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*Earth – Kira’s POV*

I lay in bed with Cindy and Karen until the both of them fell asleep. I quietly slid out of bed and got dressed. I looked back at the girls before I quietly shut the bedroom door. I grabbed my keys and got in the car. I pushed the button and it roared to life. I backed out of the driveway and zoomed down the road. The GS may not be a true standard, but it did have a way to manually shift gears.

There was a special section on the gear shift that had a plus and minus sign. This basically acted as a standard minus the clutch pedal. I put the gear shift in-between the plus and minus. The RPMs shot up and right when it was about to redline I shifted into the next gear. I was going about sixty -five in a twenty-five. I got on the main highway and headed north.

I hit the town of Chickasaw about twenty minutes later and got on I-44 North. Another thirty minutes and I was hitting the edge of the city. I pulled up the address for Anderson Guns on the cars GPS. Almost twenty minutes later I was pulling up in front of the main office for the Anderson Guns firearms company. It was almost four in the morning, but I knew that he would probably still be here.

I got out of the car and locked it. I pulled Heaven out of my inventory and walked up to the guard post. I loaded tranquilizers into the magazine and knocked the guards out. There was a quiet “swish” sound as the dart left the chamber. I continued walking to the building while tranquilizing the guards. I had the auto aim on and I was able to get the shot off before they could even raise their weapons.

I made it to the front door and when I tried to open it, it was locked. I sighed and then set a timer on my phone. I kicked the door in and then started the timer. I figured I had about ten minutes to get in and out before the cops arrived. Once I stepped in the building I found the door for the stairs and I took off sprinting. Thanks to my stats from Somnium Venatus I made it up almost thirty floors in about thirty seconds.

I burst through the door and I was met with a bunch of guards. They all opened fire at the same time. I noticed that they were using a normal 9mm pistol so I just stood there and let the hail of bullets hit me. My clothes tore and there were holes everywhere. The skin in those holes was a little purple, but otherwise I was fine. Sore as hell, but fine.

The guards looked at me and they were all visibly trembling. I sneered, “That tickled.” I tranquilized the guards and then made my way to the door of his office. I took a deep breath and then kicked the door in. I heard the gun shot and then I moved my hand to my head. There was a pain in my palm and I immediately squeezed my hand shut. I could feel the heat coming from the bullet in my hand.

I saw Jim standing there holding a 9mm staring at me with obvious surprise in his eyes. I sneered at him, “Hey dad.” I put some emphasis on the last word causing him to flinch a little. I laughed and walked towards him. He stepped back a few steps while still holding the gun. I laughed and then sat down in the chair. I flipped my phone open and checked the timer; I still had eight minutes left. I really need to get me a better phone, but this Razr has treated me good for so long.

Jim stared at me and then stuttered, “What do you want? If it is money I will give you however much you want. You are my son and I would have given you some even without all of this.” I laughed loudly, “After all these years of no contact or support all of a sudden you pull this fatherly bullshit?” I moved in a blur and sat him down in his chair. I had Heaven pointed at his head while leaning towards him.

I was sneering at him, “I don’t want your money, hell I don’t even want you alive. You can thank Cindy for you being alive right now. Even if she doesn’t love you now she did at one point.” He was staring me in the eyes, “If you’re going to kill me then do it.” I laughed and pushed the gun harder into his head. His glare got even fiercer, “Do it you pussy!” I shook my head and then stood up straight.

I sighed and then he spoke again, “I knew you didn’t have the balls to do it. You have always been a weak and frail child.” I looked him in the eye, magically loaded a blank into the chamber, and then shot it straight at his dick. There was a loud “thump” sound and I could see all the color drain from his face. He immediately moved his hands to his crotch and screamed. I pulled out Hell and aimed it at his head while he was on the ground screaming.

I sneered at him, “If you ever come after the girls again I will kill you. You can come after me anytime you feel like. I will send all those you send back in body bags. You involve them though…” I let the last sentence trail as I pulled the trigger. He flinched and I could see a liquid cover his crotch. I stood up and started to walk away. When I got back to the door I looked back at him. He was staring at the smoking hole that the fifty caliber round from Hell made in the floor next to his head.

