Writathon Participants list

Writathon is a challenge where authors write and publish at least 55,555 words in 5 weeks. You can read more about it here

Update: Writathon October-December 2022 is now over. Check out the List of Winners for those that wrote 55,555 words in 5 weeks. 


This is the first Milestone list of those that managed to write at least 25,000 words by November 16th (00:00IDLW) / (12:00GMT).   

Note: The order of the names on this list is randomized. The order will be changed once a day until the end of the Writathon season (December 5th). 

Update: The following list is the last randomized order of the season for the mid-milestone. A list of those that took on the challenge, and wrote at least 25,000 words between October 31st and November 16th. 

Time to check all of them!

Title Author
Aether Engineering Auctor
Chronicles of the Exalted Sun Child lesterandrosayong
The Traveler Initiative Orthoros
Fashion Breaker White Wind
Save Crystal - The Opening Game Mockwell
Morticians Miks
Mistrunner nrsearcy
The Blight Lodus
I Got Reincarnated As A Goat In A Dark Fantasy World! Benjamin Mwakonya
Assimilation: A SciFi 4X LitRPG D.W. Belfield
The Power of Ten Book Four: Dynamo RE Druin
On Astral Tides: From Humble Freelancer To Astral Emperor ShipTeaser
Young Adversary - A Mythology Battle Series Tsura_Alvah
Awakening of Magic FingersAching
Will Power, Earth's Greatest Ex-Hero parkertallan
The Ten Titans -An anime style story TTTHarrison
Terminate the Other World! [An Isekai LitRPG] Icalos
Era of Luminosity [A Cultivation and LitRPG Novel] Rezonance
Zach of All Trade, Master of All[LitRPG][Progression Fantasy] Vhaergon
The Song of Enki nasonjelson
Superheroes and Magic Invasions: a system apocalypse story Belial666
An Age of Mysterious Memories TripsTitan
Elder Cultivator Halosty
The Chainbreaker larareispoetry
Tori Transmigrated Aila Aurie
The Future That Never Was — The Rings Will Rise Again! Space Pickle
Glimpse of Eternity [A Reincarnation Isekai Fantasy] Lire
Life's Allegory Philip Read
The Ascent - LitRPG Survival Strif3
A Witch's Guide to Hiking Saiph
❧ Soul Tear ❧ darkocean (J. L. Salmonson)
Dawnsong Afrita Hanim
The Solar Towers: Telilro Materia-Blade
Valkyria Squadron RedHunter2296
Bringing the game items to the real world thelightedghost
Beneath the Bodies of their Betters Sopdrinks
Leveling up the World Lise Eclaire
Death: Genesis nrsearcy
A Boy in the Den of Wolves RedeNife
Cosmosis Pel-Mel
The Celestial Empire veramera
The Devia: Surviving the apocalypse with clones and an alien system PilgrimJagger
Race To The Top: A Litrpg Tale Indian_Sage
My System Wants me to Hoard Treasures/The Sage of Heavenly Treasures WrightAtWater
Dark Sun Reborn Dante Luca Morningstar
Thresholder Alexander Wales
Voyage of the Mindbender [A Science Fantasy LitRPG] Jamie Kojola
Forever and a Day: In Absentia Lucis [An Urban Fantasy Light Novel] PizzaPizza
The Achievement [system]. Bluelightning42
Wait - You Guys Have [Systems]?! Ararara
Designated Healer Chester.R.Hemsworth
Slice of Life [A Pizzamancer LitRPG] KileJ
Brighter Skies Synod
The Great Reset Tumas
The Storms monarch is an extra APieceOfRock
I Become Karna With Million Times Crit System In Mahabharta. Formanaga
Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Discere
A Tale Of Pride DreamTales
When Men Birth Gods Aradan
Cyber Dreams & Electric Angels [LitRPG & Progression Cyberpunk] PlumParrot
Magus of the Rise Fosfors
Lure O' War (The Old Realms) GrimDux
All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure zaifyr
After the End: Serenity Lillene
Apollyon's Curse M_Z
Gravity and Divinity System Hunter Mythos
The Shields: The Rise of Raze OriginalName3
Plastikos Online Chokfi
