Rush had fallen asleep tired as always, they both lay curled in the dim shadows of the fire which offered some protection against the howls of distant hungry beasts echoing through the night.

Rush awoke, his eyes scanned around quickly, it was still early morning and his sleep had been broken suddenly some sort of movement close to him. Looming near him he saw a hulking figure moving towards where Jeanne was snoring softly.

As he shifted the shape turned and in the dim firelight he could see the face of the Hobgoblin Jeanne had thrown on his arse earlier, Bigrun. As the warrior stalked forward he realized Rush was awake, glancing dismissively at him he commanded, “On your knees and grovel Goblin, or you will be next.” Rush hesitated for only a fraction of a second then dropped to his knees looking down as Bigrun strode past concentrating on Jeanne his blade held threateningly in front of him. “You will bleed before you die human.” He muttered as rage glowed in his eyes, “I know you little girl, this time you won’t make Bigrun look stupid.

A pop up reminded Rush that the Hobgoblin was a formidable opponent.

Bigrun, Hobgoblin Warrior Level 1
Armour: Tattered Leather Armour (1 point)
Weapon: Large Serrated Knife (Average Quality) Base Damage 2-7
Hit Points: ?
(Unlock Tactical Analysis to gain more information on your enemies)

Despite his increasing fear, Rush hesitated only a moment after Bigrun turned his back. He launched himself high into the air his stone spike driving hard down into the warriors back with all his strength. His time honored battle cry of ‘Draal dholaar” ringing in the air. With luck this fight would be over before it began.

You struck the Hobgoblin with a stone spike.
Base Damage 4 points
Backstab Attack Multiplier 2x
Armor 1 point
Total Damage 6

Bigrun stumbled forward to the ground with Rush atop him, driving the spike down again and again.

You struck the Hobgoblin with a stone spike.
Base Damage 3 points
Armor 1 point
Total Damage 2

Still the Hobgoblin moved beneath him trying to free himself from Rush’s weight. Rush shrieked “Dhalak Naka Krag” (literal translation “Fucking die already”) as he continued pounding on his opponent. A series of identical messages popped up in front of him continually as his frenzied strikes rained down upon the warrior relentlessly.

You struck the Hobgoblin with a stone spike.
Base Damage 3 points
Armor 1 point
Total Damage 2

Finally his opponent slumped down, unmoving.

The Hobgoblin is dead.
You have earned 35 experience points.
You have 55 experience points. You need 100 experience points to reach level 2.

After several minutes he calmed long enough to realise that the warrior had ceased struggling and he acknowledged a second message which had appeared ..


Congratulations, You have unlocked the ‘Backstab’ skill. You are the first Paladin in history to ever achieve this skill.
Backstab (Level 1) - Your attacks do double damage to an enemy who is unaware of your presence.

Warning - Use of this skill is considered unethical and may be perceived as evil. Your alignment has changed -5 points and your Predictability by -20 points.

Alignment - Evil (-40) - You are self centered and cruel by nature, you have no morals and may well stab people in the back (sometimes literally).
Predictability - Chaotic (-70) - You behave entirely outside of social norms and are unpredictable and self-centered.

“Seriously?” Rush thought, “It’s considered Evil to kill something in one specific manner, but not another. The end result is the same, dead is dead. Gods are as stupid as humans.”


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