Forgotten Undead



Chapter 21: Is the disturbance nearly gone?


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{Chapter 21}

For the next two months policemen and investigators repeatedly interrupted the peace of xur'qar. Even after he told the story multiple times, to multiple policemen and investigators, they still didn't stop coming.

The murder was even in numerous newpapers. As a result, now not only the police tried to find out more about the murder but also the pesky newsreporters. One of those damned policemen told a newsreporter our family name out of accident. Because of this moron, newsreporters started annoying us day and night. Xur'qar thought about slaughtering them numerous times already but that would have destroyed his mission completely.

Xur'qar needed someone to take care of it immediately or he would go on an murderous rampage. An idea came into his mind. What those reporters did was technically endangerment of the development of a child, correct? Shouldn't the police do something about those worms, if he would plead for their help? He certainly didn't like the idea of pleading those morons for help since they were the reason that those reporters even annoyed them every day, but he had no other choice. He would either plead for their help or risk going on a rampage, thus endangering his mission.

And endangering his mission was the last thing he wanted to do. Those annoying flies are one thing, the wrath of a pissed off god is another. He needed to get his shit together. This wasn't a choice, this was survival. And if it is survival, no sense of pride or hatred should ruin it.

On tomorrow morning, one policeman and an investigator came to question him again. This was his chance. He would use something that he trained himself to do in the two months.

He said with his eyes forming tears: "Please misters.. I have already said everything that I know.. I want my peace"
With just that, he wouldn't achieve his goal for a quiet environment, he needed to push forward. He needed to cry more, he needed to look pitiful.

He trained two months for exactly this purpose! He couldn't fuck it up! He thought about every kind of event that could make him sad. His sister dying, him dying, him messing up his mission and being trapped on this planet etc.

Tears started flowing down his cheeks repeatedly. The police tried to calm him down yet every time they tried, his tears flowed down even faster. After five minutes of him telling them to stop coming and do something about the reporters, they finally started to break down a little. They understood that they made the child nervous every time they came, but they had a problem. There were no leads to the killer. No footprints were found except of the child. No fingerprints. Nothing. Yet they also could never believe that a child that is so stressed out by that event could have killed so many people. They had no clue who could have been there. How did the killer erase his footprints so shortly after killing his victims? They didn't understand it. It made no sense for them. Of course it made perfect sense for xur'qar since he made that bloodbath. They thankfully couldn't believe that a child would have done something horrible like this, which was absolutely hilarious for xur'qar at the start but it only annoyed the fuck out him. He wanted to do nothing with them anymore. He hated them, he hated their guts. Well except, if they were scattered on the floor, then he loved their guts.

These annoying humans tried to pester him for a week afterwards. Yet any time they came to them, xur'qar began to cry until they left. After a week of pointless trying, they gave up. He couldn't believe that it took for them so damn long to finally give up. What did they expect to get from their little talks? He already told them 'everything' he knew. At least what he wanted them to know. Yet what suprised him greatly was that they actually took responsibility after a week and told the news reporters to finally fuck off. He wished that they would have just shot those idiots but sadly he couldn't get everything he wanted in life.

The reporters still tried to get information out of his family, so they decided to make a little vacation. A vacation was exactly what they needed. Away from any kinds of policemen, reporters and so on.

They pondered where they would like to go. His parents wanted to go to numerous places yet they couldn't decide where they should go. Some of those places were: A small hotel on a mountain with a beautiful hotspring, a couple different cities that he couldn't understand the reason for going there in the first place and last but not least a visit to a beautiful beach.

Xur'qar knew that since he 'witnessed' a murder, if he would decide for them, they would be more than happy to comply. Xur'qar wanted to decide between the beach and the mountain. A beach would hopefully be fun. Maybe he would even see his sister's smile after two whole months again. And mountains were peaceful, so he also liked the idea of a visit to a mountain that has a hotspring there.

He would be happy enough in both places. He just needed a break from those dumbasses that stood around his house 24/7. After thinking for about five minutes, he decided on the mountain. A mountain would be perfect to cool off his murderous tendencies that were reignited because of those living failures. And to top it all off, sayari would hopefully calm down. Some wholesome family time was exactly what they needed right now.

