The Wandering Inn

by pirateaba

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Magic Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

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An inn is a place to rest, a place to talk and share stories, or a place to find adventures, a starting ground for quests and legends.

In this world, at least. To Erin Solstice, an inn seems like a medieval relic from the past. But here she is, running from Goblins and trying to survive in a world full of monsters and magic. She’d be more excited about all of this if everything wasn’t trying to kill her.

But an inn is what she found, and so that’s what she becomes. An innkeeper who serves drinks to heroes and monsters–

Actually, mostly monsters. But it’s a living, right?

This is the story of the Wandering Inn.


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One of the few stories on RRL that have captured and held my attention. Erin is my absolute favorite, because it is not very often that you come across a character so fucking genuine and lovable. Excuse my french, but I can't find a way to describe just how much I enjoy this without cursing, because cursing emphasizes. 

Ok, more in depth now. 

The story mainly follows two female characters, nothing too exciting, however, the author doesn't fall into the trap that the Allegiant or Hunger Game authors fell into, which is making the story about having a female lead. Erin and Ryoka are not the main characters because they're female, they are the main characters because they're the main characters, they both just happen to be girls. And I really appreciate that. 

The plot itself is also good. There's obviously something going on in the background with all the summonings and whatnot, but it doesn't run to fast. The story's turning into an undertaking of grand proportions, without forcing the speed of the story. It's continuing at a pleasant pace, and I find myself satisfied with what I've recieved every chapter. 

There aren't any glaring issues with The Wandering Inn. Certainly it won't be everyone's cup of tea, and I almost dropped it when they delved into the ruins because what happened to the Horns pissed me off, but I'm glad I didn't and I'm glad that it returned to its relatively light tone afterwards. (The only reason I wanted to drop it was because I was afraid the author would continue on the dark train of SO MANY other stories on this site.)

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Bear with me, and read it, man.

I'd like to note, that I dislike the severe lack of negative comments on the novels here. It's like, you pick a novel and it's all fluff and balls rubbing/ The best, the very best of this site. ETC ETC. Well damn me, I hope this one will get seen, like at all.

First and foremost, despite the grim beginning, I am a big fan. It's one of a handful of stories, wich I look toward when checking Active-Only category. And it's quite frequently - considering the volume of each chapter - updated. So. If it's all awesome why the beginning? What's with the stars?


There's a big beef I've got to pick up with the author. I mean, it sounds pompous and arrogant, considering I'm but a simple-minded reader who get's all this awesome free... but man how does it grind my gears, especially lately... with how the story get's CRACKED. This is the story that equaled of story of Erin. Amazeball character, so likeable despite overlall naivety and sometimes amazingly annoying derp-traits. But. Big Bad But. For some time now, I have found, to my distress and distaste, Erin has been out. Of her novel. It was supposed to be a tale of this lovable inkeeper and her struggles, but for some time now, there's more and more of other characters. I barely stomach Ryouka, wich is a dumb bitch in my simple eyes, unlikable bastard. And she started as a chapter with a letter! A sign that it is a sidestory. But for some godonlyknowsthereason, the author begun pulling out chapters without letters that are all or mostly Ryouka! And it split even further! I have to  admit, Lyonette, as of the time of this review being written, came leagues of annoying little shit she started with. While GODDAMN RYOUKA is still arrogant, unlikable prick! Waste of space! Bah. There is interesting emperor guy, and some goblins and Toren... but the hell where it became a mishmash of everything but Erin?! Let me count it, really fast, not counting hidden Ryouka chapters. For last 27, 17 was about different ppl. Dislike.

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If It's Erin Chapter, It's Good

There's two high note of this novel: first, the world is huge. There are many characters who simulataneously affect each other. And two, each character, especially MC, approach their problems in their own fashion, without any guarantee whether their action will positively improve their situation. I think this organic approach is refreshing.

But of course, annoyingly, author keep adding stuffs that dilute this experience.

