What Is It Like To Be Eternal? (Completed)

by CorpseDead

Original COMPLETED Adventure Fantasy Psychological Romance Female Lead Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Reincarnation Slice of Life Strong Lead Supernatural Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Actual Word Count: 683 925 Words and 2487 pages.

Under edition. Chapter 36-44 must be edited. Read the red text below to learn more.


Have you ever thought about what is it like to be Eternal? What does being Eternal even mean? Maybe I can show you what it is that you are desiring. What lies at the center of the universe, when you reach the peak of strength and power? Can love reach that place too, or do you lose your feelings the stronger you get?

How long can you travel and hold onto yourself, before feeling that you are starting to fall apart, losing your mind to your strength? How long is your road? Your feelings? What's going to win over you? The Darkness and the Hate? The Love and the Light? Or maybe none? Follow me as I show you my colorful yet gray path to eternity.

My Discord server: https://discord.gg/XMSzDPH

Special thanks to my editors. Azorath1234 (70-99th chapter), BlackStarLine and Kaentyr from the 100th chapter.

9th Chapter - Bonding Through the Night
38th Chapter - The Way of Cultivation is a Way of Life
54th Chapter - The Universe Is Ever Changing and Evolving
69th Chapter - Beyond the bond [Inheritance]
83rd Chapter - What I call Art!
88th Chapter - What Does It Take To Kill?
93rd Chapter - Chasing Rainbows [Loop?]
108th Chapter - The Fall of a Creator?
109th Chapter - A Family [Descendant]
119th Chapter - What Is It Like To Be Eternal?

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EDIT: The novel is in rework. The original and the new ones are completely different. Where you see [Edited] it means that I'm done with editing the STORY! Whereas where you don't see it, it's in the old style. For now, I'm editing only the style. Once I'm done with every chapter, I'll run through it once again and correct possible grammatical mistakes. The style will be edited until the 45th chapter.

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Darkness dwells in us.

