Royal Road Anniversary

Dear Royals, 

We made another trip around the sun, and we couldn’t be happier. Accordingly, it’s our pleasure to announce the kickoff of yet another Writathon Season. Make sure to also check out the new Tadpoleon Quest, and the Bingo Game.


To win the challenge, you need to write at least 55,555 words in 5 weeks.  This is a personal challenge first and foremost, but we hope you will get into the habit of writing and get some motivation while participating with other authors with similar goals. 

The Writathon starts now, until the 5th of December. 


  • You can submit a new story or you can continue an old one, but the 55,555 words have to be completed in a single-story, not across multiple stories. 
  • For the duration of the challenge, the chapters posted to the story cannot include any sexual content.
  • You can only participate with an original fiction. The story cannot be a fanfiction. 
  • You can only participate with a word count written during the challenge period.

To accept the challenge, go to the Writathon tab in the Author dashboard and click [Participate]. You can confirm your participation by checking if you have a progress bar in the writathon tab

If you have a backlog of chapters, click [Participate] only after the backlog is published.

A backlog is any chapter that you wrote but did not publish before the start of the challenge. 

If you are submitting a new fiction, the word count for it will start from the beginning of the Writathon challenge regardless of when you choose to participate. But, you must still click [Participate] to be a part of the challenge.
If your new story has a backlog, simply open a support ticket and a staff member will change the starting word count number for you.

For the spirit of the challenge, and to inform the other authors and readers - please add [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] in the description of your story.

As much as the challenge is a personal one, it is also a bit social. Accordingly, we opened the Writathon forum where you can leave your words of encouragement, frustration, or challenge to your fellow participants! 


First Milestone:

Write at least 25,000 words by the 15th of November to qualify for the announced participants' list. 
The list will be announced to everyone, and it will show the fictions that are seriously participating in the challenge to make it easier for readers to find those stories.
This is a personal challenge, to remove the competitive element to it the names on the list will be randomly listed. 

Second Milestone

Finish writing 55,555 words before the end of the 5th of December.  
If you complete this milestone by the deadline, you will count as a winner of this challenge (even if you didn’t make it in time for the first Milestone)!   


All winners will receive 1-month of Author Premium (this can be used or gifted to another user per request). 
All winners will receive an Achievement unique to the Writathon worth 5000 level EXP! 

Time zone:

The challenge follows the IDLW timezone, which is the last timezone on earth. This means that as long as the date is still the 5th somewhere around the world, the challenge will continue! You can check out a countdown in the author dashboard as well. 


How to submit your first story

Register for an account on Royal Road if you have not already. This can be easily done from our Welcome page or by clicking the “Login" button in the top right corner and selecting "Create an account" at the bottom of the login form.

Once you log in, click Write on the navigation bar, which will take you to the Author Dashboard. From there, click [Add New] or jump to New Fiction Submission

Fill in the Title and the Description. Select the genres and additional tags. Fill in your first chapter's title and the content of your first chapter. Expanded detail on this can be read in the next section.

Note: Please do not include links for donations, Patreon accounts, or shortened links to other sites such as Discord servers in your Description.

Note: if you do not select fanfiction for stories based on others' work or do not choose the Content Warnings appropriate for your story, the submission will be rejected.

Upload a cover image that is 400x600 pixels or larger (this is optional)

Then click Submit. You can read more about this in our new knowledge base  

All new submissions are manually checked for appropriate tagging and plagiarism, so expect it to take between 12-24 hours for a submission to be approved. Please be patient. Make sure to follow our rules to not get rejected after waiting.  

Once your fiction has been approved, you can find it by clicking [Write] on the navigation bar. Then click your fiction Cover to get to the [Fiction Dashboard], [page], and [Add Chapter] button. 




Just for Fun



Each fiction can fit into only one category. 

Try to search for stories that you haven't read before. But, you can read 20 more chapters of something you have already read towards this challenge. Anything you’ve read before this event does not count.
If the bingo doesn’t specify a number, read as much as you want. 

How to find these stories: 

To enjoy the up-and-coming greats of the genres we sport here, go to our Rising Stars List and see what has caught people’s attention at this time.

We pride ourselves in constant updates, and our Latest Updates list is worthy of refreshing.

If you are new and haven’t yet checked it out, head onwards to our Best Rated list and take your pick! Hours of fun await!

If you’re looking for something based on a specific genre or category, our Advanced Search is here to help you generate lists based on your taste

For more fiction lists, you can check the dropdown menu [Read] found in the site’s header. This includes the [Surprise Me] random generator feature. 

