Join the Battle for Net Neutrality

The FCC wishes to repeal the order for Net Neutrality, and we have until July 17th to give the U.S congress feedback regarding that. Without this feedback, the repeal could go into effect, and all websites will be at risk of being censored.

In order to send your feedback, simply go to to send the filled-in or your own letter to the FCC and U.S Congress as to why net neutrality and the open internet rules are important to you.

Why do we care?

Our mission statement is to help authors share their content, and to help readers find said content in an open internet. The Internet Service Providers wish to stand against that. If you want to publish your creation over the internet today, you can simply do it, and give access to it for people all over the world. However, without net neutrality, the ISPs will be able to censor your content, or possibly force you to pay a premium to the ISP in order to access certain sites.

Additionally, ISPs seem hell-bent on using this chance to charge big websites and companies extra fees to get into the “fast lane”, while everyone else who won’t - or can’t - pay will be stuck in the “slow lane”. What this will mean in practice is that now they’ll have an excuse to limit the speed of websites who don’t pay them - which is basically extortion. Even worse, a big enough company may be able to pay the ISPs to censor their competition.

What is Net Neutrality?

“Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet should treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, website, platform, application”

We stand by it, and we ask you to do the same as this would not only affect us, but the entirety of the internet. You can watch the following video for more information.


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Big brother comes for the net.

I'm down for that.

Shit better not pass I don't even have a job right now because I'm not of age

can people not in the USA join in?

and if so how?


    Yes, non-US residents can join as well. You can fill out the form on the page linked above or the one on this page:



      while this is a problem in USA only right now if we lose there other places will use this to get an advantage.

      so if we lose here there is a high chance we will lose Net Neutrality worldwide.

      please make this point clear as otherwise, we might not get support from non-US residents.

      (or at least they won't be too vocal about it.)

      Yo prajit3, I've seen you on a lot of novels I read. Too damn quick, you always get the first comment lol

      sorry for this but I have a question .. I'm not live in USA or one of USA residents and I know from you that I can join .. but I can't understand how to fill the complaint .. it want to me to write address and zip and as I said I'm not in USA or a USA residents so how can I help you?

It is unfortunatley the ultimte affront to the nations founding principals as it allows the destruction of free speech through taxation. In a terrfying way it is a diabolical extension to the Stamp act a certian English King tried to enforce on english colinists leading to the American revolution where 13 colonies rebelled against England only this time the taxation comes through corportae intrests whcih would be even less restricted than colonial English law of the 18th century.

It literally is as direct an afront to the founding principals of the USA as one can possibly go. Truly dispicable as the modern internet is the infrastructure of the the modern world essential for all disciplines and areas.

According to the little video above it has to do with section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Have any of you read section 706. It only has to do with the prices that schools are charged for internet service. keeping it at a minimum. Not what everyone else has to pay. In other words The internet providers just want to charge the same price for schools as they charge everyone else. Not a censorship of content on the internet. Although if you really paid attention there is already censorship. Just try looking for info on just about any search engine and you get lots of pages for things that have absolutely nothing to do with the search terms. This in itself is a type of insidious censorship.


    No, that's wrong. The little video above takes a single sentence from the original video. It's much more complicated than that and there are many, many more laws involved.

      yes, and only those who would really take the time to listen to everything they say over the discussions and search for their references would really understand everything.

      To us who would just click on "I agree" without even reading one whole sentence in the EULA and ToS, it's obvious a lot of people wouldn't care about what went on with that discussion.

      Give them an inch, and they'll go for a mile.

The fact that this is even a possibility is f***ing rediculous. Net Nutrality being repealed would basicaly mean the end of the internet unless some big company was willing to uphold it (hilarious I know, but a guy can dream).

Although an interesting analysis, the fact there's a "faster lane" isn't the issue. The problem starts when the ISPs have the power to decide the speed you access something or even if you can access it at all. Plus, they control the data stream, being able to redirect you to wherever they want. Here's another video explaining it better than I could ever do.

    ISPs = internet service providers. They're supposed to provide us with internet service.

    Once the word "service" comes into play, they must prioritize "service-mindedness" and "customer satisfaction."

    But even with the current situation where net neutrality is still in play, ISPs still go for profit over the two I mention above. Simply, because they are "companies" (with close to none, if not zero competition), they can provide you with shitty service and you have no choice but to pay for it.

    Give them power over the "service" they provide, and you can already imagine how things will end up. Profit, profit, profit for them. If you can't pay, then hello to shittier service. If you do pay, then welcome back to shitty service.

    "Give them an inch, and they'll go for a mile."

Wow, I love the USA! They can make decisions that would basically end one of the biggest "supporters" of Freedom of Speech with a snap of a finger, and the rest of the world may follow! What a time to be alive! I am rooting for North Korea atm.

Money makes the world go round, and the politions into your pocket. I haven't even been writing for a year, and this is what happens? What luck...

I just wish that big coporate CEOes have once started out as lowly members on RRL or other similar site, remember their time here, and fight against the repeal of Net Neutrality.

I'm glad this website is for Net Neutrality.

Hey i am from India and i posted a letter net neutrality is in effect on some sites in India already i realy hate it atleast my provider doest bend towards so far and i have free access i am down for this protest so that my access and others stays so as it is.

Is it like someone pays for an internet service, but the company isn't getting proper speed, so the general equation has both the customer and the provider suffer?

Like someone paying good money, but getting a crappy internet service different from the package listing and promised speed irrespective of what they are doing online? Whatever passes is few people's problems, for companies and all. Just burdening all the comapnies is probably a huge blunder all at once. This probably needs planning, right?

Netnutrality is the goverments way to take over the internet.

They simply underestimate the internet and its inhabitants. 

The net is a place of freedom. I wouldn't like having that freedom threatened! 


The FCC plans to vote to overturn U.S. net neutrality rules in December. I hope the vote doesn't go through.

This is insane, wasnt there like a statistic where 98% of people disagreed with this and they are still going for it ? again?

Are they literaly asking for an open revolt? Because thats what i see.

2 of the guys who voted literally stated that they completely disregarded the comments and the 3rd didn't even look at them.