Rebirth: The badass young lady



Chapter 1:The past and the new me



The girl lying on the bloody floor struggled to move but the pain made her unable to stifle a groan from escaping her mouth which was filled with her own blood from vomiting it due to her internal injuries. 

She tried to look up at the couple who were the cause of this situation of her life hanging on a small thread, so close to death that all she wanted to do was to bring them down to hell with her. But the injury on her body wouldn't let her do so.

"Haha, my ear elder sister, do you know how pathetic you look right now?" said Li Miao with mockery and disdain filled voice.

"It's your fault for being better than me in all aspects, status, academics, talents, looks, everything! Why? Why should you be the only one who is held in everyone's eyes with admiration, envy, jealousy!? I am the one who should be in that position! I am the true heiress of Li family!" said Li Miao while gritting her teeth.

" hah... You..are *cough* *cough*" said Li Xiao Yue with hatred and pain filled in her eyes while glaring at Li Miao with a murderous gaze.

" You bitch! You dare say that even when you're facing death itself! *sneer* You can be as arrogant as you want as this will be the last time that you can be so arrogant and prideful in this life!"

After saying that, Li Miao held the right arm of Qi feng, who, at the moment was looking at Li xiao yue coldly and rubbed her head affectionately at his arm.

"Even Qi ge is mine now and only loves me. He only pretended to love you for only this moment, to erase you from the face of earth! Hmph."

Qi Feng looked at Li Miao with loving eyes and hugged her in his embrace and says, "Of course I'm only yours. This kind of unwomanly and ruthless woman isn't worthy of even comparing to you."

Li Xiao Yue glared at them with bone-deep hatred. 'And I thought he was the true love of my life, the missing piece of my lonely life but he was only a despicable traitor who actually had all of this planned while showing me such gentle and loving expression and the sweet nothings he said were nothing but lies.'

' The seemingly lovely and clingy younger sister whom I doted on very much as she was the only close family left in my life was actually such a wolf in sheep's clothing, scheming against me from who knows how long just because of jealousy and greed. ' She thought that as her eyes revealed sorrow and pain.

How laughable it was that the great eldest daughter of the Li family, the once in a lifetime genius actually fell from the pedastal because of her own loved ones and let those who truly cared for her down. Li Xiao Yue scoffed at herself as if to lament at her own stupidity.

'After the death of my parents at the tender age of 15, I took up the resposibities as I handled the assets and the business left by my father, protecting the property from the claws of those snake-like relatives, looking after my young sister as I made name for myself as a genius businesswoman at only the age of 16 and the most sought-after woman with billions of assets at the age of 20.'

' But what I got for all the hard work is betrayal by my own younger sister and the one that I loved and whom I thought also loved me pushed me to the depth of hell just because of the wealth and riches. So pathetic!' She thought that in deep regret then felt her life escaping out of her body slowly.

She then looked up at the two in front of her and swore with weak but cold and chilly voice, "Even..if.. I were to...become a g..ghost.,I will come..back and..haunt you..and two and anyone..who betrayed depth of..18th levels..of hell! Li Miao! Qi Feng! I'll remember...this debt..and pay you..back..a hundred fold!"

Her vision got blurry after she finished saying this and started to lose her consciousness as she imprinted the image of the two hateful couples to her heart so that she wouldn't forget the cause of her painful life and death even when she became a ghost.

Darkness enveloped her consciousness as only a still warm corpse was left behind.


"argh.." 'What happened? Didn't I die?'

Li Xiao Yue tried to open her eyes as she felt the pain on her head surreal. 'Why is my head hurting while I was stabbed at my chest and abdomen by Li Miao?'

Li Xiao Yue opened her eyes and squinted as she couldn't adjust to the sudden light and opened her eyes slowly.

What came in her sight was a white ceiling. She looked around her and found herself in a hospital ward, lying on a patient's bed,an IV needle stuck in her wrist. This scene made her very confused and found it unbelievable.

'Did someone save me?' is what she thought first.

Still in a daze about the situation, a sudden head-splitting pain made Li Xiao Yue to let out a pained groan and hold her head with her left hand.

Some unfamiliar memories flashed through her eyes as if a clip from a movie and finally stoped, letting her know the situation she was in.

'Is this the so-called reincarnation that's so popular in novels?' Li Xiao Yue couldn't adapt herself into this bizarre situation and scrolled through her new memories or to say the memories of the previous host.

'So the previous host was named Xi xiao yue, 15 years old, timid and shy in nature. Her name is the same as me except the surnames. Is that why I got to occupy her body?'

She found in her memories that Xi Xiao Yue was a daughter of Xi family, a low-class family in the Ying city. She became scared of socialising with others because of the insults and scolding from her family and became very quiet and docile.

They would always call her ugly this ugly that and scold her for even a small mistake which led her to lose her self- confidence.

She used to be good in her studies but kept on declining on her academics as she grew up. She would even get bullied at school by the xi twin sisters and other followers.

Her father, Xi Ling, is just a factory worker with the monthly income of 2000 yuan which is only enough for feeding the family who is 35 in age.

Her mother, Mu Yan, is gentle but estranged from her eldest daughter as she only dotes on her other twin daughters, Xi Mei Mei and Xi Chu Chu.

They treated Xi Xiao Yue lower than a servant in the house and let her do all the house chores,only getting leftovers to eat. They even beat her up if she tried to talk back or just vented their anger on her.

The reason why the previous host died is because of the revelation that her boyfriend, Fu Shu, actually only had a relationship with her cause of a gamble with his friends to see if they can be couples for a month.

Fu Shu is a good looking boy who is good at his studies, sports and is loved by many girls in the school, Xi Xiao Yue included. When Fu Shu proposed to her, she thought that she finally found someone to rely on but reality was really bleak.

This broke the heart of the pure and naive Xi Xiao Yue and she ran without any care for her surrounding and got into a car accident. She was taken to a hospital but still died and the one after waking up was already replaced by Li Xiao Yue.

'The previous host really was pitiful. Although, as the eldest young lady from Li family, I had to take on heavy responsibilities as the heiress of my father's business, I had to become perfect in everything, always busy in business trips, reports, documents, partnerships, business deals, so I couldn't enjoy the youth the same as other young generation but I still was able to live freely for some extent.

'While Xi Xiao Yue couldn't. She was at least able to attend school but still wasn't able to make her life better.'

As she thought as such, she lifted the corner of her lips and said in a low voice, "Don't worry, I, Li xiao yue will help you take revenge and also avenge myself! Xi family, Li miao, Qi feng and everyone who hurt me and my loved ones, prepare yourself, as I, Li xia yue, am back!"


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