After I finished killing and guarding the three wolves, I took the drone and started looking at the other groups of monsters that were around; there were two groups of 5 living beings. There were more or group with 7 of them, and it was not such a small group, I didn't expect wolves to walk in such large groups.

First I went in the group of 5 wolves, I don't think it is necessary to use a sword now, I think I have had enough of it, and if I use the wind bullets, I will be able to end this much faster.

I cannot use magic on a large scale because it can damage the skin of wolves, and that would take away my profit, and I would not gain much from their bodies, so I need to use simpler spells.

'I can only pierce the heads of all of them with wind bullets.' If I did that, it would be a lot easier than fighting with a sword, although if I struggled with a sword, it would be a lot more fun.

Well, now is not the time to think about it, the first thing I need to focus on is getting money and not having fun, I can have fun after I earn money necessary to at least send to Emily.

I still don't know how much money I will send to her, but I have to send a good amount so that she and her family will not be in need at all.

But now we are going to kill these wolves, I am going to use the wind bullets even as I can shoot several times in a row and I can kill many of them at least, I have to be careful not to shoot the wolves' body as this can make their skin lose value.


I ran towards the group of 5 wolves at an unbelievable speed as before, it seems that I am getting faster and faster, and that makes me happy; the faster I am, the better it will be to fight and also the most exciting it gets when I am running.

When I approached the group of wolves they all noticed me at the same time, it was hilarious to see them all with their ears raised while looking at me.

"Woof," Did I decide to play with them a bit, imitating a wolf or dog bark? I'm not sure what animal this bark looks like, but it didn't work very well, I think I shouldn't have done that.

After playing with them imitating a wolf, they all started growling at the same time and went into a combat stance.

"Wait, isn't that cowardly? You're in a group of five, and I'm just a little girl, you know?" I kept making fun of them, but I don't know if they understood my language so I could be doing this provocation for no reason.

The wolves continued to advance at a very slow speed as they continued to growl, they were looking like street dogs running after cars or motorcycles that are passing by, where I lived was a little common to find dogs on the streets, I think it was a place one little bad.

"Just kidding." After saying that, I stopped playing with the wolves a little and decided to take it seriously.

As I had already undone my ice sword, I think that using wind bullets is the best for now, as it is a simple and effective magic that does not damage your bodies.

I pointed my finger at the wolves as if I were holding a gun, I was imitating the shape of a firearm with my hand.

When the wolves saw it, they stepped back a little.

'Do they know what I'm going to do?' Maybe they already know that I'm going to use magic that can kill them? Or maybe they don't understand my gesture and are just confused? Because they haven't stopped snarling at any time so I don't think they're scared.

When the wolves thought that nothing was going to happen I started shooting one wind bullet after the others all towards their heads, it felt like I was shooting a lot of people into an action movie, I thought I had to fight with the sword was fun, but this is much more fun.

The wolves didn't even start doing anything, they tried to flee or hide behind the trees, but they all ended up with wind bullets going through their heads and ended up dying at the same time, it was a quick death at least, so they should thank you.

'I think it's better to hunt down the group of 7 now.' Now the time has come to hunt the largest group. They will not be more complicated than this one, and it must be in the same proportion of difficulty, easy.

I think it is better not to underestimate the monsters because if I find a dangerous monster here, I could end up going bad, maybe an unknown monster will appear and I will not know about their attack, it could be a poison or something.

Well, if I didn't die after my food was poisoned, I don't think a monster's poison will kill me, but I think it's best to be careful with that.

I advanced towards the group of 7 wolves with high expectations as it was more money for my pocket. These monsters were not dangerous; in my view, they were just a mountain of cash in front of me.

It is wrong to think of them just as a way to make money, but that is what they are.

'Come on.' I arrived in the group of 7 wolves very quickly too, and soon after they realized me, it was instantaneous like the other group.

I didn't even wait for them to move this time, I took my finger and started throwing multiple wind bullets towards their heads, again they tried to escape in despair, but it didn't work out, I think I'll end up becoming a person that the monsters they will be afraid if I keep doing this.



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