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Chapter 23


Before I got to say anything else, a blade I knew fairly well sliced through the tent. There was a moment of smoke around Helena before the sword collided with her, sending her flying what had to be nearly a hundred meters. She easily cleared the border of the clearing and tore through three or four trees before she came to a stop.

Again, before I got to say anything, Oberon took off after Helena. He let a dozen fist sized fireballs lead the way. Explosions sounded out as they slammed into one spot over and over. I thought even if Helena was a five-hundred-year-old vampire that she was ashes now. I was proven wrong, when a rounded cross shaped object that was at least two meters tall and a meter wide shot out of the smoke.

It collided with Oberon, who managed to deflect it. The shield formed a crater when it collided with the ground, sending rocks and soil everywhere. I heard the tinkling of chains from inside the smoke and saw that a thick black chain led to the cross-shield. It suddenly went taut and the shield was jerked back to where Helena pulled herself out of the crater.

I could almost see the rage radiating off her. She caught the shield then kicked off towards Oberon. His blade storm formed over him and with a flick of his hand he sent them at her. She tightened her grip on the chain and swung her shield around colliding with all the blades as they rained down on her.

The magic blades shattered as they contacted her shield, but they were still managing to throw her around. Suddenly, a javelin made of darkness shot from behind the shield as she made a twist in mid-air aimed at Oberon. He swung his sword meeting the point of the javelin with the blade. He slid back a few meters before he twisted his sword, sending the javelin flying.

Oberon crouched quickly tapping the ground with his hand. Ice erupted from the spot forming sheets that shot towards Helena. They started to wrap around her, but she slammed her shield into casing and it shatter like the magic blades did. I wondered if it had some type of anti-magic warding on it.

I heard chanting from Helena just before a sphere of darkness wrapped around her. That wasn’t the end, as motes of light formed outside that. They only looked harmless for a moment as the soon elongated to needles and streaked towards Oberon. There were hundreds of them. Oberon yelled something and what looked like a solid mana wall formed around him. Cracks still formed as the needles drove into the wall.

When the last of the needles finished slamming into the wall, Oberon balled his hand into a fist and the mana wall condensed into a ball. Before I could figure out what he was doing, he charged at Helena’s sphere of darkness. Right as he reached the sphere, he slammed the condensed ball into the ground, causing stone spikes to erupt from the ground aiming for the sphere.

I heard several thuds as most met her shield, but some sounded meatier than those. She was thrown from the darkness with several cuts on her person. Though they were healing right before my eyes. It still had to hurt. Oberon was bringing his sword around to deliver a cut across her neck. I had seen what that sword does to undead, they were turned into husks as all the mana that animated them was drained. I wasn’t sure that would happen to Helena, but I didn’t want to take that chance.

I fired a magic missile right in front of Oberon, who pulled up short to avoid it. He looked over to me and before I could say anything Helena kicked him square in the stomach sending him flying even further than he sent her flying. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open, at a loss for words at the two of them.

Helena shot into the air then angled down to where Oberon was embedded in a tree. Fire formed around her shield and in a blink of an eye she slammed into him. An explosion flashed out turning several trees to cinder. A moment later she walked out dragging Oberon behind her by Grodo’s metal collar.

“Now… where were we?” She asked me while dropping Oberon on the ground next to me.

“Please tell me you didn’t kill him,” I said moving over to check the soot covered armor.

“I’m not dead. She managed to bind the armor for the moment. Shitty level system. Fuck this world!” Oberon cursed from inside the armor.

“You’re the one that dirtied a lady’s outfit. You deserve worse,” Helena said with a grin that stretched across her face. She sat down on Oberon’s chest and tapped it with a finger that I felt could punch a hole through the metal if she tried hard enough.

“I took you for a different rat. I’m normally every nice to the ladies,” Oberon said with sarcastic humor in his voice.

Helena snorted. “Oh, I’ve heard all about how much of a lady killer you were.”

Now that I got a chance to really take in Helena, and I was passed the fact she only looked ten years old, I saw that she was dressed in fabrics that would be worth enough to feed a family for a few years. She wore a red dress that went just past her waist enough to keep her covered, that had metal plates in all the vital locations. She was blond with red streaks in her hair with piercing red eyes. I wasn’t sure if she screamed noble or vampire more as I looked at her.

“Be that as it may, could you release this blasted spell?” Oberon growled.

Helena tilted her head as if she was considering it before she shifted to make herself more comfortable. A string of curses came from inside the armor. I wanted to both laugh and groan at the situation he found himself in.