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4th Anniversary
Word Count (18)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
ForeWord [Edited] ago
Prologue - Some thoughts~ [Edit] ago
Chapter 1 - Birth (First Level) [Edited] ago
Chapter 2 - Our first bloody battle [Edited] ago
Info 1.1 - Powers, Life, Ascension etc. [Edited] ago
Chapter 3 - Getting a boyfriend [Edited] ago
Chapter 4 - Unexpected Welcoming (Second Level) [Edited] ago
Chapter 5 - (Hidden title, it's at the bottom) [Edited] ago
Chapter 6 - Shao family's hospitality [Edited] ago
Chapter 7 - History of Droney [Edited] ago
Chapter 8 - Crafting [Edited] ago
Chapter 9 - Bonding through the night (Contains 18+) [Edited] ago
Chapter 10 - Aftermath [Edited] ago
Chapter 11 - The other side of one and half a year [Edited] ago
Chapter 12 - Melancholic thoughts [Edited] ago
Chapter 13 - Can you believe? [Edited] ago
Chapter 13.5 - Bestial love (18+) [Edited] ago
Chapter 14 - Traveling to another sector [Edited] ago
Chapter 15 - Dungeon Diving [Edited] ago
Chapter 16 - Moving downward [Edited] ago
Chapter 17 - What is beyond the end? [Edited] ago
Chapter 17.5 - Being rewarded by a beauty (18+) [Edited] ago
Chapter 18 - Treasures and the Domain Space Realm (Third Level) [Edited] ago
Chapter 19 - The power of a dragon! [Edited] ago
Chapter 20 - The Guild and intelligent food [Edited] ago
Info 1.2. - Strength, Abilities, Domain, Characters, Enchantments, Runes... [Edited] ago
Chapter 21 - Assassination and collection [Edited] ago
Chapter 22 - Acquiring materials and building [Edited] ago
Chapter 23 - Chasing [Edited] ago
Chapter 24 - What is the Solution? [Edited] ago
Chapter 24.5 - Honeymoon (18+) [Edited] ago
Chapter 25 - Calm before the storm? (Part one) [Edited] ago
Chapter 26 - Calm before the storm? (Part 2) [Edited] ago
Chapter 27 - What is it like to be Over Powered? [Edited] ago
Chapter 28 - Knocking on the door [Edited] ago
Chapter 29 - Miss Alice the Dragon Teacher [Edited] ago
Chapter 30 - Morburn[Edited] ago
Chapter 31 - Ravel [Edited] ago
Info 1.3 + Added time counting! ago
Chapter 32 - We went the wrong way [Edited] ago
Chapter 33 - A broken dream[Edited] ago
Chapter 34 - Vertshadow [Edited] ago
Chapter 35 - Ascension (Fourth level) [Edited] ago
Chapter 36 - Getting new weapons! ago
Chapter 36.5 Side Dish 4.0 (18+) Renewed style with minor changes. ago
Chapter 37 - Silverleaf School (Time of opness :D) ago
Chapter 38 - The way of cultivation is a way of life! ago
Chapter 39 - Score System and fighting in the arena! ago
Chapter 40 - Hunting for scores and being famous? ago
Chapter 41 - Becoming Faction Leaders ago
Chapter 42 - Overgrowing faction and a lot of patting ago
Chapter 43 - A new journey ago
Chapter 44 - The Maze ago
Chapter 45 - Evil plan (Start of new style, with more living conversations...) ago
Chapter 46 - Pay with your life ago
Chapter 46.5 - Side Dish 5.0 (Satisfying our lust) (18+) ago
Chapter 47 - A Strange Egg ago
Chapter 48 - Completing Quests ago
Chapter 49 - The Beginning of the championship ago
Chapter 50 - Getting Bored ago
Chapter 51 - Releasing our feelings ago
Chapter 52 - Hosting an auction... or what ago
Chapter 53 - Meeting once again ago
Chapter 54 - The Universe Is Ever Changing And Evolving ago
Chapter 55 - Naked Heart ago
Chapter 56 - A gaping dark pit! ago
Chapter 57 - Seeing something... rare! ago
Chapter 58 - Creating our own world! (Fifth level) ago
Chapter 58.5 - I was caught in action (18+) ago
Chapter 59 - Changing Travel ago
Chapter 60 - A new sector!? We must check it out! ago
Chapter 61 - Finding symbiotic pieces of equipment! ago
Chapter 62 - Legendary Symbiont! ago
Chapter 63 - Visiting the Abyss! ago
Chapter 64 - The Fall ago
Chapter 65 - Finding and visiting the Earth! ago
Chapter 66 - News and the start of our school life? ago
Chapter 67 - Chasing the monsters ago
Chapter 68 - The Abyss Panther is hatching ago
Chapter 69 - Beyond the Bond [Inheritance] ago
Chapter 70 - The Anchor among the Universes ago
Chapter 70.1 - What Is It Like To Find Your Other Half? ago
Chapter 70.5 - Under the Blanket (18+) ago
Chapter 71 - The age of gods has returned ago
Chapter 72 - Return and spreading belief ago
Chapter 72.1 - Getting Together ago
Chapter 73 - The Dark Flow ago
Chapter 74 - When Your Heart Stops Beating (Contains 18+) ago
Chapter 75 - Soul Eater ago
Chapter 76 - Reunion and Chocolate for the Dragon ago
Chapter 76.5 - Deflowering the Masochist Narihi (18+) ago
Chapter 77 - The Wrath of True Divine Beasts ago
Chapter 78 - The Earthlings' Game ago
Chapter 79 - Champion and Adventure ago
Chapter 79.1 - What's happening to our World?! ago
Chapter 80 - The Blood River ago
Chapter 81 - Dead Men Tell No Tales ago
Chapter 82 - Standstill Break ago
Chapter 83 - True Strength ago
Chapter 84 - The Law of Belief ago
Chapter 85 - Conspiracy ago
Chapter 85.5 - Pouring Chocolate on a Naked Apron (18+) ago
Chapter 86 - Blood is Our Bond ago
Chapter 87 - Surprise ago
Chapter 88 - What Does It Take To Kill? ago
Chapter 89 - A side effect of Soul Eater? ago
Chapter 90 - Primo ago
Chapter 91 - The Truth Behind Gaia ago
Important before reading the next chapter! ago
Chapter 92 - An RPG world? A legendary creature? ago
Chapter 93 - Chasing Rainbows [Loop?] ago
Chapter 94 - Ordeal ago
Chapter 95 - Crazy Lust or Despair? ago
Chapter 96 - Can you make your dreams come true? ago
Chapter 96.5 - On the Beach (18+) ago
Chapter 97 - Our World is a Love Nest ago
Chapter 98 - Showing One's True Self ago
Chapter 99 - Finding Love ago
Chapter 100 - Love isn't found... It is born ago
Chapter 101 - A Trouble or A Blessing? ago
Chapter 101.5 - Bonding with Rose ago
Chapter 102 - The Foundation ago
Chapter 103 - Tides and Conceiving ago
Chapter 104 - The Second level of the Abyss ago
Chapter 105 - A Cure? ago
Chapter 106 - Birth ago
Chapter 106.5 - Procreation ago
Chapter 107 - First Steps ago
Chapter 108 - The Fall of a Creator? ago
Chapter 109 - A family [Descendant] ago
Chapter 110 - ~Princess Aurora~ ago
Chapter 111 - Dropping By ago
Chapter 112 - A Small Measure of Peace ago
Chapter 113 - The First of My Kind ago
Chapter 114 - Y-Young Masters *twitch* ago
Chapter 114.5 - Morningwood ago
Chapter 115 - Birthday ago
Chapter 116 - The Last Straw ago
Chapter 117 - Rolling Tumbleweed ago
Chapter 118 - Creators ago
Epilog - What Is It Like To Be Eternal? [Final Destination] + Afterword and Continuation ago
A side project (Link here) ago

