In a sonic bang Kaguya broke the sphere that was holding her next to Hagoromo and appears behind Yujiro with the speed of the sound "Die, Ogre!"

Yujiro who was having fun making Tsukuyomi a punching bag, feels danger coming from his back, he manages to dodge from Kaguya's attack that was focusing on destroying his heart, but he didn't come out unscathed from her attack.

"Tsk." Kaguya felt annoyed that she only cut off Yujiro's arm, she then attacked Yujiro with her spear-shaped tails trying to pierce his entire body.

"Hahahaha, you're trying to kill me, aren't you?" Yujiro says while smiling, not caring that his arm is cut off, he takes Tsukuyomi who was bloody and full of wounds with his other arm and holds him by his neck.

Kaguya does not answer him, she is too worried about Tsukuyomi to care what Yujiro is talking about, she looks at Tsukuyomi's body and realizes that his regeneration is taking too long to cure his body. "Let him go, Ogre!" She approaches him again at the speed of sound, but she stops in the middle of the way when she realizes that Yujiro is using her beloved as a meat shield, veins start popping in her temple and she screams in anger: "BASTARD!

"Hahahaha, don't be angry, Kaguya, we're in a fight trying to kill each other, not in a sports competition!"

"!" The people watching the fight are surprised by Kaguya's appearance, but they are even more surprised by Yujiro's low-level tactics.

"Tsk, he let his guard down." Bardock grumbled looking at Yujiro who lost his arm.

"He's using a child as a meat shield! Is he not ashamed!?" Gina who was near Bardock says she's angry.

"Don't be silly, Sayajin, this is a fight and not a sports competition... But it gives a bad taste in the mouth to see a man as strong as Yujiro use such a low-leveled tactic." Kure Erioh says, slightly angered at Yujiro behavior.

"It just shows how trapped he is, at least that's what he's trying to make his opponent think..." Hagoromo says with a smile on his face.

Suddenly a crack opens up beside Hagoromo.

"!" Everyone present is surprised to see space distorting and three women with the Otsutsuki Clan symbol on their clothes.

Naomi and Akemi start looking for Tsukuyomi, when they hear the bang coming from the sky, they look in that direction and get irritated: "TSUKUYOMI! That bastard dares to do that to my son!" Naomi screams in anger, bones came out of her body and her hair starts to float, defying gravity, without her noticing, her eyes started to change, her old white eyes change into a wavy pattern with six rings on her eyeball.

"!" Haruka looks shocked at Naomi's eyes that changed to Rinnegan, but unlike normal Rinnegan, Naomi's has a white color with the crescent moon symbol in the middle of her eyes. - She awakened a variation of Rinnegan, I wouldn't be shocked if it was just that, but... Why do I feel like her Rinnegan was influenced by that boy? Was it because of his divine energy? – Haruka thought, still a bit confused.
"I'll kill him!" Akemi says angrily when she sees the condition of her daughter and her nephew, she activates her Rinnegan and summons the six Gudoudamas along with her Chakra mantle, what Akemi didn't realize is that her Chakra cloak and her Gudoudamas have also changed.

Unlike the normal Chakra cloak, Akemi's Chakra cloak now has symbols of the moon scattered around her cloak, on the neck of her cloak, the ancient drawings of the Magatamas have been replaced by drawings of all phases of the moon.

"!" Once again Haruka is shocked to see how Akemi's Chakra mantle has changed. - How the hell is she using divine energy!? And what the hell are those symbols scattered all over her Chakra mantle? Why is her Gudoudamas white!? Damn it! It's that kid's fault, I'm sure of it! - She thinks. (I know I'm bad at description. Just think of the chakra mantle as Toneri. The only difference is that their cloak is white with symbols of the moon scattered around the body, Images in Patreon or Discord).

"!" Everyone is shocked by the changes in Akemi and Naomi's appearance.

Hagoromo realizing that his daughters will interfere with the fight, he says in a calm tone. "Naomi, Akemi, stay calm, it's all under control, no need to interfere."

Hearing their father's voice, Naomi and Akemi look at him with cold eyes and veins appeared in their temples. "How this is under control! Look at the state of my son and say that again!" Naomi screams, looking at him with her newly acquired Doujutsu.

Hagoromo felt surprised for a moment after seeing Naomi's eyes but soon, he composed himself and said, "They made a bet, if they last ten seconds against Yujiro the three clans here would give their clan techniques to Tsukuyomi."

Naomi and Akemi look at the elders of the other clans for confirmation, they see the elders waving their hands, confirming Hagoromo's words, seeing this, they nodded but anger could be clearly felt through their beautiful eyes.

Listening to what he just said, Haruka narrowed her eyes in distrust, she knows this old man very well, if he's trying to avoid making his daughters interfere it's because he must have planned for the events to occur like this. "Hagoromo, when you finish this matter you owe me explanations..." She says with a tone that she won't take no for an answer.

"Yes, Haruka-sama." Hagoromo replied, cold sweat flowing down his back.

Haruka decides not to intervene and watches the fight, she is prepared to save the lives of her clan heir and heiress if necessary.

Hagoromo, looking at the worried expression of his daughters, says with a dignified tone: "You don't have to worry too much, I haven't interfered in the fight because my grandchildren's lives weren't at risk yet, and this fight will help them a lot in the future."

Hearing their father's words, they reluctantly accept his words, however, they do not deactivate their powers and kept watching with an expression that could frighten anyone with a weak heart.

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