [Pain Resistance].

Would you like to learn the skill?



I quickly selected yes and closed the next notification. It was just telling me about the skill, but it is pretty self-explanatory so I ignored it. When I selected yes I immediately felt the pain in my body lessen by quite a bit. I continued to lean up against the tree for the night and half of the next day before I was finally able to move.

I shakily stood up and grimaced a little in pain. I walked a little bit and got used to some of the pain. I then started to carefully explore the island. I found a cave to hang out in until I could fully move my body without pain. I decided to contact Karen. She answered quickly, “Hey babe! Miss me already?” I smiled at the beautiful and very welcome voice in my head.

I laughed, “What do you mean already? It’s been a day and a half here so it should have been a while back home.” Karen giggled, “The time difference on other planets isn’t the same as Xandros. Fertnite time goes a hell of a lot faster than Xandros does.” I raised an eyebrow, “How fast we talking?” She took a few minutes before she answered, “Let’s just say that it has only been about thirty minutes since I arrived at school.” I was shocked, “Damn! That fast.” She giggled, “Yes dear. It was faster than you in bed.” I snickered, “Oh do I need to make our bedtime fun last longer then?”

She gasped in my head, “You mean you can go longer?” I laughed, “I can go as long as you want me to baby. It’s just that I can see that you start to lose strength so I stop after the third or fourth round.” The next words that she said shocked me more than the time difference, “I want to you fuck me until I am numb baby. I want to know how that feels.” I swallowed some saliva, “What every you want babe.”

I could still hear the purr in her voice, “So what did you originally call me for babe?” I quickly remembered why I called, “I just wanted someone to talk to while my body heals.” She instantly responded, “What! Heal!? What happened!?” I quickly told her about what happened and I could hear the scorn in her voice, “I can’t wait until I can be with you babe. He wouldn’t have lived very long after looking at you like that.”

My heart felt sweat when she said that, but a question quickly entered my head. I spoke to her again, “What do you mean be with me? You mean be with me, as in the game?” She laughed, “Of course silly. Once you advance to your second job you can bring along your helper if you want. Most people don’t really bring their helper along because they think it will hinder their growth, but I won’t get in your way. I mainly want to be there to help in other things.”

She said that last bit with a purr in her voice and I instantly knew what she meant by that. I smiled, “Maybe I will have somebody for that in the game by then.” She quickly responded, “As long as she knows who is number one that’s fine, but if she doesn’t acknowledge me as the first wife then it won’t be pretty.” I laughed, “Don’t worry babe. Any woman that joins me in the future will now that you are the harem leader.”

She didn’t say anything to that, but I could feel the smugness she was radiating from light years away. All of a sudden I heard a sound coming from the back of the cave. I quickly told Karen that I was going to sleep in the game again and she told me good bye and started paying attention to class again.

I concentrated on where the sound was coming from and then went a little deeper in the cave. I saw a stone cabin in the depths of the cave and there was a light flickering in the window. I slowly made my way towards the house, but the closer I got the more my back started to sweat. When I finally made it below the window I was sweating up a storm and I could feel my heart racing a million miles a minute. I don’t know what was happening, but I was happy that I activated [Hide Presence] before heading deeper into the cave.

I looked in the window and I instantly was struck by the scene in front of me. There was a stunning woman leaning against the wall panting and sweating profusely. She had fiery red hair and bright red eyes. Her figure was very voluptuous and her breasts were full and plentiful. She was holding her hand on her leg and I could see blood on her thigh around her hand.

The sight of the beautiful woman caused my skill to quickly fluctuate and the woman snapped her attention towards me. She quickly spoke, “Whose there!?” I concentrated on the skill, but it was too late. She quickly spoke again, “I already know you are there, so show yourself!” I sighed and then released the skill before walking in the door.

The woman glanced over me before snorting, “A weakling human huh.” I immediately got irritated, “What makes you think I am so weak?” She laughed and then glared at me, “Your sweating so profusely and your legs are shaking. My race has a specific aura that is passively released from our body to ward off the weak. If I was to fully activate the aura then you would probably pass out from fear.”

I immediately regretted what I said next, “Oh yeah? Try me toots.” She glared at me and then I was forced to the ground by an overwhelming force. Then there was a notification which is what I was waiting on.

Sorry! You have been hit by the skill [Dragons Aura]. This skill is not learnable by those that aren’t the [Dragon] race or contracted to a [Dragon].

I was disappointed at the notification, but also shocked at the same time. I unintentionally spoke, “Dragon?” All of a sudden the pressure disappeared and I could breathe again. I looked towards the woman not daring to stand up. She was staring at me with wide eyes, “How do you know that I am a dragon?” I sat up and shrugged my shoulders, “Lucky guess.” She instantly got pissed, “Bullshit lucky guess! Don’t fucking boldly lie to me like that.”

I let out a half smile, “Okay fine.” She glared at me, “How did you know I was a dragon?” I brushed the question off, “Don’t you think we should take care of that leg first?” She looked down at her leg and then a sad expression flitted across her face. She sighed, “There is nothing to do about my leg. I could easily heal the wound if it wasn’t for the poison that was on the weapon.”

I was shocked that someone actually attacked such a beautiful woman, regardless of her being a dragon or not. I started to slowly walk towards her, but she didn’t make a move so I walked normally towards her. She sight, “Unfortunately the poison that was on his weapon was a highly potent one specifically made for dragons. It isn’t even made or sold on this planet.”

I was shocked, “You’re not from this planet too?” I realized my goof up and quickly tried to play it off, “Highly potent huh?” She didn’t let me go though, “You’re not from this planet either?” I looked at her and then sighed, “No I am not. I actually just arrived here a couple of days ago.” She raised an eyebrow, “How did you get here?” I quickly reasoned, “Painfully.” She tried no to laugh, but she released a cute giggle. She spoke again, “Why painfully.” I snorted, “Some bitch dropped me from the sky and I face planted on the island.” She nodded her head, “Ouch.” I sighed, “You’re telling me. I spent a day and a half just trying to move my body without much pain.”

She looked at me and smiled, “At least you’re not dead. I can’t say much about myself though.” She instantly frowned and then looked at her thigh. I saw a small tear drop from her eyes and I felt my heart clench. I spoke to her, “Is there anything I can do?” She looked at me, “Not really. There is one way, but I don’t know if it will work or not.” I raised an eyebrow, “What is that?”

She looked me in the eye before talking, “You will have to suck the poison out. It isn’t lethal to humans, but it will hurt like hell.” I thought about it for a minute and didn’t say anything. The woman looked at me and then back at her thigh, “You don’t have to do that though even I wouldn’t want to go through the pain that you will feel if you do it.”

Right as she was speaking I moved her hand and then put my mouth on the wound. She gasped, “Don’t! It will be too painful.” I ignored her and then sucked on the wound. I instantly felt a rush of heat into my mouth and down my throat. The woman’s face regained some color and she gasped, “It really worked! The poison really does prefer a human over a dragon. It voluntarily made its way into his body in one suck.”

I pulled my face back and smiled at her before I was instantly hit with pain. I doubled over and held my stomach. It felt like and alien was trying to burst through my skin. My entire body burnt and it felt like my organs were rupturing all at the same time. I kneeled on the ground and held my body up. I let out a deep roar from my throat and tried to think about something else. The pain was so unbearable though and it kept coursing through my body.

I had a feeling that if it wasn’t for the resistance skill I picked up I may have passed out from the pain already. I could feel my consciousness slowly fading from the pain. I looked over at the woman again and I could see a look of pain and caring on her face. That was the last thing I saw before my world went black.


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