Chapter 44: Orchid Auction House.

Abium watched the opponent's status and startled a little.

‘An apprentice mage? And it seems like he already built four spell models.’

"Well, I didn't expect to meet a fellow apprentice mage here. So what do you want, Mister?"

A deep and loud voice came from that red-robed apprentice mage.

Abium felt a venomous snake was watching him. But before he could say anything, he sensed danger coming from below.

"Shadow bind" A low mutter came from that Mage's mouth. Next instant, Abium felt a slight movement under his feet.

His own shadow crept around his legs and bound him on the spot. He tried to cast 'blink' spell once again, but that apprentice mage's spell nullified his own. That shadow soon covered half of his body and made him immobilize. Abium didn’t want to give up and threw his attack spell.

'Red Orb'

A small fire orb emerged from his hand. Without any delay, he sends that towards that Mage. The next moment, he found his body came back to his control. The shadow soon disappeared under his feet.

‘Wind Shield.’

Soon Abium shifted his gaze towards the opponent and shocked. A transparent shield appeared out of nowhere then blocked his fire orb.

'BOOM' The fire explosion shook the area, and soon the fire expanded.

It devoured the nearby two soldiers, and soon it vanished from there, leaving two charred bodies behind. Abium soon noticed a few cracks on that transparent shield and appeared still stood protected that apprentice mage.

That apprentice mage walked towards him while holding that dagger with a poisonous glare.

Without wasting any time, Abium cast another 'Red Orb.' This time after contacting that red orb, that transparent shield broke into multiple pieces.

"Oh? You still want to fight?" That apprentice mage gave a wicked smile towards him. Next instant, Abium took out that mithril sword and cast.


Next instant, Abium vanished from there and reappeared behind that apprentice mage's behind and thrust that sword with all his might.

But to his astonishment, another transparent shield emerged, and a clanging sound reverberated inside that ruined building.

Abium now had a cautious expression because fighting an apprentice mage made him realize he holds no advantage against the opponent at all! He soon cast another ‘blink’ spell and reappeared a few meters away.

‘Damn! Is it that hard to battle against an apprentice mage?’ He rubbed his forehead and pondered.

That apprentice mage noticed his cautious behavior and spoke in a sinister tone.

"Kid, I don't know where you learned magic, but you have no experience in battling against a mage. Let me teach you what the real magic will look like!"

Once he spoke those words, Abium noticed another shadow bind appeared out of nowhere and already bound his movement. He didn’t see when that Mage cast this spell at all!

‘Fuck! if he cast another shadow bolt, then I will be dead for sure.’

"What do you want?" Abium glared at the figure and spoke in a cold tone.

"Keke, don't think you can negotiate with me, kid. Building two spells don’t make you a mage. Without mana, you can’t be even able to run away from me. Kekekeke, of course, I will take everything. First, you will be my slave."

Abium narrowed his eyes a bit when that Mage mentioned he doesn't have any mana and snickered inside.

‘Ha! At least I still have mana to cast another five more spells.’

When that Mage walked closer, Abium took the opportunity and cast 'Red Orb' spell one after another.

When that apprentice mage suddenly sensed elemental fire fluctuation once again appeared around that half-elf, he startled.

‘He still has more mana? Then why didn’t he built another spell model? Damn rat! Trying to fool me?’

Once again, a transparent shield appeared and blocked Abium’s two spells, and that shield soon crumbled. Before that apprentice mage tries to cast another spell, he noticed that half-elf.

Another red Orb spell emerged from Abium’s hand and already arrived in front of him. That apprentice mage’s expression went like a white sheet. Without hesitation, he thought surrendering was the correct option and shouted in panic.

“I-I surrender! Don’t kill me!”

But Abium didn’t stop and swiftly send his spell towards the opponent.


Two explosions appeared, and the next moment that fire devoured that apprentice mage.


A pitiful yell echoed inside that abandoned church and soon died down.

'THUD' That charred body motionlessly fell down and soon other soldiers' expression turned grave.


Immediately a soldier ran into the woods while screaming in panic; meanwhile, all other soldiers followed him behind.

Abium didn’t have any energy to chase after them, and he turned his gaze towards that fat merchant. Only that fat slave merchant and other six slaves remained.

Although that slave merchant tried to run with his bulk body, Abium wouldn't let him escape at all.

Abium's amber eyes scanned that slave merchant and noticed no signs of any triple head snake tattoo.

"Where are we?" Abium sudden question made that slave merchant perplexed and soon responded.

"W-We a-are in count Tibal's territory, my lord."

"Which slave organization are you working for?"

A chilling voice emerged from Abium's lips made that slave merchant to froze in fear.

"I-It's E-Eagle eye organization, my lord!"

"Oh? Okay, then tell me, do you know anything about Fairy?"

Once the word 'Fairy' appeared out of his mouth, that slave trader shivered even more.

Without wasting any moment, Abium gripped him and ordered.

"Tell me what you know? If you hide anything from me, then I will make you more miserable. You got it?"

"Y-Yes, my lord! I heard from my friend a month ago that they caught a fairy near Roseglen city and planning on auctioning it."

Abium listened to his reply and slowly unchained the other slaves and asked that slave merchant.

"So, where are they keeping that fairy now?"

"My lord, they already transported her to the Orchid auction house. She will be auctioned on 21 st December."

That Merchant spoke in a cautious tone and slowly tried to take out something from his pocket. But, Abium's eyes caught that movement, and he thrust that sword to that slave Merchant's neck.


