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*Somnium Venatus - Kira’s POV*

I stood across from Sylvie holding both swords in my hands at the ready. She hasn’t made a move yet, but I felt I was ready for when she would. She was just sitting there staring at me with her sword at her side. Neither one of us had said anything for a good five minutes, then she made her move. It was fast, almost too fast for me to even see. She arrived in front of me almost instantly. She swung her sword down at me from above, the jet black sword made a beautiful arc coming towards my head.

I was a little surprised, because it felt like she wasn’t going to stop her sword and may actually end up killing me with it. I focused on the sword and moved both of my swords and formed an X to block her swing. When her sword hit mine I could feel both of my arms go numb and the ground below me sunk in and rock flew in all directions. What the fuck is up with using this much strength!?

I glared at her and noticed that she had a blank expression on her face; it was like she had entered a trance or something. I tried to kick her away, but she nimbly jumped back out of my reach. She stood there with her sword hanging at her side. I decided to make my own move; I rushed towards her and swung my left sword at her. She blocked it beautifully and I slid the sword across hers causing sparks to fly. My right sword came around behind the left and hit her sword again. This time she grabbed her sword with both hands to block it.

I smiled at the fact that I made her use both hands, but my excitement was short lived. As soon as she grabbed her sword with both hands she seemed to change. I jumped back, but as soon as I landed she was in front of me again swinging her sword upwards from the bottom left. I blocked her sword with my left, but when I did it was actually pushed back and into my chest. I felt my own sword cut into my chest, from under my left pectoral muscle, reaching down to the bone. Luckily I had interrupted her swing and dispersed some of the power and I was only sent flying. Otherwise her swing would have probably cut me in half.

Why is this training so hellish? It’s almost not training anymore and it’s like a fight to the death. Going with that state of mind I became a lot more focused. I ignored the pain in my chest and held my swords up again. Holding the left sword up was a lot harder now because of my wound, but I could still hold it up. She came at me again, but this time I tried something that I had seen in a show on TV once before.

She ran towards me and I ran to meet her, when we were about five yards from each other I dropped down on my knees and slid a little to her left. I swung out with my left sword trying to hit her in the leg, but she parried my blade. I slid to a stop and got up, but in the process of getting up she had already appeared in front of me. I cursed at myself for trying such a flashy move.

She brought her sword down from above again, but this time there was a black light swinging down in an arc behind her sword. I cursed again and focused everything I had on dodging her swing. I managed to move enough to let her miss my head, but her sword hit my shoulder and went bit in about four inches. The ground beneath my feet shattered and a crater was formed from the dispersal of the left over energy. I screamed in pain, but I was greeted with some notifications that made me a little excited.

Due to your class of [Ace of Spades] and witnessing a skill for the first time, the passive skill [Skill Analyze] has awakened.


Congratulations! Due to [Skill Analyze] you have learned the skill [Dark Heaven Splitter] from the [Dark Paladin] class.


[Dark Heaven Splitter]: Dark Knights version of the [Paladin] class’s [Heaven Splitter].

Dark Heaven Splitter is an attack meant to split the heavens and bring the world into eternal darkness. Increases slash speed by two times and strength by two times during use.


I quickly looked over what the notifications said before Sylvie removed her sword from my shoulder. Blood spurted out and I got a little light headed. I was now bleeding heavily from two wounds and I probably wouldn’t be able to last much longer. I decided to try using the skill before I passed out from blood loss.

I ran towards her and swung the only sword I could use in an arc towards her head activating the skill at the same time. There was a black arc that came from my sword as it swung down at her head. There was a look of surprised in her eyes as her trance like state was broken. She yelled out, “What the fuck!?” as my sword connected with hers above her head. She sank into the ground about a foot and a crater just as deep formed. Thanks to the game my strength is far above what a normal human’s strength would be and with the effect of the skill it became double of that. My sword broke in half and I landed on top of Sylvie. I could feel my head resting on something soft and I couldn’t help but smile before I lost consciousness.