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One of the best or worst stories you will ever read (Depending on preferences)

Just to clarify what i mean by the title: I imagine for a lot of people their impression of this novel will heavily depend on how much they like/hate the following things:

- (very) op main characters

- main characters are essentially the same person (will get to that)

- a lot of people get brutally "murdered" (fun times)

- the world changes heavily with every new realm they experience

- this novel escalates really quickly (reeeeeeaalllly realllly)

- the 18+ scenes are very intense


I would have given this story a straight 4.5 or 5/5 stars if it would be from just the pure fun i had with it, however it is not really without fault, so i have to restrain my fanboy behaviour somewhat.




TL;DR: Characters are straightforward without being boring. Character developement is somewhat secondary, but is not strictly necessary. Most side characters change often, but the more permanent ones often great. Main characters are op af and have a great relationship.


The characters in this novel are somewhat hard to describe, without giving a false impression so please read this entire section. Most of them are, while not being 100% tropes, very straight forward. They do not have that much mystery to them and act on a few very obvious principles. This does not mean, that they do not act like real people, but rather that most act a bit predictable.

This however is entirely (or seems to me) intentional, as there are a lot of them and they frequently change. It also seems to be in line with how this universe is. By this i mean, that this universe is survival of the fittest, which would naturally result in more straightforward characters driven by a select set of motivations.

Now that is not to say that there is no character developement, although it seems fair to say that there is not that much of it happening either. Which brings us to the main and some of the more permanent side characters.

The main characters (!mild spoiler for first few chapters!) share a mind for all intents and purposes. This means, that they quickly develop a very similar personality (or already have it from the beginning). After a while they are basically the same person and only change a bit in the later chapters. This means you can often predict what they are going to do. However their clear motivation and their relationship are also what makes them so great. I for one like them very much and love, that they each bring their style and neither of them is the weak partner. Also their relationship is just the best and gets transmitted really well (although seems more adressed to the male audience, but meh who cares). Also they are really broken, which again can be a good thing if it is (like in this case) done well (means you have to work harder to get a good story/world).


