The Wandering Inn

by pirateaba

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Magic Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

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An inn is a place to rest, a place to talk and share stories, or a place to find adventures, a starting ground for quests and legends.

In this world, at least. To Erin Solstice, an inn seems like a medieval relic from the past. But here she is, running from Goblins and trying to survive in a world full of monsters and magic. She’d be more excited about all of this if everything wasn’t trying to kill her.

But an inn is what she found, and so that’s what she becomes. An innkeeper who serves drinks to heroes and monsters–

Actually, mostly monsters. But it’s a living, right?

This is the story of the Wandering Inn.


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S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.1) ago
S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.2) ago
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Wistram Days (Pt. 3) ago
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Wistram Days (Pt. 5) ago
Wistram Days (Pt. 6) ago
Wistram Days (Pt. 7) ago
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S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.3) ago
S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.4) ago
S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.5) ago
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The Depthless Doctor ago
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Interlude – Flos ago
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Interlude – Niers ago
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Interlude – Bird ago
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5.54 (Non-Canon) ago
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Interlude – Krshia ago
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Interlude – Pebblesnatch and Garry ago
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Jesus it's long. But pretty great.

I've been reading this on the author's own site for a while, but when I saw it was here I felt like it deserved the review.  It's a long, solid story mostly following an earth transplantee who makes an odd occupational choice and proceeds to cause social upheaval everywhere by basically being friendly to everyone.  You won't find characters of game-breaking or godly power, or anyone meteorically growing in power or gaming the system.  You will find a surprising amount of fun and a generally feel-good story with a splash of action.

There are over a half-dozen other points of view that the story periodically picks up, which are often interesting.  They are the reason I only gave it a 4.5 on the style though - while I like most of the other character segments, it can distract from Erin's story and sometimes end up being huge detours for little significant advancement to the story.  I get worldbuilding and yes, some of them are incredibly interesting, but the increasingly obvious loss of Erin as the central character of the story has left it feeling a bit aimless sometimes.  When I was reading the back-chapters originally, I often skipped entire characters' side-stories in an attempt to make the story get to the point.  ... that said, I did eventually go back and read most of them - the characters are interesting and some of their events eventually tie back to the main story events.  If I understood so much of the story without going and reading the other characters, were they really necessary though?  Maybe theyshould be in a side-book, lined up one after another instead of randomly placed here and there through the main story?

With that said, I really don't have any other complaints.  The grammar is generally pretty solid and the author actively solicits corrections from readers.  The story itself is pretty interesting and coherent.  Rules of the world, once made, are stuck to pretty well, and there's clearly actual thought and planning going into everything.  As much as the side character interludes irritate me sometimes, the characters feel like fully developed people.  There aren't any issues with bland or similar characters.  Ant-people (Antinium) anyone?  There's some serious creativity and love that's gone into this world.

  • Overall Score

Perfect Story. 

I have no problem reading both the side story and main story.

The world buidling and the adventure is never dull.


  • Overall Score

I love this story! I just bought the volume 1from amazon and I ran through the book in between work and life in two days! The characters are relatable and engaging and I know I sound like a cliche but this novel blew me away. You always hope for the best when you start a story and I was not disappointed. I’ve only scratched the surface of the story of the humans from our world who were transported to a world not their own where fantasy collides with everyday life. The characters level based on who they are inside. Brilliant concept, just brilliant! Deceptively complex, easy to read, I’m in heaven. Thank you thank you for letting me read about your world. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

So good you can't drop it

Won't even get into an in-depth review here. I'll just post my emotional response to this story instead.

I used to hate this story, because of all the main characters getting killed here and there. Not just nameless side characters, but likeable characters who have screen time. Characters I find myself mourning and taking days to move on from. And not just once or twice either. There really should be a tragedy tag to warn readers. But even so, I find myself eagerly refreshing my browser on Tuesdays and Saturdays wanting to find out what happens next. And this also makes the story have impact. Because everything matters. 

Another thing that really used to annoy me is all the new transmigrated characters author keep adding. Erin is the best. And when chapter 1 got split with Ryoka, I hated her. And I hated every single new character added when they get added; the crazy clown, the combat medic, who met up with the Japanese couple, the blind emperor, and the twins. But now, I find myself wanting to read about all of them too. All of them are interesting. All of them are doing their own stuff. Just because Erin's doing crazy Erin stuff doesn't mean everyone else is just being idle. And seeing the PoVs of all these characters who don't even know each other, but who all hail from the same world, just gives life to the world of the WI. 

The Wandering Inn is AWESOME. My favorite web novel, of all the hundred plus novels I read. 


Would be nice though to have a transmigrated character who just want to watch the world burn. Batman's already in the story, why not add the Joker hehe. 



  • Overall Score

Your story improves noticeably. Almost two years and I would have thought that there was multiple authors involved. Breaks are cool if it leads to chapters like this one. Looking forward to the next one. 

  • Overall Score

More than a single story

The multiple Point of Views are diverse, and the timing of their additions all weave into a larger story that's more on a scale of an historical narrative than a biography, while allowing each of the major players the details of a biography.

The complexity that this allows is both deeply satisfying and, at times, approaching overload, which is rather appropriate considering the page content is on par with a book series working its way into the mid to late teens for releases.

  • Overall Score
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A story that exceeds what u expect

 Beautiful story,good caracters and a good indepth to them,good style of writing if u get used to it (kida slow moving with the story, but it is good for the story because details matter) and last an Author that loves his story , in my opinion this is the most important for a story,if the author himself does not like it how can others? i can not imagine the amount of work he put into it with the ch updating and how long they are. I want to recommend this story for everybody, it is a good read if u have spare time, u can realy get into the story if u try.

  • Overall Score

pure bliss! so addictive i almost lost my job

The Game of Thrones of web fictions! The social interactions of all these amazing characters! The amazing huge world! The intertwining or parallel plot lines. The unbelievably huge amount of words the author chucks out each month. The slow character progress that makes gives you hope this story will last until your children grew up! My absolute favourite on royal road. I recomend this story to anyone who has the time to read. A lot of time to read. The chapters of this story are humongous. 

Paul Bao H Ngo
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I have read many books avaiable on Royalroad, and this is by far the best in my humble opinion. There are joy, sadness, frustration, torment as you read about the many characters, each striving to survive in a strange world. There are times you will be frustrated, then sad, then happy to read about their struggles, and sometimes, you will almost feel like crying. There are too many moments to put into this post. You will have to read this, and binge read you will, that is all I can recommend in the strongest term : READ THIS!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Addictive and Satisfying

This was an enjoyable surprise.  I felt compelled to read the entire thing in less than the span of a week.  The characters are the high point, but the story interactions and general quality of the writing make it a fantastic read overall.