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*Earth – Kira’s POV*

We headed home and when I pulled into the driveway Karen was back to her originally cheery attitude. She smiled and then jumped out the car. I sighed and then after a few minutes I followed after her. I walked into the house and saw Cindy sitting on the couch watching TV. Karen was actually lying on the couch as well, with her head in Cindy’s lap. What really surprised me though, is that Cindy was just accepting it and she was even running her hand through Karen’s hair.

It looked extremely intimate and I would be lying if I wasn’t a little jealous of Karen. Cindy heard me walk in and she gave me a big smile, “Welcome home dear.” I smiled back, “It’s good to be home.” I looked down at Karen and smiled as well, but Karen responded by sticking her tongue out at me. I was shocked and when she saw my face she smiled and then laughed a little bit. She looked back at the TV with a victorious smile on her face.

I sighed and shook my head before sitting down in the recliner and joining them. A few hours went by and we all decided to go to bed. I walked into the bedroom and stripped down to my boxers before climbing in the bed and closed my eyes. Shortly after I closed them, I felt movement from both sides of the bed. I opened my eyes and saw that Karen was lying on my left side and was in the process of draping her arm over my chest.

I looked over to the right and I saw Cindy doing the exact same thing. They both smiled at me before giving me a kiss on opposite cheeks, “Good night dear.” They both said at the same time. I smile, “Good night girls.” After that we all entered the land of dreams, well I entered the game instead.

*Somnium Venatus*

When I logged back on I was still lying on the bed in my room. I sat up and walked into the corridor. I looked down the corridor and saw Sylvie walking towards me. She saw me step out of my room and she smiled, “Welcome back.” I raised an eyebrow, “I was just sleeping.” She laughed and shook her head, “Don’t worry I am a player too.” I nodded my head in understanding and then just threw the thought to the back of my head. I should probably be expecting more players in the game and there would be no reason to be surprised about it.

I smiled at her, “So you are a player to then.” She nodded her head, “Yeah, I have been a player for a few years now. I was honestly a little skeptical about it when I first found out, but it has been a great thing for me.” I nodded my head, “Yeah I was the same way. On my home planet there isn’t really anything magical or supernatural. So for me to accept something like this was a little weird at first.” She raised an eyebrow, “There really isn’t anything magical or supernatural on your home planet?”

I nodded my head, “Yeah, I mean there has been some legends about magical and supernatural things, but there really hasn’t been any valid proof yet.” She put her hand to her chin, “Weird, from what I have found out is that there should be magical and supernatural things on every planet. Granted on some planets they have to hide themselves or be hidden, sort of like my home planet.” I raised an eyebrow, “You mean you have to hide yourself?” She nodded her head, “Yeah, my home planet is ruled by humans and they don’t take to kindly to things they don’t understand or that is stronger than them.”

I understood what she was saying, “I can see that. Most of the humans on my home planet are the same way. If a wolf woman such as you were to show up, it would cause mass panic among other stuff.” She was a little dejected, “Sadly it is the same as my home planet.” She was looking at the ground now. I put a hand on her shoulder, “It’s okay. Maybe one day when you are strong enough you could show yourself.” She looked me in the eye, “Thank you. I actually do go around in public though; I just have to hide my wolf traits with magic.”

I smiled, “I think your wolf traits are cute though. It’s such a shame to have to hide them.” She turned a little red and then smiled, “Too bad not all humans think like you on my planet.” I smiled, “Any way you can tell me about your planet?” She thought about it for a minute, “I don’t see why not.” She thought for a few more seconds before she spoke again, “I come from a planet that is about average on the technological scale. It’s a decent sized planet and full of all kinds of beautiful scenery. The ruling race is the humans and the rest of us demi-humans have to hide our traits. The humans decided a thousand years or so ago to call the planet Earth and…”

I stopped her mid-sentence, “Wait… What the fuck did you call your planet?” She was taken aback a little, “Um it’s called Earth.” Verifying what she said I immediately contacted Karen, “Karen Anderson! Wake your ass up!” She responded instantly, “What is it dear? Why are you yelling?” I growled a little, “Don’t you dear me. I thought you said I was the only one on Earth that was playing the game.” She quickly answered, “You are.” I answered without thought, “Then why am I facing someone claiming to be from Earth?”