I laughed and then sprinted out of the building. I checked the timer when I made it to the GS and saw that there was three minutes left. I could hear the sirens off in the distance. I got in the car and sped out of the parking lot. I called Karen after I got a few miles from the building. She picked up the phone with a sleepy voice, “Hello?” I smiled, “Hey babe.” The sleepy sound in her voice had vanished when she answered again, “Kira? What are you doing? Where are you? Its four thirty in the morning.”

I laughed, “I am in the city. I need you to quickly do me a favor though.” She answered immediately, “Anything dear.” I could hear the concern in her voice and my heart grew a little warm. I smiled into the phone, “I need you to hack into the Anderson Guns network and delete all video surveillance for the last hour.” She didn’t say anything for a second, “What did you do?”

I didn’t answer for a minute, “I didn’t kill anyone so don’t worry, but on earth what I did do is still illegal.” She was quiet for a minute, “It is done. I want an explanation when you get home though.” I laughed and then put on a pouty voice, “Yes dear.” I could hear her trying to contain her giggle, “Don’t you “yes dear” me sir.” I smiled into the phone and then we hung up after speaking for a few more minutes.

I looked at the phone in my hands and then after a few minutes of thinking I crushed it and spread the debris down the interstate. I stopped by a fast food joint and got me a sausage biscuit and caramel frappe. I got back on the interstate and headed home. I wasn’t speeding this time so about an hour and a half later I pulled into the driveway.

I walked into the front door and saw Karen standing there with her hands on her hips. She glared at me and was about to say something, but then she saw the holes that riddle my shirt and the bruises on my skin. She gasped and then worry flashed across her face, “What happened!?” I rubbed the back of my neck, “Would you believe me if I told you I got attacked by a swarm of moths?”

She glared at me, “Whoever would believe that is an idiot.” I let out a small laugh and then I was greeted with pain on my chest. She had thrown herself into my arms and the bruises hurt when she hit them. I groaned a little in pain and I heard her muffled voice, “Serves you right dummy.” I smiled and then rubbed the back of her head. I heard a noise coming from the bedroom and then I saw Cindy walk out rubbing her eyes.

I froze up when I saw her come out of the room. She looked at me and then her eyes widened and she was instantly awake. She yelled, “What the hell happened to you!?” She rushed over to us and examined my cloths. I laughed, “I was attacked by a swarm of moths.” She glared at me, “Whoever would believe that is an idiot.” I inwardly groaned and shook my head. I looked at both of the woman, who were staring at me with worried expression on their faces.

I laughed, “It doesn’t matter what I did. No one died that’s all that matters.” I broke free from their embrace and went to take a shower. I sighed and then threw the holey clothes away. I quickly showered and walked out of the bedroom after dressing. When I walked towards the living room I heard the TV playing. It was a news announcement, “Breaking News! Today, at approximately 4am, the Anderson Guns world headquarters was attacked…”

I sighed; well they were reporting it later than I thought. I figured they would have been on the scene fifteen minutes after I left. I walked into the living room and saw that Karen and Cindy were both glued to the TV. When they heard me walk in Cindy was the first to look at me and speak, “Care to explain this mister?” She pointed towards the TV while she was glaring at me.

I looked at the TV and then spoke, “Seems like somebody finally got fed up with his bullshit.” She glared at me, but Karen spoke up, “It was you though so why are you saying ‘somebody’?” I glared at her, “Really your just going to throw me under the bus like that?” She stuck her tongue out at me, I laughed, “Okay, well you deleted the video surveillance of the event.” She stiffened up and glanced at Cindy. I looked at Cindy and she was staring at me with tears in her eyes. I wanted to say something, but before I could she ran out of the house crying.

I sighed and looked at Karen; she had an apologetic look on her face as she stared at the door. I looked towards the door, “I’ll go talk to her.” I walked out the front door and took the car down the street. I pulled into the parking lot of the park down the street. I saw Cindy sitting in a swing on the swing set. I got out of the car and walked over to her. I stopped in front of her, “This one taken?” I was pointing at the swing set next to her.

