After meditating for an unknown amount of time, Lin Long breathed out a long sigh full of exhaustion and opened his eyes. The sight of nothing but darkness stunned him, and just when he was about to shoot up to his feet, he felt something move between his crossed legs.

He immediately looked down to see what it was, and as soon as he did so, his eyes met another pair of glowing purple eyes full of curiosity. The adorable serpentine eyes that had a unique charm and childishness in them dazed Lin Long.

At the same time, Lin Long opened his hands and caught a hold of the whoever the eyes belonged to. Immediately, his hands caught something small, soft, and fluffy as Lin Long raised his arms. His actions made the purple eyes tilt a little, but their focus never went away from him.

Soon, the purple eyes were on the same level as Lin Long’s eyes, and he could look into them directly. An expression of joy appeared on his face as his exhausted eyes turned lively, and his lips curved up into a wide smile, “The Heavens have not abandoned me, grandmother!”

Lin Long already recognized the little fluff-ball in his hands — it was the same snow-white ball of fur he thought he had lost. Feeling the vitality of the fluff-ball, he knew that not only had his treasure not disappeared, but it had also awakened just like the ancient scroll he found in the cave described.

There was no limit to Lin Long’s happiness at this moment; he was so euphoric that he wanted to scream his lungs out to the sky. He had gambled with his life, and he had won the gamble…

As Lin Long was lost in his own thoughts, the fluff-ball kept on staring at him with the same curiosity as before. Even though the entire cave was dark as the night, its glowing eyes had no issue seeing the change in the human’s expression.

It saw him go from utter exhaustion to immense excitement as soon as he held it, and that gave the little fluff-ball a sudden rush of joy as well. The fluff-ball immediately reached forward and touched its face with the face of the human in front of it.

Lin Long also felt the movement of the fluff-ball in his hands and brought it forward to see what it was up to. Immediately, he saw an expression of joy fill up the adorable and curious purple eyes. In the very next moment, he felt a softness gently rub against his face, giving him a silly smile.

He let the little fluff-ball happily rub against his face for a while, then brought it away since it was time he left this cave. But contrary to his expectations, the fluff-ball started to move around in his hands as it tried to reach back for his face.

Seeing the desire in the pair of those adorable eyes, Lin Long couldn’t bring himself to not let it do as it pleased, so he brought it forward, and sat it on his head. After all, the fluff-ball was no bigger than his hand, nor did it weigh anything.

And from the movements on his head, he knew the fluff-ball was now happy. With the little ball of fluffiness excitedly moving around on his head, Lin Long slowly stood up and patted the dust away from his clothes.

Only after standing up and dusting his clothes did Lin Long realize how dark the cave was. It was so dark that he couldn’t even see his hands. The only source of light, the silver glow of the peculiar pond, had disappeared without him knowing where.

Not seeing anything around, Lin Long couldn’t help but sigh. It was apparent that the “Fairy King’s Bloodline” in the “Pond of Eternity” was completely absorbed by the little ball of fur while he was meditating. This little fluff-ball turned out to be greedier than he estimated, and now there were not even crumbs left for him.

Shaking his head, Lin Long raised his right hand and caressed the ring on his index finger with his thumb. Immediately, a small dark crystal appeared in his hand. Without wasting any time, Lin Long activated his Qi and directed it towards the crystal in his hand.

Suddenly, the dark crystal lit up with a bright white light that illuminated the empty dark cave. Except for the small crystal pond silently sitting in the middle of the cave, there was nothing else. Lin Long walked towards the pond and looked inside, only to find it was indeed completely emptied.

His lips twitched, but he could do nothing about it. Now that the “Fairy King’s Bloodline” was gone, and his fluff-ball had also awakened, there was no reason in staying here anymore. But before he left, Lin Long decided to try something he had thought of before.

Taking the crystal into his left hand, Lin Long bent down and placed his right hand on the crystal pond and again caressed the ring on his index finger with his thumb. Immediately, the ring released a massive amount of suction force as the space around the crystal pond warped.

In the end, though, no matter how much the space warped, nothing changed. The crystal pond still lay there without a single scratch on it, and Lin Long could only look on with disappointed eyes. Just when he straightened up and decided to turn back and leave the cave, he felt the fluff-ball on his head smack him with his little paws.


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