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Karen kneeled down in front of me and gripped my cock gently, “Mmm, I think that this can get even bigger cant it?” As soon as she said this she started to stroke up and down slowly. Being the virgin that I am my mind was starting to melt a little just from this. I looked down at Karen who was staring up at me with a passionate look on her face. She beamed a beautiful smile at me and then moved her mouth towards my dick. Before my mind could really register what she was doing I could feel a warm moist feeling wrapping around my cock.

I groaned a little in pleasure just from the feeling. Karen started to move her head back and forth making lewd slurping noises as she went. I could feel my dick getting harder and Karen pulled her head back and gasped for breath, “Oh, see I knew it could get bigger.” I looked down at her again and she had this perverted and hungry look in her eyes. I smiled meekly at her and she grinned back before swallowing my dick again.

She continued her service for another minute of two before I could feel myself about to lose control. I cursed at the fact that I was a virgin and I couldn’t enjoy this any longer. Karen seemed to sense me tensing up because she let go of my dick again, “It’s okay babe, just let it all out.” I looked down at her and she smiled before continuing her service. Another couple of minutes went by and I couldn’t hold on anymore, “I’m about to…” I couldn’t really finish the sentence before Karen sped her head bobbing up and after another thirty seconds or so I finally released everything I had inside of her mouth.

Karen didn’t move her head she just kneeled there and swallowed everything I gave her. After she finished swallowing she released my dick from her mouth and proceeded to lick it clean. After doing that for a minute she stood up and looked me in the eye, “Mmm thanks for lunch babe, now let’s have some more fun.” I couldn’t reply before I found myself thrown down onto my bed and Karen sitting on top of my stomach.

She pushed my dick against my stomach and then sat on top of it letting her lower lips wrap around the sides. She smiled at me and started to move her hips back and forth stimulating the both of us even more. I watched her massive breasts bouncing slightly with every move she mad and I just couldn’t help myself. I reached up and grabbed both of them in my hands. They were big enough that they were spilling out between my fingers and around my hands.

When I grabbed ahold of them she let out a loud moan which stimulated me even more. I started to do what I had seen in a bunch of pornos and hentai videos. I rubbed, squeezed, and kneaded them into all sorts of different shapes; sometimes I would stop kneading and rub those pink buds on the tips of her breasts bringing out more moans from her. After a few minutes of this she stopped and then looked at me with a smile and some longing in her eyes, “I can’t wait anymore.”

I gulped a little, but it wasn’t out of fear or anything. I was freaking excited and had to swallow some saliva to keep it from coming out of my mouth. She took my silence as approval, which it absolutely fucking was, and lifted her hips up, guiding my dick to the entrance of her cave. I felt the tip enter into her cave a little bit and she moved her hand from my cock and slowly started to slide herself down. I met a bit of resistance and then there was none at all and Karen screamed out a little before sliding down all the way to the base and then lying on my chest.

She was breathing hard and convulsing a little causing me to worry a bit, “Are you okay Karen?” She looked up at me from my chest and smiled; she put a finger on my lips and nodded her head. Before I could say anything else she started to move her hips again. I could feel her warm and moist cave squeezing my dick like it wanted to eat it. I was groaning a little in pleasure and looked down to where we were connected, every time she lifted her hips up I could see my dick entering and being halfway pulled out, just continuing this over and over again. I could see a little bit of red liquid on my cock and I couldn’t help but widen my eyes in shock.

I looked up at Karen who had her back arched and was staring at the ceiling letting those glorious melons bounce up and down. She is a virgin just like me? I never really thought about it before now. Based on the blow job she gave me I thought she would have been experienced at all of this. Does this mean she really was grown in a lab and specifically for me? I could feel a sense of accomplishment for being her first man and I felt like I should do something to make this memorable for her.

I grabbed her by the hips and started to move in a piston motion just like I had seen in porn all those times before. Karen gasped and then looked down at me with a look of surprise and joy on her face. I smiled at her and started to get into a rhythm with my thrusts. Karen leaned forward and her breast hung down touching my chest. I remove one hand from her waist and grabbed one of her breasts moving it towards my mouth. I wrapped my mouth around the pink bud at the tip and started to suck, bringing more moans of pleasure from Karen’s mouth.

