The Wandering Inn

by pirateaba

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Magic Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

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An inn is a place to rest, a place to talk and share stories, or a place to find adventures, a starting ground for quests and legends.

In this world, at least. To Erin Solstice, an inn seems like a medieval relic from the past. But here she is, running from Goblins and trying to survive in a world full of monsters and magic. She’d be more excited about all of this if everything wasn’t trying to kill her.

But an inn is what she found, and so that’s what she becomes. An innkeeper who serves drinks to heroes and monsters–

Actually, mostly monsters. But it’s a living, right?

This is the story of the Wandering Inn.


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My humble Opinion


if you like OP charakters, this is nothing for you

if you are impatient, this is nothing for you

if you get overwhelmed by multiple main characters and viewpoints, this is nothing for you

HOWEVER: if those points do not hold true, then this story is in my opinion THE best story on RR, and i have read pretty much every top ranking story on here.

so let me get to the pros:

So SOO many chapters, if you pick this up you will be able to read for quite a while, updates are twice a week, chapters are long and come like a clockwork

the writing style is gorgeous, basically no spelling/grammar mistakes, great descriptions, gripping action, fun dialogue, everything is there

the many many characters, it will take some getting used to, but they will grow on you. The point where i decided this fiction is the absolute best on RR was when a story about a goblin squad, introduced to give some background info about a war, got me to tear up despite only knowing the little guys for 3 chapters... the author got me to care enough about those little guys that the end of their sidestory was actually emotional. 

thats quality writing right there

so pick it up, let it grow on you, and you'll be as hyped as i am every saturday and tuesday when a new chapter comes out


because it's better than everything else here

if you get stories like orc lord with 5 star ratings, this is a solid 8/5 read.  Slow progression for straight litRPG fans who just want action on action on harem on leveling and skills and OP main characters, but this is a better read in that there is thought behind the story (like way in advance, e.g. you see the foreshadowing in previous chapters).  I would say this is a fantasy story first, litRPG second, but definitely combines the two very well. If you want some higher level reading but still want that litRPG dose, mixed with slice of life, look no further. The one story I still look forward to every week.

Fastforward to 5.62.  Jesus christ Aba you make me feel so many emotions during one sitting. I don't know how you do it.  Read this, I can't say much else.  It's a huge commitment to read, but hey, at least you have something to do for the next month.  


Favorite web serial of all time

My favorite story on RRL. Amazing writing, amazing plot, amazing story.  All of the side stories mesh well with the overall world, and add that much more flavor to the story as a whole.  This book is a work of art.


Great Story Crappy Character [Spoilers inside]

Reviewed at: S03 – Wistram Days (Pt. 2)

Before reading, I hope you also look at L's review. (The top one), This is kinda just what I feel is wrong about the main character. Most other things I agree with him.

First things first, my review is my opinion on this story and my review will contain major spoilers until 3rd volume.

I have read the first two volumes and am currently at the 3rd volume. I'm probably not gonna read it later. 

My first small gripe until like first 10 chapters was that why the wandering inn isn't wandering at all. 

I came here for mostly amazing adventures of a wandering inn with Erin Solstice the protaganist but yeah that didn't happen.

If you'd notice I gave character score a 1. We are supposed to see this world from the eyes of Erin majority of the time and trust me, it is going to get frustrating fast.

First I thought Erin was innocent, after a few chapters, I thought just a naive girl but a few more chapters later and she's absolutely stupid. 

We see that her inn is attacked by a goblin and she ends up fighting with a hobgoblin and kills it. Later, she is balling her eyes out and can't sleep because she murdered the goblin who was going to rape and kill her. That's fine by me. A little weird but I understand that's probably a kind person's view.

Later, she started treating them as people and took in Rags a goblin as a friend. She gave food, armor and a place to play chess, a game she is a master of (I honestly don't see how she can be except it's told to us and showed to us she is a master but I digress). The goblin starts levelling up and later on in the story destroys a whole city killing countless (hundereds really) people. When Erin hears the news, the only thing she thinks is, is Rags alright?