After a few seconds she answered back, “What race is she?” I raised an eyebrow, “Wolfkin, but what does that have to do with you possibly lying to me?” She quickly responded, “I didn’t lie to you. You are the only human playing the game on Earth.” As soon as she said it I completely understood, “You mean to tell me that there are other races on Earth playing the game?” If I was looking at her she would probably be nodding her head, “Yes, there are more than just humans on Earth. Though they have to hide themselves among the humans, they are still there.”

I sighed, “I see now. I’m sorry that I snapped at you.” She was quiet for a minute before she answered, “It’s okay. I should have explained it a little clearer. Now if you will excuse me I have a dream to get back to.” I smiled, “Again I am sorry, have fun in your dream.” She answered shortly, “Oh I will.” After she said that I looked back at Sylvie who was looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

I smiled, “Sorry, I was talking to my helper back on my home planet.” She nodded her head, “I see.” I looked around before speaking to her again, “You think we could step into my room for a second?” She widened her eyes just a little and her face blushed a bit, “Uh sure.” I stepped back into my room and she quickly followed. After closing the door I turned to the still blushing Sylvie, “So now that nobody is watching or listening.”

She quickly looked around and then slightly nodded her head. The blush on her face wasn’t leaving anytime soon it looked like. I smiled, “The truth is, I am from Earth as well.” Her eyes widened and the blush instantly disappeared, “What! Really?” I nodded, “Yeah, I was arguing with my helper, because she really didn’t explain to me about other players on earth very well.” She nodded her head slightly, “Yeah, my helper didn’t tell it to me straight up either, but I kind of understood it from her explanation.”

I sighed, “So I guess there are other races on earth and each one has a representative player then.” She nodded, “I guess so.” We were both quiet for a minute before she spoke again, “So where are you from if you don’t mind me asking?” I thought about it for a minute and thought what the heck. I smiled at her, “I am from the United States.” She smiled, “Me too!” I raised an eyebrow, “Oh that’s quite a coincident.” She nodded, “Yeah, I am from the state of Oklahoma, what about you?”

I froze; what the hell? She is even from the same state as me? I let out a small laughed, “I am from Oklahoma as well.” Her eye widened, “Really? What city or town?” I thought about it for a minute, it really wouldn’t hurt to tell her. I mean getting to know more people in real life wouldn’t hurt. I looked up at her, “I am from a medium sized town named Duncan.” She smiled, “I have been there before. I live and work in the city.” I instantly knew which city she was talking about. All Oklahomans call the capital city of Oklahoma City as just ‘the city’.

I laughed, “I was just there early this morning.” She smiled, “Well the next time you are in the city again you should look me up.” I smiled, “Sure.” She beamed a big smiled at me, “I will send you my contact information through the friends list.” I smiled, “Okay, that sounds good to me. I will do the same.” I sent her my information through the friends list; well I only sent her my name and phone number. She smiled when she received the information and then I saw the notification for a message. I opened the message and saw the information she sent me.

Name: Sylvina Smith

Occupation: Veterinarian Teacher

Work Location: University of Oklahoma

Phone #: 405-***-****

 I smiled at how close her name was to her avatar’s name. I looked at her occupation and it sort of made since that she was a vet. The part that surprised me is that she was a teacher for the University of Oklahoma. I had planned on going there for college, but since the game came into my life I don’t know what I want to do with my future.

I saw that she had a smile on her face when she was first looking at my information, but after a few seconds the smile disappeared. She looked up at me, “You’re a high school student?” I laughed, “Yeah, I just turned sixteen a little bit ago.” She had this look on her face that I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. It was only there briefly and then a smile covered her face again. She looked back at me, “Be sure to text me when you can and don’t forget to swing by if you are ever in the city. I have class everyday between eight in the morning and five in the evening.

I smiled, “I will do that.” After talking for a few minutes she walked out of the room. I stood there for a few minutes before I left. When I got done shutting the door I turned around and saw someone three inches from my face. My eye twitched at how close they were, “Hello, you need something from me?” The person stepped back and I was finally able to get a good look at them.

He stood a little over six feet tall and had rippling muscles going across his body. He had snow white hair and a pair of fluffy white ears on his head. I am not going to lie, but the ears were kind of cute. It didn’t really go with his muscular body thought. He stared me in the eye before he spoke, “What is your relationship with Lady Sylvie?” I raised an eyebrow, are you serious right now?

Am I really running into one of those fucking cliché moments that you read about all the time in Chinese wuxia novels? He must have saw Sylvie leaving my room a few minutes ago and now he thinks that we have that kind of relationship. I sighed, “She is third in command of my suite and she is also a friend.” I think she is a friend, I honestly don’t know what she is. The man stood there staring at me, but he didn’t say anything. After a few minutes I sighed again, “You going to tell me who you are and what you want?”

