Xi xiao yue goes back home after making her first pot of gold and as we can already imagine, the xi family members except Xi Ling are 'waiting' for her with foul faces.

She raises her eyebrow, 'Oh I forgot about them.' then she walks in as if nothing happened and heads towards her room.

Then suddenly Xi chu chu jumps up from her seat as she couldn't endure that Xi xiao yue blatantly ignored them and spurts insults at her with a finger pointing at her.

"Xi xiao yue! You bastard dare ignore us? You don't even greet us and admit your mistakes? Where did you go so early in the morning? Did you actually go to do some immoral stuff outside??"

Xi chu chu was the youngest and also the most impulsive one. She didn't care about her attitude and just act on her own emotions.

She didn't like anyone giving her a cold-shoulder or it will hurt her ego. Xi mei mei would use just that to do her deeds without ruining her face in front of the students at school.

So she wasn't liked by anyone in school and would be compared to the 'kind' and 'pure' Xi mei mei which would make her seem as a very good girl in the eyes of all.

"What do you mean 'Immoral'? Do you think people would do immoral stuff early in the morning or late at night? Is your brain stuffed with only such thoughts or you are just too impure to think like that?"

Xi xiao yue remains calm and says that coldy as if she doesn't even care about what she is saying.

" You....You dare say I am impure?! Why are you distorting the truth??" Xi chu chu's face becomes red in rage and retorts.

" Oh?and isn't what you are doing also 'distorting the truth'? You are only flapping you gums while not being aware of the facts." says Xi xiao yue as she sneers at her.

" You..!" Xi chu chu can't refute what she says and just glares while pointing at Xi xiao yue.

" Enough!" finally, Mu yan speaks up, unable to see her daughter being in a disadvantage.

"You filthy thing! You dare to make mistakes and go somewhere without telling anyone, who knows what you were doing that you would not even tell us about it and still dare to talk back! Not kneeling and admitting your mistakes already!?"

"Kneel?" Xi xiao yue laughs as if she heard something funny.

"And who are you for me to kneel to? And whoever you might be, why should I admit wrong when I didn't do anything wrong at all? So what if I didn't tell you? Anyway, I am not even your child so why should you act as if you own my life?"

Xi xiao yue throws the bait at Mu yan as she looks at her directly in her eyes which makes Mu yan tremble either from fear or shock.

" You... You... H-how.. How do you.." know? Mu yan doesn't finish her sentence as she keeps on staring at Xi xiao yue, bewildered.

Xi xiao yue narrows her eyes as she thinks to herself, 'As I thought!' although she still remains calm on the outside. Seeing her still so calm, Mu yan then wakes up from the shock and then scolds in anger.

"So what if you knew? You are only a bastard whom I picked up at the streets while still wrapped in a piece of cloth! You owe me for bringing you home and growing you up all these years! So do you know who I am now? Or do I need to beat you up to make you realise?!"

As she says that, she tries to grab Xi xiao yue's hand but gets slapped away with a smack! She stumbles and nearly falls on the ground but gets caught by Xi mei mei standing beside her.

Xi mei mei then growls at Xi xiao yue," You bitch! You actually dare to raise your hand at mom?! Why don't you just admit your wrong and kowtow and beg for forgiveness? Do you want to be beaten and kicked out of the house?!"

"Hmph! Kicked out? No, it's the other way. I, am the one who is going to leave this place full of such shitty people! You don't have to escort me as I can go out by myself! Even if something happens in the future, don't you dare come to me or beg me to return again!"

She finishes saying that, turns around and strides away as she leaves the dumbfounded trio behind and gets far off their sight before they get out of their trance.

They finally realise what happened then started cursing at the top of their lungs at Xi xiao yue as if she will hear her from afar, disturbing the neighbours as they feel disgusted at the vulgar manner of the women in Xi family.

Xi xiao yue had already went far away to hear their insults as she heads towards a hotel to book a room to stay till she finds herself a place to stay.

Just as she enters the best hotel in the city, all the people there look at her as some frown in disdain and some ignore her and mind their own business.

