As Li Xiao Yue, also now known as Xi Xiao Yue made the vow, the door was swung open from outside and a middle aged woman came in along with a middle aged man.

They didn't look very happy and started to scold Xi Xiao Yue right after coming inside the room.

"You bastard! How could you be so careless as to run without a care and get into an accident?! Because of you, we had to spend so much money! Do you think money comes from a tree?"

Said the woman, who was also the so called mother of Xi Xiao Yue. Mu Yan glared at Xi Xiao Yue and blamed her only for wasting money but didn't ask about her health.

" If you dare to get into trouble again then don't think that we won't kick you out of the house! We have already spent so much money to give you food and clothing, now you want us to waste more of our money on your pathetic self??" said Xi Ling with anger and loathing in his voice and expression.

" Anyway, I have already asked the doctor for discharge. We will go back home whether you get better or not tomorrow. I'll teach you a lesson when we are back home. Hmph! "

Xi Ling went out of the room after he finished saying that. Mu yan also followed him out and closed the door.

" Wow, they are more hateful than I thought they would be. I wonder how Xi Xiao Yue survived with all these people around her with her naive and timid personality."

She took her sight back from the two as they went out and said with unconcealed disgust in her voice. She laid down as she thought about her plans for the future.

' First of all, I should think of a way to break her relation with the Xi family and make money. To make my own business empire, I should have a huge capital but I am still a minor and cannot do business so I should make proper plans and find some loyal people to work under me.'

As the heiress of the Li family, she had to learn many things and become perfect in those aspects such as education, socialising, self defense, etc.

She was the genius of Li family with great intelligence, beauty, knack in business and great at dealing with other great personages which accumulated the experiences and made to be known as the youngest genius businesswoman.

Although she had to quit school after her parent's death, she was still very knowledgeable and could still make a name for herself.

'sighh...this still feels so unreal for me. Betrayal from my loved ones, death, reincarnation as someone else, a second chance to enjoy my life as a normal student. This makes me nervous but also excited to enjoy my life to the fullest and to make those who brought me down suffer, to make my name resound in the whole world again. I will definitely live this second life as I want, punish those who provoke me and protect those who care for me.'

As she thought as such, her consciousness drifted away in the land of dreams.


Late at night around 2am, Xi Xiao Yue saw the realistic image of the betrayal, the mockery, the pain in her chest and the bloody self before her death as her brows creased into a deep frown and cold sweat formed around her forehead.

She jolted up from the bed with her eyes wide open and screamed out of the nightmare.

She panted heavily and looked around her surrounding and felt her chest and relaxed a bit after realising it was only a nightmare and that she was now someone else.

She gulped down the water beside her bed and placed it back. As she calmed down, she tried to fall asleep but to no avail and she passed her night with no sleep. Every second felt like an hour for her.


Early in the morning at 7am, her father brought her back home after her discharge from the hospital by bus. He kept on an ugly face throughout the journey.

They made it home after about 25 minutes. The house wasn't that big, only a small house with a kitchen, one bathroom, three rooms,the smallest one being Xi xiao yue's and the biggest being the Xi couple's.

She went back to her room and saw that it was even smaller than her previous life's bathroom with only a few daily necessities like bed, wardrobe, a study table and some small decorations bought by Xi Xiao Yue herself through part time jobs.

'The condition of Xi Xiao Yue is really bad at her home.' Xi Xiao Yue looked around as she thought to herself. She closed the door and sat on the bed.

Only a thin quilt was there as the bed was of poor quality which made squeaky sound while sitting on it.

After she made herself comfortable on her room, a pair of footsteps resounded outside her room.

Before, she had to train for her self defense, she had also made sure to train her senses to the peak as doing business isn't that safe as it seems.

So she could hear the things going on around her even if it's just a whisper, what more the loud footsteps. She focused on the footsteps. It then stopped outside her room and came a barrage of knocks and a shout from a girl.

"Hey, Xi Xiao Yue ! What are you doing inside your room? Come out and do the laundry! Who will do it if not you, you bastard!"

It was actually Xi Mei Mei who always pretended to be pure and kind in front of other people who shouted outside the door in an arrogant manner,as if talking to a servant not her eldest sister.

" Are you dead? Why aren't you opening your door while I am telling you to do so!?" Says Xi Mei Mei in an angry voice and knocked at the door as if wanting to break it down.