She shook her head, so I sat down in the swing. Nothing was said for a while, but I finally broke the silence, “I’m sorry Cindy.” She didn’t say anything so I continued speaking, “I really didn’t kill anybody. I just put them all to sleep. I didn’t even kill the asshole I went to see in the first place…” She stood up and yelled, “Just shut up!” I stiffened up and stared at her.

She was looking at me with tears in her eyes, “I don’t care if you killed someone or even if you killed that asshole! Hell you could try to destroy the planet and I wouldn’t give a flying fuck! You came home with bullet holes in your shirt Kira! You could have died and left me and Karen all alone! I don’t give a shit what happens to other people, but I couldn’t deal with it if you got killed…”

I didn’t let her finish talking; I stood up and wrapped my arms around her. She stiffened up and started hitting my chest with her fists. She was bawling her eyes out and my bruises were stinging when she hit them, but I ignored it and let her cry. There were a few morning joggers that were staring at us as they went by, but I ignored them too. After almost fifteen minutes she stopped bawling and stood there in my arms sniffling.

I was rubbing the back of her head, “I’m sorry Cindy, I really am, but things like this are bound to happen now. You don’t have to worry though; I am not as weak as you think.” She looked up and glared at me. I smiled at her, “I’ll prove it to you, watch.” I let go of her and walked over to the creek. There was a large oak tree that had fallen over during the last storm lying across the creek.

I grabbed the base of the tree and dragged it out of the creek. After that I used both hands and stood it back up, planting it firmly in the ground where it used to be. I looked back at Cindy and saw her wide eyes. She had a hand over her mouth while I was walking back towards her. When I got to her she quickly pulled my shirt off and started to feel around my muscles. They were very hard and sticking out in all the right places, but they weren’t as big as a bodybuilder’s.

I laughed and put my shirt back on before speaking again, “Do you believe me now?” She was still staring at my arms while nodding her head. I laughed and wrapped my arm around her while walking back towards the car. She moved in front of me, “You know that display just now was very hot.” I could see that look in her eyes and I laughed before I pulled her towards me for a kiss. I could feel the warmth radiating from between her legs. I slid my hand down and when I brought it back out there was a clear liquid string coming along with it. I looked at my hand, “Already?” She smiled and blushed, “It’s your fault stupid.” I laughed and then opened the back door to the GS. It was at this time that the back seat got broke in.

An hour later we were pulling into the driveway. I walked back in the house with Cindy and saw Karen patiently waiting with her backpack. She looked at us then back at her phone, “we are pushing the time here.” I laughed and then went to get my bag. I gave Cindy a quick kiss on the way out and I was greeted with a surprise. Karen actually kissed Cindy very passionately before we left as well. What surprised me even more was that Cindy actually accepted it and responded earnestly.

It was honestly a very sexy moment. Karen separated from Cindy and spoke, “That’s for having sex without me.” Cindy blushed and murmured, “How was that a punishment?” I nearly had a nosebleed when she said those words. Karen and I finally headed for the school. I pulled into the parking lot and turned a lot of heads. When I got out of the car there were actually a few murmurs and gasps. I let Karen out of the car and we headed inside.

Karen headed to class while I headed towards the office to get another parking sticker. The secretary asked me what happened to the other one and I laughed while giving her some bullshit story of how I lost it. I paid for the new one and, after the secretary sternly told me to, went and put it on my car. As I was walking out of the parking lot I saw Danny walking towards me with a few of his goons.

He stopped in front of me and sneered, “What happened to the WRX bitch?” I sighed and went to walk by him. He stuck his hand out and grabbed my shoulder, “Who said you could leave faggot?” I stopped walking and grabbed his hand. I squeezed a little and turned to face him. His face was pale and he was trying not to scream. I looked him in the eye and squeezed a little harder. You could hear the bones cracking as I spoke, “I won’t tell you again. Leave. Me. Alone.”

I let go of his hand and turned around to walk inside. It was then that I heard him speak again, “What are you guys doing? Get his ass!” I sighed in my heart and turned back towards the group. I saw them moving towards me. The goon to my right threw a punch towards my face. I pushed it to the side and elbowed him in the gut. The other goon to my left was trying to kick me in the side. I quickly grabbed his leg and then threw my palm into his knee. There was a loud cracking noise and he fell to the ground screaming.

