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  I could feel the gazes burning into me from all of the male students in the class; even the teacher’s gaze was burning a hole in me. Oi aren’t you a little too old for her? I tried to ignore the glares as I semi-calmly looked at her and spoke, “I am fine, but better yet who are you to be calling me hunny?” Not that I really mind, she is smoking hot. She just kind of giggled while covering her mouth, god that is freaking cute.

After a split second of giggling, she answered from behind her mouth, "I am your wife silly, so of course I have the right to call you hunny.”

As soon as the words left her mouth it was silent enough to hear a pin drop, then everybody exclaimed, “What!?”

I was sitting there with a pale expression on my face while trying to not die from all of the death glares of the men in the room. I swore I could see a look of envy from my ex-crushes face. I quickly grabbed her by the hand and ran out of the classroom with her; against the teacher's wishes, I might add.

We ran down the hall a little bit before I stopped and spoke to her, "Okay seriously, who and the hell are you?"

She still had a bright smile on her face while speaking, "Doesn't my name tell you everything?"

I facepalmed and sighed deeply before speaking again, "Just because your last name is Anderson doesn’t mean I would immediately put two and two together to equal marriage! I figured that maybe you were some child Jim had with another woman or something. I never even thought of wife! We have never met for one and for two, I’m pretty sure I would know if I was married or not."

The enchanting smile never left her face while she answered me, “To start with, I am not from the loins of that bastard of a human. I am what you would call a lab-grown human, that was grown overnight, for you, by the developers of Somnium Venatus. I will be acting as a guide for you in the game and in real life from now on. The easiest way on earth to make it where I can stay with you at all times would be to make me your wife. I have been basically programmed to love you and treat you like a real wife would. From here on I will do whatever you ask of me no matter what."

I just stood there for a minute trying to let what she had just said soak in. What do you mean ‘everything no matter what’? A normal wife from earth wouldn’t act like that. She is basically saying she is a slave wife, but she actually loves me? Also, the developers of the game made her for me?! How did they get her here so fast and why? What is going on!?

It was quite a bit to comprehend, so it was quite a bit before I spoke to her again, “So you are saying that you are my wife now? At least according to the developers of the game? Why did they choose my character’s name as your first name?”

She nodded her head, “Yes, but I am also your legal wife on earth as well. The developers hacked into the United States systems and made me a citizen, while also legally binding me to you as your wife. As for my name, it has been shown to be easier for people to accept this if they have something linking the game to beings like me. Now if a characters name is off the wall and too odd for the planet that the player is from they choose something more acceptable. For example, if you would have made your character name as something like 69xXMilf-FuckerXx69 then the developers would have chosen a more normal sounding name for me like Karen, Stephanie, and etc. Of course, the system probably wouldn’t have let you pick a name like that anyways due to the developers wanting normal names that could be used in any society. ”

It's just one bomb after another, why is everything so conveniently laid out? I guess she could see my confusion at everything because she pulled out a piece of paper and showed it to me.

I was still spacing out so she spoke again, "See, this is an official marriage license issued by the State of Oklahoma."

I looked at it and sure enough, it had the state seal and everything, it even forged my signature along with the signature of some people I didn't know and even Cindy’s name as the witnesses! My mind was running a mile a minute with all kinds of thoughts. What was I going to tell Cindy? I don't really care if Jim finds out or not; for all I care he can roast in hell, but Cindy is going to have to know.

I sighed audibly causing Jōkā to look worried, “Are you okay dear?”

I nodded my head slowly, “Yeah I am fine. Honestly though having the same name as my character in the game is probably going to confuse me or the readers, either one is probably not good.”

She looked at me with a confused look on her face, “Readers?”

I waved my hand towards her, “It’s nothing, just ignore it.”

She just looked at me for a second before speaking again, “If the name is a problem we can change it.”

I looked at her for a second before speaking, “Wait we can?”

She nodded her head and spoke again, “Yes you just need to tell me what you want it to be changed to and we can go from there.”

I thought about it for a minute before I decided, "Okay how about Karen? Karen Anderson."

She thought about it for a second before smiling; she quickly pulled out a weird looking smartphone and made a call. I couldn't really understand what she was saying to the person or persons on the other side, but the call went very quickly before she hung up and turned back towards me, "Okay it is done, my name has been changed in the US's system and on the marriage license as well."

Sure enough, after she said it she held the license up and the name on it was listed "Karen Anderson". I looked back towards her, “What about the people who have been told your name already?”

