The list of Writathon Winners!

Dear Royals~ 
The Writathon challenge for April-May 2022 just ended, and there are 194 winners!
That's 194 authors that wrote at least 55,555 words in 5 weeks.

Congratulations to everyone! You truly deserve a feast worthy of Royals for achieving such a feat, join the Celebration forum and announce your achievement. For readers, enjoy the lists below and read to your heart's content. Check out the review challenge mentioned at the end of this blog post as well.

For the winner's list, this time we have a few changes.

This time the list is set from the order of 'oldest to newest', and it is separated into the following genres: 

  • Novels tagged as Science Fiction* (48)
  • Novels that are neither tagged as Science Fiction nor as Fantasy (10)
  • Novels tagged as Fantasy (136)

These are based on the tags set by the authors. 

You can now find the author's name on the list as well.

The List

Science Fiction:
*This list could also include fantasy


Not Science Fiction, nor Fantasy

Submitted after the Writathon started
The forgotten gods by TheForgotten
Decay and Deception by ArchTemperedHunter
Merigold Lee by Crea S Ward
Tracking Kelsie by Maggie Kerr
Shadow by Almost a Shadow
Reborn In Naruto With My Girlfriend  by pastlives



Sacred Brother by kaoxx287
Refining the Heavens by Alan Tang
Wang Zen: Path of Commonity by wolfgoesbaa
A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale by AbyssRaven
Daughter of Yser by Rowain Flynn
Re:Direction The Peak (Cultivation Tale) by UguDyLight
The Riddle of Lead: Requiem of the Gun Knights by MezzoCatorce
Memories of the Fall by Rith
Thief of Time by Xel Vi Coronata
Dungeon Core Abi by Egar Gnizama
The Blessed Child by UnfortunateMind
Ogre Tyrant by Blind_Watcher
How am I Supposed to Save This World with No Power? by someonebad
Nameless Sovereign by Nameless Author
Mana Soul by Blind_Watcher
The Fire of Asiroth by JRBANCROFT
Melody of Mana by Wandering Agent
Misadventures Incorporated by Spicy Space Squid
Solitary Sovereign by Koroshiya
The Eightfold Fist by Pope Evaristus
After the End: Serenity by Lillene
Travels along the Astral Road by aero001
Garden of Thorns *Lit RPG* by ConfusedBiscuit
The Big Bad Wolf by 13 Pitch Black Cats
Restart (Reborn as a Reluctant Demon Lord, Book 2) by TitusGM
Tori Transmigrated by Aila Aurie
The Key of Destiny by Eitan Estheim
[Spanish] La Llave del Destino by Eitan Estheim
Master, This Poor Disciple Died Again Today by noct
The Heart is a Void: Ashes to Ashes by MOROSE
Class: Mash by ANutty
Lure O' War (The Old Realms) by GrimDux
Ebony Chitin - Adventures of The Hive by slayerbat
Warrior, Wizard, Demon Queen? by Kearnaun
Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other things. by Nettles
My Clone in an Another World by Akten Dreams
Delicate as Glass by Andrew B. Salmon
Neo-Life by PierrotNovels
the only one who remembers by HappyLas
The Rise of the Winter Wolf by WolfShine
Altura's Defiance [ A Transmigrated into a Villainess LitRPG with Kingdom Building, MC befriending and Xianxia Politics] by The Random Cat
The Sable of Skapina by Rosriel
The Complex by Virus 23
Path of the Hive Queen by Tejoka
Heretical Oaths by Slifer274
An Age of Mysterious Memories by TripsTitan
Afterlife Quest: Theodore Saga by M Declan Morris
The Origins Of The Races [Español!] by Armon
Empress of the World by NobleQueenBee
Broken Interface by Alex Kozlowski Author
A Dream of Magic by GeraldFishburg
I'm Not The Hero by SourpatchHero
An Empire Divided by Arelait
Los Caracteres Perdidos [Fantasía oscura] -Español - (Completo) by PedroCorti
The Wolf Saga, Wolf that Devours Empires by sleepydad88
Wrath-book 1-seven dungeon worlds by Revan4815CSchaefer
Hidden Beacons (Illustrated Magical Transformation Progression fantasy LitRPG) (Wuxia-Themed Main Heroine) by FGC_Checkmate
The Novel's Sidekick by SILENTKILLER
Shroud by IronOak
Transcontinental by LashBrown
Am I the Evildoer? by TeaCup
Rebirth of the Great Sages by Nathaniel France
Deteoh – A Glitched World’s Isekai Story by 3QGN73
Oathbound by WorryWrite
The Mythfits - Book 1 by NexusObsidian
Aerial by Selina Airey
I, Kobold: A crafting cultivation litrpg monster story  by Brian Murphy
The Wandering Scholar by RiseoftheReader
The Bird in the Basement by Rowain Flynn