For one, we can only care for so many characters. Erin is amusing, she's the flesh and bone of this novel. But Ryoka as POV character, we tolerate her at best. But at least, she offers a balancing ingredient against naivety, easy-going, and stupidity of our main. Rags chapters, however, are unnecessary detail. Toren chapters only good once; his very first one. Same for King Flos. Lyonette chapters are bleh. Mrsha chapter are bleh. Laken chapters, while tiny bit amusing, is also bleh. 

You see, you first need to make them interesting to the readers before expanding their story. Please do not introduce characters only to dramatise their future encounter with the main. This is what I feel about Laken, Geneva, or even Niers chapters. And mystery can add so much value; readers imagination fill the spot you left unexplored. The Klbkch POV early on is amazing, and I am so glad you only sparringly provide his POV later on. Or Magnolia almost never. You made us aware they work in the background, and as the result, when they finally cross with our main, their impact is enormous. That's why, Wistram chapters is utterly unnecessary!

Other, satisfaction is rarely granted to us while rage is dime-a-dozen. Take Persua as example, she despise Ryoka (when she take POV), constantly insult her (us), and phisically hurt her (us). Multiple times! And what you give us? She's protected by other runners, get away with her crime, and you even blessed her with great luck. I mean, come on, you create character for us to hate but you never give her justice she deserve! If we want unfairness, we already got them IRL. Unfairness in work of fiction is boring at best and infuriating at other times. You need to provide a pay off for our rage, a big one. Else, this part of story is only a source of frustration.

Here, I don't encourage you to transform your work into a simple entertainment which cater to the lowest denomination -- that would be boring and I'd hate that. But to remind you that your story should remain an entertainment, a path to catharsis if you will. Patchwork of POVs that either non essential or retell the same plot point is hardly entertaining. And we may abandon our hope for catharsis if suffering is neverending.

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Not so "Wandering inn" as you would expect

I hate and love this novel at the same time.

What you should expect in this novel:

  • Lots and lots of chess
  • Agonising first chapters
  • Very slow progress. In 3 book, there are so many new points of view, from all the characters(~10), that story begins to slow even more.
  • A whole long chapter about periods
  • Logic? - Umm... Is it tasty?
  • Some sort of action/tragedy/combat almost every chapter
  • Amazing side characters - they all have their interests, secrets and stories
  • Tragedy and gore
  • Long chapters
  • While novel has LitRPG tag, leveling system is not very interesting and there is not much in main characters progress with levels or skills
  • Main characters with tick plot armour - they have no skills or abilities to survive, but they magically do in a world where even a fly can explode while making stupid mistakes
  • ... and they doesn't even try to learn survival classes/skills after almost dying every few days

In this novel there are two main female protagonists.

Erin - a silly girl who is super chatty and is genius in chess. She ignores all dangers and forgets most important things just after hearing them...

Ryoka - half Japanese genius girl. She is angry at almost everyone and everything except her IPhone and barefoot running. And she has berserk mode. But in second book she seems to be improving.


While I hate main characters, this novels is amazing in its side characters and their interactions between themselves and main characters. Also author likes to place characters from one mess, straight to another, so its quite entertaining.

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This is definetly one of the gems of RRL. The early chapters might be a bit slow or not that amazing (still good) but i picks up after a short time. Good charakters with development, cool world and an interesting and highly captivating story. I can just recommend everyone who takes a look at this review to read it. And i can only take of my hat off to the Author and thank him for sharing his/her story with us.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

The brightest Sunday I’ve ever seen. I may be blind.

*scratches title into the wandering inn guestbook*

The Wandering Inn is a fantastic inversion of the typical "Summoned Hero" trope. The summoned girl is no hero, she barely survives her first day in the new world. Rather than adventuring or becoming stronger, she finds a burned out village and claims the ruins of an inn as her new home. And the seeds of a great story begin from there. 