Tunnel Rat The Walrus King
The Bridge To Forever [LitRPG] [Participant in the Writathon] aldur9090
Vivid Stars Online L. S. Easton
Rebirth of the Great Sages Nathaniel France
Power Initialization [Superpowers, Limited LitRPG] rexcorvus
ALEXiThymiA [Progression][Gamelit] Lykanthropy
Dawn of the Fifth Age Neckto
Deckmaster (A Card-Based LitRPG) C.A. Sharpe
CandleLit Romance Ling Yue Yan
The War of Witches alnonym0us
Reincarnated as a duck - [isekai, progression monster litrpg] Wandering Joe
Tread Lightly: Among Monsters and Men Broken Saint
Old Lady's stroll through another world. DefinitelynotaHedgehog
Mr. Mom Xeln
Angels Have Transparent Wings SaplingTender
The Hex: New Dawn DK_Lands
Ashen Skies Beansprouttt
Accidentally Died After Seeing My Crush On New Years 2012, and Now I'm In Another World With My MP3 Player Yorginvik
Starcaller Diviknight
Irwin's Journey [Card Fantasy] Carrarn
Master, This Poor Disciple Died Again Today noct
The Emperor's Concubine A Writers Refugium
You Are Challenged By Humanity Shiki Khorinthian
Reborn in the game Fantasy The Destined Journey ZackRPG
Mad God Corty
The Timeless Kingdom BlackKnightWriter
Of Blood and Stardust [Military Hard Sci-Fi | Space Opera] WhiteRose-BlueSpace
Alchimia Rex Ravnicrasol
Immortal Foundations lcxicey
Watch Out! MercurialMemory
A Terran Space Story: The Lieutenant Saga Skalls
(EX)tinction.Protocol() - All Life is precious...unless it gives EXP. Goduslayu
Beast King now a Mage Swerving Piglet
The Armorer and the Infinite Dungeon [Progression Litrpg] Wordiculturalist
Gilded Serpents daveyjonsies
Godclads [Cyberpunk Progression Fantasy] OstensibleMammal
First Contact Ralts Bloodthorne
Fate Points Allan G
Shroud IronOak
I Am Not Prepared craxuan
Abby's Gift YS1
The S.I.M.P. Games Kos
Hidden Beacons (Magical Transformation Progression Fantasy) S.N. Keirstead
Eternal Pavilion Ulysses
Tower of Jack actionverb
Rumerra - The Journey Begins [Progression Fantasy] AACrow
Elfandrael: Lucky Soul [LitRPG] [Fantasy] [Progression] Arcane Wind
New Life, Day One, and I’m A Werewolf! 2 Dumenoct
Alpha & Omega Corty
Ascendant: a Progression Fantasy EmergencyComplaints
The Renegade System Luca DR
Champions of Itaro [Cultivation Fantasy] Scrittus
Beginning from Nothing: Book 1 of The New Age LeviasBeheme
The Dungeon Next Door (Dungeon Core Slice of Life) SylviaLillith
Planer Verse Online (LitRPG/Isekai) Barrent
Jal Jomari: Metamorph D.H. Runyan
Zorione Abydos Ocampa
Mage Mordrake: A Two World Mystery Avillo
The Skill Tree 7w1
Tale of Marboc & Naraboc - The Coming Khan Zalut
Rekindle Project (A LITRPG Series) Ali'Creed
After War Xian Piete
Precipice mirrth
Tabula Rasa: C-13 Poptotype
Diaries of a Fighter BltNanox
ShipCore | A Sci-fi Space Opera ShipGirl Action-Adventure Erios909
Lockdown SailWrite
Champions of Andartha (A VRMMO LitRPG Story) Wynn
How to write dumb boys, a struggle little bunny crawling
The Breaker volcanicMole
Sovereign: An Isekai Lit-RPG Adventure Th3 L1brar1an
System? I only have forbidden magic and broken racial abilities... sailset
A Demon Within Filford
The Autumn of Yggdrasil [Dungeon Apocalypse] SomethingaboutRNG
Fear the Girls From Willow Reverie (Monster!Magical Girls) mer_curry
Mother of Exiles [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] Austimized
Demi-status Daneom
Rebirth of the Bloody Witch Tentacult1664
Old Tales Worth Retelling Mad Sadie
Beginning the legend of Spartan Fire restaurant Jomegs
Transcontinental: Documenting this Vast World One Step at a Time! MikanSensei
Rise of the Outlander MasterGamer
Tanking Hits [I Level When I Get Hit in the Balls] DragonOfRochester
I Guess I'll Give This Other World a Try James Garfield
Elfrikaners Jaykingamez
Outsider LoneLeaf