Arcane Enhanced by Mechasym
The Mother of Monsters by TheWebVagrant
Heaven, Earth, Me by Mortrexo
New World - New Beginning by Yucatero
Outcast: Changing Fates [GameLit] by Lykanthropy
The Grimoire is Not Complete! [A Magical LitRPG Adventure!] by Howle
Destiny of the Aasim by Amber Quill
The Plagued Rat by DukeFluffingtons
The Programmer's Dungeon [Progression, LitRPG] by Astra Magically
Sir Crabby (Progression Litrpg) by Boe Hagen
Submitted after the Writathon started
A New Kind of Freak (A dragon evolution story) by Bananalloy
Journey Towards Dao by SleeplesslyDreaming
Asleep: Developer's Edition by Kos
Nomad Healer by Buller
World in Ruins by Astrael
Warmage: A Progression fantasy by Rising Myth
Pay me in Venison by CatAtTheHelm
Beyond Chaos - A DiceRPG by TaiBot
An Unwavering Craftsman by cathfach
How I Met Your Monster by Zaq
Spawning: Toprak by Demagogue
Beauty in Simplicity by The Irregular
Journey Into The Abyss: A Progression fantasy by Kamikoto
Apocalypse Redux (a LitPRG Apocalypse) by wilderfast
Buried City by Rubro Red
ONI RÅŒKURA: A Slice of Life Revenge Story with a Reincarnated OP Protagonist by LambentTyto
Living as a Demon by EO Tenkey
Victor of Tucson [A LitRPG/Progression fantasy] by PlumParrot
The Badger Dungeon by Kit Monster
Evolution Re:start  by MIDNIGHT1331
A Dream Harem Life Built With Superior Firepower by Runaway_Cactuar
The Trials of The Fallen Paladin by Winston
The Lost Archon by KurtMKing
Creation, The wolves that are us (Creation series, Book 1) by ARvern
Animus-Blade: Sword Singer by Ceejay Woods
Lux Follower : Monster hunter and graphic artist [A LitRPG Progression fantasy] by Forest Dolphin
Force of Will by Torgar
The Nameless Seer by Bonbocchi
Recipes from another world by Morbid writer
The Spice of Strife by Kaith
The Shadows Become Her by CLRobison
Weird Magic by DeathlyOreo
I Choose Violence. A Imperium- Isekai LITRPG Portal Harem fantasy by EC MINT
The Laptop Hero (Portal/Isekai LitRPG) by K Hilliard
A Tale for the Lost by efterklok
Dungeonopolis by Theo G.
New Paris [a Modern-day LitRPG] by Evieleyn (Eve)
Scorched - The Winter Winds (litRPG) by primemountain
Blind Wastelands by aalcasid
A Lonely Spiral by YJarex
Embers of the Shattered God by Nexile
Murder Quest Vol 1: Murder on the Minecart Express by fsxx
The Elusive Human, So Often Forgotten [Progression fantasy] by DropShotEpee
Loremaster of the Amaranthine lands by Mordred Westys
Blood & Noodles by invidious
A Dearth of Choice (Dungeon Core) by Grim Tide
A Past Life Of A Vampire Lord by GodofDiscord
Casual Farming  by mcaliban
Soul of the Warrior by Kyfe
The Elements of a Savior by David Pontier
Drknfel Dungeon by Raiythe
In Sign Language, I Hear You by I Am Dita
Killing Cockroaches In Xianxia For Self-Preservation by CheeseWithoutSauce
Witches & Knights & Unicorn Fights by BBButterwell
Vow of Venoir by Iteva Nyphil
A Knight's Lilies by Lord Turtle
I was reincarnated into a yandere otome game as a side character  by Noir Blanche
Occultus Draconem by Mo Luchessi
Stories Of Indlu : Short Stories by AndyLeauter


Review Champion

New themes have been unlocked. The older themes can still be used if you didn't participate yet. 

April 1 themes; 

  • Review a story on the Promote your story, April Thread 
  • Review a story that has a Female Lead
  • Review a story tagged as Space Opera
  • Review a story that has [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] in the description (this could be from older events)
  • Review a completed story 
  • Review a story with a Villainous lead 
  • Review a story tagged as a short story.

April 16 themes ;

  • Review a story tagged as Comedy
  • Review a story tagged as Artificial Intelligence
  • Review a story tagged as Anti-Hero Lead
  • Review a story tagged as Cyberpunk
  • Review a story tagged as First Contact
  • Review 2 stories from the list of Writathon participants above. 

May 6th themes; 

  • Review 6 stories from the Writathon Winner list (each story counts as 1 theme) 
  • Review a story on the Promote your story, May Thread 

As a reminder about the Review contest:

The contest is simple. You need to find stories to read based on certain themes. You can then review those stories and get points. If you have at least 21 points, you will win!

