Jordan blew out several rings of vapor as he stood up. He was trying a new THC oil that was supposed to be the strongest you could get, and he could already feel it. The world spun a bit more than he expected and he reached his hand out to steady himself against the wall. But someone had moved his wall and he fell over.

The world felt very fuzzy as he fell and his impact on his carpet was much harder than he thought it should be. All these things didn’t really bother him too much, he was very high, and so he sat on the hardwood floor that should be carpet and watched as several oddly dressed people walked all around in his living room.

He had been alone, but now there were dozens of people. Maybe his roommate had invited people over? Either way, Jordan just sat on the floor and took another long drag on his vape pen.

“Aye, mage get off yer arse,” A bearded man that wasn’t much taller than Jordan while he sat called out to him, “Find a chair if you need to rest, or next time I’ll walk right through ya.”

Jordan blinked at the angry red-bearded short man and laughed. He had smoked lots of weed in his life but never had he hallucinated. And of all things he could imagine, he was seeing dwarfs, a few lean tall pointy eared woman-who must be elves-, and even a few chalk-white people who had no ears at all.

“This is some good shit,” Jordan said looking down at his pen. He slipped it into the pocket of his bath rope and struggled to stand up. It took him a few tries but finally, he made it to his feet and looked around for his couch.

Someone had taken his couch? He strained his eyes trying to see if he could cut through the vivid hallucination that was clearly hiding his apartment and couch from him, but it was strong. No matter how much he squinted he could only see a brightly lit room with wood paneling on the wall, like some kind of hunting lodge his dad would have dragged him to for male bonding. And lots of people, fantasy people, he decided-noticing that nearly everyone had weapons of some kind strapped to their persons. And those that didn’t wear weapons had, colorful dresses and staves that must have been taken straight from the Lord of the Rings sets.

“Gandalf?” Jordan asked a white-haired elderly man as he walked past. He looked the part but lacked the pointy hat. Maybe he was a lower budged copy, figures my hallucinations couldn’t even get all the details right.

Unable to find his couch Jordan settled for an open chair across the room. He saw four tables, all full of strange-looking people, but one open chair had been pushed out next to a chalky white man, and a strangely dressed dominatrix women in black leather, a whip, and several small daggers sheathed on her arms, chest, and even one in her hair.

There were three others, but Jordan was getting tired already, this new THC oil worked quick, and so he stumbled his way to the chair and sat down. The group instantly went quiet, but Jordan just flicked his bathrobes hood up and did his best to balance his head on his shoulders.

“You must be the mage we requested for the dungeon dive,” A low voice rumbled from across the table, “Well what is your name, mage?”

Jordan looked up and tried to see if they were talking to him, but his hood drooped over his eyes and he was way too gone to figure out how to move it. The low voice spoke again.

“Fine. Your name isn’t important I guess, but you have the required ability at least? You can use detect magic?”

They were definitely talking to him. Jordan wasn’t sure if he should respond to his hallucinations or not, even though he was higher than he had ever been, something told him that might be crossing a line. He didn’t want to go crazy or anything. But as he decided he wouldn’t say anything his lips moved anyways.

“Yeah,” Jordan said, his words dragging each syllable out, “I am totally your man. I love magic tricks!” Even as he spoke the words, he forgot what he had been trying to say or was it not say?

“Aye fine,” the deep voice said, “Lets transport to the waystone. We can do introductions there and I was told our supplies have been transported already. Reach out and touch the lodestone everyone.”

Jordan heard a loud clunk on the wood in front of him. Finally figuring out how to lift his hood out of the way of his own eyes he saw a stone the size of a basketball, but flat and oval. A strange symbol glowed on the surface and everyone on the table had reached out their hands, touching the stone.

“Mage! Hurry you fool.” The deep voice vibrated as he spoke as if he was speaking from a distance. Before Jordan could think what to do next a hand grabbed his hand and placed it on the stone.

Then the world spun. And he heard a voice speak in his head.

Class learned…

Vapor Mage level 1…

Mana veins opened…

Starting pool calculating

 11 Mana added to base mana of -2…


Negative mana value assignment due to mental effect, -stoned-

Base Mana adjusted to new value…

15 points of Mana with a regeneration of 3 per unfocused minute.

Good luck traveler and welcome to the Ethereal Realms.



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