Standing in his workshop, Azure was staring at his bulletin board at his next project. While it was a bit saddening that he had to sketch out the finer details, he could at least pull the car model off from online. There sketched loud and proud, a bright orange 1969 Dodge Charger, with a black zero and one with a confederate flag on top.

He has decided to make the General Lee next much to the confusion of the girls. It turns out that the show was never made, similar to some of his favorite bands and songs.

“Master, may I ask what is so special about this car?” Kara asked as she appeared behind him.

‘Just an icon from an old show I enjoyed watching in my last life growing up. Even if it ended over a decade before I was born.’ Azure thought, but didn’t see a point of explaining. He has thoughts about dipping his finger into the media businesses to create the show.

If he uses his maids, he could probably dip his fingers into other business opportunities also. For example Tiamat could be the head and run the business side allowing them a foothold into everything they want to explore. Kara seems to have a talent for fashion with Kuroka as a model and Iriko could use her management skills to be her manager.

“Master, what are you thinking about?” Kara asked.

“Nothing important,” Azure said as he rubbed his chin. “Shall we go to the dungeon?”

“Shall I inform and collect the Hentai Dragon and the Cat in Eternal Heat?” Kara asked.

‘Did they do something?’ Azure thought as he decided not to question her. “Not this time. I was thinking about using some new magic. Maybe a bit of ice and wind magic.”

“Very well, Master I will have everything ready in ten minutes.” Kara bowed and left the room.

“You're the best, Kara.” He called out and swore he saw flowers blooming around her.


Standing in front of the wood door, Azure was tying his long black hair back as he began his checkover. He was wearing a thin dark grey sweatshirt and a black book bag thrown over his shoulder. Placing white fingerless gloves on his hands, he tucked his black pants leg into his boots.

Once done, he saw Kara’s summoning circle appear and she appeared in a black karate gi, with a chain mash and dark blue t-shirt. While it was a bit saddening that he couldn’t see her cleavage, the outfit did allow him a view of her perfect bottom when she bends over.

‘While it is a bit chunibyo to dress up like this, the various dungeon floors make it necessary.’ Azure thought as he remembered a floor around four hundred that changed between arctic cold to desert hot in an instant.

Placing his hand on the door, Azure pushed it open and stepped inside to call out behind him. “Let’s get going.”

“Yes, Master.”

Teleporting down to floor six fifty, giant trees and vines appeared in all directions. Taking a minute to take in his surroundings, Azure looked back at Kara and saw the largest snake skin he had ever seen.

“Kara, how long do you think this snake skin is?” Azure asked her as he tapped it and noticed its durability. While it wasn’t the toughest hind they came across it was easily in the top ten and this is only shedded skin and mostly deteriorated.

“About one twenty in meters in length and forty in width.” Kara estimated. “Does Master want me to collect this?”

“No,” Azure looked around at their surroundings. “This skin appears to be here a while and the condition appears to be around twenty percent at best.”

Kara began taking a closer look and nodded with Master judgement. While she never doubted his words, she wanted to see if she could pick up more information. Upon closer inspection, she saw a couple burn and scar marks in the skin. Most of the marks matched from past run-ins with monsters using acid and poisons.

“Master, I believe this floor has a beast that either uses acids or some sort of erosion poison.” Kara said, not looking away.

“Yes, Kara I believe your right, but I will say it uses both.”

Confused by her Azure words, she looked towards him to see a giant black scaly reptile head and yellow slitted eyes staring down at them. As the powerful and very jaws opened, she watched as a drop of saliva bigger than herself fell to the ground, burning it away in seconds.

“Master,” Kara shakenly asked as she watched her master calmly open his grimoire. “W-what kind of beast is that?”

“Hmm, it is a Demonic King Titanoboa that existed around fifty or so million years ago. It is far more deadly than a King Titanoboa that is said to be on par with the three Ultimate Class Devils.” Azure calmly read on, unphased of a giant predator in front of him. “They are said to be larger, contain great strength, durability, senses, and agility. Their poison comes in two different manners such as airborne or directly. Well, I wouldn’t worry about the poison if that thing bit me, since these razor sharp teeth are at least three meters minimum.”

“Y-yeah, um Master, how much stronger did you say it was then a King Titanoboa?” Kara asked as she wondered why this beast appeared here. This is by far the biggest and probably strongest creature to appear yet making the last floor look like slime level creatures.

“Hmm, if the King were around three than this is about ten to twelve I would say. Oh, and it is mostly immune to most magic below tier seven.” His answer made her want to hit her master.

“Then won’t I be useless.” Kara said as she felt depressed afterwards for being useless for her Master.

“Meh, it's fine. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.” Azure shrugged as he snapped his fingers.

[Frozen Playground]

Unlike the thousands of times before where she watched her Master cast down thousands of [Mana Shot] or [Hellfire Rain]. The entire surrounding changed into winter wonderland, as snow and ice frozen everything solid in a five hundred meter radius.

The only thing not affected inside was Kara, Azure and the Demonic King Titanoboa who only spit acid at them.

Jumping back as they watched black raise up as the acid ate away at the ground, Azure prepared a two layered spell with both hands.

Feeling her magic gathering a large amount of magic in his hands, Kara quickly threw up a protective wall around herself.

[Ice Palace] + [10x Gravity]

A large castle made from solid ice formed above the giant monster and came crashing down with such an explosion force. Kara who was protected by her magic wall was still thrown back a good two or three meters. As for Azure he calmly stood his ground as the wind and force rippled through his clothes and hair.


“Yes Kara?” Azure asked as he looked at the crushed corpse of the snake in the icy rubble.

“If I remember correctly, isn’t [Ice Palace] and [Gravity] only tier four spells?”

Azure just nodded as he agreed. “Your point is?”

“Didn’t you say it is immune to most magic below tier seven?”

“That is also true, but that combination's spells are for. Not that I need them.”

“So, the right combinations can increase the power of spells.”

“Of course, why wouldn’t they? It's like casting water spells near a pool of water. It is a lot easier and cheaper on the mana than say a desert with no water.” Azure shrugged at his example.

“Master, you summon Tsunamis in the desert with barely any effort.” Kara said, staring straight at him.

“Oh, look our friend woke up.” Azure looked towards the heavily wounded reptile. “Well, let's end this quickly.”

With a snap of his fingers, a large ice spike rose from the ground and tore through the snake's open mouth piercing its brain.

“Well that done,” Azure said as he opened his bag and watched a vortex suck the large corpse inside effortlessly. “Let's continue.”

“Yes, Master.”


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