She quickly nodded before making another phone call. A few minutes later she put her phone up, “All done. Everyone should now think that my name is Karen Anderson.”

I shook my head and tried to clear it so I could try and concentrate on school for the rest of the day. I really don’t know why I am taking this so well, but I guess it’s because I finally got a great body and a babe as a wife to boot.

I looked at Karen a second before speaking again, “I guess we should go back to class before they start to think weird things.”

She had this smirk on her face as she spoke, “Oh is that such a bad thing?”

Her tone was slightly seductive and it didn’t help the fact that she was leaning against me letting her massive hills wrap around my left arm. I gulped audibly and thought about things that could help me try and calm down.

After I had calmed down quite a bit I looked at her, still hanging on my arm, and briefly spoke, “No I never said that, but we do need to get back to class.”

She had this semi-mischievous and semi-pouting look on her face while she spoke, “Poo, fine if that is what you want we can go back to class.”

I smiled at her and being that she was my wife who also said she was programmed to truly love me I decided to kiss her. I leaned in for the kiss and part of me was expecting her to stop me or even flinch some, but she actually met me halfway. Hell, she was even the one who inserted her tongue first. We stood there exploring each other’s mouths for a good couple of minutes before we separated. Karen was breathing quickly with a red tint to her face. She smiled at me and I smiled back, but our little moment in heaven was interrupted by someone clearing their throat down the hall.

We both looked in the direction of the sound and saw that most of the classmates from our class were sticking their heads out the door, even the teacher was peeking out; it must have been him that cleared his throat.

I turned pale at the thought that they overheard what we were saying, but Karen whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, if anyone talks about the game on their home planet, to those who don’t play, they will only hear some weird language that no one knows. As for talking about it in the game I will tell you later or you will find out quickly enough.”

I was shocked at the information she whispered in my ear. I leaned closer and whispered back, “We will talk more about it after school.”

She smiled and nodded before giving me a quick peck on the lips; she then led me back to class. The students made their way back into the classroom when they saw us walking back; the teacher, on the other hand, met us in front of the door.

He looked at me and then looked at Karen before he spoke, "I don't know what game you two are playing as a couple, but please keep it out of school. No nonsense about being married and whatnot. You two are sophomores in high school, there is no way you could be married."

I didn't have time to speak before Karen spoke up, "It's not nonsense Harry, I have a marriage license right here that says it isn't."

Wait? His name is Harry? Doesn't that make his name Harry Cox? Oh my god, his parents must have hated him. I looked at him in sympathy while saying a few prayers for him.

His eyes widened a little at the license in front of him before he snatched it from Karen. After examining it closely, he gave it back to her before speaking, “That’s Mr. Cox to you and this is indeed a real marriage license authorized by the state."

He handed the license back to Karen. She smiled as she put the licnese away before speaking to Mr. Cox again, “In the state of Oklahoma two people at sixteen years of age or older can get married with parental or guardian consent.”

He sighed and shook his head before walking back in the classroom and we followed him back in. Karen and I sat back down in our seats; I was being glared at by every male in the room and Karen was being glared at by my ex-crush. She seriously needs to just leave us alone, though it may be fun to mess with her like she messed with me. I shook my head to free it from the evil thoughts. I may be a decisive person, but I don’t want to be an evil person. Sure I think I could kill someone if I had to, but I couldn’t do it just because I wanted to.

My thoughts were interrupted by Mr. Cox, “Well class, it appears that Miss Anderson is actually Mrs. Anderson. She is legally married, by the state, to Kira.”

This brought an uproar from all of the males along with some death glares directed towards me. I just ignored the glares; it wasn’t any different from the looks of disgust I got from before.

After the initial shock from the announcement, everything seemed to die down and Mr. Cox resumed the class. Karen and I went through the rest of the day pretty easy; it seemed as if the news of my new wife had already spread throughout the school. I was kind of happy that Karen and I had the same classes all day long. We were able to talk quite a bit about the game and other things. Apparently, I am and will be, the only human on earth playing Somnium Venatus. No human on earth will be able to access the game until I quit or die, in real life that is.

Dying in the game isn't permanent; my character will respawn after a twenty-four hour period goes by in the real world. The only penalty for death is that my character level drops. The amount that the level drops by depends on how high my characters level is in the first place.

Nothing really bad happens if I die at level 1; the only negative effect is that all of the accumulated experience I gained towards level two will be lost. According to Karen, the game is really just that. It is a game developed by a company on some planet in the universe. They find a person that is having a rough time on their respective world and download the game into their conciousness.