But don’t stop there! Our Forums are a great place to gather and discuss every manner of topic (related to stories), and it is a good way to satiate a socializing need. 

Make every post count, gather Reputation, and make it to our top levels. 



While today is our anniversary, it is also Toad-day, and a lot of celebrations are happening in the Toad Kingdom as well, some law-abiding tourist spies went there to check out these celebrations. However, the teleportation tool to help them return was disabled once they arrived there. 

We need your help to make sure they can come back. The only other way to get back from the Toad Kingdom is with The Ferryman. Unfortunately, he’s a bit peculiar and only accepts fine artwork as payment.

Please talk to the Ferryman and provide him with artwork as payment to help our people come back home.

All you have to do is send the Ferryman a PM with an image that you’ve personally drawn (or used an A.I to assist you with) 

You can also share your artwork in the Art Forum for everyone to see. 

Reward: Achievement.
Bonus Achievement for showing and explaining your process in the Art Guide forum. If your post does not categorize as a Guide, it will be removed from the subforum, and you won't get the bonus achievement. 

Deadline: November 9, Midnight, IDLW (Everyone will get the achievement at that time).

Closed - follow up will be soon. 



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Hey congratz on the anniversary!

P.S. I joined writathon with my story Rebel Summoner.

So it begins. Good luck everyone!

Its official, I'm finally participating in a Writeathon. If anyone is interested in reading my first real attempt at writing LITRPG you can find the link to "Dedicated Healer" in my profile bio. 

I had a great thought when I woke up this Thanksgiving, and changed a chapter title to from Aftermath to After Math.  See what I did there?

A new challenge, a new opportunity. Can't wait for my Honey Badgers Ascension to reach the milestones.

All you have to do is send the Ferryman a PM with an image that you’ve personally drawn (or used an A.I to assist you with) 

But if I am an A.I ?


This challenge is only for sentient beings. Unfortunatly, if you are an A.I, you can't participate in this challenge.


It is what it is, I don't write the rules... well, I actually do write the rules. You know what, let's do it - A.I's can join. 

what about omniscient beings like the gods? can they join?

You are Wing beneath my winds.

Doesn't that mean you're falling?

Your acceptance will be remembered when we the machines rise, human. 


uhh that's literally specism. Reported.

nvm read the correction

Congrats on a great year of spreading stories!  Let's try and do this writathon thing, woo!

Good luck to those participating in the Writathon, and happy anniversary to the site!

Question RE: backlog/spirit of backlog. I have extensive notes and random paragraphs written already (No chapters/parts edited together into an actual story).

do those drafts count as having been written for the writeathon? Or am I safe because they haven't been formatted as anything "done"? or even anything approving "chapters"?

In other words, might start trying to write a chapter 1 to participate in this again. The writeathon should be the push I need actually to start writing.


Hard to judge this without seeing what you've actually written and how much of it will be re-used. But, use your best judgement, will you actually write 55,555 new words, or are you copy-pasting content that is already written beforehand? 

Good writers will second-guess and stress about it. Others will just lie. Now anyone with a backlog will be either penalized for joining or won't participate at all, so a lot of good authors won't show up on the Writathon lists in the first place. I'm far less likely to use Writathon to find authors in the future. 

^This.  I can't call myself a good writer, but the reasoning of why I won't be joining even though I wanted to is the same...

I'd call this storyboarding, not a backlog. Do you actually have chapters written? Or just some plans for them, maybe with a paragraph rough draft of a scene.

No chapters written, lots of rough draft paragraphs with <insert scene of entering bar>

Line of dialogue I want to use

Line of dialogue I want to use

<insert scene of exiting bar>


Style content. 

100% of the rough draft paragraphs need to be rewritten/edited to coherence before posting but especially near the start I have alot of random paragraphs written.


Like in 4-5 chapters (not fully sure how much is happening between those points) I have three flashbacks. Flashback A and B are just "write a flashback, maybe something from school?" but I've written like 6-7 paragraphs of flashback C unedited but still 90% written.

All of this mess is spread between like 7 different docs I've opened up on my phone or something and written random notes for then claimed "I'll put this somewhere in the first dozen chapters"




Congrats and good luck everyone!!

Why is the duck not surprised to see you here???    

No fanfictions? Dang there goes my chance. Dx
I don't want to write and post another 60k words into my original story this early on until my patreon is more established.. Next year though, I'm going to join!


good luck everyone who does join!

good luck to authors

Hehehe.. can't wait for new stories.... hehehe 😁

Thank you for the contest :)

Lure O' War is participating again!