All in VAME Naoru
Silver Rising NeoZero
The Dungeon to Rule Them All [A Mixture of LitRPG Genres] Everseas
Myajacs That One Dragon Writer
Integrated Universe - A LitRPG Adventure Diver Dave
THE FIRST TAMER [Sol-System Chronicle] Sol-System Books
The Zodians - Book 1: New World Order Louiswaldren2311
The Dao of the Machine [A Cultivation LitRPG] WilliamMyrl
Erasia Chronicles Rhod
Pride, Greatest of the Sins N. C. Thomas
The Butcher of Gadobhra The Walrus King
Cascadia [A Numbers Light LIT-RPG] Roof Monster
Tales from the Underside: How to Maintain a Questionable System-in-Progress greyly
Odyssey Of Zero: Journey Ablaze Decean
What Lurks In The Dark? Mistapak
Marauding Gods (FD) OrenonawaSteevie
Imperial Recon Guards Lost in Space DutaDoge
The Hour Destined by Fate visciolaccio
The Short Stories of Argras Dreonem
God Is Dead Blue River
Awakening Dead 2Degenerate
Duty, empty dreams and trying not to become a monster. Rookie12
Apocalypse Redux (a LitRPG Apocalypse) Jakob H. Greif
The Code is Mightier than the Sword (A LitRPG Adventure) David Pontier
I Do Not Want To Do This Anthony Peers
The best support character alexbal
How to Bury Fairytales TheWizardEm
The Children of the Divine Limit Icanica
Worlds of Wonder Lonelyauthor47
The Salt & The Sky FuzzyZergling
Jay's Eden - LitRPG Ironleaf
Human Resources DadDoodle
Who Conquers: Ruined Hearts roberthbutlerwriter
The Castle at Fog's End FeedUsFetus
Spike Hellsing Autobiography: Chapter One - Roots of a Hero Spike Hellsing
Dying Ignition: A LitRPG [Writathon Participant] MrStaleman
Magic Bullets: Prophecy Shizzle Blitz
Max is an Axe! Geeze
Crumbling Core - A Time-Loop Story Pakko
Madness Descent Purple Khaos
Awakened [Vampire/Demon LitRPG Series] KoolCatz
Virtual Vagabonds OriginalKingD
Game World (The Game Masters Saga) Bladerulez
Chronicle of the Wolves senseiseth
Dragon's Legacy CharonWaywardSon CAW
Malevolus Caelum Reimia
Seraph of Ice Penguinator5
Tales of the Twilight Jungle ltouroumov
Journey of the Immortal Grandmaster This_one_
LABYRINTH RUNNERS [Sol-System Chronicle] Sol-System Books
Chronicles of Alandia, a Kobold's tale. A crafting, survival LITRPG BB Shelbie
A Hero, Down To My Bones! (A Skeleton Isekai Story) EJWritesTooMuch
Honey Badger's Ascension (Species Evolution Progression Story) Akten Dreams
The Shape of Sound Koektrommel
Spires chgcstories
Terminus Ritual Pyronymus
The Chronicles of Ishkinil of Athan Arach [A Sword and Sorcery short fiction collection] Qorvus
The Sacrosanct Dev Pain
Black Wolf Howl Laser Crows
After being rejected, I was reincarnated into an insane Death Race!? RobBanks
Where Titans Fall Titanic Tales
The Founders of Eternia Iceberg54321
The Demon Lord Hunter: Demon Cultivation Tragar
Reports to the Pharaoh Sobekhotep
Dreams of Sun Deniscam
Dog Days in a Leashed World HighGrove
Surviving the Succession (A Transmigration Fantasy) umedrop24
An Angel Called Eternity: The Field Rat's Banquet JackdawsAndSparrows
The Heart is a Void: Ashes to Ashes MOROSE
One Versus Destiny OVDC
Humanize Ap0th3os1s
Coldfire Council - Short Story Collection TheGoodAce
Cute Beams, Magic Girls Rouge Rogue
Wrought Iron (NaNoWriMo 2022) MoleMage
Heaven's Chosen Youngree
Severing Time & Space Brandon69
Humans Must Adapt! Acidlotus
ArcanePunk! (LITRPG)How a Shut-In Became a Hero aWildAsianNamedDucky
Warrior, Wizard, Demon Queen? Kearnaun
Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other things. Nettles
No Need for a Core? Zagaroth
Parallel World Connection Laulau20
Nine Steps To Godhood - An Epic Progression Fantasy s1ck
Camp Starfall Kohakuu
Beast Mage D_Sidd
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Great job everyone, lots of hard work here from all of the writers!