I was continuing my piston while sucking and nibbling on her nipples, alternating between the two breasts. Her cave started to contract even more around my dick making it a little bit harder to thrust, but I continued my motion and increased my speed just a bit. Karen leaned back to a sitting position and started to knead her own breast leaving me to trace my finger around her body, moving it along her skin in different places. I moved both of my hands to her plentiful ass and gripped it in my hands helping to force it down on my dick.

Karen finally arched her back and screamed out a moan in pleasure stopping her movements. I continued to thrust slowly allowing the pleasure to last as long as it could. She collapsed on my chest breathing raggedly, “That… was… amazing.” I smiled and then grabbed her chin, guiding her mouth to mine giving her a passionate kiss. She traced her tongue across my teeth begging for permission to enter, which I gladly granted. After a few minutes of kissing she lifted her hips allowing my dick to exit her cave.

She reached down and grabbed my still fully erect cock, “We can’t leave you like this though, now can we?” She smiled at me and then got on her hands and knees perking her butt up. Having seen enough hentais to know what this possible meant I got on my knees behind her. She rubbed her butt against my dick before reaching her hand underneath her to grab it. She guided the tip to the entrance of her cave again and I slowly inserted the tip. She arched her back a little and pulled her head up moaning in pleasure just from the tip.

I waited a few seconds and when she looked back at me with the small hearts in her eyes I thrust myself completely inside of her again. She arched her back again yelling out in pleasure, before she could get quite I started to move my piston again. Every thrust forward brought out a small moan of pleasure from her. I reached up and grabbed one of her breasts and started to knead it again. After a minute or two I pulled back on her bringing her back towards my chest.

She turned her head towards me and we locked our lips in a kiss. I still had one hand kneading her breast while the other was messaging the small bud above the entrance to her cave. She had her right arm wrapped around the back of my head while the other was resting on top of the hand kneading her breast. After a few more minutes of this I released her lips and breast, pushing her down on the bed. She had her ass raised and her head buried in the pillow, biting it slightly.

I continued my piston for a few more minutes before I could feel that loss of control coming at me again, “I can’t hold on anymore…” She lifted her head from the pillow, “Just let it all out dear, and remember what I said yesterday.” Hearing her say this and remembering what was said in the car I sped up my piston until I couldn’t hold it anymore. With one final thrust I released everything I had again inside of her.

She arched her back, “I can feel your hot stuff inside of me!” She screamed out in pleasure and had her back arched for a minute before collapsing on the bed.  I removed my finally limp dick from her pussy and fell down on the bed right beside her. She rolled over and faced me giving me the brightest smile I have ever seen, “Well that was fun wasn’t it babe?” She wrapped her arm around me pulling me closer. I smiled and laughed a little, “Fun doesn’t come anywhere close to what that was.” She smiled at me again and kissed me passionately.

We separated after a few minutes of making out giving me a chance to speak, “As much as I love kissing you babe, this may lead to something a little more if we don’t stop now. Not that I wouldn’t mind at all, but Cindy is probably waiting for us downstairs.” Karen looked down at my semi-hard cock and then back at me. She reached down and grasped it in her hands, “You’re right babe, even though I wouldn’t mind, it has been an hour and a half since she woke us up.”

I laughed and kissed her again before escaping from her clutches grabbing some clothes and then hopping in the shower. I have a bathroom connected to my room allowing me to go straight from my room to the shower without Cindy seeing me. After I got out of the shower Karen walked by, still naked, with some clothes in her hands. She kissed me and gripped the bulge in my pants quickly before hopping in the shower herself. She didn’t even shut the door, I could swear she was inviting me in, but we haven’t went out of the room ever since Cindy woke us up and I was worried she would come up to my room while we were in the act again. The thoughts of shower sex did cause a bit of a teepee in my pants though.

I put my socks and shoes on and told Karen I was going to the living room. She poked her head out of the shower and I could see the bubbles on one of her massive breasts covering up her nipple. She smiled and blew me a kiss before grabbing her tit and giving it a squeeze while biting her lip. I swallowed some saliva which drew a laugh from her before she poked her head back in the shower. This woman is going to get me in trouble one of these days.