She talks so much about not differentiating between different species but gets a working skeleton for protection and work from a guy who ate at her place for free.

The skeleton is worth more than most types of workers obviously as we see but she is very annoyed at the mage because he doesn't "pay". Oh and, she was so 'cruel' to the skeleton (she made him work to the bone, get it?) that he ends up trying to make sure Erin dies.

Erin is told that the forest is dangerous by everyone around her and what does she say. Oh, I don't see it, so there's not much danger. Like literally, that's what she said. 

Basically, I was frustrated and wanted Erin to die within the first volume so that I don't have to see her perspective again but obviously Erin has godly amount of Plot Armor, so thick infact, I doubt any of her decision is going to be ever wrong.

Btw, her reasoning on why not to kill is, we can't judge people, that's for the god to decide. Seems pretty elegant, right? Put all the blame on the god and let everything be as it was. I say if you don't get to judge you don't get to protect either, why judge the killer? Let him do what he does. Anyway that might not be a good argument but did I mention that Erin is stupid?

I loved her for the first few chapters, finally a kind but understandable MC but nope, she has to go all the way in and doesn't need to reason.

There's another MC, that one star is for Ryoka Griffin but tbh I was liking her and still like her enough that I don't wish her to die. The only major gripe with her character is that it's stated she is smart and a lone wolf. I can only see the lone wolf part. Like in most cases, she makes the most stupid of mistakes and she obviously has anger issues but still a pretty believable mc if it wasn't stated that she is smart. 

You see she is only smart when it's needed for her to be smart, her decisions on the other hand, well.. she is practically a godsend if compared to Erin though so I don't mind.


My final words would be to give this story a try. It has so many positive reviews, I'm pretty sure most of you would like it. Just not a cup of tea for me.

Even when I'm not liking the characters, I still read two full volumes so I guess the story definitely deserves its 4.5 stars rating. The style is fine and it definitely has its share of 'nailbiting' endings. The grammar errors are far and few in between so that's my final score.

Read the story if not for enjoyment then just for inspiration because he the author definitely did something right that so many people are mesmerized.


I feel like this one is severely overrated. That's not to say it isn't good, it's a very solid story but a lot of people herald this as the best on RR and some kind of gold standard. The artistry in putting this book together is undisputed but the subject matter and characters in the book aren't likeable. 

Composition and structure doesn't help much, no matter how it is managed when the subject and characters are not likeable or entertaining. 

And that's the heart of the problems here. None of the characters are very loveable, and some are flawed to the point of me actively disliking them. Giving a character quirks or challenges to overcome is one thing, but making a character so self destructive and unlike able that they alienate everyone they know feels masochistic and pointless. 

all your lauded technique and style is pointless if you tell a story about terrible unlikable and selfish people doing annoying self destructive things... 

Some fiction gets criticized for having characters without flaws. All of the characters here though have a level of flaws that is so overpowering oppressive to their character development that it is actively detrimental to the story as a whole. 


Well, I pretty much support every review that gives this story at least 4.5 stars. This is one of those stories on RR that make this site worth it. Under all the garbage you can still find gems like this. It's not good in a way that it's fun enough to pass some time. No, this story is honestly good.

The best thing about the story is, in my opinion, the characters. The characters are fleshed out and even though they're all different, every single one is interesting. Something a lot of the stories on RR ignore is how a good cast of 'round' characters elevates a story from 'good' to 'excellent'. This coupled with a fun world with its own explained lore and an absence of clichés turns this into an addicting story. The fact that my own pet peeve of horrible grammar is absent is also welcome.

I hope the author will continue this story until it's finished and that gems like these will keep appearing on RR.


Bear with me, and read it, man.

I'd like to note, that I dislike the severe lack of negative comments on the novels here. It's like, you pick a novel and it's all fluff and balls rubbing/ The best, the very best of this site. ETC ETC. Well damn me, I hope this one will get seen, like at all.

