Walking in the seemingly endless hallway was a teenage girl, in front her were two men, and a woman with a dozen servants escorting them.

The teenage girl was tall and lean with just the right curves and was a growing beauty. She had her red hair, with strands in varying tones of light red from ruby to fire red, untangled and flowing freely and smoothly down her shoulders and reached her hips, ending there and making her look wild. Her cute and thin eyebrows met above her sharp blazing red eyes in a scowl as her cute rosy lips were pressed together in a cute frown as she stamped forward in sulking fashion.

In front, a man with pitch black hair that seemed to devour any light unfortunate enough to wander near it and red eyes like the sulking beauty behind. He wore a black suit and had an athletic figure with pale skin.

As he walked in a cold calm and calculated pace, his handsome and sharp face was emotionless while he conversed with the other man. When one saw him, three words would come to mind; cold, striking and refined. Beside him, another beauty was linked arms with him. Her hair, an exact copy of the younger one behind them, was tied high behing her in an impressive blazing bun while her green eyes, as green as the leaves of a forest, looked around in an uninterested manner as if nothing interested her except fro the emotionless man she's linked arms with and the young beauty behind her that gives her eyes a soft and gentle glow.

The man the emotionless black haired was talking to had a mysterious blue colored hair, a kind of blue that made people unable to avert their eyes from but unable to name as if it changes colors everytime they decide of one, and gentle emerald eyes. He, like the black haired man, had an athletic build but his is much more leaner and had fair skin. Unlike the emotionless man too, his features were much more gentle and amiable as his lips sported an easy going smile.

After a few eternity of walking, they finally reached their destination and stopped. In front, a lightly forested forest could be seen as they heard various sounds of nature ranging from a bird's tweet, a lion's roar, and more. When the emotionless man saw this, he, along with the others, looked at the blue haired one in confusion.

"This," He waved at the forest and spoke in a disappointed baritone voice, "Is where your son lives in? You are an emperor."

"But that does not mean my family and I have to live in a stupid mansion, or a palace, for that matter." The amiable emperor complained in his soft and gentle masculine voice.

Impossibly, the emotionless man displayed emotion and smiled, all his apathy and emotionless visage gone, and softly chided the emperor, "Well, that just seem so like you, Cleon. But you would lose your people's respect and they would think you are on their level."

"I am, my friend. Now, would you like me to show you my son?"

A note from The Mad Writer


Sorry for the wall of texts that may or may not remind you of certain texts (No offense intended for the offended). I will admit it, right now, right here, that yes, I am also very embarrassed of my younger self's utter obssession of depicting beauty before. Not that this means I've worn off the habit of doing so. Pft.



PS. On an unrelated note, I thought I should start adding the date I wrote this pieces. Simply for, you know, reminding myself how cringy I was seeing my improvement throughout the years of my life. Yes. How that suddenly became formal and emotional eludes me. Lol. 

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