After all the ruckus, Xi xiao yue had some hours of peaceful sleep till it was ruined again after the return of Xi Ling from work.

After Xi Ling came back from work, tired, he saw Mu yan, Xi mei mei and Xi chu chu on the floor 'crying'. As they saw Xi Ling coming from outside, they started to raise their pitch of crying a level.

Xi Ling was already tired so he got annoyed and asked them what happened and they fought each other to tell the story in more exaggerated way and even told him how Xi xiao yue dared to raise her hand on Mu yan and how her hand almost 'broke'.

After hearing what they said, Xi Ling blew his top and directly stormed off towards Xi xiao yue's room and just like what the mother and daughter did, he also started knocking the door as if wanting to demolish it and shouted.

"Xi xiao yue! You unfilial bastard! Get the hell out of the room, now! If you don't then I'll break the door and beat you to death!"

Xi xiao yue was sleeping when suddenly the shout and the barrage of knocking came. She was startled awake as she rubbed her eyes and got up, wondering if the sky has fallen down to make them so agitated.

She leisurely stretched her body and got up from bed, heading towards the door. As she opened the door, she could see her family members outside the door with red faces like a monkey's butt and Xi Ling jumping around shouting.

"What's up?" she said as she rubbed her eyes, still sleepy.

"You bitch dare say 'What's up?' to me? You even have the time and guts to sleep after hurting your mother and your little sister! Good. Good. I see that you haven't been disciplened for awhile and you have become more daring!"

After saying that he slaps Xi xiao yue with great strength where pa! Could be heard resounding in the quiet place, leaving a red and hot handprint on her fair white cheek.

Xi xiao yue wasn't prepared for it as she was still in her sleep so she wasn't guarded much and couldn't dodge it.

The slap was so strong that blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth. Xi xiao yue already wasn't in good health as she lacked nutrients and also the recent accident, so it lead her to be injured with only one slap.

"Now you know what mistake you made? Just because I wasn't at home, you would actually dare to be so gutsy as to order around your sisters and mother! If you dare to do it again, I will not hesitate to beat you to death and throw your corpse for dogs to eat!" after he said that he left to his room after venting his anger.

The mother and daughters were gloating on others suffering and went to do their own stuff after mocking Xi xiao yue openly.

Xi xiao yue was hiding her murderous gaze with a lowered head all this time after the slap. ' Xi family, this debt, I'll remember to pay you with a life worse than death!'

She lifted her head and glared at the leaving backs of the people as she vowed,not noticing that a drop of her blood dropped at her jade gourd pendant and got quickly absorbed.

She went back to her room after closing her door and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

"This Xi Ling is really cruel, slapping his daughter with such strength. This very much proves my own assumption that Xi xiao yue is not his daughter. But was she an orphan taken from an orphanage or something else is hidden?"

As she thinks that she tries to grab the jade gourd pendant on her neck but finds that the jade gourd pendant is missing. She tries to think where she put it in then she feels an excruciating pain in her head and faints on her bed.

It was already evening when she woke up after fainting. She couldn't comprehend what happened after a long time and then got up from the bed. As she was rubbing her head, she saw that she actually had a gourd shape mark on the left side of her neck.

The gourd shape red mark made her fair white and smooth neck look very alluring.She looked at it more carefully and found that it looked like a real birthmark but she couldn't remember her having such a birthmark then thought about the lost jade gourd pendant then everything dawned upon her.

"Am I still dreaming?" said Xi xiao yue as she still couldn't believe if the jade gourd was the cause of the gourd mark. But still believed it after thinking about her reincarnation and thought, 'This world really has many miracles.'

As she says that, she suddenly sees the other family members doing their own stuff through the wall. At first she thought she was hallucinating but after closing and rubbing her eyes she could still see them.

Then she tried to see the outside through the wall and then saw clearly, the sky, the sun and the buildings. She tried to see more but felt a little dizzy so she stopped.