First and foremost, despite the grim beginning, I am a big fan. It's one of a handful of stories, wich I look toward when checking Active-Only category. And it's quite frequently - considering the volume of each chapter - updated. So. If it's all awesome why the beginning? What's with the stars?


There's a big beef I've got to pick up with the author. I mean, it sounds pompous and arrogant, considering I'm but a simple-minded reader who get's all this awesome free... but man how does it grind my gears, especially lately... with how the story get's CRACKED. This is the story that equaled of story of Erin. Amazeball character, so likeable despite overlall naivety and sometimes amazingly annoying derp-traits. But. Big Bad But. For some time now, I have found, to my distress and distaste, Erin has been out. Of her novel. It was supposed to be a tale of this lovable inkeeper and her struggles, but for some time now, there's more and more of other characters. I barely stomach Ryouka, wich is a dumb bitch in my simple eyes, unlikable bastard. And she started as a chapter with a letter! A sign that it is a sidestory. But for some godonlyknowsthereason, the author begun pulling out chapters without letters that are all or mostly Ryouka! And it split even further! I have to  admit, Lyonette, as of the time of this review being written, came leagues of annoying little shit she started with. While GODDAMN RYOUKA is still arrogant, unlikable prick! Waste of space! Bah. There is interesting emperor guy, and some goblins and Toren... but the hell where it became a mishmash of everything but Erin?! Let me count it, really fast, not counting hidden Ryouka chapters. For last 27, 17 was about different ppl. Dislike.


Beautiful. And taking a break from it.

Reviewed at: 6.57

L Nimbus' top review of this pretty much hits the nail on the head on almost all points. It's amazing writing, a great story, characters that practically breathe, thorough world building without being exhaustive, all that jazz. Heck, I've even stopped reading it just like Nimbus has. Except for different reasons.

I personally think Pirate's willingness to kill off characters we've gotten to know and love with "meaningless" deaths paints a picture that all death is meaningless. That it should hurt, that we've been robbed of something, that the characters and people don't gain their meaning in death; they only gain meaning through living. And what amazing, beautiful, terrible lives they lead. Lives worth reading and falling in love with.

I'm taking a break from The Wandering Inn because there's just so much constantly put out. I feel the need to read every update. It became an obligation that I enjoyed, but not nearly as much as I should. I'm not going to drop it for good. And when I come back to it, I'm going to enjoy catching back up and seeing what tragedies and triumphs I've missed.


A hidden gem, I wish I found sooner.

I must admit that I was not expecting much from this story. I thought it to be another transported MC going from overly cliche situation to the next with carboard side characters. Boy was I wrong. The MC is likeable, the world building is solid and although it starts slow ( in my opinion ) it is all worth it. The side characters all have their own charm which makes the reading experience even more pleasant. I have nothing but gratitude for the author for the fast speed of release and the work that goes into every chapter. Keep up the good work.


Great novel but not for everyone.

Reviewed at: 1.15

For the vast majority of the time I was reading, I was in equal amounts of anticipation of when the story 'picks up' and for some progress in the Main Characters mentality to her current situation.  Unfortunately I found it extremely emmersion breaking with how Erin was written to be stubbornly stuck in Air-Head mode with no change dispite how dire her current situation was or even nearly almost dieing on a number of times.  While I do understand the author was building a gradual change in thinking towards what she'll become later on, it was very hard to agree with her completely... bland... reaction to nearly everything that had PROVED to be very dangerous.  Notable example being the goblins that nearly mobbed her to death only for her to walk past a group of them a couple of days later completely nonplussed.  At least she had a strong reaction after that but it was unfortunately an insane and jarring reaction to their deaths that stopped me dead in reading further.  The other bland reaction being her inability to think about her surroundings and her available assets such as exploring the inside and outside of her Inn for tools/beds/clothing, despite her constant awareness that she is lacking recouses while living inside a building that hasn't be explored thoroughly other than the kitchen.  With the constant lack of thinking about what is happening and was has occurred and will occure while struggling to survire this crisis she has been dumped into, I can confidently say that I did not enjoy my short stay in this novel up to now.