A note from Str1keFreedom00

Don't worry. I am not dropping the stories. (^-^)

First off I would like to thank everybody who has followed, favorited, and reviewed my stories.

You all are the reason that these stories keep going.

I may not agree with some reviews and comments, but if there are valid complaints I do take them to heart and try to fix them.

The reason for this post is to let you all know that I will be starting my school up again since this medical break is over with. The doesn't mean that the chapters will stop coming, it just means that I can't promise you all a set release date for chapters. I apologize for this in advance, but a full time job, full time schooling, and writing a chapter for three different stories a week is time consuming.

If my week of school is easy then chapters will be released like normal, but if the week is intense and difficult then chapters may be a few days behind.

I will say this again though, the stories will go on! I repeat the stories will go on!

Again I apologize and thank you all for sticking with me!

Sincerely - Str1keFreedom00


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Bio: I am 28 years old and I love my daughter, video games, anime, manga, cars, drifting (cars), and a lot of other things lol. I work as a security guard and write most of my stories at work. I am from Oklahoma in the good ol' U.S. of A.

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