She didn't realize that her eyes had some purple glimmer in her eyes now but it was only faint so no one could see it if not looked at it closely.

Xi xiao yue was Confused and excited about the unexpected supernatural ability and was trying to see till how much she can see through things. Then she thought about grabbing the towel to go and wash the blood on her face when suddenly the towel disappeared from the hanger and somehow appeared in her hand.

She was so startled that she almost threw the towel away. She couldn't understand what just happened so she thought to give it a try again. So she thought about grabbing the pant on the floor, then suddenly it disappeared and appeared on her hand when she thought for it.

Once she was sure it wasn't an illusion, she was very excited to have such an ability with her as this will make her plans much easier if she ever tried to see through things and store things for her convenience.

As she thought about it, she decided to try her ability in a more profiting stuff and that's gambling. Yes, gambling but not the one in casinos or the card games but raw stone gambling or jade gambling. Raw stone gambling is where people gamble whether a raw stone has a jade inside it or not.

It either makes one a millionaire in just one gamble or makes one bankrupt in just a day. It mostly depends on the knowledge about the raw stones and jade but most of all, it depends on one's luck.

If she really can see through everything then she will try to see if she can also see through the raw stones. If she can then she would have struck gold!

Just thinking about it makes her very excited as she goes to the kitchen for food. Of course, only leftovers are available for her to eat so she just grabs an apple from the fridge and goes to her room to eat.

Others were already in there room leaving the dishes in the sink for Xi xiao yue to wash but why would Xi xiao yue wash them? So she just goes to her room in leisure.

'I will visit the raw stone Market tomorrow. Its still the summer vacation so I don't have to go to school.' Xi xiao yue thinks to herself as she bites the apple.

The other day.

Xi xiao yue gets up early and goes out for a jog before anyone else gets up as she takes all her saving from her past part time jobs, 120 yuan and goes out of the house.

She jogs for an hour then walks around the nearby park. Raw stone Market is open at 8am so she still has 1 hour left. So she thinks about having her breakfast. She goes to a stall and buys some dumpling for 5 yuan.

There is a lake in the park where people fish or look at its tranquility. She sits randomly at a bench and eats the dumplings. As she finishes her breakfast, she gets up to go towards the raw stone Market.

The market is about 40 minutes far through bus from the park so she takes a bus to the market. After 40 minutes, she gets off at the stop and goes towards the stalls where raw stones are displayed with variety of price tags.

She then tries to use her power to see through it. What comes in her sight is white stones inside the raw stones, which means there isn't jade in it. As she looks at other places, finally finds a raw stone with jade in it. The jade is enveloped in a green light. The light isn't too strong nor too weak.

She goes towards the stall and grabs the raw stone with the jade. The stall owner sees that she is a young girl with shabby clothes so doesn't think much about it and ignores her.

"Hey, how much is this?" Xi xiao yue asks the stall owner as she fiddles with the raw stone in her hands.

"Hmm? You want to buy that raw stone?" asks the stall owner.

"Yes." she answers.

"How much do you want to offer?" the stall owner asks with shrewd light flashing through his eyes. 'I only got the raw stone for 30 yuan. Maybe I'll make a hundred yuan through it?' His eyes glow as he thinks as such but Xi xiao yue has already understood his thoughts so she only says," Just tell me the price."

"100 yuan." says the stall owner.

"100 yuan? Are you kidding me? All the others r only selling for 40 or 50 yuan for the raw stones as small as this and it is also only a low quality raw stone. Do you think you can deceive me just because I look young?" says Xi xiao yue with unconcealed sarcasm in her voice.

The stall owner didn't think that the seemingly young and naive looking girl would actually be so smart.

So he hurriedly says," Hahaha, please don't get angry. I was only joking. I can sell you this raw stone for 50 yuan."

"30 yuan" Xi xiao yue tries to bargain.

"40 yuan!" says the stall owner.