The primary weakness of the wandering inn is that the plot might advance a tad too slowly. The author's committment to creating a real world aside, the plot is strong and the characters are multi-dimensional. I even learned to love a weird-alien-ant-thing.

  • Overall Score
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One of the best web serials I have read

This has to be one of the better web serials I have ever read - in fact, i created an account just to review it! I would compare it in quality to Drew Hayes's "Super Powereds" series although it is in a completely different genre.

This is a character driven story, with very believable characters that you come to love and care about - you never really feel frustrated with the MC's decisions as they seem to be logical and reasonable within the world she finds herself in, which I find to be a big plus - too often I find myself brought out of my immersion by choices which seem to be more of a plot device than what the character would naturally do, but in this story there are few, if any, time like these .

Currently the serial is being regurlarly updated (I don't think a deadline has been missed), on a Tuesday (Wednesday) and Saturday (Sunday), with occasional bonus chapters on a Thursday, so if you are a story addict like me and want to get your fix, this is a good story for you.

I really hope the writer achieves there goal of full time writing so that I may consume more of their content

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This should brighten up your day/week/month/year.

This novel made me write a review. After reading a web novel up to the latest update, I stumbled upon THIS, looking for a "side" novel as to say, to keep me busy while waiting for that novel's next update. Well, now I'm reading that other novel to keep me busy while waiting for The Wandering Inn's next update.

For me, the characters are the best part of this novel, not that I'm saying that the story's not good. The story is one of the best when it comes to the "Transported to another world genre". Hell it's one of the BEST novel I've read regardless of genre. When it comes to style and grammar I can't find that much fault. There are few to none spelling and grammar errors but as far as I (not that I'm much of a professional) can tell all of them are minor, like writing to instead of too.

The Wandering Inn is like a breath of fresh air after reading heavy stories. I'm not saying that this novel don't have it's share of conflicts and climaxes. There are times that the author would make you feel emotional but it's written in a way that you'll be able to emphatize with the characters. As I said, the character is the strongest point of this novel. I won't say that the MC is one of the best female MCs ever, The MC is one of the best MCs ever regarless of gender.

The point is if you're waiting for the author to make more chapters before reading, I'd say you should start reading now. A story this good, I won't be surprised if it becomes published.

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Literally among the top 5 stories I have ever read.

This is a story about a normal (with a couple of eccentricities) girl who got teleported into an rpg type fantasy world with a focus of building a normal life in a world you don't know and terrible things happening all the time.
One of the problems this genre normally faces is the fact, that the main character seems to be special and somehow manages to beat the System and overcome challenges that he really shouldn't be able to. This isn't the case in this story, or if it is, the author hides it really well.

The Strong suit of this story are the amazing characters and their interactions, everybody has their own unique quirks and interests, and the relations between characters seem pretty complex, in comparison to the stereotypical "Heroes Group".
Overall amazing storytelling.

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I really, really like this story. 'A Wandering Inn' has everything: A great concept, as fulfilling an NPC's role in an RPG is fascinating when done properly; a well-developed story, no 'and then life was like a game *waves hands*', you really get the feeling Pirateaba has everything planned out far in advance and foreshadowed; Wonderful characters, no shallow 2D min-maxers that exist only to hit things, cast 'fireball' or hate orcs, and interpersonal politics is backed up with a rich history of interspecies relations; a brilliant system that feels consistent and understandable, yet can still surprise you from time-to-time without it feeling like an ass-pull; and best of all, that magical spark of 'what-if?', the part that holds your interest, makes you dwell on the world and hypothetical scenarios without feeling that it isn't detailed enough to answer your questions - there's mystery, but not at the cost of interest.


This is the first story to make me get on Patreon, and I can't recommend it enough. Admittedly, the author's lightning-fast update rate means there's the occasional typo, but corrections are accepted and it's worth it besides. There's a real feeling of growth, from the first chapters to today, and every advancement feels earned and valuable. There's an...Oh, just read it! :)