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Chapter 12 : Certain Scientific Railgun


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Hey guys this is the last preparation chapter before the trip to Madris, hope you enjoy it. If you want to know more about railguns look for the US Navy's Military railgun, it's really cool.

Hope you enjoy the chapter!

Chris was currently still in the library wearing his new magic rings and watch, contemplating how he was going to build his main weapon. A railgun used electricity to generate a magnetic field between 2 metal rails and accelerate a magnetic projectile at supersonic velocities. His magic could efficiently generate lightning more than powerful enough to create the magnetic field necessary. He picked up 2 copper ingots each weighing a kilogram and focused his will into them. He created 2 half pipes a centimeter in diameter. These would be the charge poles creating the magnetic fields.


He grasped a wooden board from the materials pile and placed the meter loong half tubes of copper along the length of it, a mere millimeter from touching they formed a barrel. Then he secured the metal by extruding copper nails into the wood and fusing them with the half pipes. He took a small piece of copper and flattened and shaped it into a basic trigger lever.


When pressed it would push a metal projectile down the chamber giving it the necessary momentum not to stick to the barrel. It was crude, but he would get an actual engineer to work on it when he established himself in Madris.


Now for the actual testing phase. He took another piece of copper and shaped it into a bullet shape that would fit in the barrel of the railgun, it was about 100 grams. He cringed at the raw wood and metal, bulky and inelegant. He would have a master craftsman copy the basic principle but make it much finer, perhaps hide it in a walking stick.


Chris took the bullet and placed it into the back of the barrel, he then placed the back of the trigger lever against the bullet and aimed the barrel down the aisle of the library at the brick wall.


Chis focused on the air to the sides of the barrel by the rear of the tubes. This would create a current that traveled between the tubes using the bullet as a medium. He grasped two twelve inch discs of air with his mind on each side and spun them in opposite directions. One pair he willed to create a positive charge and the other he willed to be negative. He wasn't sure how he could control this charge, It would bare more research, he didn't do it like this with his first lightning spell.


The static built in the air and his hair stood on end, accelerating the speed of the discs to over a thousand revolutions a second. He needed to generate the charge fast in order for it to be an effective weapon even if it cost more mana. He triggered the charge and pulled the trigger lever at the same time. What must have been over billion volts running at 200,000 amps arced through the railgun creating the most powerful handheld electromagnet in existence, and therefore by definition the most powerful handheld railgun ever. The magnetic field generated from each rod and then the copper slug forced the projectile to accelerate down the barrel reaching mach 5 in less that a second.


Chris, enhanced by mana as he was, was launched backward 4 meters crashing into a library shelf on the opposite side of the desk while the 100g slug of copper blasted across the room too fast to follow, creating a foot wide hole straight through the brick wall into the hallway and through that wall. The slug had made it through 4 walls and been lost to the forest leaving a perfectly straight row of four blasted holes in the house.


Chris sat among the books and splintered wood of the shelf in a daze. What the fuck, well lighting seems to do the trick. He looked at where the test railgun had been flung from his grasp, the wood was black and smoking while parts of the copper had melted and fused together. He would have to lower the power.


Tomorrow he would load up the wagons and he, Velona and a ton of gold would make their way to the city of Madris. He would establish a reputation with high society there and then move on to the capital once he had hired a blacksmith to make his railgun.



Velona stared at the destruction from the door, this was ridiculase for such a small mana expenditure. She had felt barely five units pass from the Master for such power.


She would have to show even greater servitude, perhaps then he would divulge his magnificent secrets. Tonight she would offer to warm his bed, such a magnificent master should be treated to only the best.


She looked at her master lust written on her face. He was very attractive as far as undead went, if that was what he was. She had purposefully conducted the ritual to convert herself however most turned naturally and were either rotting or disfigured from wounds.


She was upset that they were to leave the army in less than capable hands but it could not be helped, Lord Christopher had grand plans and she must do everything to help him.


“Shall i prepare a bath for you now Lord?” She stepped into the room bowing and asked.


Lord Christopher replied “Well yes i suppose I wouldn't mind, and prepare the wagons for departure at sunup in the morning” he waved a hand in dismissal and she left to carry out his orders.


Chris walked from the swimming pool sized bath and Velona walked in with a towel. He adopted a tee Pose and she approached. Her eyes lingered on his naked body, had her blood been warm her cheeks would have flushed. She wrapped the towel around him and began to dry him, she had insisted that this was what all nobles did, but he was skeptical.


A note from PigLord42

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