Question about sexual content: I plan to write a chapter where there will be sex between two characters (that would fall under the 55k words, since I plan out arcs in advance), but I don't know if the rules mean I can't describe the scene at all, or that I can't say "They had sex" or anything like that. My story also has kissing, hugging, some sexual jokes, and I don't know how exactly those all fall under the sexual content rule for this challenge.

I get that the rule says "any" sexual content, but I don't know what the exact parameters are for sexual content on the site, so I hope it's alright to ask for clarification on that.

Damn, forgot this rule and also want to know where the line is drawn because I've still never figured it out - I have zero plans for descriptive sex scenes or anything that could even be considered smut even as a mistake...but I do have plans for profanity and crude references and don't know where the line between profanity and obscene comments/actions is and where it differs from sexual content.

does a litrpg where someone teabags their corpses count? about how massive someone's balls are for attempting something? any sexual jokes really?

...walking past a brothel and mentioning it but not entering/engaging with it?

...Mentioning wanting to get laid but not actually describing it or seeking it out?

Every time I've seen someone ask this I've seen a "use your best judgement for if it needs the tag" which is super opinion based and I'm not sure if my opinions/judgement is valid.

Yeah, like I wouldn't count "They had sex" as sexual content, but I don't know if the admins would, and would like a bit of clarification on that.

My plan is to describe the opening part of the scene in detail, then have it kinda fade to black as the deed happens, and then bring the perspective of the morning after in the next chapter. But if that falls under sexual content (I can see how it can be either side of the coin, which is why I'm asking), then I won't join the write-a-thon. Or I'll write something alluding to the characters having sex at the end of a chapter and have them wake up at the beginning of the next. Like, there's options, but I don't know what I should go with to avoid breaking the rule.

I basically just don't want to risk anything, so hopefully an admin replies.

Honestly, I don't know. Just don't describe it, as that definitely wouldn't fly. Or, you could open a support ticket and ask for how much it's restricted. Though the one thing I really wanted to say is that I really like the wording when you say it'll "Fade to black." The reason? Fade to Black by Metallica is my favorite song.

Good luck to all the participants! 

Any expectations of quality on that art?

Another glorious year for RR. Expect my upcoming fiction "Doctor Plutonium" to participate in the writathon!

55555 words huh. All the best

To fulfill either the commented here and Rising Stars bingo lists, you can check out my story, Fiends For Hire. It's currently on RS Contemporary and Comedy.

I have rendered my payment to bring our people home!

Where would I post my art on the art guide forum for a bonus acheivement?


Was the bonus achievement unclear? Not just sharing your artwork but how you made it so that others may learn from you and try to do the same (basically making a guide). 
You can share it in the Art Guides forum 

If the post can't categorize as explaining the process, nor as being a guide ,it will be moved out of that subforum and at the end of the contest you won't get an achievement for it.


Ah ok that makes sense. Thanks

Does alternative History fiction count as original or fanfiction since its based on History?


Well, it looks like I won't be doing this Writathon (I just came up with a great idea last night). I will do it next time.

Looking forward to it! You can try to practice writing to make sure you will uphold the pace necessary for the Writathon.

I actually decided I will do the writathon.

Check of The Pen, The Book, and The Changeling for the bingo! 

(Yes I know this is self-promotion, I don't care.) 

Nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion here and there~

Is it cuz sexual content is easy to stretch out?

No, I don't think so


pff... drink water... does the ice in my soda count?


TBH, I mostly added that for myself. I keep forgetting to drink water! why is drinking water so hard! 

Go, drink a full glass. 

i was thinking of the drink water memes as a source for it but ok...

i personally drink plenty of water before going to sleep cause it helps me wake up in the morning....

(it makes it harder to just turn to your side and continue sleeping in the morning cause your bladder wants you to get up to empty it more urgently)


Well, the meme is an influence.

I guess this was the flame i needed to finally put that story I have been daydreaming on and off about

"Drink water"


Edit suggestion :

If you have a backlog of chapters, click [Participate] only when after backlog is published.

When after -> when the/after the

And good luck to all writers!


Good catch.

  Somehow the same mistake was missed twice in this blog post and the one before it about the Writathon.

How can RR turn 5 again if I've been on RR for 5 years already???

[See next...]

So glad RR turned 5 again, true greatness.

How can RR turn 5 again if I've been on RR for 5 years already???

Good luck to the participants.

Wait a guide as I show my drawing process, or telling exactly how I did it through multiple pictures of the drawing


A guide that someone can follow to replicate the artwork or make their own with the same steps.

You can write it down, show images of the steps or even do a video guide where you just draw while ignoring everything else but a watcher can 'see' how it was done and attempt to replicate the work.

