Should I post Tower of Gates Book Two at RRL?
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4.17% 4.17% of votes
Total: 24 vote(s)

Thanks for all the feedback. With the poor reception, I'm not sure if I'll be posting book two here at RRL. With that said, an edited and changed version of Goblin: Tower of Gates Book One will be hitting the Amazon store soon. Stop by and check it out. Again, thanks to all the people who took the time to leave feeback and criticism rather than just giving me bad ratings. Writing novels isn't easy work, but I enjoy hearing from others on how to make my work better. This novel will be coming down shortly. Let me know if you want me to post the first draft of Human: Tower of Gates Book Two here or not. 


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FirstDragon @FirstDragon ago

It is incredibly difficult to write well. Few do. RRL feedback alternates between the kind and the ruthless. As someone who's worked in and around the publishing industry for years, I strongly recommend ruthlessness when it comes down to editing your work and kindness as you write. 

    Paul Bellow

    Paul Bellow @Paul Bellow ago

    Yeah, I don't mind when they explain why they don't like it. The anonymous 0.5 and 2 votes are another thing, however. I've been writing full-time a few years now. This has been an interesting experience, but I don't think it worked out well enough to continue. I'm still thinking about it, however. Thanks for the input! 

Elbryan629 @Elbryan629 ago

Hey bud, I was working my way through the chapters you had posted here the last couple days and trying to give a sort of flow of consciousness impression as I read and my impressions. I'm hoping I didn't come off as harsh as I'm seeing today that the work has been taken down. I'm the last persons to want to snuff out someone's story.

anyways. Here's to hoping you keep up with it, learn from your favorite authors and study what it is that makes you fall in love with their stories. Keep it up and you'll be breaking out in the genre. It's a tough road, but if it's your dream, it's a worthy one.

Oddyssey @Oddyssey ago

 I'm sorry you are having a rough time with reviews. I was trying to work my way through and have truly enjoyed your story. I'm looking forward to your final published version. 

Personally I would love to see the 2nd book on here and would live to help out with feedback. I didn't give any on the first one because I found your story a little too late. But I would love to see the 2nd one on here. 

Good luck with whatever decision you make, but know that I am a fan and plan on following your work.