Even the receptionist was frowning with displeasure written in her face. Xi xiao yue sees that but ignores as if she didn't know anything about it then heads towards the receptionist and says.

"I would like to book a VIP room for a week." her voice wasn't too low nor too loud so everyone who heard that looked at her with strange gaze.

Someone couldn't endure it and sneered. "Hah! Where did this beggar come from to actually say she wants to book a VIP room? Is the standard of this hotel that low to actually let such a beggar who obviously is bluffing enter? Why don't you hurry and drive her away as to not dirty our eyes?"

It was a 20 something years old girl who looked like some rich lady with expensive clothes and jweleries on her body. She wasn't much beautiful, just average in appearance.

She said such as she was jealous of the beautiful face of Xi xiao yue who seemed poor as a beggar with her old tattered clothes on her and found her words very provoking to her ears as she couldn't even afford the VIP room for a week in this hotel with her money.

So how could a girl who looked like a poor beggar dare to act like she is very rich in front of her? She gnash her teeth as she thinks that.

The receptionist was also very displeased with Xi xiao yue as she thought she couldn't pay and came to make trouble so she says to Xi xiao yue with cold attitude.

" This miss, please turn around and leave as we are not able to serve you and book you a room. We don't want any kind of trouble so please leave." She says please but doesn't look as if she is requesting but shooing away some street dog.

Xi xiao yue looks at the receptionist and the girl coldly and says," Oh? So this hotel actually drives away their customer just because of such lousy excuse? 'Not able to serve' you say? So this hotel is of such low standard that it doesn't even teach their workers how to treat the guests. Sucking up to the strong and bullying the poor."

She then snorts at them and says again with no politeness from before," I am telling you again that I want to book a VIP room for a week."

Seeing that she was ignored, the girl wasn't happy. "Hey,aren't you thinking too high of yourself for a beggar like you? With your ragged, old clothes on your body, who would even believe that you can even afford the cheapest room not to say the VIP room." Says the rich girl again with mockery.

'I only forgot to buy some clothes. Who would have thought such a scene would follow along?'

Xi xiao yue shakes her head inside but stares calmly and coldly at the receptionist as she acts as if the girl is not there and says again.

"Didn't you hear me or you are deaf? Name the price for the VIP room for a week then complete the process of booking one to me. People who judge a book by its cover are really annoying. Even those people who thinks they are higher than others while they themselves can't even afford it."

The last one was targeted at the girl who mocked her before. This makes her very angry and she immediately retorts," Who says I cannot afford it? Do you think you can even afford it if I cannot? Hmph! It's only a VIP room, nothing important in my eyes. You, tell me the price for the VIP room."She then says that to the receptionist.

The receptionist changes her attitude towards the girl as she puts on a fawning smile on her face as she says," Yes, yes dear guest. The price for a VIP room for a day is 20,000 with free meal three times a day and room service and laundry service and for a week it will be 140,000."

After hearing the price, the girl hesitates as it was too much for her just to waste it to prove she can afford it.

She didn't even have that much as their family only had 3 millions of wealth but she only got around 10,000 yuan for pocket money which she would spend it in clothes and jweleries right away.

"I..I won't book one as I don't have to stay here. Anyway, you can't even afford it so what's the use of taunting me to waste my money on this??" the girl glares at Xi xiao yue as she hides her own embarrassment for not being able to pay.

"Hmph. If you can't afford it then just admit it. What's the point of bluffing with such excuse?" as she says that, xiao yue directly takes out 150,000 yuan from her 'bag' as she hands it to the receptionist and says.

"Since she can't afford it, then I'll take the room. Here is 150,000 yuan. So, I can book the room now right?" She looks at the receptionist who is shocked at the money taken out by Xiao yue as she becomes red with embarrassment, in a sarcastic tone.

All the other people are also very dumbfounded that the beggar-like girl could actually take out so much money with a calm look as if it's only 150 yuan that she is giving out.