The blood-splattered and dyed the ground from that Merchant's neck. Soon Abium noticed the slave mark on the other slave girls' forehead started to vanish.

"Escape from here before those soldiers come with more reinforcements."

Once Abium spoke those words, everyone quickly bowed towards him and moved away. Soon he found himself stood alone in that abandoned church. The small lamps hanging around nearby gave dim light to the surroundings.

‘Eagle eye, huh! Then they will come after us once that auction is over. Those greedy bastards!’

Abium sighed and thought of how they would escape after that auction. If his guess was right, then Helena already met with Kuran, his dwarf friend. And somehow Baron Auguinare also accompanied Helena, which made Abium puzzled.

Abium shook his head and bent down to picked up a small orb from that slave merchant's pocket and examined.

'Communication orb' He instantly recognized.

In the past, he also used these orbs to communicate with his friends after he became a fourth-tier warrior.

‘Ha! He didn’t send any warning signal.’

He quickly let out another heavy sigh and walked towards that charred body of that apprentice mage. Soon he saw that dagger, and it piqued his interest.

Once he touched, information emerged in front of his eyes.



Name Wicked dagger
Rank Intermediate-tier
Element Darkness
Spell Mind control (First-tier spell)

When he read that spell name, Abium instantly understood.

‘So that was the cause of those slave girls' death.’

Soon his eyes once again shifted to that charred body. No! Precisely that dead body's left hand.

'Spatial ring!'

He knew every Mage posses spatial ring, but he never knew what holds inside there.

He quickly picked it up and marked it with his mana.

'Low tier spatial ring.'

He observed inside that small space and saw many mid-tier and some high tier magic stones, white gold coins, and some glasses which contain eyeballs, tooth, blood, etc.

At first, Abium thought of throwing those materials away but soon figured it might be useful for mages.

Once he transferred all those materials inside his high tier spatial ring, he disappeared into the woods.

Four days later, early in the morning, a half-elf wearing a black hood and stood outside of the Dewsummit city gate.

‘Thank god I made it before the start of that grand auction!’

Usually, it would take six to seven days from count Tibal’s territory to the Royal capital by carriage. But Abium somehow continuously traveled to the Royal capital and arrived here a few hours before the auctioning.

He noticed there were more than a thousand peoples waited outside the gate. During the journey, he overheard a few news that startled him a little.

The royal banquet postponed due to the light church's involvement, which caused chaos all over the kingdom.

And one more thing Abium puzzled about was the current king, Sewallus.

‘He is still alive. But how? That curse should have killed him already, right?’

In the past, the king died during the Royal banquet, which caused a massive panic. What Abium didn't expect was they postponed to the day before the new year, which was only eight days away.

While he was contemplating on what to do, that large metal gate opened with a creaking sound.

One by one, people paid the toll fees and entered into the city. Abium also took out five silvers and gave it to the gatekeeper. And they soon let him in after some inquiry.

Once he entered inside, he soon saw the six heaven-touching cylindrical magic towers, hundreds of meters in the air.

From where those towers located, however, Abium felt a stronger kind of magical energy, as if there were multiple layers of waves radiating outwards endlessly.

The power was so strong that it made Abium shuddered a little. It seemed like the existence of those towers was the reason for the abnormal energy.

First-tier royal mages? He thought. In the past, he didn't sense any spiritual or any elemental fluctuations, but now he knew these beings guarding the city.

‘Maybe they already sensed my arrival.’ He guessed.

Soon he shook those thoughts and raced towards the Orchid auction house. Today was the grand auction day, and he didn't have any time to meet up with Helena. He knew she would be there already eagerly waiting for him.

The Orchid grand auction event happens every three months.

The auction lasts for one and a half-day, and it happens only in the capital. Only nobles and merchants had the right to participate in the auctioning.

If he wants to participate in that auction, then he must hold register beforehand. When someone made a bid, they need to use distinctive signs to show how much the increase would be.

In case someone won the bid, they could choose it to take it away or wait to bid for more items. If someone didn't have any money with them, then they must pay within a day; otherwise, the Orchid auction house members would confiscate the items.

Now Abium indeed had very less amount of money to participate in that upcoming grand auction. He had no more than 100 white gold coins. If he wants to rescue Helena's sister, then he needs more money.

'What should I do…'

'What if I sold that small mithril I got from that undead soldier? I have that mithril sword, but I didn't want to sell because I knew the value is much more. should I sell one or two of those unique crystals?' While he was pondering, Azolla's voice echoed.

'Kid! Sell that nether crystal in your ring and one ice crystal. These two are the materials less valuable in your ring.' Once he heard those reply without hesitation, he nodded.

Abium tapped his finger, and soon, two materials appeared in his hand. He quickly kept it separately inside his pocket and continued his walk.

The Orchid Auction house was on the Merchant's main street. It was 500 meters away from the Merchant's guild and Adventurer's guild.

An astronomical amount of white golds flow in and out of this place every three months. No force would provoke Orchid Auction house.

Everyone knew that although Orchid Auction house wasn't revealing, it's a real strength behind it stood the Kummiths institute of magic, which considered as a first-rated force in the surrounding kingdoms.

Now, Abium was standing outside the Orchid Auction house. After explaining why he had come, someone quickly let him inside. The Orchid Auction house took up a whole section of a street, and it's interior was simply like a labyrinth.

Abium followed that person for about a few minutes before arriving at a small reception room.


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