There is 238 fictions on the list.  Truly a great feat and a lot of hard work by everyone!


Didn't know where else to write this, but very much liking how the Writathon winners are displayed in a top list, similar to the 'trending' and 'most popular' lists. Much easier to see various details before reading. Thanks again to those organising this and to all participants.

I feel like the toughest part is over! All the brainstorming, plotting, starting 2-3 days late, etc. Now we're in the clear, and can just keep on writing B) 

Great job, boys, girls and any other option!

Still, the job is but half-done *wink*

Agreed. I felt like I was accelerating at the end of the milestone.

Me too, I defeitly was going as fast as I could. I still got that 'go-go-go" in my head but it's a little softer now. xD

238. Not bad.


Did we get rid of the no fanfic rule?


No. I just accidentally didn't filter them out. Should be removed now.  

How many people are on the list now?


I removed one name, and added another that had a justified bug. The number remains the same.

Just curious, what was the justified bug?

'Accidentally diddn't filter (fanfic) out' - is there an explicit way to search for fanfic? I seem to have missed it in the search box if there is. Or was this a manual effort.


Do you mean in the advanced search? 
This is all you need to know about for the advance search feature https://www.royalroad.com/support/knowledgebase/79 

If you skip to the "type" section, you'll find the fanfiction filtering option. 

Is this the highest we've ever seen? Pretty impressive number regardless.

so many other great writers! Good luck hitting 55k everyone! 

Great job everyone! 

Good work to those who made it, and if you didn't, don't get discouraged. There is still plenty of time.

Great job everybody! So proud of all the hard work that everyone put it! Now for the final stretch, good luck!

I am so mad at myself right now. 

This is just a battle, keep going and win the WAR!

The other person is right man. I made a stupid mistake regarding the deadline too. I'm aiming for the final victory as well. Good luck

For those kicking themselves either at missing the deadline or having a small amount--I understand. But at the end of the day, this is just for fun and testing yourself, plus there's still time to not only make it to the end, but push further. Ganbre!

Congratulations to everyone!! That is a nice chunk of stories that made it!!

This is the most I've ever written on one continuous project. So happy to have made the milestone! Good luck everyone!

Nice job, everyone! Now I have to read a few of them, because I actually skimmed over the list this year. Good luck everyone! 

Awesome work everyone! Hope to see you all at the 55k milestone! And maybe a few more that catch up in the second half of the month!