He came closer to his parents and said: "Mother, father, can we go to the mountain that you were talking about? Two seperate rooms are enough. One for saya and me, and one for you"

His parents looked at him, then back to each other. Their facial expression suddenly had a relieved undertone to it. Were they relieved because he decided for them? If yes, then he was happy to have done so.

His mother said: "Of course dear but are you sure that you don't want seperate rooms for each other?"

Xur'qars lips formed into a smirk when he said: "Why should I want that? Aren't saya and me pretty much a single person already?"

Sayari just made some food in the meantime for herself, but when she heard xur'qars words, she instantly turned around with widened eyes. Some of the life from before the whole incident returned to her for a few seconds. The tips of her lips slightly formed into an almost invisible smile.

Xur'qar smiled at her happily yet he couldn't understand why this was a suprise for her in the first place. They always were together, and always will be, no matter what anyone would say in the future.

"Alright! I'll go and reserve the best rooms that are available! Hopefully it won't cost us too much haha" his father announced out of nowhere. He then rushed to his laptop to buy tickets for our vacation.

When he opened the site, he asked: "How much time would you all like to remain there?"

Apparently what he meant with 'all', he specifically meant xur'qar and sayari. His mother, father and sister all stared at him, waiting for an answer. He frowned and sighed. Couldn't they just decide for him?

He thought about it for a few moments. How much time would he need to bring back the happiness in sayari's eyes? He wanted to see them after such a long while again. It just wasn't funny anymore that she didn't even wore a smile in two whole damn months even once.

He said: "One week should be enough, two would be optimal I would say"

His father nodded while he proceeded with purchase.

Xur'qar couldn't help but let a smile form on his face. He was even a bit excited. They went to a hotspring in in the past but not high in the mountains. Would the air taste better there? Would the water be cleaner there? He soon would get to know the answer to these questions.

He was excited for their little vacation since they lived in bad circumstances for the last two months. His nerves were almost exploding. He fantasized for a few minutes until he remembered something even better. This was a mountain. In the folklore, there was said that ghost or even demons lurk in the mountains sometimes. Did this mean that he would encounter a ghost? Or soul energy that the god talked about? He yet had to encounter that so called soul energy. A mountain seemed to be a good place for this type of energy. And if he would encounter a ghost/demon or 'yokai' like his culture called them, this would be even better.

Now his excitement overflowed from his soul. If he had luck, he would encounter someone or something that he has never seen before. And even if he wouldn't encounter anything, he would enjoy the vacation to his heart's content.

Yet one thing still kind of bothered him. Why did his family pick this exact hotel in particular? It didn't exactly seem like something grand. He understood the appeal but he didn't exactly understand why exactly this one. Was it the price or were they there before? Did the hotel have some kind of comfy atmosphere to it? Good employes maybe? He decided to ask his father.

"Father, can I ask a question?" asked xur'qar

"Hm? What's on your mind?"

"I just wanted to ask why exactly you picked out this hotel, aren't there other mountains here? Does this hotel have something special to it that makes it stand out from the rest?"

"Oh that's your question? Well we liked the look of it, so we thought it was nice. .. Alright, I admit that we had some outside influence" admitted his father

Xur'qar lifted his eyebrow with a frown decorating his forehead and asked: "Outside influence?"

"That's right. Our neighbours also went there to have a break from the investigations that are running here concerning the.. incident that occured. They also have twins that are your age so we thought that you might enjoy extra company" explained his father.

'Twins? .. Wait a minute are these twins the wolfkin children?'. Xur'qar's eyes widened in realization. The chance was indeed high that these twins were phileana and phisias. He couldn't believe his luck. This vacation could be incredibly productive. Not only could they calm down from these past two months, he could check on the siblings to see how they were doing nowadays and he might meet a ghost or soul energy, which would both make him stronger.

If he was honest, he would like to meet a ghost much more since he wanted to see, if they tasted good. Souls tasted excellent, souls were a 10 out of 10 but maybe a ghost's soul would be even juicier? Maybe it was a soul with a bit of spice on top? He salivated just at the thought of trying that tasty snack. And if he could advance his art of necromancy, he could probably create them at his own will! This was perfect! He already imagined him standing upon a field full of corpses, ripping their souls out of their bodies to become undead abominations.. just to be his snack a few hours later. Now that was a genius idea. It was so damn genius that he patted himself on the shoulder for this. No wonder the god chose him to be the key part in the mission, if he could come up with such amazing ideas!


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