Mahou Shoujo Reincarnation


Raven Frostwing

Chapter 2: The change that occurs once the mana of the magical girl starts to flow freely


Chapter 2: The change that occurs once the mana of the magical girl starts to flow freely

She had a dream where she was in her middle school uniform and walking down the street, whilst looking at the sky something fell and she ran towards it in concern as a result she found a person a girl slightly older than her probably in high school already, it wasn’t a dangerous criminal just a normal girl in some mahou shoujo cosplay. To her own surprise this girl who was bruised all over gives Sae something that something became the start of her being a mahou shoujo at first it was fun but then it started to affect her daily. Her parents were slaughtered by tentacles of one the generals of that organization, her best friend who also ended up a mahou shoujo sacrificed herself to allow her to live. The memory of herself was erased from all people who knew her, the goal of destroying the organization called MITHRAS was over but even then she was going to end up a horrible mahou shoujo monster that would devour and enslave humans for some time.

She woke up pretty depressed as she dreamt of a future where she was a monster, Sae looked out the window and saw it was already in the morning. Seeing that she was probably tired from the transfer of worlds she got to her feet but felt weird it was as if the room was somewhat smaller, there was a big disparity in her. She looked downwards and saw her body was that of a real teenager entering her twenties rather than a young girl, although she was still flat (sob) she had grown into a body that fitted her mental age. It was then she realized what it was, ever since she left Earth her mana which was constantly growing at the same time adjusting itself finally transfixed itself into a stable and natural form like those of this world. Now Sae was sure she could use her former spells from home, dressed in her school uniform which was a black and red seifuku she went out of her room locking it before she left. As she went directly to the bar where she was to receive food and sat where Kora could see her.

“Eh?Are you perhaps ojou-chan’s older sister?”

“No I am Sae herself”

“Please do not joke Sae-ojou was not this adult looking”

“Uuuuuuu……….it is me, I was suffering from Mana Deficiency”

“Ohh that disease I see, it seems yours was a super rare case”

“Yes it was”

“Here is your food ojou-chan”

“Thank you”

Her food was bread and some soup with eggs, it wasn’t much but it was enough to fill her stomach. Deciding it was now time to visit the Adventurer’s Guild, walking was now easy for her as she could now see the places her short body couldn’t see. As usual people were staring at her even all the way to the guild, when she got there the stereotypical rowdiness of a guild was heard as metal cups full of ale ringed in the air.

“Yo!!!Ojou-chan is that you or you are her older sister?!”

“Its me Grem-san”

Grem was all smiles as usual even after getting interrogated by her it ended quite quickly. The receptionist who was at her area was glad that Sae knew Grem too as soon as she came to town but then ‘that’ happened .

“Hah?Is that a brat at the reception?”


“Oi kid you should beat it this is not the place for brats like you”

“Ueeeeeh your breath stinks”


“Someone take this guy away he is making me puke”

“I don’t care whether you are a girl or not!!!IMMA TEACH YOU A LESSON!!!”

Sae grabbed his large log like arm before it could even reach her pushing him down to the ground, afterwards she lifts his whole body up with her hand by holding him by the hair.

“Anyone else with a problem?”

Everyone shivered as she said that, Sae took the man in her left hand and threw him into the table he sat, with a smile on her face Sae turned to the receptionist. She looked like an angel and because she was able to defeat around 9 orcs in one go she was already made a rank E. Although she was surprised that Grem was actually the strongest in the guild it was something that was really disturbing.

“Time to buy some equipment!!!”

“Uh um”

“Stop right there”

A familiar voice rang in the midst of them, feeling like was her best friend’s own Sae turned around there before her was a girl with light green hair and purple eyes that were under a pair of glasses, with her hair tied into a ponytail wearing a white leather coat with a skirt of the same color and boots. In her light green hair was also a pair of cat ears as a tail of the same color came out from her back swaying side to side. Her white skin acted like as if she was always inside of a building, and her beauty was drop dead. This was her friend who always made everyone smile as well and sacrificed herself for her she was “Magical Girl Flare” also known as Yoshioka Rin.


“My name is Rin Fatalis Mephisto Hueria!!!Pleased to meet you!!”

“I forgot about her she is a new arrival just like you”

“Oh please treat me well!!What is your name?”

“Sae Hoshkawa”

“Hm……………I see pleased to meet you!!”

Sae was amazed that this girl was a complete replica of her Rin all the way to the last detail except for the kemonomimi and tail, smiling as she walked with Grem who was chatting her mouth about how she was going to train even harder going on quests that are safe in her range of level. Kind of confused on her side Rin stared at Sae whilst tilting her cute head.

“What is the matter Sae-san?”

“O-Oh nothing Rin-chan”

They finally arrived at the weapons store which was in the merchant district of the town of Belgesse, after opening the door Grem called out in a loud voice.



“I came with customers today hehehehehehe”

“I see that is good news indeed to me, now where s the guy”


Grem points at Sae who stared at the bald headed ossan who had a stubborn look on his face, his voice was rough and deep like a bass guitar it was really wasted on him. It should be a dandy iceman general with a goatee with blonde hair not some ossan with no hair.

“Oi are you saying this brat with the strange clothes is my new customer?”


“Welcome Ojou-chan to my humble shop choose any weapon or armor you like!”

Sae although she didn’t need any armor nor weapon cause hers were produced through magic she just had to blend in, seeing a jet black metal rod simulated her still throbbing chuunibyo heart she decided to buy some cool looking leather armor. What she wore was a jet black dress weaved by the toughest mithril one could find in its making, the weapon she chose was a katana with the same color apparently this cost her around 40 gold a measly amount for her but a big amount for those who knew what it meant to be in poverty. Feeling something is largely amiss from all her equipment she travelled together with Grem and Rin to the clothes shop where special accessories were found it was there where she found a jet black pointed hat that boosted her mana recovery now feeling that her equipment was finally over, she chose to walk home alone but was pestered by Rin to walk with her back home.

“Ne Sae-chan, today was a great day and I had so fun”

This world’s Rin was even more beautiful and radiant than when she was in earth.


“Hmmmm you said something Sae-chan?”



Sae couldn’t take it any longer thus pounced on her and started to mofumofu her ears but after realising that she was still in the street, she grabbed Rin’s hand and dashed off to the inn where in an instant she threw her on the bed.


“Sae-chan wait!You are drooling!!”

“My dear and lovely Rin I was looking at your ears and fluffy tail and couldn’t help it allow me to mofumofu them a bit”

“Iya she threw the key away?!”

“Heheheheheehehe it will hurt at first but then you will feel a whole lot of good later”

“That is what a rapist would say!!”



Once again Sae pounced on Rin and started to mofumofu her by the time it ended the night was fast approaching, leaving her to walk her to her inn. Now walking her back she smiled as she looked up into the sky which was glistening in brightness as stars covered it.

“Still I am so sorry that I did that, its just my first time seeing a beastman”

“No problem b-but do tell me when you are gonna d-do it again”


“Please starting from today take care of me”


They stood facing each other before going in separate directions. Unknowing of the impending disaster that was waiting right outside of town.


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