“Let this be a lesson that plenty of people still exist that can kill you. You need to hurry and level up, is the message Lord Siateth wanted me to deliver. The beat down was your own fault,” Helena said tapping his chest again.

“Can… can we move on. I’m glad you two are bonding but we’re not exactly alone,” I said turning to Jack and the other two that stood to one side of the clearing. They had run there when the fighting started. Not to mention the person that was following us.

“Oh, very well,” Helena said then jumped off of Oberon. He suddenly sat up then flexed his hands.

“I have to say you are a very powerful sorceress. I glad the art hasn’t died out too far,” Oberon said as he stood up and dusted himself off.

“AIGO certainly makes it harder, but for the longer-lived races we reach decent levels.”

Oberon laughed “Good to know for next time I try to piss off an immortal.”


I dusted myself off then walked over to the wagon. I was thoroughly pissed off. Bested by a fucking brat. I don’t care if she was actually five hundred years old. If you look like a child, then you’re a child. I’m going to find this AIGO and rip them to shreds.

I grabbed the deer from near the back of the wagon and threw it over to the three adventurers. Even as Servants they needed to eat. With my life sight, I could find game easily, so we saved a bit of money by getting less supplies. Plus, I didn’t care if they lived or died.

I glanced off iinto the distance and saw the life force of the person that was trailing us was still there. I had to hand it to them that they maintained their position even after that fight. They were pretty skilled in their job. Looking over to Alessa, she was getting a run down of some of the beginning things vampires excel at.

With Helena around, Alessa and the adventurers should be plenty safe. I decided that I needed to level up like Siateth said. This world was just too heavily influenced by your level. If I could have used even a third of some of the spells I knew, Helena would be a melted slag puddle back in the forest.

Looking around with my life sense, I did a three hundred and sixty to find something that would actually give me experience. It needed to be stronger than the desert monsters. Unfortunately, this area was patrolled pretty regularly by the town guard and passing adventurers. The strongest life flame I saw was nearly ten kilometers away. I could travel that but unless I really showed off that I was undead, it would look odd.

Heaving a sigh, I turned around and went to the wagon. I dropped down in the back and stared off into the sky. I was beginning to wonder if I should have stayed in the castle. This trip had only just started and was turning into one heck of a headache.

I was daydreaming and was slow to realize something was sitting on my chest. I looked and saw Helena with a smirk. I dropped my head back to the wooden floor. You can never underestimate a vampire’s stealth. I guess even more so now.

“What?” I asked.

“Well. The child is busy practicing I showed her. I thought the adults could talk for a minute,” she said moving over to the bench.

“She’s a vampire too, she can hear us,” I said.

“I’ve cast a spell. Do you remember the name Alice?” Helena asked her tone losing some of the childish tint.

I jerked my head up at the name. It struck me as important. Was she another harem member? All I was getting was a vague outline of a well-endowed woman. Then the image solidified and I remembered she was my wife from the angel race. Lucifer’s sister. She almost rivaled Lilith in beauty and was kind to a fault. Though, I don’t know how much of that is true given the last events of my life.

“Maybe,” I growled. My anger at Lucifer rolling over.

“You need to be careful. She became a vampire but doesn’t serve Saiteth. She is… dangerous. If she finds out you are back… Even I don’t know what she’ll do,” Helena said with a shrug.

“Why is she dangerous?” I asked curiously. So, it was a lie that she was kind after all, I thought a bit depressed.

“Your harem is legendary. When Lucifer betrayed you even his own sister didn’t stand with him. While the individual branches have spread throughout the world, most have died off or been lost. Thanks to the Ancestor Curse placed by one of your old sorcerer rivals,” Helena explained looking off into the sky. “Alice… lost it. She became a pureblood vampire to prevent being pulled into Paradise with the angel race then disappeared without a trace. She reappeared a few years ago, laying waste to villages and towns with her army. In fact, more people fear her more than her brother now.”

“Maybe its better if she saw me then,” I said. If she lost it because I was killed surely if I came back she would at least settle down a little.

“I just warned you to be careful, not to see her. There are few people that remember the real you and fewer that actually knew and most that are still around want to kill you,” Helena said in a sinister grin.

“Message received,” I said with a wave of my hand when there was an explosion from the clearing that even rocketed the wagon. “What the hell were you teaching her!?”

“The best magic! Explosion magic!” Helena said with a crazed look in her eyes.



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