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(3rd Person Pov)

Tempest was running hard through the forest towards the clearing with the coordinators,tears comming out of her eyes as she screams for help.Finally she bursts out to the clearing and everyone present looks at her.

(Judge1)"Someone else has returned"

Tempest falls on her knees trying to speak while crying but she cant control herself so she say uncomprehensive words.The Queen suddenly realizing that she came back without Cero and is crying becomes worried and rushes up to her with everyone else behind her.

(Queen)"Lil Temp  where is Cero why are you crying is he hurt are you hurt?"

The Queen bombards her with questions the King seeing this stops the Queen and turns to Tempest.

(King)"Temp calm down and tell us what happened"

Taking deep breaths Tempest calms down and tells them what happened.When everyone hears a qilin attacked them and that Cero is battling it they get scared.The King stand up and orders the coordinators to take the childen back to the capital and he takes his guards with him,the Queen,Tempest,Thomas and Patricia along with Tempest's father all run into the forest with Tempest leading the way.

As they get closer they feel shockwaves and mini earthquakes happening,finally they hear a dying scream,expecting the worst everyone franticly seeps up hoping to get there in time.When they get there they see the body of a qilin and a young boy with standing on top of it looking up to the sky,He turns around and sees them then he smiles and says"Finally your all late as hell" then he falls down

(Cero Pov)

As I look at Tempest running away I turn towards the qilin.

(Cero)"Guess its just you and me heheh"


Both the qilin and I rush at each other,I use sonic stomp and the ground caves in as I shoot foward fast enough to break the sound barrier,but the qilin is still faster than me.We fially collide,the qilin clads itself in lightning and charges headfirst at me,I slid onto thhe ground and use gravity control on my hands to make them heavier whislt using claw strike and attack its throat.The qilin jumps quickly to the side doging my attack.It looks at me and snorts clearly looking down on me.

I sonic stomp but this time I use it to widen the distance between us then launch a choatic ball and use gravity control right in the center of the chaotic ball,wen it gets close to the qilin I make the gravity explode and cause a massive explosion of choas element,the qilin assuming that my attack was weak took it full on and was blown across and into the trees.It got up clearly pissed cause it roared angrilly at me while I look at it with a smug smile.The qilin opens its mouth and condences lightning infront of it and rushes me,I in turn run like hell and it launches its attack ,Quickly i fall flat and the attack goes over me and exploades,some of the lightning arcs and hits me charing my back,I scream in pain cause it really hurts.

Angrilly i get up and stare at the qilin I really wanna kill it and it does want to kill me so I think its best to do something crazy.I activate berserk ,add gravity to my hand,activate clawstrike,clad my hand in choas and all elements while I use shape shift to increase my size to 60ft.The qilin looks at me with fear in its eyes but it knows it wont survive if it runs so it looks at me and activates its bloodline power,the ground starts shaking and storm clouds appear in the sky along with the qilin's roar ligthning descends and wraps around the qilin.We both stare at each other for a while then we rush again,scratching the qilin with my claws andthe qilin is attaking with its hooves we keep hitting each other causeing shockwaves and earthquakes.I launch a chaotic ball at the qilin and create gaunlets out of earth and fire elements,the qilin dodges but I use sonic stomp and appear where it dodged and apply gravity to it holding it in place,but since im weak I know it wont hold for long and Im nearly out of mana.I use sonic stomp again and shoot downward towards the qilins's head and punch it with all my strength.The qilin screams as it dies,I stand atop its body and watch as the storm clouds diperse ,I check my mana and only have 5 left,Im tired then I hear running footsteps then they stop behind me,I turn around and see everyone I smile "Finally!but  your all late as hell".Then I blacked out.I woke up in a dark space i cant move

(Cero)"huh? maybe i died again?Its weird dad ist showing"

(??)"Your dad is currently facing punishment"

(Cero)"Who are you?"

(??)"Now now i shall answer that later but first it seems you fainted due to rapid mana depletion but you also defeated a monster who was 149lvl obove you and the most shocking part is that it was a divine beast!!"

(Cero)"Wait so qilins are divine beasts?whoa"

(??)"yes they are so when you wake up you'll be in for a big surprise also as a congratulatory gift i shall give you this egg,no one knows what creature is in it."

(Cero)"Th-thank you umm?"

(??)"Ahh~its no problem since you my son and the goddess of-


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