Xi Xiao Yue got up from the bed and went towards the door. She opened it and saw a girl of about the same height with better quality clothes than her own and neatly braided hairstyle.

This might make you feel that she is a cute and kind girl but the current expression and the desdain filled eyes ruined the overall impression about her.

"What do you want?" says Xi Xiao Yue coldly.

"What?" Xi Mei Mei blanked out for a second as she didn't ever imagine that Xi Xiao Yue would actually talk back and question her what she wanted.

"What, what? If you don't have any business then get lost. Don't disturb me!" Says Xi Xiao Yue and she closed the door but Xi Mei Mei regained her thoughts and stopped her from closing the door.

"You dare to close the door at me!? Xi Xiao Yue , you want to die?!" Xi Mei Mei gritted her teeth and shouted at Xi xiao yue.

"Who the hell are you for me to not dare close the door? If you don't have anything good to do other than disturbing me then go and do the laundry yourself!" said Xi Xiao Yue without leaving any face for Xi Mei Mei.

"You.." Xi Mei Mei was left speechless from the change in Xi Xiao Yue. She thought to herself, 'Since when did this bitch get the guts to refute me and even insult me?'

"You bastard! You dare to be so arrogant in front of me! I'll go and tell my mom how you insulted and refused to do the laundry right now and let her punish you!"

Xi Mei Mei left, stamping her foot after she finished saying this and went to complain to her mom, Mu Yan. Xi Xiao Yue didn't care about it and closed the door to rest.

After hearing what her daughter said as she exaggerated the story, Mu Yan's face became red from anger and stormed off towards Xi Xiao Yue's room and knocked at the door while scolding her.

"Xi Xiao Yue , you bitch! You dare to say such things to your little sister! As the big sister, you should give in to your younger sister and do as she says! And you actually dared to tell her to do the house chores herself! Do you think that you can sit without doing any work as a freeloader in this house?! Come out or else I'll beat you to death!"

Xi Xiao Yue felt extremely irritated at her ramblings and opened the door as she said," Can't you mother and daughter let me rest in peace? Coming outside my door and knocking as if to break it down one after another. Or do you think that you have got so much money to replace the door or what?"

Mu Yan at first blanked out just like Xi Mei Mei did before and then after processing what she just said, got more angry and raised her hand to slap her as she shouted ," You bitch dare to shout at me!"

As her hand got closer to Xi Xiao Yue's face, her hand was then grabbed by a small, fair hand. The small hand twisted the big hand and Mu Yan cried out in pain.

"Ahh!! Let go!! You bastard! Let go of my hand! Do you want to die??" Mu Yan flailed around and shouted in pain as she threatened Xi Xiao Yue to let go of her hand that she was twisting around.

"It's what you got for trying to hit me. If you want me to let go then you should get lost after this without any bullshitting. I want peace in my surroundings so shut your loud mouth." says Xi Xiao Yue as she tightened her hand around the Mu Yan's wrist. Mu Yan shouted out again in pain.

" You bitch! Let go of mom's hand!" Xi Mei Mei finally came to reality and tried to separate Xi Xiao Yue's hand from her mother's.

" I am warning you. Don't come in front of me again to flaunt around or else you will be in more pain than what u felt today." After she warned the pair of mother and daughter, she then let go of her wrist and slammed the door at their face.

"You..!" The mother and daughter pair were left outside with their words stuck in their throat.

"This bitch, just after coming back from the hospital she has become so daring as to hurt me! Let's see how much she can jump around after her father comes back home. Hmph!" after saying that, the pair of mother and daughter went away with pent up anger in their stomach.

" Tch. Making my mood worse. I should really think of a way to get out of this house filled with snakes and scorpions to set up my plans."

As she said that, she then patted her chest and felt something around her neck. "Hmm? What's this?"

She found a jade gourd pendant which looked a little old and worn out. If it weren't worn out, the Xi family would have definitely sold it than leave it on her.

"A jade pendant? Where did this come from again?" as she searched around her memories, she found that she had this jade gourd pendant with her since she was a small child.

"But who would even give me this as its still a genuine jade although it doesn't seem like real because of being worn out and old. There seems to be some secrets hidden behind this jade pendant...."

A glint passed through her eyes as she assumed something about it then let go of the jade gourd pendant in her hand.

"Whatever the secret is, time will tell me. I just have to solve my current problem before anything else. Then I can take my time to find out."


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