I came back to my senses some time later and found myself in a room lying in a bed. I sat up and could feel a throbbing sensation from my left shoulder. I looked at it and noticed that it was wrapped in a bandage all the way down to my left pectoral muscle. It was a bit painful to move my shoulder so I avoided doing it as much as I could. While I was examining myself I heard the door to the room open.

I looked up and saw Sylvie walking in with a drink in her hand. When she saw me she beamed a smile which I returned. She walked up to the bed and looked me up and down, “You feeling better?” I laughed and move my left arm a bit, “Aside from feeling like I just got hit by a car, yeah I am feeling better.” She laughed at my poor excuse of a joke and it was really pleasant to hear.

She laughed for a few more seconds before she all of a sudden got serious, “How exactly did you use the [Dark Heaven Splitter]? I rubbed the back of my head nervously and then proceeded to tell her about my passive skill and what it does. When she heard this she shook her head, “I knew you’re class could learn any three skills from any class, but I didn’t think it would be that easy for you.”

I let out a small laughed, “So I guess that means your class is a [Dark Paladin]?” She nodded her head, “Yes, my class is actually the second level of the class [Shadow Knight]. Most people believe that the two classes are inherently evil, but that really isn’t so. I chose the class because of the overwhelming power it offered.” She sighed, “I could go and pay to have my class changed if I wanted to, but I would have to start over again from scratch. I would be level one all over again and I wouldn’t have any skills. My experiences in battle and my physical body would stay the same so I wouldn’t lose any strength, but skills are a must have in order to be strong.”

I took this time to ask a question I had been wondering for a bit, “What ways can you raise your level and stats besides battle?” She raised an eyebrow at my question and responded, “Well it all depends on your class to be honest. Your stats will only rise if you train them. Leveling does nothing to your stats. In all honesty all a level does is show your proficiency in that class or your overall experience in battle. Basically someone who is a level fifty merchant could be beaten by a level 3 warrior. Even a level 39 warrior could be beaten by a level 5 warrior if they put enough training in.”

I was a little surprised at what she was saying, “So you are saying that a high level warrior may not be skilled and had just survived or experienced many battles?” She nodded her head, “Yes, if a warrior fights the same level five monster for a long period of time, probably years, they could even max their level out, but this alone won’t make them stronger.”

It was starting to make a little since now, in order to raise my stats I need to train and in order to raise my level I need to actually experience battle. Sylvie spoke out again, “Due to your class though you could raise your level by doing non-battle related stuff. Things such as cooking, bartering, dancing, and whatnot; leveling through battle is still the fastest way for any class that is related to fighting.”

I was kind of excited that I could raise my level by non-battle related stuff, but that honestly didn’t seem like it would be much fun to me. I decided that I would stick to fighting and training to advance in this game. It was at this time that a nurse came in and said she needed to change my bandages. Sylvie nodded and left the room leaving the nurse and I as the only ones in the room. She was in the process of changing my wraps and when I looked at how she was doing it I was greeted with another notification after a few seconds.

Congratulations! You have learned the general skill [First Aid].

[First Aid]: Passive skill that allows you craft bandages and other items to aid in wounds and ailments. Skill is usable in the field.


Just as I thought I learned a skill, but what does this “Skill is usable in the field” line mean? I decided I would ask Sylvie when she came back. The nurse finished, I thanked her and she nodded her head before leaving the room. Sylvie came back in the room with some food on a tray. As soon as I seen the food my stomach growled loudly drawing a laugh from both of us. She sat the tray on my lap and I ripped into the food that looked like pork chops and mash potatoes, it even tasted the same.

I finished the food and thanked Sylvie, who just smiled and didn’t say anything. I decided to ask her about the skill, “While you were gone I learned the [First Aid] skill from the nurse while she was changing my wraps. It said something about being able to use the skill in the field. What does that mean exactly?”

She answered quickly, “Some skills can’t be used except for at its respective item or in a specific area in general. An example would be the blacksmithing skill; you can use the skill in the field, but you have to have an anvil available in order to use it. Another example would be the skill for marrying somebody; you can only use this skill on holy ground. I was a little shocked, “You mean you can’t get married wherever you want and have to find someone with the skill?”