They then become a player, once they are a player whatever happens to their character's stats in the game is carried over to their physical body. Everything stats wise is carried over into real life.

She really couldn't tell me how this was done; she just simply shrugged her shoulders and said, "The mind is a powerful thing."

I couldn’t help but agree with her, supposedly the most that a normal human is able to utilize of their brain is ten percent, any more than that and they would probably become superhuman. Granted that is generally considered a myth. According to the myth humans should be able to compute as fast as a computer, if not faster. The possibilities for the brain are endless and it is basically one of the final frontiers for science in the universe according to Karen.

Well, to the humans on earth space is the final frontier. We still haven’t been able to travel to other planets within a few days, let alone actually move to one.

I shook my head at the information she was giving me concerning the game, but the information she told me about herself was a little bit easier to understand. She is basically a real human, just grown in a lab and has been stimulated in various ways to love me deeply. The company found certain ways for a companion to stay with the player in real life and in the game.

For Earth, they decided that making the player a wife or best friend, depending on if they were married or not, was the easiest way for them to stay close. When I am in the game Karen will be able to communicate with me via an Artificial Intelligence Implant that has been equipped on my character.

Concerning the part about what the game does to me in real life is where I became the most shocked though. As I said earlier, whatever has been done to my character's stats carry over to my physical body, but that isn’t the only thing. My skills are also carried over to the real world as well and I can access the status menu in real life too. I had to test that one out and sure enough when I tried to activate the status menu a little violet window popped up in my field of view. I quickly looked around in a panic to see if anyone noticed, but Karen giggled a little and told me that only she and I could see it.

When I asked her how to access the game she said that the only way was to be in a state of unconsciousness or semi-unconsciousness, such as sleep. I nodded my head at that because I was sleeping when I was in the game last time. The final bell for the day finally rang and everybody was quickly running out of the classroom so that they could go home. Most of the students were waiting on the bus while some went to the student parking lot to take their own vehicles. I sighed a bit in envy of the ones who could drive. I knew how to drive and even had my driver’s license, but Cindy and I couldn’t afford a car.

I couldn’t ask to use hers because she obviously needed it to get back and forth to work. So I was forced to walk back and forth between home and school. I was walking home along with Karen thinking about how I was going to tell Cindy about her.

I suddenly needed to think of an excuse real quick because I noticed Cindy coming down the road towards us. I silently cursed, “Shit.”

Karen looked at me and asked with a little concern, “Are you okay babe?”

I looked back at her and smiled before speaking, “Yeah physically I am fine, but mentally I am shitting a brick.”

I pointed at the car coming before continuing to speak, “That is my guardian and I am furiously trying to figure out a way to explain you to her.”

Karen had a serious and concerned look on her face as she slightly nodded. Really? No help then? I sighed deeply in my heart while I was trying to think of scenarios and excuses in my head.

Smoke was starting to pour out of my ears when Cindy finally pulled up to the curb next to us. She parked the car, which is a Pontiac GrandPrix by the way, and got out. She walked over towards Karen and I and put her hands on her hips in a semi-angry way.

She glared at me before speaking, “What is going on with you Kira? I got a phone call at work saying that you had made quite a few disturbances at school today? Why would you do that on your first day back!? You already don’t have any friends as it is; what is going on with you!?”

She started to raise her voice towards the end and I couldn’t say anything, I just stood there with a blank expression on my face.

Karen came to the timely rescue though and spoke to Cindy, "I am sorry, it is my fault that the disturbances were made." She slightly bowed towards Cindy causing her to be surprised at the apology.

Cindy slightly calmed down some before speaking to Karen, "Surely it can't be your fault? You're so pretty I am sure no one would mind if you were the one causing the disturbances. Also, please don't bow to me like that. By the way, may I ask; who are you?"

Shit here it is, I took a deep breath and was about to say the only excuse I could come up with, but I was interrupted by Karen, “My name is Karen Anderson and I am Kira’s wife, nice to meet you guardian-in-law.”

Cindy’s face turned paler than a vampire really quick before the color rushed back to her face. She showed a smile so enchanting that it was almost blinding. She let out a girly squeal before jumping up and down followed by a big hug for Karen.

Cindy was almost in tears as she spoke, “Finally! Kira got a friend and it’s even a literal girlfriend!”

