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*Earth Cindy’s POV*

I looked towards Kira’s bedroom and then back towards Karen. She was just standing there smiling at me. I was honestly confused, “Why would you want me to join him? He is your husband.” Karen didn’t even break her smile when she answered, “Exactly, he is my husband and I want him to be happy. If you joining in our love makes him happy then it makes me happy. I believe that just because you join in it doesn’t mean he won’t love me any less than he does now. Either way you probably won’t be the last one to join.”

I was completely dumbfounded at her response and I was even more shocked at her last comment. Could there really be women out there like her? Would they be okay with sharing their man with another woman? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I decided not to risk anything and went back to helping Karen cook.

I glanced at his bedroom door and sighed before I actually started helping. I heard Karen snort and when I looked at her she was walking towards me. I stepped back a little, “What are you doing?” She smiled, “I am giving you what your heart wants.” I was confused for a second, but before I could say anything I was being dragged out of the kitchen.

I was pulling back and trying to go back to the kitchen, “Karen what are you doing!? Stop! He won’t want me in there!” Karen didn’t say anything and just kept dragging me to their room. How the hell is she so strong? I can’t even stop my momentum or get her to let go. Karen opened the bedroom door and then walked over to the open bathroom door.

I could hear the shower running and then I was pushed in the bathroom and the door shut behind me. I was frozen in place. I could barely hear the running water over my own heartbeat. I tried the door handle, but something was preventing me from turning it. I started to panic and I just backed up against the door. It was at this moment that Kira spoke, “Is that you Karen?”

*Kira’s POV*

I poked my head out while speaking, “Are you wanting to join me?” When my head cleared the shower curtain I froze on the spot. It wasn’t Karen standing in the bathroom, but Cindy. I was confused and surprised at the same time. I showed a small smile, “Do you need something Cindy?” She jumped at my voice and turned bright red. She seemed to be thinking deeply about something and she was at a loss.

After a few minutes she finally spoke, “Close the curtains.” I won’t lie and say I wasn’t a little disappointed, but I did as she asked. I waited for the sound of the door closing, but it didn’t come. I was listening and I could hear a slight shuffling sound. The next thing I know I could hear the shower curtain open and I was embraced from behind. I stiffened in surprised and the person who embraced me buried her face in my back.

They didn’t say anything, but the feeling of the naked and bountiful breasts, on my back, was stimulating my dick. I had an idea of who they were, but part of me wasn’t willing to believe it. All of a sudden they started to cry. I couldn’t tell easily because of the water running down my body, but I could feel their shoulders and chest constantly going up and down sporadically. I went to turn around and they tightened their embrace on me and spoke, “Don’t.”

The moment I heard the voice, my suspicions were confirmed, “Cindy?” She stiffened slightly and then nodded her head. I forcibly turned myself around and I was greeted with the beautiful view of the first woman to truly care for me. She was naked from head to toe and it was a gloriously beautiful sight to behold.

I could see the redness around her eyes now, “Why are you crying Cindy?” She looked at me and then buried her head in my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her. She was still sobbing and I didn’t say anything else. After a few minutes she looked up and talked, “I was so scared.” I raised a wet eyebrow, “Is that why you were crying?”

She nodded her head, “I was afraid that you would turn me away, but you didn’t. You actually held me closer. I’m so happy Kira.” She smiled when she finished talking. I smiled back, “Why would I turn you away?” She started at me for a few seconds before she answered, “Because of Karen, my age, previously being married to your father, and some other reasons.” I laughed and shook my head, “Karen is more agreeable than you think.”

Cindy laughed a little, “Yeah I found that out.” I smiled and continued, “As for your age, it is just a number. As long as two people love each other, age is just a number, as long as they are at least sixteen or older.” I know that different countries and probably different planets have different laws. Hell if a planet says that a twelve year old can get married and have a family then more power to them. I may not personally believe that a twelve year old should do that, but I am just one person.

I will say this, regardless of age, country, planets, royalty, or whatever. I will not stand by and let rape go unpunished. It is against my morals. A woman should have the right to choose who they give their body to, not have it taken by force. If anyone tries to defend a rapist I will attempt to fight them no matter who they are. Of course that is only if I have the power to do so, I may be pissed at the moment, but I still know my limits. That is why I did what I did to the ambassador.

I figured if I could handle the body guard then I could most likely handle him or overpower him. He was defending his rapist of a son and I was already in a bad mood. I didn’t car that he was an ambassador, hell even if he was a king I wouldn’t have cared at that moment. Rape is horrible regardless of age, but I personally think that the rape of a child is worse. Some women can defend themselves while almost all children can’t defend themselves against an adult. Anyways enough about that subject, back to Cindy.