Aw, why am I not on the list? I started writing for this event. I even got the achievement for the 25,000 words written over the weekend! Was there an application thing for the event that I missed? I thought I just had to write in my fiction

There was, and I missed it :( Oh well. I've applied now, so at least I can achieve the final goal, even if I don't get the halfway achievement! Maybe next time! I won't give up!


You need to click [Participate] here https://www.royalroad.com/author-dashboard/writathon

Make sure to join now so that you'll be on the Winner's list! 

*sobs* I only got half of 25k done *sobs*

12,500 words is nothing to sneeze at! Use that disappointment and do the main goal of 55,555 :)

LETS GOOOOO. Amazing job everyone! 

I feel so proud to have my name up there.

Barely made it but there nonetheless. It’s gonna be so difficult to power through for the rest 30k but I guess everyone pushes through so I might as well do the same. 

Also, everyone up there, don’t give it up. Small or big, do your best to push your story out there. Let’s keep it up!

I found the deadline to be really helpful. Let's aim to get 15k done by the 25th. 

Good looking titles, but if I read to much, I may not make it to 55k.

Just use the read later feature.

My browser is bursting with new tabs full of exciting works of so many different authors! Time to dig in folks!

Wo-oah, we're halfway there!

Great job everyone! Let's finish this!

Wo-oah! Livin' on a prayer!

Good job everyone it was a tough beginning of the challenge 

I was writing daily chapters as a personal challenge before all of this. I put it at 30 days, then when I hit 30 days I aimed for 60 thinking I might not make it. Then when I hit 60 I went for 100. I think I was about 90-ish days in, and struggling to hit 100, thinking of potentially calling it quits when I finally did. When I started I could produce a comfortable backlog and write ahead, sometimes I'd be a week or two ahead. By the time this challenge rolled around, though, I was only 1 chapter ahead of everything.

Just when I thought I couldn't write any faster and that my creativity was running dry, this challenge gave me an excuse to push myself further and write some of my favorite chapters in the story. Not only that, but I managed to write enough to post two chapters a day every day which is about double the volume I had been doing before. It's almost symbolic since my story is about people finding their limits and learning to push past them. Glad to be on the list, and I plan on winning that shiny medal by Dec 5th too! 30k+ and counting! I might be in the end game of my story, but I know I can reach that number and go even further beyond. 

Thanks for the opportunity and the challenge. It really came when I needed it the most. 

That's amazing! Great job and keep up the hard work!

Great to see my story on here. Hope everyone finds at least one thing they are looking for on this list.
Happy reading 

  Now I know where I'm spending my Holiday vacation time.  

1k words off,  darnit!  Gah, such a blow.

Congratulations and great work everyone!


Now time to read some!

Woot! Made it by about 50 words. I'm takin a break today, but back to the grind tomorrow! Congrats all who made it! Hope the stories on here get lotsa love! 

Thats one long list.  Far too long to read through.


At a minimum, with 238 fictions at 25,000 words, you are looking at almost 6 million words.  Given some are well passed the 25K mark, it'd be over 6 million easily.

Then a bet. How many books can we read from start to finish! The winners are the writers. xD

My story has the longest title. Am I compensating for something? Yes. Yes I am.

It means it will get the most clicks! <3 

I MADE IT! -screams- I never thought I would actually make it. I mean, sure, I knew the number of words I had written, but it's different just knowing and actually seeing your novel in that list.

I aint gonna lie, I really did not think I would make this milestone. Happy I did.

I am rather surprised I was able to make the list. I had just decided I wanted to try my hand at being an author a few days before the writathon was announced. This unexpected challenge has definitely helped me hit the ground running.

While reading through the list, I wasn't seeing mine. I was growing worried that something went wrong and I hadn't actually made it. To my amusement, I ended up second from the bottom for the first day.

Congrats! Our paths sound very, very similar, I hope we can grow and beat the challenge together!

Also, second to last is a great spot to get clicks from, if I had to guess!!

