Announcements, events and prizes!

The 31st of October is a very special date for all of us. It’s the date we celebrate the beginning of RoyalRoadL. To celebrate our five years anniversary, we would like to announce two small, but very exciting things.

Right now, there’s a contest on our Facebook page and you can win Reader Premium subscription, or even early access to Author Premium on RoyalRoadL.

To participate is very easy. All you have to do is post a picture on Facebook or Twitter with #RoyalRoadLAnniversary, depicting the best or most unusual place you’ve ever read or written your RoyalRoad stories. The three best entries will receive free Premium at their respective level.

The winners will be announced during the first Live Reading by the Dandy Orcs, on November 4th.

Which brings us to our second announcement.

Dandy Orcs is now the first official jester group of RoyalRoadL, providing entertainment for readers and authors alike. Every two weeks they’ll be narrating and voice acting select books on our Youtube channel. Their first event will be held on Saturday, November 4th at 10PM GMT.

If you want to have your story read by them, please submit it by filling out this form. Even if they don’t read it on the 4th, there will be many more live readings to come.

You can also join the Dandy Orcs if voice acting and participating on RoyalRoadL as a group interests you. They are in need of female voice actresses, but everyone is more than welcome to join. You can submit your application by clicking here.



Thanks for the chapter!

Happy 5th anniversary RRL! Glad to be here, glad to have you all! 

Keep up the good work and all!


All Hail the Penguin Empire!


Glad for the equity! Glad for the kindness! Glad for the existence of!

Happy 5th anniversary RRL!

I'm sure we'll be having more fun and developments in the future!

Yay, Royal Road has a YouTube channel. ^_^

"They are in need of female voice actresses"

With a name like Dandy Orcs, good luck!

Could I get a prize? Even though I didn't win - I think you can afford one or two rewards for total strangers for no reason.

Happy 5th, RoyalRoadLegends! See you next year...


I've been here for around a week now, so I have some catching up to do! 😉
Hmmm. Any winners announced yet?
Why did I just see this now? Hahahaha *cries*. I have a very unusual story hahahaha. Also, who won?
  • Ive been here since rrl was blogspotweed translating lms... sniff* sniff* cry . My how time flies. This little website is all grown up now... #Proud

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