Help people and win amazing prizes!

Do you want to get a chance to get really cool stuff for almost no money and help people that need your help? You can do it if you’re quick enough. This is the last week to donate to Worldbuilders yearly fundraiser and win prizes like games, signed books from amazing authors or cool geek merchandise (like this amazing gaming table).




If you don’t know the Worldbuilders, they are a nonprofit charity founded by Patrick Rothfuss, author of the Kingkiller Chronicles. In 2008 he made a campaign to inspire people to donate to his favorite charity, Heifer International,and almost went bankrupt in the process. After that, he got a few friends together and thus began Worldbuilders. You can read more about their history here.

This year, for their yearly fundraiser, they got together a prize pool worth more than 150,000 USD. Yes, more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of prizes that you can win by helping people.

The entirety of the donations go to Heifer International and are converted into ways for struggling families all over the world to become self-reliant. Instead of money, the donations are used to provide the families with goats, chicks, pigs, cows and training for these families to help with income and nutrition. That allows those families to afford food, school fees and medicine for their children. You can learn more about it on their website.

To participate is quite easy. Go to the Worldbuilders website and click the DONATE NOW button or just click the button below. For every 10 USD in donations, your name goes into their (very big) hat. 

 They also have some items for sale and auctions of collectibles, rare books, manuscript critiques, and more, if you have the money to throw at it. All of the proceeds go to the Heifer International charity, same as the donations.

If you can’t donate, share this post or their website and help spread the word. Like the Worldbuilders team, we also know that, given the chance, people will always help others. Let’s show that the our community also likes to do good for those in need.

Yours sicerely,
The RoyalRoad Admin staff.


Second. Love the profile pic by the way 

I would donate if I had money... *Cries in student*

Same here bro we students don't have it easy eeh.

Seems like a nice cause. I haven't set up my bank account though. I might donate if it's still up for a week

#StudentsHaveNoMoney ;v

;c life is harsh brothers

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