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Andrew Furlong

Chapter 19: This Book? (Kish)


Sometime after all that Hayden finally got out of the hospital. Our house was fixed up, everything went back to normal. Which honestly was the weirdest part.

Laura and Hayden were all there for all that weird shit. They saw as much as I did, but they never once mentioned it again, even looked at me like I was crazy when I asked them about it. Somehow they’d completely forgotten. Even Grayson never acknowledged it. He moved out a few months after this, moved in with Thalia. I can tell he hasn’t forgot, he just always dodges it. Damn overprotective brother.

Even I’m starting to have doubts about all this. I’d never written any of this down until recently, and reading it back I can tell my memories have started fading. Details are more absurd than I remember, the line between memory, perception, heightened imagination from shock, I can’t tell the difference. Describing all this feels like writing a YA book. Did I just imagine all this? Maybe I really am crazy.

It’s not knowing if I’m crazy or not that hurts the most. So many parts of my life I’m unsure if they are fiction or not. I stare at my notebook which I’ve written every detail onto. Somehow I’m creative enough to imagine my life turning into an anime and inexplicably me being the only one who notices, but not so creative that I can come up with a name for it other than This Book.

Even if it is all bullshit I want to know the truth, I have to, I can’t move on otherwise.

My name is Kish Blackwell, I’m 18 now in the year 2021, I live in a college dorm with Laura as my roommate, and I will find the truth.

The truth that lies in THIS BOOK.


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