I left the room, shutting the door behind me, and headed towards the living room. Cindy was sitting in her chair drinking some sweet tea while looking at a magazine. When I entered the room she looked at me and then her face turned red before she quickly hid her face behind the magazine. I stood at the entrance to the living room and couldn’t help but ask, “You heard didn’t you?” She glanced at me from around the magazine before hiding her face again and speaking around the magazine, “As loud as she was the whole neighborhood probably heard.” I rubbed the back of my head and was at a loss for what to say.

*Cindy’s POV*

I could hear every sound that she was yelling from the other side of the house. I could feel my face turn red a bit and a slight tug at my heart. I knew that they were going to do it, that’s why I stopped and got them the protection. I sighed a bit and put all the other thoughts to the back of my mind and poured me a glass of sweet tea and grabbed my favorite magazine. I sat down in my chair and read up on the latest trends in the automobile world. Yes I am a gear head so sue me; nothing says a lady can’t like cars.

The magazines are under Kira’s name because he likes cars too, but I end up reading them more than him. He mostly reads them once and then puts them in a pile with the rest. I was trying to read an article about a thousand horse power Toyota Supra, but I couldn’t really concentrate because she kept screaming in pleasure. After a bit of screaming it finally stopped and I could concentrate on the magazine again.

I heard Kira’s bedroom door open and close followed by some footsteps making it into the living room. I looked up from the magazine and saw a freshly showered Kira standing there looking at me. I felt my face immediately turn red and so I hid it behind the magazine. It was then that he spoke, “You heard didn’t you?” I peaked at him again before hiding my face and speaking, “As loud as she was the whole neighborhood probably heard.” I could hear him rub the back of his head from here and fidget uncomfortably.

I gathered myself before putting down the magazine and speaking, “It’s not that important thought, I knew that you newlyweds would do it soon enough so I will just have to get used to it.” Or join in I thought in my heart, but I didn’t say that out loud. I looked back at Kira and smiled a little before going back to my magazine.

*Kira’s POV*

After she finished speaking she went back to reading her magazine I sighed a little and walked over to the fridge pulling out a soda. I cracked the can open and took a drink, but when Karen walked out of the room and around the corner I nearly spit it out. She walked around the corner and she was dressed in a tight fitting tank black tank top that was barely holding in her breasts and she was wearing really tight fitting blue jeans that were showing off all of the curves in her legs. I swallowed the soda in my mouth a little loudly causing her to smile, “You like?” She twirled a little allowing me to get a view of her plumb butt and I couldn’t say anything so I just nodded my head.

She laughed a little and then got in the fridge to get herself a soda before sitting down on the couch. I shook my head and then walked over to sit down on the couch right next to her. She leaned over on me and grabbed my arm, snuggling her head against my shoulder. Cindy smiled before talking, “So what are your plans since you are skipping school today?” I thought about it for a minute and then a thought hit me, “Why don’t we go get my driver’s license then? I have had my learners permit since I turned fifteen and I turned sixteen a few weeks ago. The six month period of having my permit before getting the license was over three days ago so I should be able to take the test for my license.”

Cindy thought about something for a minute and then nodded her head, “Okay that sounds like a plan, let’s head to the DMV then.” We all got in the car, I drove while Cindy sat in the passenger seat and Karen in the back seat. Karen and Cindy where talking about some girl stuff while I was paying attention to the road in front of me. The closest DMV (AN: Department of Motor Vehicles for those who don’t know.) was about a forty five minute drive from my home town so they had some time to talk.

We made it to the DMV and were waiting for my turn to take the test. We were ticket number four hundred seventy-eight and they were on ticket three hundred ninety-four, so we were going to have to wait a while. Cindy walked down the street to some mall telling us to call her when it was getting close to my turn, leaving me and Karen alone to talk. Karen spoke up all of a sudden, “By the way since you own a gun in the game I thought you might be able to use this here.”

She pulled a card out of her purse and handed it to me. I took the card and looked at it making my eyes go wide when I read what it said. This card was a concealed carry license for the United States of America. I shouldn’t be able to get one of these until I am eighteen so how do I have one now? Karen seemed to sense my confusion because she spoke up, “Remember how I got the marriage license?” I nodded my head and she continued to speak, “Well getting one of those was just as easy. In the federal and state database you have are now able to carry a gun concealed or out in the open depending what state you are in.

