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*Earth – Karen’s POV*

I woke up after speaking to Kira and looked over at his sleeping body. I smiled at the calm and handsome look on his face. I was shocked a few minutes afterwards though, due to a tear running down his face. What is going on in the game for him to be this sad? I could hear his teeth grinding in while he was sleeping. Is he angry now? What has caused him to be so angry?

I closed my eyes to see what he was doing and when I saw I almost cried myself. He was talking to a little girl that was crying in his arms. After I heard what he said to the grasshopper man I opened my eyes because I didn’t want to watch. I was hoping that he wouldn’t have to run into this type of person so soon. As much as no one likes it, there are those types of people in any world. I looked over at Kira and smiled softly. I leaned over and gave him a kiss before getting out of bed. I showered and got dressed before leaving the room. I headed to the kitchen and looked around. I smiled before grabbing some items; it’s time to make breakfast.

*Somnium Venatus – Kira’s POV*

I looked down at the trembling grasshopper in front of me. I wish I had a big enough boot to squish him with. Unfortunately all I had was a dagger, but it would work for some of my plans. I pulled a few zip ties from my pack and tied him to one of the chairs in the room. He tried to scream so I put his underwear in his mouth. I glared at him, “You dared to forcibly take a woman in our presence. Actually only my presence would be enough for you to get what is coming to you.”

I sneered at him, “I absolutely hate rape of any kind. Whether it is the old or the young, anyone who forces themselves on a woman is not a man. He is nothing but an insect. You are nothing but an insect.” I walked over to him and used the dagger to cut a finger at the first joint. He screamed from behind his underwear. I could see the begging in his eyes, “You think that begging will save you? Did begging spare that little girl from you!?” I was starting to yell.

I stabbed the dagger in his left thigh and twisted. He screamed in pain before he almost passed out. I quickly smacked him, “Oh no you don’t! You are going to be awake for every moment of this!” A couple of hours later I had finished with him and he barely alive. I turned my comms back on and called Deuce in.

When he walked in and saw Zipket he turned pale. He was strapped to the chair and was missing a few fingers and toes. He had a couple of fingernails missing and there was a bloody hole between his legs. He was slouched forward in the chair and unconscious. When he looked at his face he noticed that he was missing his tongue and an eyelid. He was also missing both antennas on his head.

Deuce looked at me, “You didn’t hold back did you?” I shook my head, “No. He would be too lucky if I killed him after all of this.” I looked at the insect one more time before I called Sylvie. I filled her in on what happened and after a few minutes she called The Dealer. She came back on the phone with me and told me to finish it. I hung up the phone and walked over to the insect. I lifted his head up and slit his throat.

I was surprised, surprised at how easy it was to take someone life. I didn’t feel anything at all. Is it because he deserved it? He honestly deserved far worse than what I did to him. I walked out of the room and Deuce quickly followed. He grabbed my shoulder and spoke to me, “Did she tell you to kill him.” I nodded my head, “She told me to finish it, so I did.” He let go of my shoulder and made a phone call.

After a few minutes he spoke to me again, “The clean-up crew will be here shortly. We have been ordered to report this to the ambassador. I sighed, “Great now we will have to deal with a pissed off father and his massive bodyguard.” Deuce laughed, “Just because he is massive doesn’t mean he is strong. What is your strength at?” I was wondering why he was asking, but I told him, “It’s at a fifteen.”

When I told him he paused for a second, “What? Say that again.” I furrowed my brows, “It’s a fifteen.” His eyes widened, “What the hell? Why is it so high?” I was confused, “What do you mean? I trained for a little bit and it went from a ten to fifteen in a few hours.” His eyes widened again, “When did it get to a ten?” I answered him, “It started at a ten.”

Deuce nearly fainted on the spot, “What the hell man. Normal stats for a level one are around three to five tops. I have never heard of someone starting with ten stats at level one.” I was surprised what? Does that mean I am stronger than a normal level one? Deuce continued speaking, “Now even though someone’s level doesn’t mean his true strength there is still a limit for stat points at each level. Normally level ones can’t have their stats above five, level two goes up to ten, level three is fifteen, and so on up the levels.”

I was a little shocked, “So you are saying that I have the stats of someone at level three?” He nodded, “Yeah, you have the stats of someone at the max of level three.” I was surprised, but excited at the same time. What is my stat limit then, if it isn’t five? The clean-up crew arrived and cleaned the room. They put the insect in a body bag and threw him in the trunk. Deuce and I got in the car and made our way back to the palace.