You can review one fiction per theme / one theme per fiction. 
You can only review after reading 5 chapters. 
Your review must be relevant and unique to the story.
The review must not break the review rules.

Note that if any review was disqualified due to low effort, it could mean that you will lose the contest. So we recommend that you don’t participate if you only intend to do it with half an effort.

How to win:
You will get 2 points for an advance review
And 1 point for a standard review.
At the end of the contest, we will verify your reviews, calculate your points, and award you. 

If you win, you will get one month author premium. 
For those that get
21 points: A Bronze achievement worth 500 Exp
30 Points: A Silver Achievement worth 1000 Exp
40 Points: A  Gold achievement worth 1500 Exp 

Deadline May 12, 23:59 IDLW 

Extra notes:
- This contest is for reviews written after April 1. 
- You can still acquire the normal achievements for writing a review. 
- You can use the advanced search to find stories with the theme
- Use this form to participate 

No tags added yet

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Congratulations to everyone that participated, glad to see the new structure in place.


Glad the new structure is well recieved. 



Good job everyone! 

Congratulations to all participants!

Another Writathon passes, another dozen of books added to my 'read later' pile... When will it end?

I think the time you are looking for is never.

Well, just need to start reading no? Hahaha

Success!  I am incredibly happy with myself for completing this challenge for the second time in a row, everyone else who managed to accomplish their personal milestones (a few blowing my own count out of the water, hats off to you people who can somehow pump out over 3000-4000 words a day!) and to Royal Road for this way more fair way of listing the winners.  Letting people browse purely by title and general genre to suit their interests, rather than attaching a score-card to each.  Wonderful start to the year, glad we got more participants this time too even if the number of those who completed stayed more or less the same.  Looking forward to the next challenge, always a great help to my productivity!

Congrats to everyone!

Congrats to everyone and to those of us taking part in the review contest...

Congrats to everyone and to those of us taking part in the review contest...

you guys are the bomb. Congrats


Congrats everyone ^^

Thank you. This was a lot of fun.

Thanks! Hope to see you guys again for the next one :D

Congrats everyone!

(But I'm happy that is finished )

Congrats to everyone and thank you RoyalRoad team for hosting this wonderful contest.

It was fun to do the challenge, and good job to everyone else who won!

Congrats, fellow authors! It's a great feeling to make it to the end. I didn't think I would get there, but I squeaked over the finish line with a few hours to spare. :)

Hope your stories are flourishing, friends. Thanks for the inspiration! 

Congrats to everyone!

I'm gonna be honest, I'm a bit disappointed that so many "themes" of the review contest just ended up pertaining to the Writathon.

In general the contest did a good job in having me go out of my comfort zone and getting me to read new genres I had little exposition to before, so I was looking forward to this set of themes and getting ready for that final binge through a host of new unfamiliar tags.

Out of those 21 tags only 10 didn't pertain to either the Writathon, or the promote your story threads...

I feel like that's just too many. I get that you want this to bring audiences to those threads and stories, but I kind of felt like the competition lost it's own identity because of that a bit.

All in all 3/5



should be

Advanced Search

*"advance search" should be "advanced search".

Where did the words go?


The reason I timed the 'theme unlocking' with the writathon is because I wanted it to be connected to the Writathon. At least this time. 

However, it is very likely that we will run the same contest again in the future at times that are not parallel to the Writathon. 

But, we have 64 genres and tags, it is likely that many themes will be repeated soon enough anyway, especially if everytime the challenge is for 21 themes. But, nothing is final. 

Congrats to fellow authors!
I think it was a great challenge and I really like how every entry is organized here.

I probably would have joined in if it hadn't coincided with the Writathon, but I just didn't have time to both read other peoples stuff and write my own at the same time.

I actually see my self Pog

The word puzzle thing is missing :-)


“- These are the most commonly used words in reviews included in the event so far.“


there is nothing attached or nearby to that.

Made it!

Good job to all the other winners~

This was so fun, and I found a new story that I love writing :) Thanks for having the competition!

There is no link to report the completed review to 


You can participate by filling this form I added it to the blog post as well.


Congratulations to everyone who participated and to everyone who won!

Not a fan of the new structure, personally, though mostly because I want to see the amount of words everyone did and how I compared. 

me like mumbers


Yea, a author I read wrote about 155,000 words, (100,000 more than the qualifying) and they said it felt like all they got was a participation trophy. As in there was no difference between someone that wrote 55,000 and stopped and someone who worked had and kept going. They said they probably won't be participating in the next writeathon because of that.

Yeah, I can see why they would think that. I don't mind if they don't order it by numbers, but adding the numbers written would be nice.