The side characters are pretty numerous and often rather shallow. This does not go as much for the more permanent ones, although even they are not the most deep characters you will ever see. They are still good and if they go more in the direction it is going to now, it will be even better in the future.


World and Story:

The world is pretty nicely thought out and has a lot to it. The concepts of realms allows for new elements to be introduced every time and makes for the ideal setting for such overpowered characters.

Not much to say here really except that it is pretty nice overall.

The story is similar to the world and characters. It is pretty linear, although it has some unexpected sidetracking going on, which adds to the few mysteries there are. It harbors enough surprises and situation to be interesting, although i would not say it is the deepest story ever.


For later developements: a few pretty drastic and interesting changes happen. For what i mean (not really a spoiler, rahter half a teaser):

Spoiler: Spoiler


Style and Grammar:


The writing style is good overall and the grammar is ok.

The fight scenes are somewhat meh for the beginning dungeon crawling (not all of them) and nice for the overworld fighting. This changes later, as the miniboss and floorboss fights are not that long and the overworld fights also get even better. It is mostly the MCs showing off, but if you enjoy it like i do, then you will not be disappointed with how broken they are. But to be fair there are better novels out there, when it comes to fighting scenes.

The 18+ scenes are really intense and are well written. They are somewhat rediculous, but hey... fun times ;p

The constant math stuff can be a bit meh (with the lifespans and stuff) and i swear the authour has a fetish for big numbers. Same goes for realms and stages, where i sometimes have problems remembering or getting at what level everyone is. It is not a major concern though and is often explained by the author.

Just a suggestion (maybe a bit unnecessary):

Spoiler: Spoiler

 To those who are wondering, why i have given 5/5 here, it is simply because of the MC interaction with everyone, which is pretty funny and great in its own way.




All in all the novel is pretty great and if you like this kind of thing then you will have a great time.






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Good story with a few hiccups

I'm writing this story after i've read about 35 chapters and as such the review might be slightly biased, since I like it :).

As the author stated in his foreword he intended to let the world unfold itself as the characters progressed in the story, which as he noticed himself wasn't ideal. He changed it after a few chapters. From then on the novel improved and went from 2 stars in style to 3 1/2 in my opinion. It's not yet perfect since, as the Herbin noted, things like the "feel" of the environment are missing especially in the biginning and still in later chapter, although is getting more descriptive and colorful.

The grammar was from the beginnning good and improved as the stroy progressed so I don't think I have to write specifically about it. 

The story itself is quite engaging, once you read past the beginning(see foreword). You have the dungeons, ou have the conflicts between different sort of cultivators and the mystery of where the heck is the earth in all this and what happened to it. Also, why would true divine beast die, if they are as powerful as the story suggests? I'm excited to learn more about those mysteries.


The biggest problem for the story lies I think in the characters, not because they are bad, but because they are pretty much set in stone. And at times their interactions with the rest of the people get repetitive. From the beginning they are sure of themselves and know what they intend to do. They have their flaws, which is why I still like them, but they are not yet amazing, hence three stars.


All in all a good story, with room for improvement.

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Quite a nice tale, indeed. I randomly started reading a story i liked the summary of, and finished in time with the author! Such a nice feeling 

Now for the important part of the review!

Characters are quite nicely set, with even the occasional Deus Ex Machina explained in the epilogue, with (in my opinion, of course) too much emphasis with explaining how they are dark inside. Let the characters show their personality! Don't just tell what they are like!

Of course in a story such as this i guess it can be expected, but the "bad guys" are always so plain, without a personality, simply representations of authors' disliked personality traits, and done with immediately, rinse and repeat. 

Style of the story? Quite good, but could be better. Pretty much everything is explained, leaving almost nothing for the reader to imagine. Of course i guess for some that is a positive thing, but to each their own.

Now for the thing i think would bother and also probably does bother the most readers. Grammar.