I sighed, “Well the two day job only took us a few hours to complete.” Deuce laughed, “True, though I hope we live to see our payday.” I laughed with him and then I was quite as he continued to go towards the palace. We pulled into the underground parking area and then went up the elevator. We had barely left the elevator when we were being yelled at, “What the fuck do you think you are doing here! You should have run before I got the chance to get ahold of you!”

I looked over towards the yelling and I could see the ambassador yelling at us while he ran over. He had the massive bug behind him as well. I sighed, “I guess someone told him huh?” Deuce nodded his head, but he didn’t say anything. Gripket ran over to us and then came to a stop right in front of us. He was fuming, “Why did you torture my son!?” I sighed, “Because he is worse than an insect.”

Gripket was fuming and he cast a glance at his bodyguard. The massive bug nodded his head and threw a punch towards me. I got into a ready stance and blocked his punch with a cross block. I could feel my arms throbbing and I was thrown across the room. I smacked into the wall and slid down to the ground. I could feel an aching pain in my arms, but other than that I was okay.

The bodyguard and the ambassador looked a little shocked. The ambassador knew how strong his bodyguard was. He was at level four and was pretty decent for a body guard. His stats were at the mid-point for level four as well. That meant that his strength was around seventeen. From the information I was given the one that was just punched should be level one and the other should be level three.

How was a level one able to handle a punch from a mid-level four? It made no sense. The bodyguard was equally surprised, but he didn’t stop there. He rushed at me and threw another punch, this time I was more ready and I was able to brace myself. The punch hit my cross guard and I was only slid back a few feet. I smiled at him and then launched a kick towards his side. It connected squarely and caused him to double over a little.

The body guard got pissed and pulled a sword from his back. What the hell? Where did that come from? Was it there the whole time? His back was honestly big enough that I couldn’t see if he had one or not. I drew my swords just in time to block his downward stroke. I pushed up with all my strength and made him move back a little.

I jumped back and after regaining my balance I jumped towards him. I used the [Dark Heaven Splitter]. My swords came down in two black arcs aimed right at the bodyguards head. He managed to block one of them, but his sword couldn’t handle the second one. My sword dug into his shoulder. The sword went in about five inches before it stopped moving. I yanked it out and blood gushed forth from the wound.

He grabbed the wound, trying to stop the bleeding, and glared at me. I just smiled at him and stood there. Deuce was yelling at the ambassador, “Stop this sir, before one of them ends up dying!” The ambassador looked at Deuce, “What about my son! Did he deserve to be tortured and killed by him!?” Deuce didn’t have time to say anything because I spoke up, “He deserved worse than death! Death was a release and a gift to him!” I was speaking through clenched teeth.

The ambassador looked at me with fury and hate in his eyes, “What gives you the right to be judge, jury, and executioner of someone!?” I didn’t have an answer, but before I could say anything there was an angelic voice from the end of the hallway, “I gave him that right.” We all looked over at the source of the voice and what I saw made me gasp. There was an angelically beautiful woman standing at the end of the hall in front of Sylvie and Daniel.

The woman was every bit as tall as Sylvie; she looked just like a human, except for the black wings on her back. They were folded up and made it to where you couldn’t see how long they were. Her bust was massive; it had to be an E cup at the smallest. She had an hourglass figure. Her ass was plump as well and it kind of jiggled a little when she walked. She had jet black hair and jet black eyes to match. Her hair came down to her mid-back from what I could see.

The ambassador looked at her and sneered, “And just who are you?” The woman smiled which caused every ones hearts to skip a beat, “What my name is you will never know, you can just call me The Dealer.” When he heard this name he turned pale. All of a sudden there was a cute kid like voice coming from down the hall, “Big Sisters! Big Brother! Why did you guys leave me in the car?”

When I saw the sound of the voice I was surprised. It was either a kid or a loli and I couldn’t figure out which. She had a cat tail and a pair of cat ears on her head. She looked to be around ten years old. She was running down the hallway and when she caught up she latched on to The Dealers arm. The Dealer just looked down at her and smiled. This smile caused everyone’s hearts to skip a beat again. I cursed, just what is this woman?

When I thought that she looked up at me. She smiled and winked quickly before looking back at the ambassador. Did she just hear my thoughts? What the fuck? No, she couldn’t have. I put the thought at the back of my head and listened to what they were saying. The ambassador was stammering some, “Miss Dealer, I apologize if I may seem rude, but what exactly did my son do in order for you to order his death?”

