I think I understand the evolution now, it triggers with the amount of nourishment you have since none of it is released as waste.
Even though I ate alot previous to my last evolution I didn't keep the weight so the overeating accelerates the evolution most likely, though most fish can't afford to get fat either or they get eaten fast so surviving by itself will still let you evolve eventually but in a much longer time frame
Fighting and training your skills should help fasten the evolution time too so 3 things, eating/surviving/skill efficiency.

There are those that don't get bigger like the mermaids so this means the sea creatures are meant to be eaten, it's likely the gods made it so to feed the creatures of this big world.
I'm not that happy about it since I am one of those meant to be eaten, though it should have a limit.

The evolution can't go on forever since it will ruin the world, if you get to a certain size maybe you ascend into a higher life form or go back to being smaller but with godly blesssings.

Day 395, we've been going on the fish baiting event for a while now but nothing super aggressive or huge has shown up.
As we're going again I notice the princess is sad.
'sigh, winter is ending soon and we'll have to leave when big sis Merli comes pick me up.'
You can't stay? I ask
The maids interrupt and say the royal family has great magic potential so they can't be left alone when little, that Mermi was allowed to stay here was already rare.
They must have been using psychic skills to see me long ago and that's why they let her stay.

Can you come with us asks Mermi, I don't know if I should move but it's not like I can do anything here except fight so it's better to have the help of the mermen going on.
I say yes, ' YAAAY' she suddenly me hugs me and flaps around all happy.
The maid are happy too with their wails wagging around.

I do want to want to finish some things before I go like the jellyfish and crab.
The others agree and the maids in a request to go subdue the crab area and hunt the jellyfish.
The princess says we can go with my fish I have under control, not all of them of course but just the best ones.

Training goes on as usual, [huge fish] [grasp] [headbutt] [bash]
The metal head fish have evolved, they are about my size too, 8 feet/2.5 meters.
Grasp is holding onto the target like a pitbull, bash is just bashing into the target.

[huge fish] [turn]
The fast fish evolved too, same size as the other but longer, normal fish are a little over 2 times longer than their height but these fast fish are a little over 4 times the lenght.
Turn can make fast and sudden turns without stressing your body, the skills seem easy enough to get for me too.
It looks like a sail fish but without the big fins or bill beaks.

Day 397, I have been training my psychic skills of course and I can move some small stuff around and communicate with others.
It seems Mermi's sister is coming in 2 days and she's restless in her room.
She has superior psychic skils so I can't talk to her if she doesn't want me to.
We're going to the west up above where the gigantic crab is.

More fish have evolved into big ones again today but I see nothing special.
My own evolution is nearing since it's been almost a hundred days, I should start eating more 

The maids are coming with me with their uniform on and also I see Phil the merman who fought that demon fish, he has a brown trident and a small brown round shield on his left arm now, I guess he bought it recently to match his brown style he has going on.
There's also 2 big whales there and they seem like they can fight, about 25 meter each and a sort of grey black color.
He comes to us and says they will subjugate the crab, 'yeah strong creatures are useful so we need as many as we can get, if it's not smart we fail to get it to cooperate then we can control them by force or have the whales with their psychic skills dominate them.'
'though in some cases the creatures don't have brains at all in which case we leave it be if it's not dangerous or if it's useful to free roam farm it, crabs do have brain albeit tiny so we'll alright this time since the bigger they get the smarter they get as well.'
Eh he's pretty smart for a soldier or it's just his experience.

The group takes off and the maids put a double saddle on me, hey I'm now your ride everytime? well not like it's a bother really.


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