There was a goon to the left of the one screaming on the ground. He tried to kick me in the head. I ducked under his kick and then threw a hook into his kidney. He collapsed to the ground holding his side. I looked at the last goon and saw that he had pulled out a knife. I shook my head at him. Why pull a knife on me at the school? He went to stab me in the stomach so I chopped his wrist and he quickly dropped it.

After that I punched him in the face and blood splattered from his nose. He collapsed on the ground unconscious. I picked up the knife and looked at Danny. He was trembling where he stood. There was even a stain spreading at his crotch. I held the knife up and snapped the blade between my fingers. I then threw it down at his feet before I walked into the building.

I made it to class without a hitch after that. Karen and I were listening to the teacher speak and after a while I could feel a piercing stare from across the room. I looked up from the text book in front of me and saw my ex-crush staring at me from her seat. When she saw me look at her she smiled and winked at me. I sighed, she is a beauty, but sadly she is a bitch. I shook my head and looked back at my text book.

Something hit my head and landed on my desk. I saw that it was a crumpled up piece of paper. I looked at her and she made an opening gesture. I opened the paper and read it.

Why are you ignoring me?

I responded

Why? Am I suddenly manly enough for you?

I threw the paper back at her and when she opened it she stiffened up for a second. She wrote something down and tossed it back.

I guess I deserved that, but I only said that because I liked someone else and I really didn’t know how to answer. I just reverted to a default bitch mode.

I scribbled down my response.

You could have just responded with the truth. It would have been much less brutal than I wasn’t manly enough.

She quickly read it before replying.

That is true. I am sorry about all that. How about we start over? My name is Sarah by the way.

I sighed while answering.

I know your name. We have been in the same class for years. My name is Kira if you didn’t know already.

She quickly responded.

You’ve been in my class for that long!? I know your name from when the teacher announced it the other day.

I quietly laughed a little at her straight forward answer. What happened to not knowing what to say?

Yeah I have even sat behind you a few times.

She wrote something down quickly.

The scrap of paper is getting full. How about you text me instead? My number is 1-5**-***-***

I quickly responded.

My phone broke this morning, but when I get a new one I will send you a message.

I wrote down her number and then stuck it in my pocket before tossing the paper back to her. She read the paper and I saw her smile brightly before she stuck the paper in her pocket. I quietly laughed and shook my head. I looked over at Karen and saw her give me a quick thumbs up with a wink. I shook my head, what is up with the women in my life?

Class drug on and after a while the bell rang for the end of the day. Sarah looked at me and made a ‘text me’ gesture before leaving the classroom. I walked over to Karen and we walked out of the school together. As I let her in the car I saw Sarah getting into her Prius a couple spots down. She saw me and then widened her eyes at my car. She waved and I waved back before getting in the driver’s seat.

Karen was staring at me with a grin on her face, “She seems nice.” I shook my head and laughed before pulling out of the parking lot. I was going to head home, but I decided to get me another cell phone. I pulled into the AT&T store and picked out a phone. It was an older Galaxy Note 5 and it was a pretty big freaking phone. I sent Cindy and Karen a message from it, so they would have my new number.

I then added Sarah and sent her a message. "Hey Sarah, it's Kira. This is my number." She instantly responded, "Hey! I was hoping you would text me! :-)I laughed at the smiley face and text back, "Yeah. I just got a new phone and figured I would." She answered back shortly after that. "That’s good! :-) I do want to apologize for how I was before. I am really sorry about it." I sighed, isn’t she trying a little too hard? I responded, "It’s okay. It’s all in the past just forget it." She responded again. "Okay! :-) Well I g2g now. Ttyl!"

I laughed and said see ya before I put the phone up. I walked out of the store and got in the car. Karen wanted to see what kind of phone I got so I handed it to her. She messed around on the phone for a bit before she handed it back. She was quiet on the way home for a bit, but she suddenly spoke, “Sarah seems nice. What did she do in the past that she wanted to apologize for it?”

I nearly rear-ended the car in front of us because I was staring at her. I shook my head, “It’s nothing. Just some high school drama I guess.” Karen shrugged her shoulders and then looked out the window while I continued to drive home. I sighed, jeez are you jealous or not babe? Pick one!


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