She shook her head, “That isn’t what I am saying; you can get married where you want, but you have to have the land blessed by a priest first. Being married by the skill and being married by law are two different things. A law marriage is only recognized by the planet you are on, but a skill based marriage is recognized anywhere in the universe.”

I nodded my head in understanding; so if I was to get the marrying skill then I could use it back on earth with Karen and I, then our marriage would be magically recognized by everybody in the Universe? This skill is actually a little overpowered if you ask me, I wonder if anyone can resist the skills acknowledgment effect? I threw the thought to the back of my head as soon as a man dressed in a doctor’s smock walked in.

He looked over at us and smiled before looking at the clipboard in his hands. After a few minutes of him poking and prodding me he said I could go and I would be fully healed in a few days. I expressed my thanks and then grabbed my shirt off the table. I couldn’t raise my arm very high because of the pain, so Sylvie helped me get my shirt on. I was a little red in the face which brought a laugh from her. I just ignored it and walked out the door and we left the base hospital.

A few days went by and I was shocked the entire time because I wasn’t logged out of the game. I wonder how different the time is in the game compared to earth. I was sitting on the bed in my room on the ship when I noticed that there was actually an option to log out on my status screen. I decided to do a test so I selected the log out button. I was greeted with darkness and the sound of my fan running at the end of my bed. I looked around and saw Karen sleeping peacefully with her arm draped over me. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead before looking at the clock. It was actually four in the morning. So after Karen and I finished our fun at midnight I got on the game and now it was four, which means that each day in the game is an hour on earth? I shook my head; talk about a major headache if my real body ever went to the planet the game started you on. Speaking of, I need to ask Sylvie more about the planet when I log back in and see her. I wonder what happens to my character when I am not logged on and I am in my real body for hours. Does that mean that days go by in the game when I am awake? I need to ask Karen when I can.

I kissed Karen on the forehead again and gave her boob a small squeeze, drawing a little moan from her. She didn’t wake up though so I proceeded to log back into the game. When I came to again I was in my bed on the ship. Now that I could tell what the time difference was I would be able to tell when I needed to log off or around the time I would be getting forced off. I had two or three more days of game time before I needed to get off. I left my room and walked out to the practice area. I started to run laps around the area. After a couple of hours of running I was greeted with a very welcome notification.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the endurance stat!

Endurance +5


I continued to run for another five hours, with a break here and there, until I got my endurance up to ten. It was pretty simple to my stats up, but it took quite a bit of time and effort. Basically through running I would get one endurance per hour, but that may change based on what my endurance is at. I may need to add weights or other things in order to add more at higher values.

I walked over to some gym equipment on one side of the practice area and proceeded to train my strength. It turned out that strength was raised in the manner as endurance. I had to lift my maximum amount of weigh possible for about an hour to get one strength point if I lowered the weight it would increase the time needed. I was happy that I got another two endurance points after five hours of lifting. When I checked my stats I was greeted with a surprise.

Name: Scurra

Race: Human

Class: Ace of Spades Lvl. 1

           Strength: 15 (+5)

Vitality: 15 (+5)

Dexterity: 10

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 10

Luck: 10 (+2)

Endurance: 12 (+12)




(AN: Number in ( ) is difference in the last time checked. Buffs by items and skills will be shown in [ ] when he gets them.)

I was shocked to see that my vitality had actually risen by five. I wonder how that happened? I tried to tap vitality to see if it would give me any information and to my surprise it actually did.

Vitality: Stat that determines how much damage you can handle before losing consciousness or dying. Having a high enough vitality can even allow you to fight even when you have lost a limb or been inflicted another heavy injury.


So basically the stat determines how much pain and damage I can handle. I clicked on Endurance next.

Endurance: Stat that determines how much stamina you have.


This was a pretty simple stat; I wonder why it wasn’t available from the start. I pushed the thought to the back of my head with a shrug and went back to my room for a shower. I showered off and when I went to walk out of my room I was greeted by Deuce. He was about to knock on my door when I opened it and nearly ran into him. He smiled, “Hey man, follow me. Daniel has a mission for us.” I was a little shocked at the fact that Daniel would send me on a mission so fast, but I didn’t say anything about it and just followed Deuce.