She looked at me and then spoke, “Why don’t you ask his executioner.” I swallowed some saliva, because the pressure her stare was releasing was frightening. The ambassador looked at me, “You! Quickly tell me what my son did!” I clenched my fist and had to hold back from punching him square in the face. I calmed myself and told him, “We were at a brothel letting him enjoy himself, when he forced himself on a girl.”

The ambassador scoff, “If they worked at a brothel there was no forcing. They are product and they get paid to do their job unless they are a slave.” I was starting to fume at his words; they are almost exactly the same. I glared at him, “She did not work there as an entertainer, but as a refreshment girl.” He scoffed again, “They are one in the same at a brothel. One just gets paid more than the other.”

It was taking everything I had not to yell. I spoke through clenched teeth, “This particular brothel’s refreshment girls are not used for sex.” The ambassador waved it off, “If what you say is true it didn’t warrant his death. It was just some refreshment girl that works at a brothel.” I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I put every ounce of strength I could muster into my legs before rushing him.

In almost an instant I was in front of the ambassador grabbing his shirt collar. He was shivering while I just stood there glaring at him. I was about to punch him, but I felt a hand on my arm. I looked over to see Sylvie grabbing my arm and shaking her head. Deuce was staring at me with wide eyes and The Dealer was smiling, but there was a glint in her eyes. Daniel was as wide eyed as Deuce, but the loli was leaning against The Dealer taking a nap.

I put my fist down and glared at the ambassador, “It was not just a woman in a brothel. She was a twelve year old girl!” After I yelled at him I threw him into the wall walked over by Deuce. The ambassador was shivering and pale, “My son did that?” I was still pissed, but I nodded my head at him. The ambassador was semi-pissed and semi-sad at the same time. He was sad for his son’s death, but he was cursing him at the same time.

He spoke out, “If he really did all that then it is like you said and he deserved worse than death. On our planet the abuse of any kind towards a child warrants punishment. We don’t stand for those that pick on someone that can’t even fight back. I snorted, yet you sent a mid-level four after a level one, okay. I didn’t say it out loud, but the thought crossed my mind. The Dealer giggled a little and I glanced at her.

She was still looking at the ambassador and had a serious expression on her face, but I could see the humor in her eyes. Dammit, she really is reading my mind. I stopped thinking about stuff and continued to listen to the ambassador. He looked over at The Dealer, “Can you vouch for what he is saying happened?” She just nodded her head and didn’t say anything. The ambassador nodded and told the bodyguard to follow him.

The bodyguard looked at everybody before casting a lustful glace towards The Dealer. The loli or kid or whatever spoke up, “Don’t look at Big Sister like that pervert!” I was shocked, I thought she was napping. The bodyguard snorted, “Don’t tell me what to do twerp.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he was dropped to the ground. The floor was cracking and he was being pushed into the ground by some unknown force.

All of a sudden that childlike voice sounded out again, “Don’t ever call me a twerp or a kid or anything of the sort! I’ll have you know I am four hundred and seventy nine years old!” I was in utter shock, not at her power, but at her age. This little brat is over four hundred years old? The Dealer giggled again. The bodyguard coughed out some blood, “I apologize for my earlier rudeness madam.”

The loli smiled, “That’s better. Apology accepted… you may go now.” The bodyguard picked himself up and followed the ambassador out of the building. I looked at the loli hanging on to The Dealer, “Who are you?” She looked at me and smiled, “My name is Cammy and I am a Geo-Mage.” As soon as she told me who she was I finally noticed the two notifications waiting for me. I opened them up.

Congratulations! Due to your class and figuring out how to do a skill you have unlocked the [Assassin Class] skill [Swift Strike].

[Swift Strike] – Skill that increases the users speed based on how much strength they put into their legs. Can allow the user to move at light speed if they are strong enough.


Congratulations! Due to your class and seeing a skill you have learned the [Geo-Mage] skill [Gravity Crush].

[Gravity Crush] – Skill that allows the caster to increase the gravity around a specific target, including allies and themselves. Gravity is increased based on the amount predetermined before use. When activating the skill think of a multiple and the gravity will be increased by that much.


I was shocked; I knew about learning a skill from seeing it, but I didn’t know I could learn it just by figuring out how it works. The Dealer saw the surprise on my face because she spoke up, “You learned some skills didn’t you?” I looked at her and nodded. She smiled and didn’t say anything else. Cammy spoke up though, “What skills did you learn Big Brother?” She had let go of The Dealer and was clutching my arm.