I looked down at her and she was just staring at me slightly red faced. I smiled and continued, “As for my dad, so what if you were married to him previously. You probably aren’t a virgin anyways.” Her blush turned a little redder and she tried to hide her face in my chest. I laughed and rubbed her wet hair. She looked up at me and spoke in a small voice, “I never slept with him.” I was a little shocked at this, she was married to him and they didn’t do anything? It was kind of hard to believe.

She seemed to sense my disbelief, “It’s true, he mainly married me to show off and have a caretaker for you. He never once touched me in anyway.” For some reason my dick decided to spring up a little more and it bumped into something. Cindy jumped a little and her face turned extremely red. When she jumped I was given a better view of her cleavage and I could feel the blood racing to my crotch.

Cindy felt the swelling between her legs and she let out a big smile, “I’m so happy.” I smiled back, “You are?” She nodded her head and then reached between us. I felt her hand wrap around my cock and she gave it a squeeze, “This being so lively means you don’t reject me at all.” I laughed, “Again, why would I reject you?” She was about to speak, but I sealed her mouth with a kiss.

We kissed under the falling water for a few minutes before we finally separated. I pulled my head back from hers and I could see her face brimming with a beautiful smile. I looked her straight in the eyes, “Cindy.” She stiffened before speaking, “Yes?” I stared into her eyes, “Do you love me?” She stiffened for a minute again before she smiled and answered, “Yes I do.” I spoke again, “Will you love me not matter what I end up doing in the future.”

She didn’t say anything for a minute, but then she spoke, “I have loved you for a long time and I will love you no matter what you do.” I smiled at her and didn’t say anything. She can say that know, but if I have to kill in real life or she finds out about the game somehow will she still love me? For now I put the thoughts to the back of my mind and concentrated on what was right in front of me.

I smiled at her and then kissed her passionately. We stood there in the shower making out and after a few minutes I could feel her hand on my cock start moving. It was sending small waves of pleasure through my body. I reached my right hand down and grabbed her left ass cheek. She gasped a little and squeezed a bit on my cock. It sent a wave of pleasure through my body again.

After a few minutes of making out she actually separated first and after giving me a perverse smile she went down on her knees. I was happy that the shower was actually a wider one. Otherwise this would be a really tight fit. It honestly wouldn’t hurt to buy a bigger shower, but I have bigger plans than a shower. I just hope that Cindy likes it. While I was thinking about that I felt a moist warmness wrap around my dick.

I looked down and she was sucking and licking on my cock like a lollipop. It felt great and I couldn’t help but release a small moan. She seemed to hear it and she took my dick deeper in her throat. I was shocked at how deep she was taking me, but the tightness quickly erased all other thoughts. I couldn’t think of anything other than her and the service she was providing.

I moved the shower head towards the ground so that she wouldn’t get choked on the water running down my body. I looked down and watched her service me. After a few minutes I couldn’t endure it anymore and I was about to cum. When I told her she sped her movements up. I was finally unable to hold it in and I released everything inside of her mouth. She thrust my dick down her throat and held it there while I finished releasing.

When I finished cumming she let go of my dick and pulled her head back. She licked the excess cum off of my cock and then gave it a kiss on the tip. She looked up at me provocatively and then gave my dick one final lick before standing up. I finally couldn’t hold myself back anymore and I placed my cock in-between her legs.

I picked up her left leg and held it with my hand while I helped balance her with the other. She grabbed my dick and then guided it to her vagina. She rubbed the outside of it for a second before she stuck the tip inside. I felt her body shudder and then I thrust myself inside of her. She let out a loud moan of pleasure and clawed my back.

The pain on my back was actually turning me on a little bit more so I started to thrust myself in and out of her. Her breathing started to become a little bit ragged and she was letting out small moans with every thrust. Our positioning was a little awkward so I grabbed her directly below her ass and picked her up. She let out a little yelp of surprise, but it was quickly replaced with a moan of pleasure as I continued my piston.

I was easily able to pick her up and hold her in place thanks to my strength increase from the game. I continued to thrust inside of her for another ten minutes or so until I felt her pussy contract around my dick and she screamed in pleasure. She cut her scream short by biting my shoulder. The stimulation from the bite almost caused me to cum inside of her, but I held myself back. Unlike Karen who could control it, Cindy could get pregnant at any time.

She finished biting my shoulder and she collapsed against my chest. She looked at me and then spoke in a small and sad voice, “You didn’t cum.” I smiled, “We don’t need you pregnant just yet silly.” She blushed and before I could say anything she thrust herself up and down on my dick. I was already close to cumming and this wasn’t helping matters at all.

