Royal Road Changelog July 2022

It has been quite a while since the latest changelog! There have been no major sweeping changes in this period, mostly a slew of bug fixes, internal refactoring and some minor features! But for the sake of completion, here is a complete list of all that's changed:

New Features:

  • New reader preferences:
    • Force/strip indents
    • New Reader-page color schemes:
      • OLED Black
      • Gray
      • Light Gray
      • Sepia
    • Paragraph Spacing
    • Full screen mode on mobile by double tapping
  • [Author Premium] Allow authors to track Google Analytics style UTM links in the premium analytics. Supported parameters:
    • utm_source
    • utm_medium
    • utm_campaign
    • These parameters appear in the referrer analytics such as:; source=somewebsite; medium=links; campaign=blogpost1 if visited via a link such as You are free to set these variables as you prefer.
  • [Author Premium] Allow drafts to be exported to ePub
  • [Author Premium] Support selecting entire volumes for ePub exports
  • New Knowledge Base page to replace the old FAQ page
  • Allow viewing fiction and volume covers in full size
  • Recommended for You uses a better algorithm and is now stable
  • Authors can now allow readers to see the date of the next scheduled chapter
  • Read Later can now be sorted alphabetically, by date added or by length
  • New Ideas page to replace the occasionally rather broken external site. Note that this is still a work-in-progress with some planned improvements, including automatic search for the title as you type it in for a new suggestion.

Bug fixes:

There have been dozens if not hundreds of bug fixes - some of them minor annoyances, some of them more significant to a small number of users affected. It's virtually impossible to list them all, and after spending around 15 minutes of writing this, it occurred to me how futile it was.

We would like to thank the community members for reporting the majority of these bugs, especially Buller, msng and Lone, who have reached the 30 bug reports achievement, along with Tomolone and Society, the current runner-ups for bug reports.

Additional Notes:

There has been a lot of work to modernize the backend of the site. These mostly manifest as performance improvements or simply making it easier to maintain and update things, along with numerous changes to the staff portal used by us.

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This site is a breath of fresh air compared to other places where they randomly assign your fiction Romance tags if you're writing fantasy... And that's just a part of their system, nothing they can do to help... In this day and age. 

Thanks for all your hard work! 

oh wait. i see my name

Dang it, if I was 4 days faster...

4 days is relatively good. I was months/years late on asking for a count to get my badge... though I think even then Lone (1st) was even more delayed than me in asking for a count for his badge so I never would have beaten him to it anyway.

Which is now making me wonder if that is maybe a trend with those who get the badge... 3/4 seems rather significant...

Thanks for the update! I am especially glad about the new ideas page because I could not login on the old external suggestions page.

Thanks for the hard work!

Thanks for all the work maintaining & improving the site!

And didnt notice the additional themes before, neat.


Aaand that's why I wrote this blog post :)

Let's go! Nice job with the changes too. 

Would it be possible to remove the recommended box from the top of the home page? Asking for a friend

Thanks for all the hard work and dedication. 


Shout out to all the peps who invest their time and effort on proofreading without anything in return.

Proofreaders improve their proofreading skills by working alongside other proofreaders on the same work.  Over time, each proofreader sees what they missed but the other proofreaders caught.  This feedback improves and sharpens their own grammar skills.

And you think that that's payment enough for all they do?

Thanks for the hard work! Sorting options for my increasingly massive read later list was a feature I've been hoping for for a while now.

Glad to see the new Ideas page! I bet it will get a lot more activity. I used to have to switch to Firefox to use the old suggestions site.

Full screen mode on mobile by double tapping

How can I turn this off? It is slightly annoying when i want to highlight a certain section of the text to copy paste or put as edit suggestion.

Thanks for the news!

Thanks for the news!

Oh dear, I accidently double posted. Sorry!

Oh dear, I accidently double posted. Sorry!

i wonder how you're doing that. Just pressing the button a lot?

he's literally bug hunting in comments on this post
i think we can see why he's the one who finds bugs the most

The section I was most interested in (bug fixes - most if not all new_features are generally stuff I will never encounter or see, and not worth going through tons of author- and premium-features to maybe spot ones relevant to me) was left empty ;( If it felt to long for the post, I would have expected it to be made a link to some dedicated page, or maybe a spoiler-box. Skipping entirely surprised me. And you mentioned writing it out, which made me wonder if you have not integrqted the ticket-system so you could select all relevant tickets and generate a list of solved tickets, for expediency.

Fair. Here's a chunk of my list, all would have made it into this patch note series. If you want other ones, ask Lone, he's the main other person actively finding bugs. 

- Gating level percentages at 99.99% if it would round up to 100% without the user having XP to level up. 

- Some stories with all chapters deleted incorrectly displayed a false page count instead of 0

- Follows tab had extra pages with no stories on them, in some cases

- Temporarily disabling Private Messages due to a URL issue

- Missing images in the author dashboard

- Review creation dates being tied to rating date, if you rate a story and then review later

- Removed 'ghost' upvotes and downvotes, which affected a review's position, but weren't counted numerically 

- Placeholder date overhaul

- Rep error messages missing in comment sections

- Chapter lists not refreshing when display count changes

- Premium subscription was impossible to purchase while premium was active, in some cases

- Cleaning up the UserCP page in User Settings

- Forums counting deleted posts in thread navigation

- Deleted Accounts who made threads having their username shown

- Fixed Story carousel on Welcome page

- Blog pages not counting comments correctly

- Review sorting changed to make mathematical sense

- Post search glitch with deleted posts

- Support ticket responses not giving notifications

- Ability to view hidden or deleted posts 

- Member list lacking appropriate navigation in some cases

There's more, but some has yet to be fixed, and much of the other things I've found have been addressed, but aren't serious enough to be labeled a bug. I hope you appreciate this post!

I do! :)

Can add some of mine too:

- editing a comment with JavaScript disabled now takes theme into consideration, no more white boxes with white text.

- the notifications button now works with JavaScript disabled, taking you to notifications page.

- and lastly a fix that was not from any report at all, and my ticket inquiring about it told me it was due to a third-party dependency's update containing the fix: writing comments without JavaScript now treats your comment as if it was made in Code-mode, so you can finally use the BB-code manually! :)


Tickets typically aren't titled correctly for me to be able to do that. I'd need to comb through all the tickets, along with my entire 700 closed issue GitLab history which contains most support tickets along with any other bugs found by the staff. It's just ridiculous, hence why I gave up. The alternative was to read all the changes in ~500 git commits.

The new Ideas page needs a filter by status. 

I thought the double tap for full screen was new. It's nice, just messed with my text to speech till I found the work around.

Love everything else, keep up the good works! 

Thank you for all the hard work you put into this site 💜

Thanks for the update!


"Authors can now allow readers to see the date of the next scheduled chapter"

can someone point me to where this feature is?


It appears just above the list of available chapters. It also only appears if there are scheduled chapters loaded to the system. If the story doesn't have them, this feature won't be visible.

Much appreciated!


Thanks for the hard work managing this site, and for this changelog.

Never knew about the read later changes. Definitely very useful once I decide to actually check it!

Thanks for your work!,,

I feel left out on the bug reports. :(