I stared at her and then back at the license for a minute before looking back at her and speaking, “But I don’t have even have a gun.” She smiled a little and spoke again, “That is easy to fix, just say [Inventory Switch] and it will fix that problem. I scrunched my brows a bit before walking outside and doing what she said. I had to walk outside because the DMV is also inside of the Highway Patrol station and they wouldn’t take to kindly to me having a gun inside. As soon as the words left my mouth I felt a little bit of weight on my hips and a heavy weight on my back. Feeling the sniper rifle on my back I started to panic, but Karen came to my rescue, “Say [Inventory Switch: Pistols].” I did what she said and the sniper rifle disappeared and while the pistols stayed on my hips.

I looked at the pistols on my hips and noticed that they were Heaven and Hell that my character used in the game. I looked over at Karen and spoke again, “What the hell Karen?” She smiled and explained, “As a player you are able to used anything from the Inventory of you game character. You can say [Inventory Switch] and use the entire inventory or you can specify it like you did with the pistols. You can also say [Inventory Take] and be able to take something from your characters inventory, such as money and what not. You will have to specify with the take thought unlike the switch.”

I was a little dumfounded on how this could possibly work, but in a universe where there actually was magic and stuff I didn’t think about how for very long. I switched back over to my earth inventory and then we walked back into the DMV. We still had about thirty people before me, but I called Cindy and told her to go ahead and head back over. After thinking for a minute I decided to use the [Inventory Take] and pull whatever starter money my character had over to me.

I looked in my wallet and was shocked to find a credit card that I had never seen before. When checked it out the words on it read “Bank of Somnium Venatus” across the top and a card number on the bottom. Karen saw what I was holding and spoke up, “When you used the [Inventory Take] on the money that your character has the company that runs the game has set it to change into the easiest form to explain on your planet. In your case it is a credit card and the universal money that the game uses has been converted to American dollars in the accounted linked to the card. From now on any money that you earn in as your game character will be converted and able to use on earth as well, hand me your phone.”

I did as she asked and she messed with my phone for a bit before handing it back, “Here I downloaded the app that was created for you to use on your phone to access your account.” I looked and saw that I had a new app on my home screen, I clicked on the app and my account was brought up. When I saw the amount of money I had in the bank my eyes widened quite a bit in shock. According to the app I had over fifty million dollars in the bank. I showed it to Karen, “Is this accurate?”

She looked at the number and shook her head, “Yeah, when you were recruited into the Playing Cards you got a signing bonus of five thousand cluster credits. Every thousand cluster credits are equal to ten million American dollars.” What the hell is with this exchange rate!? Overnight I became a millionaire, this is freaking nuts! Before I could speak Karen spoke up again, “This card is recognized at any bank in the world and will look like it is connected to a Swiss bank account allowing you to withdraw cash from any bank when you need to.”

Sweet so that means that I can go pull some cash after this and buy a car. I smiled at Karen, but before I could speak Cindy walked in and my number was called. Cindy laughed and gave me the keys to the car; I followed the proctor out and got in the driver’s seat while he got in the passenger’s seat. I put on my seat belt and adjusted my mirrors, the proctor gave me some instructions and the test began. After it was all said and done we walked out of the DMV, I passed with flying colors by the way.

We travelled over to the nearest tag office and got my license printed, after that we headed to a restaurant to celebrate. The bill for the meal would have caused me to have a heart attack before, but with my new found wealth I just gave the waiter my card and he brought back the receipt for me to sign. Cindy looked at the card that I had and spoke, “When did you get a bank account and where did you get money?”

I froze for a minute, but once again Karen came to my rescue, “He set one up whenever we were meeting one day. I have a friend in who was a friend of my dad before he passed and he helped him set one up, as for the money I gave him some when we got married. I had quite a bit of money left over from the inheritance my parents left me and I had no use for it now that I was getting married so I gave it all to Kira.” Cindy seemed to think about something for a minute but she didn’t say anything else and we left the restaurant.

I got in the driver’s seat and drove across the town to the wealthiest bank they had. When I pulled up into the bank parking lot and parked the card Cindy spoke up, “What are we doing here?” I opened the door and when I was about to get out I answered her, “I need to pull some money so I can go and buy a car for myself.” Cindy was stunned; I laughed and got out of the car with Karen leaving Cindy to wait in the car. Cindy stared after me speaking something I barely heard, “Buying a car? How much money did she give him?”

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