Your novel looks quite interesting. I will certainly be rooting for you as well.

Ha, same story for me. I started The Salt & The Sky on the 23rd, didn't even realize the writathon was coming up. Just a lucky coincidence.

Woot, we made it! Good luck on the final lap guys!

Congrats to everyone! Excited to read some of them when I have time!

Great work by everyone!

I screwed up 😅 I mis read the time and thought it was till today evening. I already wrote enough, but didn't post em all 😫😫


Am sorry you missed it :( What I did was set an alarm on the 15 to make damn sure I hurried up and finished before the delaine incase life decided to make things difficult.

I'll get it next time (for the 55k count) for sure! Good luck to you as well!

Yesss! I made the milestone. Lots of writing to do still.

Worked so hard on the milestone that I've taken a few days off to recover. (And figure out where the story goes from here, but I think I'm grasping it)

Very happy to have reached the milestone. Congrats to everyone :)) 

Good work guys! I'm totally jealous of your ability to write so much! I've only managed to write at most 11k words broken up between 5 chapters lol. Wish I had the ability to this challenge.

In my first writathon I only got something like 30k at the second milestone. Now, I have the 55k already, and I'm just considering going for my personal goal of 80k.

So don't get discouraged. Even if you don't make it, it's great practice.

First time writing a original story, where previously I only ever did fanfiction. I thought it would be a nice change of pace. A way to challenge myself and actually take the next step on becoming my own kind of author. Glad I made it to the list. Now let's see if I can make the rest of it.

wow I may go mad hahahaha. ooops

Meep! I was so busy writing I forgot to check to see if the list was up yet! Look at that glorious list! Everyone has done a amazing, radical, and far-out job! 

Hee-hee now I have an easy list of books to read. :3 <3




Consider reading mine too (Soul Tear) Am working on chapter 21 atm.

Meep! I was so busy writing I forgot to check to see if the list was up yet! Look at that glorious list! Everyone has done a amazing, radical, and far-out job! 

Hee-hee now I have an easy list of books to read. :3 <3




Consider reading mine too (Soul Tear) Am working on chapter 21 atm.

Excuse my double posting, I had some lag I think.

Holy cow, that's a long list. How do you guys manage to write that much, lolz?

I guess the word count is not the most hard requirement, but to be able and keep the pace is not that easy. I can barely write 2000-4000 words every weak. Usually in one go, when I have the mood. XD

Much respect for you gentlemen, it is a feat.

Some of us are women. *Cough* 

Please do join us next year! 

Can't wait to have some filters to look for more cyberpunk stories!

Congrats everyone! I just managed to get on the list and now I'm finished the whole challenge 9 days later! Time for a nap!

Wow! That's amazing! 

I git smacked with a cold so need to catch up soon.  My goal is to be done by or before the 26bof this month. 

Sleep well, you earned it!

Sorry to hear about the cold, good luck finishing on time!

Thank you! I's gone now. I might be able to make it I'm starting to speed up a tiny bit. Doing about 1-2k words a day instead of the 300 some before the Writeathon started. Skipping sleep helps it's nice and quiet at night.

Oh well, have around 38000 words on my fiction, decided to participate cause why not. Good luck everyone!!!

Sweet mercy that’s a lot of stories. 

Here I am pushing a chapter out every day and only now do I see that I am still in the running for this Writathon lol

In the effort of not wanting to miss the deadline for the second time, is there a way to know which fictions / authors are participating in the contest? I hit participate on the sign up thing, and it's even giving me a % on how far I've gotten, but I can still hit the participate button again? Is it rejecting me? Am I all good? Or am I missing something?

If you have a %, you're good.

You're in, only a few days left, write as fast as you can! good luck! This is a fun *exhausting* challenge. ^-^

I hit the 55,555 goal yesterday! Woot!

Will this list have the appropriate tags added to these stories? It would be easier to sort out preferences.

Huge props to everyone that made it. It was a tough journey! I'll get my revenge next time. Ended at under 40k, F F F F F