I asked Deuce a question while we are walking, “Why am I the One of Hearts? The last time I checked the one was actually taken by the Ace.” Deuce just shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know why the dealer decided to make a one card in each squad, but he did and we just go with it. The Dealer is the boss and nobody questions it, except for the Jokers. Those two alone have the authority to question and argue with The Dealer, but unfortunately they are both gone and the spots are vacant.”

I nodded my head and followed him to the bridge where I saw Sylvie and Daniel standing on different sides of a round table. Daniel stood on one side of the table and I stood opposite of him. Daniel started the meeting, “From this moment until I say we are to use code names understood?” We saluted and said yes sir. Daniel then continued speaking, “Good. Okay, One and Deuce your mission is to guard the son of an ambassador of a visiting planet. Basically you will be following him when he goes out of the palace and around town or wherever he wants to go. This mission will last for two days and the pay will be around fifty thousand galaxy credits a piece.

I was ecstatic, fifty thousand galaxy credits equals five million dollars back on earth and only for two days’ worth of work. Compared to the almost fifty million that I currently had it honestly wasn’t that much, but it was still quite a bit to me. King touched something on the table and a hologram displayed in the air above it. Sweet, I feel like I am in a sci-fi movie or something. I turned my attention to the hologram and listened to what King was saying.

Apparently the ambassador’s son was a bit of a troublemaker. He would visit brothels constantly on planets that he was visiting and he would sometimes even sleep with the wives of other men. There were a couple of accusations of him forcing himself on other women, but none of them went any further and the accuser had always seemed to disappear. I sighed in my heart; he is one of those types. Using his father’s money or money in general to do what he wants and get away with it.

I had to speak up and went asking for permission like the military, “Permission to speak freely sir?” King nodded his head and I continued, “If by chance those accusations were true and we witness him trying to do it again?” I was hoping that he wouldn’t tell me to just ignore it and do my job, but before he was about to speak Sylvie, who is the Ace of Hearts, spoke up, “You are to apprehend him and turn him in to the authorities.” I sighed and looked at the Ace and I saw a look of distain on her face. I guess she doesn’t like this type just as much as I do.

King didn’t say disagree with her and continued speaking, “If that does happen you will still get the money for protecting him even if you have to restrain him and turn him in to the authorities. If you catch him in the act you have permission to do as you see fit and that includes taking his life.” I was shocked at what king had just said, this was an ambassador’s son we are talking about here. Turning him in is one thing, but killing him?

Seeing my shock Ace spoke up, “The Dealer has made a rule that if we witness anyone or anything violating a woman against her will they are to be put down like a rabid animal. The Dealer has personally said that any retaliation will be taken care of by her and you will not be harmed in any way.” So that is why, and The Dealer is a girl?

Pushing the thought to the back of my head I listened as King continued the briefing, “You are to report to the palace in two hours and you will be staying there for the next forty-eight hours. Your mission will be completed two days from now if you have to turn him over to the authorities or kill him yourself.” It sounded simple enough so when he was finished we saluted and walked out of the bridge.

Deuce had to go and do something so he decided to meet me at the palace at the appointed time. I waved him off and proceeded to head to my room and pick up my gear. I walked in and grabbed Heaven and Hell, putting them in their holsters. I also stopped by the armory and grabbed two short swords and two sheaths to put them in on my back. I talked to
Fred for a few minutes before I left the armory. When I walked outside I ran into Sylvie on the way out.

She seemed surprised to see me and a little happy as well, if the wagging of her tail tells me anything. She smiled, “Hey, you have to pick up a weapon?” I nodded, “Yeah, I have my pistols for medium to long range, but I honestly needed something for short range. So I came to the armory and grabbed a couple of short swords to use. They are just basic short swords though since anything better would be wasted on me right now.”

She nodded her head and we talked for a little while longer before she went into the armory. I could hear her yelling at her dad before I even started to walk away. I was laughing my ass off at their comedy while I made my way to the garage to pick out a vehicle to take into town. I picked out a basic blacked out SUV that reminded me of a Ford Excursion back on earth. I searched for the palace on the GPS installed in the vehicle and then proceeded to leave the base headed towards my first mission.

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