I looked down at her and wondered if I should say anything, but my thoughts were interrupted by a voice in my head. It was a beautifully angelic voice, “Go ahead and tell her. No one knows the true capabilities of your class other than those in this room. Cammy isn’t the type of person to go off and blab her mouth either.” I looked over at The Dealer who just winked at me again.

I sighed and told her, “I unlocked [Swift Strike] and [Gravity Crush]. When I said the last skill her face went pale, “You unlocked my skill? You unlocked two skills from two completely different class trees?” I nodded my head to her. Cammy looked at The Dealer who spoke to her, “I will explain it to you later Cam.” Cammy nodded her head and then returned to her cheery childlike attitude.

She smiled up at me, “Big Brother is so cool!” I rubbed the back of my head and laughed nervously. I looked down at her again, “Who are you by the way. I mean I know your name and class, but what do you do?” Cammy beamed a cute little smile at me, “I am the Queen of Spades.” I nearly fainted on the spot.

We all traveled back to The Deck and after speaking to Sylvie and Daniel for a little bit everybody went their own ways. The Dealer had gone back to whatever she was doing before. She didn’t even come back to The Deck with us. After telling everyone goodbye I walked over to the training ground and decided to try something.

I activated [Gravity Crush] at two times the gravity and I could feel myself sink down. I had to exert some strength in order to just stand up. When I walked one hundred steps it felt like I had walked a mile. I was greeted with a very welcome notification though.

Congratulations you had gained one strength!

I was ecstatic, my stat limit for level one is not limited at fifteen either. This was amazing! I decided to train for a while under the two times gravity. An hour or two later and my strength was at twenty five and I was able to stand in three times gravity without using very much effort at all. I still haven’t hit a bottleneck in stats yet. I decided to stop my training for the day and log off. I decided that before I headed to my room I wanted to check my stats.

Name: Scurra

Race: Human

Class: Ace of Spades Lvl. 1

Strength: 25

Vitality: 19

Dexterity: 10

Intelligence: 18

Wisdom: 10

Luck: 10

Endurance: 17




My Vitality and Endurance went up under the constant stress from the increased gravity. My Intelligence went up by three for some reason and I think it was because of how I used the skill to train my body. I was shocked to see that my luck had risen by two. I honestly don’t know how it happened, because I never got a notification for it.

I put the thought to the back of my mind and paid it no more attention. If it wasn’t anything negative why should I worry about it? Though, it would be nice to know how it happened. I went back to my room and lay down on the bed. I closed my eyes and then logged out of the game.


I opened my eyes to see the familiar roof of my room. I rolled over and saw that the side Karen slept on was empty and partially made. I got out of bed and put some boxers on before walking out of the room. I could hear Karen and Cindy giggling in the kitchen so I headed that way. When I stepped in the room and Karen saw me she stopped doing what she was doing and licked her lips.

Cindy saw Karen paused and then followed her view. When she saw me she dropped the pan in her hands and swallowed some saliva. She started to stammer, “Kira! Go puts some pants and a shirt on!” I could see her face turning very red and she was sneaking glances at me. I laughed and walked back to my room to take a shower.

*Cindy’s – POV*

When I saw him turn around and walk off I immediately regretted my decision. I watched his broad back go down the hallway and enter his room. I swallowed some saliva and then after a few minute I picked the pan up. Why did he have to get so handsome? It was hard to control myself beforehand and now it is even harder. I sighed and my thoughts were interrupted by Karen, “If you want, go join him in the shower. I am sure he wouldn’t mind.”

I looked at her in shock and turned red, “He wouldn’t want to do anything with someone my age. Also he thinks I slept with his dad and that would be weird for him.” Karen’s eyes widened a little, “You mean you were married to his father and didn’t sleep with him?” I shook my head, “No, he would never touch me. He mainly married me for my looks as a trophy wife and as a caretaker for Kira. It was after I divorced his father and Kira moved in with me that I started to like him. It is illegal for me to do anything with him anyways.”

Karen laughed, “That’s only if he says anything to anyone, which he wouldn’t if you didn’t want him to. Also there is also the possibility of emancipating him.” I stared at Karen, “I forgot about that, though I don’t know if it would make it legal even then.”

Karen shrugged her shoulders, “There is only one way to find out. You could go in there and try to join him. He will either reject you or pull you in himself. My money is on the latter. Even if emancipating him doesn’t work just don’t say anything until he is eighteen. No one will know as long as you do it at the house.” I stared at Karen for a few seconds before I looked at the direction of Kira’s room. There was a struggle between my heart and my brain right now and I didn’t know which one was going to win.


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