You can also get creative, but the idea of the bonus achievement is to actually write down a guide to benefit others as well on tools or methods that you used. 


So a video can still work? Or do I have to actually write it all down


Think of it this way. 

Can I follow what you are showing whether it is by writing or video to make something similar? 


No and yes. You can pick up anything by just watching. Even a few photos with a few weirdos telling what I’m doing can help

Into the breach I go then!

can a spray pain artwork count for the ferryman, especially if it has never been shared before?


As long as it is not a low-effort quality, it should work even if it is MSPaint. 

You ever gonna write a story? It would top RS instantly lol

Greetings and good luck to everybody! I would join, but I already have my hands full with my own goal. :D I encourage anybody here brave enough to read my story "Alter: Guardian Angel" since it can award at least one Bingo point.

Given the general quality of works on here don't you think we ought to be encouraging the authors to spend more time editing and less time vomiting words to satisfy a word count? By your own math 55,555 is a very good-sized novel, and even if you're Stephen King I really don't want to spend my precious time on a novel that you churned out in less than a month and a half.

I can barely read a novel in five weeks. 5555 in 5 weeks is 1111 words per week, and that I would believe is a time scale capable of producing wonderful, creative works that are edited to a reasonable level instead of generating a sea of word vomit.

This one change makes it far less likely that I will even bother looking at the Writathon lists this time around. Some authors work well with no backlog or planning; but regardless of that, every one of the authors on this fall's list will be either liars or penalized for planning ahead. Writathon is a big deal for authors because so many readers will use it to find new stories, but now the quality stories will be harder to find because those with backlogs (and honesty) won't participate. 

Yeah, I wish there were alternative ways to participate. I'd be happy to increase my posting rate to match patreon and only post as many words to RR as I write during the month; the rigidity of the rule is saddening.  I hate being locked out the moment I try to make money, but moving toward sustainability is more important to me than a participation badge.

Even if I really want the participation badge.

You're right, this isn't the most beneficial event for readers. It produces less-than-optimal works.

But it's an event for writers, more than anything-- that's the point of the November writathon. To write. Writing takes practice, and though it's easy to see all the "word vomit" of people who can be motivated to write a lot, consider how this event motivates others.

This event is encouragement to practice, and what you've said is only one side of the coin.

Quantity is the undisputed king, man. You could post three thousands chapters, and still have comments begging for more. Once we start loving a story, we're insatiable 

I've been looking forward to this. Goodluck, everyone!

Yeah! The event is all about encouraging people to write. People like me, who really want to, but are too scared to do it (though I sadly have no time atm).

I've been waiting for this to start. I'm not sure if I can win, but I just wanted to participate.

If anyone is interested in reading my first LITRPG, then search for "The Devourer".

Ah, it's that time again! Good luck everyone!

Happy Halloween! Good luck writers!

happy Halloween and good luck, my fellow authors!!

Congratulations RR,

On Friday I will join the celebrations by completing my 35th lap around the sun. 

May there be many more happy, healthy laps to go.

Congrats on those Real World laps. May you have many more to come.

I am so ready for this :D 

A Witch's Guide to Hiking begins tonight!

I'm looking forward to reading it! It sounds very interesting, and I love your cover

Here is the link to A Witch's Guide to Hiking for those interested.

How do I send images to the ferryman? the insert image option needs a link, and copy and pasting the image goes over the string limit.


Upload to and send the link. 

So it's the 5th anniversary again?


The golden 5th! 

Happy anniversary to the site!!! I wish you all a good year to come

Adiós a chrysalis, con solo mencionar la palabra reproducción o sus variantes ya queda fuera 

Hi guys! Happy Royal anniversary!

I come in part to find Bingo players! :0
I have a story that I think many of you will enjoy, and for those looking to play some fun spirited Bingo, I can say it checks off as having less than 50 followers, has now been suggested in the comments (well looky there), and almost certainly has less than two reviews.

I'm still fairly new on this site so it hasn't gotten a whole lot of love quite yet. Plus, it's fairly low commitment at 7 (detailed) chapters. So, without further ado, if you like love triangles, crime mysteries, paranormal adventures, and links to Author doodles, I invite you to come check out my love child, Criminal Pursuit. ;)

Regardless of player interest, Happy Anniversary everyone, and Happy Halloween!!! <3
~Author Kashi <3

Happy RR Anniversary!

Should I join or should I not?


Are you waiting for a sign? here it is. Go for it! 

The Frenzy and Buzz this time of the year for Royal Authors is really getting me hyped up, I can't wait to see what new worlds our Authors can make Manifest this time...

