Rush sat up sucking in large gulps of air suddenly. The human female he had seen in the mists was crouched nearby, staring at him with a shocked expression on her face.

“Selune be praised, she brought you back, she really brought you back!”.

Rush was still unsettled by what had happened but wasn’t about to admit it to anyone, so he shrugged, “Goblins are tougher than fragile humans. If anyone brought me back. It was me.”

As he looked at the woman, her name, ‘Jeanne’, appeared floating above her head. Interesting, Rush thought, but if Selune had hoped ensuring he remembered her pets name would give him sympathy towards her she would be sorely disappointed.

He felt his face and chest, checking to reassure himself that the injuries he had suffered were truly gone, then pulled his cowl over his head, reassuringly allowing him to retreat away from Jeanne’s gaze.

He looked for his stone dagger and saw it embedded in the side of a corpse a few feet away. The corpse of a large hairy and very very dead spider. This was bad news, the Pale Elves worshipped Spiders and would smite any who harmed them.

On the other hand that corpse was a mountain of meat. It was definitely more than a single Goblin could easily eat. Not more than a Goblin could sell, perhaps.

Jeanne looked on in shock as Rush started sawing at the corpse with the sharp edge of his rock spike. A hunk of flesh fell away and he smiled placing it upon the frond of a large plant growing beneath one of the giant mushrooms.

He ignored the gagging sounds the human made as he continued to saw away, quickly harvesting a pile of meat. As he finished his grisly task a chime sounded and words shimmered in front of his vision.

“Congratulations, you have gained Butcher - Level 1. You will be more effective at skinning creatures for food in the future. Higher levels of this skill will allow you to harvest a creatures skin for use in clothing. Using this skill upon a humanoid creature would be considered evil, this isn’t something we normally have to remind heroes about, but in your case an exception has been made.”

Information flooded his mind, making him blink uncontrollably. He suddenly understood more about how he could improve his technique if he had to butcher animals in the future. He shrugged, what did he care about how his food was prepared he was a Goblin presentation didn’t matter.

Shrugging he stooped and started to gather up the meat stuffing it into a tattered bag. As he put in the last piece he examined it closely and was rewarded by a message displaying describing the meat.

Item: Chunk of spider meat
Effect: When eaten this food will help the individual consuming it avoid hunger for a 24 hour period.
This meat is tainted by the spiders poisonous nature and any non-feral* race consuming it raw has a high chance of being poisoned by it. Cooking the meat first will lower the chance of being poisoned.
*Feral races are those who are used to consuming their food raw without preparation. Most common feral races include Goblins, Orcs and Kobolds.

Well, that is interesting. Nice to see us Goblins have some things going for us” Rush thought as he hefted the bag onto his shoulder and walked towards the distant fires marking where the bulk of the slaves had their encampment.

Footsteps fell in beside him and he saw the woman keeping pace next to him, “So what is the plan?” she asked.

“Plan?”, Rush muttered, “Goblins only ever have one plan. Survive the day and see the next one.”

He continued walking hoping that would be an end to it.

“The meat”, she stubbornly persisted, “You plan to sell it?”

Rush stopped and glared at her weighing up the likelihood that he could kill her. She was larger than him but seemed to be unarmed and walked beside him without any wariness. This absence of the sensible paranoia that was required to stay alive as a slave meant she probably wouldn’t be alive long.

“Yes, I do” he stated, stressing his ownership of the meat, “Got a problem with that?”

“No” Jeanne said, “but if we are partners you need to discuss your plans”

“Partners?”, Rush spluttered, then mentally shrugged, “Fine, just stay quiet and follow my lead.”

She was bigger than him and if things went wrong she might be enough of a distraction to keep him alive, As my mother always told me you don’t have to be the fastest Goblin to survive, there just has to be someone slower than you are.

As they walked into the firelight of the slave encampment a message appeared.

Jeanne is now a member of your party and will share experience point gains with you.

Jeanne has not shared her profile with you.


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