The man growled at me, “My name is Yogi and I am a bearkin. I am the King of Diamonds and second in command of the Diamond suite.” He leaned a little closer, “As for what I want; I want you to stay away from Lady Sylvie. Outside of missions don’t talk to her.” He flexed his muscles a little bit at the last part. I sighed in my heart. It really was one of those cliché moments. This is so fucking annoying.

I was thinking of something to say, but I instantly thought of something that made me laugh. Did he say he was a bearkin and that his name was Yogi? Oh my god, am I really staring at fucking Yogi the Bear? The more I thought about it the more I couldn’t keep the laugh from leaving my mouth. He growled at me again, “Something funny about what I just said?” I finished laughing before I spoke, “Not really, I just remembered something that Sylvie said before she left my room.”

He was growling while he spoke, “And what would that be.” I laughed, “I don’t remember most of it, but it was concerning something between the two of us.” He growled at me, “What about something between the two of you?” I laughed and walked to his side. I put a hand on his shoulder, “Sorry, but I don’t kiss and tell.” I continued laughing and walked down the corridor. I managed to arrive at the ramp to the ship when I sensed something behind me.

I knew it was coming and when I turned around I was extremely shocked. The only thing I saw when I turned around was his fist inches from my face. I wasn’t even able to defend myself when his fist connected with my face. It felt like I had been hit by a fucking truck. The next thing I saw was the sky as I was flying across the field. I slammed into the side of the Diamond Suite’s ship. Pain spread through my body as I coughed up some blood.

I fell down from the wall of the ship and slammed into the ground. I struggled to get up, but after a few seconds I managed to stand. When I finally stood up I saw that he was slowly walking towards me. A crowd of people were streaming out of the Diamond Suite’s ship at this time. They probably heard the collision from me hitting the side of the ship.

I was having a hard time standing from the blow. I spit out some more blood, “Fuck this guy is strong. He sent me flying with one punch.” I looked over and saw a way around him. I activated [Swift Strike]. My increase in strength showed itself at this time. I moved fast enough to create an afterimage. I managed to get by Yogi and the skill deactivated. I looked back and I felt the color leave my face.

He was right behind me and another punch was screaming towards me. This time I was able to move my shoulder up and block the punch. It didn’t keep me from flying across the ground. I ended up hitting the Heart Suite’s ship this time. My vision went blurry and I spit up a little more blood. The people from the Diamond Suite were cheering for their King and there were a few that were laughing at me.

I spit out some blood that was left in my mouth. It was taking everything I had just to stand here. He was walking towards me again and he had a sneer on his face. I was getting pissed off, but there was honestly nothing I could do. All of a sudden there was a voice, “Yogi stop!” I could see someone standing in front of me, but my vision was going blurry again.

Once it cleared up I saw Sylvie standing between me and him. I tried to speak, but it hurt to breathe right now so I only got her name out, “Sylvie…” She turned to me, “Are you okay?” I tried to laugh, but it caused me to spit out some more blood, “Never been better.” Every word stung like a stake was being driven into my chest. She had a look of utter concern on her face, “Don’t speak okay? I can’t have a subordinate dying on me.” She smiled and I just lightly laughed.

She looked over towards the Heart Suite. I followed her gaze and I saw Daniel standing there. Sylvie spoke to him, “Stop him Daniel. He will kill him if you don’t.” Daniel sighed, “I can’t do anything about it Sylv. Fights between ranks aren’t prohibited, they are even encouraged. It’s how they rank up, you know this.” Sylvia glared at him, “But Yogi is a King Card and Scurra is just a One Card.”

Daniel sighed again, “I know this Sylv, but just because someone is a number card doesn’t mean he is weak. The only thing that is prohibited in fights is equipment. Fists or magic, it doesn’t matter. There have been cases of a lower ranked number card beating a face card. As long as the face card doesn’t abuse the rule by killing number cards constantly it is fine.” I looked at Daniel and he met my gaze. I could see that he was sorry in his eyes, but there was nothing he could do.

Sylvie tried to speak to Daniel again, but she was interrupted by him, “Stop Sylv. This is all because you wouldn’t give Yogi a direct answer. You know how he feels about you and you constantly avoided the subject. I know that you and Scurra didn’t do anything while you were in his room, but Yogi doesn’t care. Of course Scurra’s sarcastic nature doesn’t help him much.

