Secret Santa Gift Exchange Event

Hello everyone!

I am Santa Claus, you might have heard about me already, most people know me as the happy plumpy guy dressed in red who brings gifts to children. Though I miss my green robes sometimes…

Anyway, I encountered a serious problem. It seems like my magic powers are weakening and I won’t be able to bring gifts to everyone this year, so I ask of you, oh knowledgeable writers of RoyalRoad, to help me.

How can you help me?

By writing of course. A gift coming from the heart is the best gift of all and what better way to express one’s feelings if not through writing?

So, write something for me to give as a present and you’ll receive a gift in return!

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Write a short story
  2. Send it to me, Santa, here: [Santa’s mailbox]
  3. Wait for Christmas
  4. Enjoy the story that I will send you back

There are some rules to follow the short stories though:

  • They must have a maximum length of 10,000 words
  • They must contain no mature content, remember that my gifts should always keep the children in mind
  • You must state if you want to remain anonymous or if you want me to put your name on the gift
  • Your letter to Santa, can be sent either directly or with a Google Documents (GDoc) link.
  • But, most of all, they must come from your heart!

You have time until the 24th of December to send your short story, or else I won’t be able to send them out in time.

Note, that the story you’ll write will be sent to another participant of the event and you will receive a short story in exchange as a gift.

You can also gift the entire community your voice, by joining a Karaoke session on December 16, 9PM GMT On RoyalRoad Discord chat. Which is followed at 10:30PM by a fun evening of playing online games together like Board Game Online and Town of Salem.



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Looking forward to the karaoke event. Could you set up an audio stream for those of us who can't make it, just for kicks if nothing else?

 Your comment did not appear when I entered. Lolz

I wonder what a kid would want in a story. Accomplishment? Knowledge? Fun? Or just a simple irony? A story of the heart can be done in many ways but can only be expressed once...for the power in it is vast and long.  May my gift be presented as such.

Though I am NOT writing even close to 10,000 words

Anyone have the royalroad discord invite

This is very cool. I hope to chime in. And a karaoke event? That's sure to be very interesting haha.

This looks like a really fun event and I'm completely unbiased when I say so. 

Can the story be outside of a christmas theme? 

Hey, anything with Santa wearing a shock collar because of some scary as fk elves is still good to go right? Just maken sure, cause I'm writing this story atm, and I think it's pretty gud but I'm worried it aint fit for the PG rating.


    As long as you don't curse ^as you did above, nor add any sexual scenes. It should be fine. Just try to lower the gore to acceptable terms, (what you listed seems fine to me). 

Also, is it okay if we submit more than one story?

I might join the singing event...if you doing mind your ears bleeding. tongue-out

I've never written anything but I want to try just to see what I'll get.

This is cool. Love the idea of a short story exchange!

Hmm... What comes from the heart? Oh, I have it! Blood does! Every time it beats! Now we have the main ingredient, so let's just add some salt, garlic and onions and fry the whole thing on just a bit too much fat. Fetch some hearty yeast bread, along with some red wine or spirits.

This way, when the Stranger comes, we have something that really matches the Festivities to feed to Them!

 Question: Can i post my own story after the event?

Christmas event was fun! Discord broke though haha.

I already turned in my story but it still not opened. Will santa open it tomorrow. I scared. :'(