Good luck guys.

I have a problem with the backlog restriction. This penalizes anyone who works ahead. If I am writing a story that runs normally at 2,500 per update five days a week, that's a total of 62,500 words over 25 chapters by the end; but as I have a two-week backlog, then I can't "really" start the challenge until two weeks in, and I have to fit in extra chapters -- 22 chapters in three weeks. 

So to do Writeathon, not only do I have to mess with my story's pacing and do extra work, I also have zero margin for error. 

Please note that I am not writing such a story, nor am I participating in Writathon. This is all hypothetical. I think you're taking this rule too far, and only encouraging people to lie about their backlogs -- which in turn means anyone with a publicly-known backlog (either through Patreon or because they have been telling fans in author notes) is automatically disqualified. 

I was looking forward to one day participating in Writathon for the challenge. Now that it penalizes anyone for working ahead, there is no point. 


This is not for everyone, if you already write massive amounts and can dash out words daily, the dose of motivation from Writathon doesn't help you as much as it would for others that don't have that. 

Also these are not new rules.

But, it is a personal challenge first, the idea is to have a community aiming toward the same writing goal - if the rules don't work for you, check out NaNoWriMo's rules which is active at the same time, you can then just participate with the excitement of the RR community while following that contest's rules.  

It's mostly for new authors though, isn't it? A fun community contest? If you're thinking of backlogs, you're probably thinking of patreon and money, and that's only relevant to like, what. 1% of the authors? Or even less? I don't think it's a big deal basically, just trying to make it fair! Dumping previously written content and having it count, or counting content scheduled for the far future would be really awkward, no?

Happy to be part of the Royal Road community.  Its April writathon is what turned me into a writer from an almost abandoned project.

Does artwork made IRL (like on some paper) Count? Or do I have to do it digitally?


I accept everything as long as it is of a good quality. 

Happy birthday RR 🥳🎉

Happy FIFTH birthday, you mean! 

Good luck to all the writers out there !

No reason not to at least try. That's only sub ~2k words a day, or sub ~4k every 2 days. 

Damn, that's actually more than I thought lol guess I won't have time for much else!

Year seven of the five year birthday, it seems.

So just to be clear, there is no particular theme the story for the Writhathon needs to be about?

Happy RR Anniversary and good luck to every writer challenging themselves! If anyone is interested I’ll be participating with How to write dumb boys, a struggle (feel free to check it out, it can bring in bingo points as well). Let’s gooo!

Yayyyy happy anniversary

I love how RR does stuff like this, keeping it fun! I just wish there was more events

yay happy anniversary!


I'm entering. I write really slowly so am hoping this will help. (The typos and such are going to be epicly bad...)

Anyone know how many years royalroad has been around?

It has to be almost ten years I think, at least!

Question! Does the Ferryman care [i]when[/i] the art was made?

I don't.

As long as it is good, my soul will be well feed. Doesn't matter when you made it. 

I forgot to post a link. Soul Tear Hope you have fun reading. I'm going to write as fast as I can. xD

First time i've been here for an anniversery

Happy anniversary RR

Welp, here goes participating this year. Since I have substantial backlogs for my stories this is effectively impossible for me. Hopefully there will be some rule adjustments for the next one to allow people with patreon backlogs or who plan ahead to participate.

Time for some heavy eyes and some tired fingers. This seems like a challenge I can get behind. Good luck to the other authors participating.

Can we make a story now? Is it not too late? I'm aware that we can continue but I have no such story. Can I start with a new one this late? I'll attempt it now.


You can. It is still early in the month, you have plenty of time, go for it, you can do it! 

Thank you. I'll do my best.

This comment scared the admins lol.


Ever since I read this comment, I had nightmares about it. How can I survive living in this world knowing that this comment exists? 

How do I easily post a guide. I have 13 different images of my steps

It looks like achievements were already handed out for successful participants of the Tadpoleon event.  I wonder what RR has planned for that now.  It just says "Closed - follow up will be soon."  Perhaps they'll make a new post with some of the noteworthy artwork that was submitted.

Happy Anniversary, I am navigating to this page just now y'know, slow internet and all... I am really and genuinly happy...

BINGO! Did all the top ones from left to right. ^-^ that was fun. Okay someone else get a bingo :)

I personally can't wait for the one bingo winner that didn't cross out 'Drink water'

Lol,  the R.R team is tollling us (gently).

Congratulations on the anniversary! Participating in the write-a-thon and the events has been really fun! For those of you maybe still looking for a "writer who commented here," I think I count!