I sighed; he has a very valid point. It isn’t first time that my sarcasm has gotten me into a fight. I thought about what he was saying and then something hit me. Maybe I can try that skill. I looked at Sylvie, “It’s okay Sylvie, he is right.” She looked at me and I could see the worry in her eyes again. I smiled, “Don’t worry I won’t die here today.” She didn’t seem to believe me, “But he is a King Card and at level fifty-five. He has seen more fighting than you and he has higher stats than you do.”

I laughed and smile, “I know he does, but still, I ain’t dying today.” She was hesitant to move still, but another voice spoke up, “Don’t worry Miss Sylvie, he isn’t lying to you.” Everybody looked towards the new voice and when we saw who it was a lot of people were surprised. Walking towards the group was the little loli that I saw with The Dealer. Cammy was wearing a pair of jean shorts and a pink t-shirt; she also had a pair of pink flip-flops on.

Everybody in the area immediately saluted, “Madam Spade!” Cammy just smiled and waved at them. Everybody stopped saluting and Cammy spoke up again, “Just let them be Sylvie. Nothing is going to happen to your precious subordinate, well nothing more than what has already happened.” She laughed after she looked at my appearance. I grinned, “Thanks for the vote of confidence Cam.”

Yogi immediately got pissed, “Address her as Madam Spade you grunt!” He charged at me while Sylvie was drug out of the way by Daniel. Yogi had made it twenty feet from me when I held my hand out, “[Gravity Crush]” The skill activated immediately and gravity one hundred times stronger than normal smashed him to the ground. The ground splintered and he coughed out blood.

Daniel looked towards Cammy, “Madam Spade! This isn’t appropriate! We aren’t allowed to interfere in-between any fights. Cammy glanced at him, “I haven’t done anything.” He looked confused, “But this is clearly one of your skills.” Cammy nodded her head, “It is one of my skills, but I am not the one using it.” Daniels eyes went wide along with a bunch of other people. They all looked towards me and Daniel muttered, “Scurra?” Cammy laughed, “That is right. He is using [Gravity Crush] on his own right now.”

There were a few gasps from the crowd, but it was drowned out by Yogi’s scream. He yelled out and then steam started to come from his body, “Raaahhhh!” He yelled to the skies as he started to stand up. I was staring at him wide eyed, “How is he moving in one hundred times gravity?” All of a sudden I got a notification.

Congratulations! Due to your class and seeing the skill activated you have learned the [Berserker] skill [Increasing Strength].

[Increasing Strength (Rage)] – Enhances the user’s strength based on the amount of rage they are feeling.

I figured out how he was increasing his strength right after I read the notification. It sucks that the skill is only usable when the user is raging out. He started to walk towards me and the steam was still rising from his body. His skill was even starting to turn a little bit red. I was cursing in my heart. Cammy was just standing there with a smile on her face. Sylvie looked at Cammy, “Madam Spade do something!” She didn’t say anything and just stood there with her hands cross over her flat childlike chest.

Yogi had finally made it to me and when his hand wrapped around my throat my skill was cancelled. He instantly lifted me off the ground by my neck. It felt like my neck was ripping apart and he was making it hard to breathe. I tried prying his hands apart, but I couldn’t budge him an inch. I cursed again, is this really how I die for the first time in the game? Cammy finally spoke at this time, “Scurra do you know that the first time you die there is a huge punishment?”

I was still struggling to breathe, but I threw my gaze toward her. She was speaking to me in my mind, I couldn’t really respond because all my thoughts were on breathing. When I looked at her she spoke to me again, “When you die for the first time you will lose your partner. She is only here to give you advice until you die. Once you die for the first time she will give you a final piece of advice before she completely disappears from reality. You won’t even remember she existed.”

I widened my eyes and I was staring at her. I finally managed to send a thought her way, Are you serious?” She lightly nodded her head. When I saw that my mind went blank. There was a notification that I noticed right before my vision went dark.

[Increasing Strength (Rage] has been activated!

Warning! Rage stat is above the maximum value allowed! Putting hosts consciousness in a sleep like state!

*Sylvie’s POV*

I was still shocked at the fact that Scurra was able to use Madam Spade’s skill [Gravity Crush], but Yogi surprised me even more. He had a skill that allowed him the strength to resist one hundred times gravity. I put my hand over my mouth when I saw him wrap his hand around Scurra’s throat. He lifted him off the ground and proceeded to choke him.

