[Day 1, Zweiwit]

The two were flabbergasted. "Zeiwit?" Asked Itaka incredulous.

"Yup." Answered Rex. "Zeiwit in all it's beauty."

Even though it was a bit of weird to call a city in which one was obviously trapped, and where thousands of people were running around with no aim while crying, beautiful, Rex definitely had a point.

The orange roofs, big, marvelous buildings and the sun shining from above bringing a slight glimmer to almost everything.

"Yeah." Mumbled Kyaga who was a bit amazed by the sight of all of it. But he quickly snapped out of it again. "We have to tell Shizu. A-And we have to find Kanagaki. I bet he's somewhere down there." He stuttered hectically while moving to the stairs.

"Hey, Kyaga." Itaka clapped him on the shoulders. "Calm down, calm down. We shouldn't rush anything, okay?"

Kyaga took a deep breath. "Yeah, you're right." He looked over the city again. "Zeiwit, huh?" He thought to himself. "What does all that mean?"

Rex walked over to the stairs as well. "Let's go down then. You have someone waiting, right?" Kyaga and Itaka nodded. "Well then. Let's not waste any more time."

He took his first step down and everyone else followed him shortly after.

Kyaga and Itaka were visibly in thought about what was happening. 'Zeiwit? All these people? What does that mean?' You could clearly see the confusion in their eyes as they were walking down the stair. Maybe Kyaga was a bit too much in thought and paid too little attention because as he was walking over a step which was a bit cracked, he almost tripped and was caught by Itaka in last second.

"Hey, Kyaga. Pay a bit more attention. We can talk and think later."

Kyaga was obviously embarrassed. "Uhh, yeah." He said while his cheeks got red.

Rex and Toya, on the other hand, were calm and didn't seem to be bothered by anything.

"So." Said Rex to finally break the silence. "Do you only know each other and the girl in the church? Or are there some other people you know?"

"Well." Said Kyaga. "I guess we know a lot of the ex top players of AOS, but we have no clue who got here with us and who logged out. There is one guy who's definitely here, and that's our good friend Kanagaki."

"But we didn't find him when we got here and he wasn't in the church either." Added Itaka. "So we let our friend Shizuka stay down in hope that he would show up eventually."

Rex nodded. "Knowing as many people as possible is very important in situations like this." He paused for a short thinking break. "Or rather people who are willing to team up and follow you."

Kyaga and Itaka nodded back to him.


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