I nearly hit the floor when the words left her mouth, seriously? That is her reaction to me having a wife that she had never met before?

Karen spoke again right after Cindy, “I am actually his legal wife guardian-in-law.”

Cindy’s happy expression never left her face as she waved her hand at that, “Call me Cindy, and there is no way you guys are married yet, you are still in high school.”

I would have left it at that, but Karen pulled out the marriage license. I face-palmed as Cindy quickly snatched the marriage license and examined it really carefully.

After a few minutes of careful examination, Cindy suddenly had a smile on her face, "This is great! Finally, my worries about whether Kira can get married are over! Thank god! That is such a load off my shoulders. You have no clue how happy this makes me!"

Cindy was literally beaming after she handed the license back. What!? Just like that? No ‘why is my signature on this’ or ‘I have never signed anything like this before’? Karen nudged me in the side and then winked at me before putting her attention back on Cindy. I sighed and figured I would find out later.

Karen’s smile was enough to make the devil melt; she was really an angel in disguise. I smiled back at her and then looked at Cindy who was still in her own little world of happiness. I cleared my throat a little causing her to snap back to reality.

She calmed herself before speaking again, “Well let’s go home shall we?”

I looked at Karen and seriously asked, “Oh yeah, where do you live at Karen.”

Karen just looked at me and smiled, “Well we are married so where do you think?”

I seriously thought about it for a minute causing Karen to face-palm this time.

Suddenly Cindy spoke up, “Of course she is going to live with us you retard!”

I looked at Cindy with wide eyes before blurting out, “What!?”

Cindy looked at me with a serious expression on her face, “She is your wife, and she will be living with us.”

stared at her for a second before asking, “Where is she going to sleep?”

Cindy looked at me and answered matter-of-factly, “Why, with you dummy.”

My mind was going to explode with all of the unrealistic things that were happening right now. I could accept the fact that I was able to play a game that affected my real body and that I even had a babe for a wife, but Cindy telling me that said wife was going to live with us and sleep with me as well? My brain was having a meltdown and I was starting to not be able to think coherent thoughts.

Luckily, Karen noticed my dilemma and came to my rescue, with a kiss. She walked over to me and grabbed my face giving me a passionate kiss. It brought me back to reality, but it was getting to the point I was going to have to walk hunched over, so we reluctantly parted.

Karen still stood there holding my face in her hands while speaking to me in a sweet voice, "Are you back with us dear?"

I didn't say anything, I just dumbly nodded my head. Cindy had a slightly red face and was trying to keep herself from laughing off to the side. When I looked back towards her she finally burst out laughing.

After laughing her ass off for a good minute or two she finally spoke again, "You should see your face, Kira! I swear you are about to turn into a puddle."

I just stood there and glared at her, my face still being held by Karen. After she had a short laugh again I finally decided it was time to go. Cindy got back into the driver's seat and I opened the door for Karen to let her in the back. After I shut her door I went to sit in the front seat, but Cindy locked the doors.

I glared at her through the glass and she just laughed and pointed towards the back seat. I sighed and then got in the back next to Karen. When I sat down she grabbed my arm and then leaned on me. She sighed softly with a content expression on her face. I sat there enjoying the feeling I was getting from my left arm.

I looked up at the rearview mirror and saw that Cindy had a massive smile on her face. She noticed my glare and she laughed; she started the car and put it in gear. We took off towards the house and after a few minutes, I noticed that we weren't actually headed home.

I looked at the rearview mirror and asked Karen where we were going. She just smiled and told me she had to buy something. I just shrugged my shoulders and looked at Karen, who happened to be sleeping peacefully on my arm, well that was quick. Cindy drove down the road for a little bit longer before finally pulling into the Wal-Mart parking lot. She looked back at us and then smiled before telling me she would be back.

After almost twenty minutes she came back to the car with a single bag. I was going to ask her what was in the bag, but she beat me to it by handing me the bag. I looked at her with a confused look on my face before asking her what was in the bag again.

She smiled mischievously while answering, "Oh nothing much really. Just something you will probably be needing in the future."

I was a little worried by her expression, but I put that in the back of my mind. I looked down at the bag in my hands, I really couldn't see what was in it clearly so I opened the top. What I saw in the bag made me freeze in my seat. Sitting in the Wal-Mart sack was a brand new box of brand name condoms. I looked at Cindy, who was laughing her ass off, and then I looked back at Karen sleeping peacefully on my arm. What the fuck going on in Cindy's head!?


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