I felt a tear go down my eye and I was confused. Why do I care so much for him? We have only known each other for a little bit. I know the rules, but it irritates me to no end that Aces couldn’t interfere even if we were allowed to. Aces can’t challenge those below them, but we can be challenged. Some people may get away with interfering in a fight, which is why I asked Daniel to step in, but Aces are not allowed to step in at all.

I stared towards Scurra and I was about to make a move, but I saw that Cammy was staring at him. They seemed to be having a mental conversation. I know that after level seventy-five you are able to communicate with people via telepathy. It is a skill that everyone unlocks when they hit that level. It’s not really a skill though, more like a trait to be honest. I looked back towards Scurra and I saw his arms drop to his side. There was a vacant look in his eyes; it was like his soul had left him.

I went to make a move again, but then I saw his skin start to turn red and release steam just like Yogi’s. He lifted his head up and stared at Yogi, there was a beast like rage in his eyes and I actually saw Yogi flinch a little. He lifted his arms up and grabbed Yogi’s wrist. I saw his muscles flex and then there was a snapping sound, followed by Yogi screaming. Yogi dropped him to the ground and stepped back holding his wrist.

Yogi was screaming and after a few seconds he growled at him, “What did you do to my wrist? What trickery did you use to break it!?” He didn’t make a sound; he just stood there like a zombie staring a Yogi. There was a small trace of fear in Yogi’s eyes. After a few seconds Scurra let out a scream that literally shook the area. I caught on to Daniel’s arm to steady myself while Daniel held on to the ramp of the ship.

The ground was shaking and a few people fell on their asses. The ground splintered around Scurra and after a few seconds he stopped screaming. He rushed Yogi and threw a punch into his gut. Yogi threw up some blood and instantly flew across the yard towards the Diamond Suite ship. The force of the impact actually caused the ship to slide across the ground a few yards.

Everybody’s eyes where wide and staring at the location of impact. The ship weights thousands of tons and the force of the impact was able to scoot it across the ground. Just how hard did he hit Yogi? Yogi hit the ground and dust flew everywhere. After a few seconds the dust cleared and Yogi was just lying there. Someone ran up to him and put their fingers on his neck. They yelled back, “He is alive! The pulse is weak, but he is alive still!”

A few people picked Yogi up and took him towards the infirmary. I felt sorry for him, but I was excited for Scurra. I turned back towards him and saw him just standing there like a zombie, the rage still burning in his eyes. I started to walk towards him, but Madam Spade stopped me, “Don’t go near him.” I looked her in the eyes, “Why? What’s wrong with him?” She sighed, “He is in a state of increased strength cause by rage. Surprisingly his rage was so much that his consciousness went to sleep in order to not be destroyed. If anyone was to talk to him or go near him they will be attacked.”

Everybody still here gasped; I stared at Madam Spade, “Is there no way to help him?” She nodded her head, “There is, but unfortunately no one here is strong enough to get near him right now.” Daniel spoke up at this time, “But you are the Queen of Spades, aren’t you strong enough.” Madam Spade laughed, “I may be a high rank and level, but I am proficient in magic not bodily strength. Right now I have the gravity around him set at a thousand times gravity and he is barely able to lift his arms. I barely have the strength and concentration left to speak with you all right now.”

Everybody was surprised; everybody looked over at Scurra in a small sense of fear. Madam Spade spoke up again, “He is only like this because I kind of lied to him and he got extremely pissed off.” I raised an eyebrow, “He got pissed off because you lied?” She slowly shook her head, “No he got pissed off at what I lied about.” I nodded my head, “I see, is there really nothing we can do right now.” She spoke again, “Somebody is on their way to help right now. As a matter of fact here they are.”

Everybody looked at where she was looking and saw someone floating down to the ground. Everybody present let out gasps of shock and then saluted, “Madam Dealer!” The Dealer waved her hand at everybody and then looked at Scurra. She sighed and then looked at Madam Spade, “You really had to piss him off that much?” She smiled at her, “Sorry I honestly didn’t think it would piss him off that much, just enough to be able to fight back a little and not die is all.”

The Dealer shook her head, “Okay we will talk later, release your skill.” Madam Spade nodded her head and sat on the ground, “Sheesh that took a lot out of me.” As soon as she canceled her skill Scurra rushed her. He growled and sprinted towards her; The Dealer was faster and sent a chop to the back of his neck. The blank expression left his eyes and he spoke for a second, “What happened?” Right after that he fell to the ground and was completely unconscious.


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