I was trying to hold it in, “Cindy, stop I can’t hold it anymore.” She stopped thrusting and got out of my arms. She got down on her knees and started to stroke my cock with her hands. A minute or two later I released everything all over her. She licked my dick clean and then proceeded to lick some cum off of her breasts. I was starting to get stimulated again, but she stopped when she noticed my dick getting hard again.

She stood up and smiled, “I would love to continue on and have some more fun, but you got to get ready for school.” I laughed and nodded my head. We finished showering together and I left the bathroom. We walked out of the bathroom and I noticed Karen lying on the bed reading a car magazine. She looked up at us and smiled, “You two have fun?”

Needless to say both of us were a little red in the face. Karen just laughed, “You don’t have to answer; from what I heard, at least one of you was having a blast.” Cindy’s face turned as red as a tomato and she quickly left the bed room. I watched her naked ass semi-run down the hallway and towards her room. Karen clicked her tongue, “So how was she babe?”

I looked over to her and was at a loss of what to say. I laughed nervously, “It doesn’t really matter how she was. She loves me and I love her just as much as I love you. That’s all that really counts.” Karen stood up and walked over towards me. She squeezed my semi-hard cock and whispered in my ear, “That is a very good answer hun.”

She kissed me on the cheek and walked towards the bedroom door. She turned her head back, “I’ll be waiting in the car.” I watched her voluptuous body walk down the hallway and out the front door. I swallowed a little saliva and then tried to calm myself down. I put on some clothes and then walked out of my room.

I met Cindy by the front door and she gave me a passionate kiss. After we separated she smiled, “I’ll see you when you get home.” I smiled, “Yes you will, when I get back we are going to go do some shopping.” She raised an eyebrow at this, but she didn’t say anything. I kissed her on the forehead and then grabbed my keys off the hook by the door. I walked out the door and saw that Karen was leaning against the car’s passenger door.

I smiled, walked up to her, and gave her a passionate kiss as well. She returned the kiss and after we separated she spoke, “What was that for?” I smiled at her, “Just because.” I laughed and walked over to the driver’s side. I unlocked the car on the way and Karen got inside. I sat down and started the car. When the car started up I froze in my seat.

Karen noticed me not moving and spoke, “Babe, you okay?” It’s like something just hit me. I looked over at Karen and touched her cheek. She rubbed her face in my hand. I then touched the steering wheel of the car. I mumbled out loud, “This is real isn’t it?” I touched my face and I instantly felt a weird sensation in my heart. Karen spoke up beside me, “Of course it is real dear.”

I looked at her and I could feel the tears running down my face, “I really killed someone then?” Karen stiffened and then she quickly took me into her embrace. She hugged me and held me in her arms while the tears flowed. There was a deep sense of guilt in my heart and it was tearing me apart. I took a person’s life; no matter the crime I never thought I could do something like that.

The realization of what I had done finally hit me like a freight train.  When I was finally able to calm myself I moved back from Karen. She looked at me and then cupped my face with her hand, “Tell me what happened.” I told her what happened, exactly like it happened. After I was done telling her the story she sat there.

She finally spoke after a few minutes, “It sounds like he deserved what he got. On most planets rape is illegal and on a lot of them rape of a child is a death sentence. Consensual relations between a married twelve year old and her husband are legal on a lot of planets. On some planets, even if they are married he can’t touch them until they are at least sixteen.” I looked her in the eyes and noticed that she wasn’t lying.

She continued to speak, “On the planet that you are on, rape of a child is a death sentence. It doesn’t matter if the offender is a visiting king. The royalty of the planet had a child that was forced a long time ago and she committed suicide. They made the law shortly after that. If the offender is a king and they have to risk a war to kill them, they will. Xandaria has the power to do that if they so choose.”

She looked at me with care in her eyes and continued talking, “As for the ambassador thing, don’t sweat it too much. The Dealer will take care of any retaliation from him. Even if she didn’t it doesn’t matter. You don’t believe in protecting a rapist and if that is your belief then stick to it. It wouldn’t really be called a belief if you could abandon it so easily.”

Her words were making me feel better; she is right, it shouldn’t matter what the law says. If I have the strength to uphold my beliefs then I should. Everyone else can go fuck themselves. Even if my almost punching the ambassador was spurred on by anger, it doesn’t matter. I looked over at Karen, “Thanks, I really needed this.” I smiled at her and she blushed. She looked down at the floorboard and muttered, “Stupid, you don’t have to thank me.”

I pretended not to hear and put the car in reverse. I backed out of the driveway and then put the car in gear. We launched down the street and headed for school. When we arrived at the school parking lot I pulled into a random spot and we both got out. There were some people staring at us as we got out of the car. There were even some murmurs, “Since when could Kira afford such a nice car? Isn’t that the newest WRX?”