Make no mistake, your usage of grammar check drastically improves the reader experience (without it i would have probably turned around after 5 or so chapters). However, spellchecking does not fix improper word usage, wrong sentence structure, awkward word choices, repeating words et cetera. 

I suppose half of it can be forgiven on (hungarian) grounds of english not being your first language as you imply throughout the story. Still. This is something that can be imlroved drastically.

Now, a random thought, from when i grew annoyed with the grammar:

"This novel... it's like i was reading a chinese xianxia story, written by a japanese author, translated to english by a german translator."

Hehehe. Don't take it to heart too much. :)

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A Satisfying Story Overall

my first review on this site lol

  1. This is a very nice read as not only the story is written properly with a nice tinge of ero spiciness with good amount of mystery to it too.
  2. Another thing which i really like is how the author is very good in interacting with the readers and as being his first novel this can also be called as a masterpiece too.
  3. The pacing in the starting chapters is a little fast but later it becomes ok and in the final chapters too-it can feel a little rushed but its still ok as many things start to unfold at that time.
  4. I am not very content with the grammer mistakes as sometimes insted of he, she is used....and that kind of mistakes but its still bearable as the more you read into it the more you can understand but still a proofreader for this novel specially in the chapters which still need to be edited would have been nice.
  5. The crossover between the novels written by this author also happens which i found a little annoying in the start but afterword it became easy to understand so not many complains there.

So this is my review and i am pretty satisfied with this read for its amazing quality in nearly every aspect.And there is also the fact that nearly all the problems that i said above were also discussed by the author too.

  • Overall Score
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I tend to give all five to balance the bad ones. It's not like it matters too much with so many ratings, but meh. I'd like to support the author. Otherwise, I'd say:

Style: 4.5; Story: 5; Grammar: 4; Character 5;


The story starts out boringly. Not to me, but I'm sure that many of you would find it boring.

The style is also worse at the start, but it gets much better later on, in the latest chapter (above 65-70) and it keeps improving.

If you don't like OP Main Characters, then this isn't a novel for you. But if you like sentimentalism and monologs, you'll get by. I'm not saying that it is filled with it. Just at the right times and moments. The prolog is more like a self-introduction, with the author's ideals, which I liked. Afterward, the story seems like a generic XianXia at first sight. But boy, you are wrong. After the 54th chapter, (a nice plot twist) this changed a lot.

The novel is full of Romance, which is very sweet. If you don't like Romance, this again might not be for you. Why did I still give such high scores?

I like Romance, OP MC, I like the characters, and I like how this whole story unfolds. This is kind of like a life story, which is filled with adventure, love and (sex in the .5 chapters. Wink)

Everyone has their motivation and goal. The characters aren't two dimensional. There were tons of new things in the story, which I haven't seen before (mostly in the other half of the novel). Unlike in many XianXia or even other kind of novels, the main characters have a dream, which they work towards. There are a few tiny side story lines (which are good).

You will probably lack interaction in the first half, but you will be compensated for it in the other half. In my opinion, the side characters are terribly good. Either way, if you are looking for a long novel, with love and adventure as the main focus, then this is definitely a good one.

Even though the characters are over powered, they still have their own problems. It might seem a little stupid (if you are stupid), but it's fine. Knowing that they are much quicker at cultivation than others, much stronger than others, they feel the world a little unreal and lonely. The author also pointed this out numerous times. I could totally relate with that kind of problem if I was to be in their place.

There are a few errors (grammar), but nothing that would take away much from the enjoyment. Maybe this isn't true in the beginning, but it's not bad. If the author could edit every chapter to the quality he brings now, then I'd gladly say 4.5 or 5 on grammar.

I really love the current events. I mean, it is rare to see a couple turn into a family and leave their own legacy, have children and stuff.

The only reason I'm sad is that it is finished.

