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Sea Lines: Do You Want To Build A Wooden Boat?


A note from The Mad Writer

Before you say anything, no. Frozen was not the inspiration for this chapter. But it IS the inspiration for the title, because I don't really write titles for my chapters if I can't find a fitting one. Lol. Were you trolled?

"Do you want me to build a boat?"

She stared at him as if he just said something ridiculous, which, in his defense, was not. As if saying you'd build a boat was ridiculous, right?

She furrowed her brow, something he still found sexy but frustrating (because he liked her smile more), and opened her mouth, "We have a boat."

He rolled his eyes, "Yeah right. Family boat," he narrowed his eyes at her, "I meant a boat. For just the two of us."

She gaped at him, blushing (which he also still found very, very cute), before furrowing her brows again, "You do realize that I have a fianće, right?"

He blinked. He did not, of course.

"Do I have to worry about some guy suddenly appearing and screaming and punching at me the next time we meet?"

She laughed at him before sighing in exasperation, "No."

He grinned, "Then I can court you all I want."

Her cheeks became so soaked in red it seemed blood would burst out any moment.

He whistled and grinned at her blushing face. (Because she looked sexy like that.)

"Build a boat it is, then."

A note from The Mad Writer

Oh noes! The chapters are becoming shorter! What'll happen to us now?

Nothing. Pft.

On a serious note, the length of my chapters depend on my mood and motivation. Forcing myself to write longer chapters burn myself out and I end up dropping the story.

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