I smiled and ignored all of the comments flying around. Karen wrapped her arm around mine and we walked into the school building. The first thing I did was go and buy a parking permit from the office. I paid the twenty five dollars and got my little sticker to stick in my window. I put it in my pocket and then we went to class.

Eight hours later the school bell rang and we left the building. We walked out to my car and I noticed that it was surrounded by a few guys. I pulled my keys out and hit the unlock button. When the doors unlocked a couple of the guys jumped while some of them looked at me. There was one guy in particular that I recognized. His name was Danny Glink and he was the school bully. He rarely comes to school so I hadn’t seen him since the school started a few days ago.

I had received my fair share of bullying from him before, but now things are different. I am not the same Kira Anderson that I was last year. We made our way through the group and stood in front of my car. I looked over at Danny, “Something I can help you with?” Danny scoffed at me, “Unless this is your car there ain’t shit you can help me with Anderson.”

I laughed, “Well it actually is my car. I hit the remote start on my key fob and the WRX roared to life.” Danny’s eyes flashed and he laughed, “Since when were you able to afford this kind of car? Tell me where you stole it from and I might let you go today.” I sighed, “I didn’t steal it from anyone and you can’t boss me around anymore.”

Danny stiffened up and he gave me a quick up down. He laughed, “Just because you hit the gym a bit this summer doesn’t mean you can do anything to me bitch.” I laughed and then went to put Karen in the passenger seat. Danny slapped her on the ass, “Why don’t you come with me babe. I can ensure you have more fun than Emo Anderson could every give you…”

He barely got the words out of his mouth before my hand was around his throat. He was clawing at my hand and staring at me with wide eyes. I glared at him and spoke through clenched teeth, “You can poke fun at me and try to beat me up anytime you feel like it, but don’t you ever lay a hand on my wife again.” I used the strength in my arm to pull his face close to mine, “You ever insult her or touch her again and I will personally see to it that you are never able to have fun with a woman again.”

I threw him into the nearest car and his body left a dent in the door. He slid down the car and was staring at me in fright. I looked at my former bully trembling on the ground and snorted. I opened Karen’s door and then let her in the car. After I shut her door I proceeded to get in my side. I stuck the sticker on the window and left the parking lot.

We rolled up to a stop sign and I turned to Karen, “I need to blow off some steam and it may frighten you some. Do you want me to take you back to the house?” She looked at me and shook her head, “I’ll be fine, you do what you need to babe.” I smiled at her and then took the main highway out of town. We left the city limits and I turned some music on. The stereo was blaring “Click Click Boom” by Saliva and I was starting to concentrate. I looked over at Karen one more time and saw that she was bobbing her head to the music. The scene made me smile and then I pushed the pedal to the floor.

The WRX hit one hundred miles an hour before we even went a mile out of town. I hit a hundred and fifty right before the next town. The normal turnaround was coming up so I moved the car into the inside lane. I slowed down and downshifted, I then swung the car out wide to the right. I tapped the brakes and the rear end of the car slid out.

I counter steered and continued the drift around the turnaround. I was going about seventy at this point and when I entered the other side of the high way I shifted up a gear and floored the accelerator again. We quickly hit a hundred and eighty miles an hour before I slowed the car back down to forty before the city limits. It’s a good thing that most of the cops are around the high school hoping to catch some high schoolers goofing off in their cars.

There is never any highway patrol on this section of highway so a lot of people come out here and test their cars. I would sneak out of the house a lot and come up here and hang out with my college friend. He was one of the few people that I could call a friend. He went to the university in the town forty five minutes from here.

He would sometimes let me drive his 1969 Chevelle and it was a blast. He was the one that showed me how to drift. It was honestly one of my favorite things to do. I would sometimes go with him to Mt. Scott and we would drift down the mountain roads at two in the morning. Cindy never noticed any of this because she was always asleep. She normally has to work early in the mornings.

I could feel some of the frustration caused by Danny start to go away and I was feeling better. I looked over at Karen and saw she was smiling at me. I smiled back, “What?” She shook her head, “Nothing, you just looked like you were having a lot of fun back there.” I laughed, “This was what a friend and I would do almost every night a year or so ago. They were some of the best nights of my life.”

She continued to smile, but she didn’t say anything. We made our way across town and pulled into the drive way. I put the car in neutral and then applied the parking brake before killing the engine. I looked over at Karen and then I noticed Cindy standing on the porch waving at us. I laughed and spoke to Karen, “Let’s go, I promised Cindy we would all go shopping.” Karen smiled, “You are going to regret that.” I stiffened and then let out a small laugh, “Probably.”

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