The girl was anxious. And scared.

An understandable reaction, considering she was traversing the dark, gloomy forest alone.


Goosebumps spread through her fair skin like a wave. She knew. Behind her was a predator.

She closed her eyes. She did not wish to know what caused her death. It scared her.

A pained yelp caused her confusion. She opened her eyes and turned, freezing as soon as she did so.

In front of her was perhaps the most handsome and demonic looking man she'd ever seen. Her young mind was blown away about how one could still look so attrative to another's eyes when one clearly exuded extreme danger and apathy.

Her eyes darted to the man's hand. The limp body of an animal resembling a big cat hang. But that wasn't what caused her ice blue eyes to widen. It was that his 'hand' was a shadowy substance that was slowly spreading and consuming its still twitching body.

Silence reigned.

The only sounds that remained was the ones made by the body's weak twitching.

She stared at the man's eyes, as did he. His pupils were slit and purple, and his iris a beautiful war of domination between gold and blood red, the latter on the outer rim.

His short pure black hair seemed to devour light and contrasted with her long silver ones that glimmed even in the dark world of the forest.

He wore no clothes, she noticed. Instead, the very shadows that he stood on formed his pants and left his lean torso bare.

His presense calmed her, even though she felt that he was the most dangerous being in this place.

Soon, the body had already dissolved to shadows.

He moved and turned.

She knew he was leaving.

In the split of a second, she chased after him.

The moment she touched his back, she was thrown into a cold place.

It was so cold, she could not fathom how the man was able to stand it.

Then, it was gone.

She looked around and knew they had left the confines of the dark forest.

The man turned and face her.

"Why did you follow me?"

His voice was deep and sonorous, full of power.

It made her shiver.

"I-I wanted to."

Her voice, once so full of confidence and clarity, wavered.

"Go home."

It was an order. And one she could not decline.

She nodded, reluctant.

And then, he was gone. Swallowed by the cold void of the shadows.

She gazed at the space he had been and knew.

She would not be able to forget his handsome and demonic figure.

A note from The Mad Writer


Rejoice for I've brought you one of my longer pieces!!!

Though this is one of pieces that probably won't have a sequel. Muahahaha!!!

This was quite recent, written last year. Hope you enjoyed.

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