"okay, deal." says Xi xiao yue as she takes out 40 yuan from her pocket and gives it to the stall owner.

She then takes the raw stone and goes to a raw stone shop to cut the raw stone. There are many raw stones displayed inside the shop as the shop is not that big nor too small either.

There aren't much people trying to cut raw stones so she goes there to cut the stone. There is a fee for cutting raw stones from somewhere else so she pays 10 yuan and tell the worker to cut it.

"Do you want me to rub, cut directly or you want to draw lines?"asks the worker.

" I'll draw the line." as she says this, she draws the line according to the outline of the jade inside. She then let's the worker to cut the raw stone. When someone is cutting raw stone, there are people curious to see the result so many people gather around to see the process.

Although there might not be any jade inside, but they still find it fun to see it. If there isn't any jade then others feel pity but if there is one then they feel envy and jealousy.

With just one cut, the green is shown. A glass type green jade of medium quality. Everyone gasps at it and the worker's hand trembled so much that he almost dropped the raw jade.

"Its green, there is jade in it!" someone speaks up from the crowd.

"It could be only a small layer. Who knows." another one says with jealousy in his voice.

"I bid 50,000 yuan!" shouts out a middle aged man in a suit.

"I bid 60,000 yuan! Who is the owner of this raw stone?" says another man with fat belly.

"It's this young girl." a worker points at Xi xiao yue and says. Everyone is surprised that the owner of the possible jade raw stone is actually a young girl.

"This miss there, if you sell the raw stone to me now then I'll give you 60,000." says the fat man again.

"I am sorry but please wait till the raw stone is cut to bid for the jade." says Xi xiao yue as she is sure that there is a jade in it and of a good quality.

After getting the answer, everyone shuts up and looks at the process. The jade is finally cut out after some time and the jade is finally identified.

" It's, it's a medium quality glass-type hibiscus jade!" the worker cries out in excitement as he holds the palm sized jade in his hands.

Because of the commotion, the boss of the shop also came and was now burning with envy that he wasn't the one who cut it. But he could only endure as it wasn't his.

" Okay then, you can start bidding now." says Xi xiao yue. The jade is worth at least 10 million yuan so the bid starts from 500 thousand yuan.

"800 thousand yuan!" bids the same fat man.

"I bid 890 thousand yuan!" says another person.

"1 million yuan!" says the fat man again.
"10 million yuan!" a voice from the back of the crowd comes out with such a high bidding. Everyone parts aside and a middle aged man comes out from the crowd while raising his right hand.

"I bid 10 million yuan for the jade!" he says that again. As the price has already reached that high, no one would want to bid for it as there is no profit with price much higher than that so the fat man gives up bidding.

"Who is the owner of the jade?" asks the middle aged man.

"I am." says Xi xiao yue.

"So you are the young miss who owns this jade. As I bid, 10 million yuan for the jade so would you like the payment to be through cash or bank transfer?" asks the middle aged man.

"I do not have any card so I would trouble you to pay me through cash, sir." Says Xi xiao yue.

Because of her neither too humble nor arrogant personatily, the middle aged man has a good impression of Xi xiao yue so he hands his business card to her.

"I am Long jinyu, the president of the Long jewelers company. If you ever cut out any other jade then do remember me to sell it." says Long jinyu as he tells his assistent to hand over the money as he takes the jade.

"Thank you Mr. Long. If I ever got one then I will definitely remember you to sell." says Xi xiao yue as she takes the business card and the cash full of briefcase.

"Then I will be leaving now. See you later." after saying that, Long jinyu leaves the shop.
Everyone there looks at Xi xiao yue with envy and jealousy but they can't do anything as they aren't that lucky so the crowd disperses.

Xi xiao yue leaves the shop and goes around an empty alley and stores the money in her space. 'Now that I have made some money and am sure that I can see through the raw stones then this makes everything much easier. I can open a jewelery shop and sell high quality jade. It can be said that I have finally taken the first step towards my goal.'


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