The most dumbfounded was the girl who mocked saying she couldn't afford it as she was only a beggar but now she felt as if she broke her own legs with a stone.

She was so jealous and embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole at Xi xiao yue as she glared at her with red eyes.

Xi xiao yue just acted nonchalantly as she treated the girl as air and urged the receptionist to wake her from her reverie.

"Ah...this..d-dear guest, please wait just a moment as I finish the procedure immediately. Ahah...haha.. I-I am sorry for my previous behaviour as I was only blinded for the moment. Please don't take it to heart."

The receptionist gave an embarrassed laugh with an awkward smile hanging on her face as she finished booking the room and handed out they room keys and the change to Xi xiao yue.

" Here is your room key of VIP room Rose, dear guest. Please enjoy your stay here." Xi xiao yue takes the change and the keys as she heads towards her room leaving the sentence.

"I would like for my dinner to be served at my room." as the receptionist complied and said that they will deliver it right away.

While all this was taking place in the hotel, in the Xi family it was a different scene as Xi Ling had returned from his work and saw that his wife and daughters were in a bad mood with their faces as dark as the bottom of a pot.

He then asks them what happened to make them so angry. Mu yan replies, "Who else other than that bastard? She went out of the house so early in the morning and we only asked her where she went and what she did so as to not let her ruin our face but she would actually dare ask me who I was for her to tell her."

"She even slapped my hand away as I nearly fell on the floor. She also said that Chu'er was impure in thoughts and only distorted the truth as she only said the facts. That bitch even dared to leave the house saying not to come after her in the future to beg her to come back."

" Hmph! Who does she think she is? She is just a nobody so why would we even bother to beg her to come back?"

After Xi Ling heard it, he was very angry that Xi xiao yue actually dared to leave the house and be so impudent. But he didn't know where she went nor where she stayed now so he couldn't do anything but curse at her.

At Jing fei hotel

The hotel was 5 storeys tall with her room being on the 4th floor while the top floor was a private floor as there was the room of the owner and where the meetings are held.

She then enters her room by unlocking the key as she looks around it and says to herself, 'Not bad'.

It was way better than her own room at Xi family's house but still inferior to all the 5 star hotels she had stayed in as Li xiao yue. She then goes to take a bath as she was sweating with the jog in the morning and the gambling.

She then changes into her clean clothes that she brought from her room and stored in her space then she hears a knock on the door.

"Miss, your dinner is here." a young man's voice is heard from outside. "Coming." Xi xiao yue answers and then opens the door with her hair still wet.

She sees a young man of about 21 years old outside holding a tray full of expensive looking food, standing as he acts very disciplined.

He was actually kind of stunned by her beautiful face as she looked more alluring with her hair still wet and water droplets dripping down on her face.

"Mm. Thank you."

She takes the tray full of food as she thanks the young man and the latter gets out of his reverie as he bows and answers with politeness as he walks away in a hurry, blushing slightly.

Xi xiao yue then closes the door and sits at the couch and starts to eat. After finishing her dinner she then let's the young man take the dishes away and then collapses on her bed as she thinks.

'I have to legally cut my ties with the Xi family or else they will keep on bugging me to no end. And the school is going to start from the next week so I should first get myself a new house to stay then attend school.'

Xi xiao yue was a student in ying yue high school. She was only halfway through the first semester of high school year one.

The previous Xi xiao yue was not very good at her academics as she didn't have much time to study with all the mistreatment in her home so she wasn't liked by her head teacher and was left alone by other students.

"School, huh.... Its been so long since I have went to one. I will definitely live my school life and enjoy it to the fullest as I couldn't do so when I was Li xiao yue. And being left alone is the best I would want anyway as I don't want to bother with those young people and play house. But for those who bullied Xi xiao yue before, if they still dare to bother me then... I won't be polite!" as she thinks this through, she feels drowsy and falls asleep as her breath becomes even.

Author's note: I have made some changes in the 200 thousand yuan to 10 million yuan and some minor changes. I hope you are enjoying the story. ^^


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