This time around there were 15 Writathon winners with more than 100k words. I don't doubt our authors' ability to write well and write a lot, but I fear that listing the word count was making an unhealthy writing contest instead of allowing authors to develope good habits and give them a fun challenge.

I was told that some of those that aimed to get the highest word count did so after seeing the highest word count for 2021's winner, and using that number as a minimum base. So I am worried that if I showed the top word count this time, next challenge someone will aim to write more than it. 

I really like the new format. I think it's fairer and far less competitive, which should be much better for the culture surrounding the event and the site. I love that older stories are listed higher, promoting stories that have stuck around a long time. And separating into categories is a nice way to break the list up and make it more accessible. 

Much appreciated and well done! :D

From my perspective I think it's fine. It is a participation event. Writathons are about achieving personal goals. As Wing said setting a word count leaderboard can make the competition unhealthy, and it incentivises writing more words over writing a better story. It also opens the competition up to people who want to capitalise on the viewership increase by stocking up chapters before the next competition and then releasing them all at once, which isn't in the spirit of the competition.

Around 20 percent attrition rate for the final round zowie!   I am a reviewer only.  I used a random number generator to determine which Participants to review and there were 253-ish last time. (I don't pretend or say I did a super exact count there, only guessing by how many stories there were per page).  Congratulations to the surviving writers. 

The new way of organizing them makes this harder, so while I am glad they told us the total number of survivors there are it does mean I'm going to need to count.  Blargh.  

It is only now that I am looking at the final stretch that the algorithm for us reviewers worries me a little.   Some author tags are rarer than others and some are very common indeed.  I wonder if it is smart enough to look at all the duplicates and do a secondary sort by rarest tags first.

I have an excel sheet with the stories I reviewed as lines and the 21 tags/requirements as columns, with X's for the tags/requirements the respective story meets. Then for each tag, I marked exactly one X and the respective story, going by rarity both for the story (e.g. one of the story fits only one single tag) and for the tag (the rarest tag has only two fitting stories). That way I know how many participation points I will have by the end of the challenge.

If the challenge algorithm will not give out the correct number of participation points, I'll just write a support ticket listing the best assignment of review vs. tag. Then Wing will be able to correct it manually.

Nice job, lots of words written!

My fiction is missing-.-

CONGRAGULATIONS EVERYONE! Sadly, all I did was read, but I think I read more than 55,555 words. Do I get a prize?


You can have this virtual cookie because you asked nicely.

-But, take it quickly or I might finish eating it- 

Ah! I was distracted by my books... No the cookie... And I will always be distracted by books...

I got the achievement so eh. But I looked through a few times and don't see my fiction

Fixed because Wing is top tier  

Super congrats everyone! Take some well deserved some R&R. Love the new system, Royal Road. <3


Umm... How is "leveling up the world" not a fantasy story? Granted, I dropped it ages ago, so it might have changed greatly. But I really am troubled to imagine how it's not.

It is not the only one I would be questioning. I was exited to read the none fantasy or sci-fi stories first, but I would definitely tag a few of them fantasy.

I'm just a newcomer here so I don't know much about this challenge, maybe I'll join in someday.


Anyway, congratulations to everyone that participated, keep it up, guys!

Highly recommended.  It's a great way for readers to see active fictions, as 55,555 words in roughly a month is a solid upload schedule for any fiction to keep.  And on top of that, it's a fabulous personal milestone system where you are fighting yourself to ensure a fairly high output of words while also keeping quality.  Older versions ranked by words written, which was not ideal as it tended to make people attribute 'this person wrote way more than this other person, that work must be better!' rather than simply searching for a title, genre or work that they might actually enjoy reading.  Basically, there's no reason not to at least attempt it if you're dedicated to your writing, as worst case, you don't make it and learn about your capabilities or what you can realistically do. Hope you give it a go in October when it comes back!

I leave my footprint here till the end of times. Also, congrats on the other winners!


Is it possible for us to get a better way of presenting the winners? This list of links is terrible. For all the authors effort, you are not giving them a chance to present their work. Just some names in a table.

Can you make a list, like for example the favorites, or search, or whatnot, where we can get the blur, tags, and cover?


It's been a lot of fun! Here's to another Writathon sometime in the near future, haha!


How do I block writathon notifications?

I'm late but congrats to those who won

Well done everyone! 

please provide a way to disable wriathon notifications. It should only be once instead of getting it every third day.

@Wing: Concerning the review challenge theme list above: "Review 2 stories from the list of Writathon participants above" should probably be changed to link to the halfway-there blogpost from April 16th.

Some blog posts ago I already noticed that you rarely use the tag feature for blog posts. It would be great to be able to find older blog posts through a #writathon tag, and similarly for #event

Good Job Everyone !

Time for another wave of abandoned or indefinite hiatus novels.