About the ending. Most novels have shitty or rushed endings. Some could find this a tiny bit rushed, but on my part, it was okay. The ending is great! It left me with a feeling of happiness and a strange mix of bittersweetness and sadness. I was left sitting in place, pondering. Being Eternal isn't all that funny, is it? The ending is satisfactory and makes you have a feeling as if: 'Yeah, this novel is completed.' Just like the Arcs, the novel too was well-rounded.

Thanks for this great read and keep up the great work in your second novel. I'll definitely follow. 


P.S:. I meant Troll Author because he intentionally made the first half generic. (He said it himself)


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What Can I say? I enjoy it!

What can I say? I enjoy the absolute hell out of this story. Characters are well written, each with their own unique foibles and personalities. There's nothing generic about any of the characters, not even side characters.


The story is pretty good as we watch Alice & Hiro grow in strength and find friends and allies all the while murdering shit in their own unique way.

I've got to give a 4* for grammar because reasons :P


Anyway, this is a really good twist on your usual cultivator novel and well worth reading.

  • Overall Score


The story itself is decent, its grammar is good and I don't understand style but I would rate it 4.5 if it wasn't for the fact that they commited one of the deadly taboo's

Yuhao Lightning
  • Overall Score
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Happy now? and you expect that I will give you 0.5 stars even though you didn't know how I review things? I hope you reflect on your own and find some heart(courage) to admit mistakes. That's my technichal blah blah blah I would give you.

  • Overall Score

Amazing Story (don't read this review, cause i suck at reviewing and typing)

for anyone that didn't listen to my this is another what you're abou to read ia absolute shit in eveyway that's possible so youself a favor and do something more productive with you're time.


first of all don't expect some serieus review i'm just going to say wat i thought about the story to show my support as small as it may be. now first of all this story when i first started reading it i tought it was gonna be another one of those OP stoty's were th MC's were just going to 1 shot everything. and although i wasn't far from the truth unexpectedly unlike many other story's that have that Op element in this story i actually didn't mind it, cause fighting wasn't the really a big part of the story (with that i mean that although there was quite alot of fighting in this story this wasn't a story that is ABOUT fighting (i think)). the next the characters i'm not a expert and this is purely oppinionated but i liked them they weren't shallow like many characters in many story and averyone that was of some importance to the story actually felt "unique" and not like a villain/support character/ template like they do in most story's (although i'm not saying there are none of those in this story (just to make it clear with support character i mean every character that isn't a "villain" character)). there's much more i think about the story but i just can't quite put my reason for liking this story in to words so i'll just leav it at this.

  • Overall Score

Your typical Xiangxia Novel

Eh. If you've NEVER read a Xiangxia Novel, or at the most, read only one or two, then I can recommend this for you.


I'll be upfront and say I gave up on Chapter  and I really don't know of it picks up after it.


It has the typical problems of Xiangxia novels. The MCs have no apparent goal other than something vague like "Be the strongest". Enemy clans are used only as a stepping stone. Psychotic mental problems with the MC and their very lax morality (The MC wanted Earth's laws to protect women and children, but he wanted to kill anyone that bothered him). And, "lol humans/elves/beastmen are so dumb, fighting against each other! We're so much better because we're dragons! Oh look! Some plebian guard from X clan. Let's go kill him!"

The MC also feels quite juvenile. Like screaming "WOW YOUR TITS ARE SO BIG!" to his girlfriend, despite being a reincarnated person AND having inherited "knowledge", not just from his base race as a dragon, but this magic Crystal a city has which conveniently explains the power houses in said city. Granted, knowledge is not wisdom, but I can't identify/relate to an MC like that.


Romance is also "Eh." The two MC's are apparently soulmates and they click, and think so much like each other that they don't bicker and basically feel like they're just one and the same person. Their relationship has no depth. Yes, I know I'm basing this on VERY early chapters, but the way they act makes it like they've know each other for a while when it's the opposite.


Worl building is basically non existent. The MCs don't stay anywhere for too long so there's no real point. Again, at least at the first four chapters.

Also, the author makes excuse that "if you don't understand something, don't worry! It'll be explained soon."

I mean, like why don't you explain it now when it's relevant???