The first Writathon milestone is behind us.

A list of those that took on the challenge and wrote at least 25,000 words from April 1, until April 15.  
You can read more about the Writathon here. You can still participate and win by May 5. 

We encourage you to use the Writathon as a personal challenge and not as a race for who writes the most. Accordingly, for the winner's list, the list order will no longer take into account the word count. 


Title Words
Outcast: Changing Fates [GameLit] 107,334
ONI RŌKURA: LitRPG no sekai ni? 101,098
An Age of Mysterious Memories 93,169
Hymns of the First Wind 78,514
Nomad Healer 74,779
The First Flame 67,422
Mercenary Marauder 63,751
The forgotten gods 63,094
Creation, The wolves that are us (Creation series, Book 1) 63,091
An Unwavering Craftsman 61,534
Heaven, Earth, Me 61,373
The Mask Maker 60,019
Deathworld Commando: Reborn 58,481
Beyond Chaos - A DiceRPG 53,897
Recipes from another world 52,662
Hazel 50,697
The Ruins of Magincia 49,620
The Guardian 48,744
Altar Ego 48,680
A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale 46,633
Lux Follower : Monster hunter and graphic artist [A LitRPG Progression Fantasy] 44,887
A Lonely Spiral 44,765
A New Kind of Freak (A dragon evolution story) 43,712
The Desecrator's Tomb - A Numbers Lit-aRPG 42,860
Asleep: Developer's Edition 42,795
Crossing the Cosmic Rubicon 41,856
The Shadows Become Her 41,673
Killing Cockroaches In Xianxia For Self-Preservation 41,550
Neo-Life 41,516
Dungeonopolis 41,261
I, Kobold: A crafting cultivation litrpg monster story 40,686
The Spice of Strife 40,508
Journey Towards Dao 40,231
the only one who remembers 40,097
Tori Transmigrated 39,280
Sir Crabby (Progression Litrpg) 38,453
The Mythfits 38,380
Hero Soul: Jetriser 37,351
Garden of Thorns *Lit RPG* 37,349
Agalma 36,769
The Lost Archon 36,637
Death or Glory {A Litrpg Story} 35,946
Soul of the Warrior 35,506
A Pirate's Life, The Virus, and A New World 35,481
Fertilizer Wars 35,358
The Laptop Hero (Portal/Isekai LitRPG) 34,309
HEGEMON This Crimson Flower Will Bloom On Your Blood 34,165
First Contact 34,131
The Complex 33,664
Memories of the Fall 33,468
Warmage: A Progression Fantasy 33,375
Decay and Deception 33,262
Animus-Blade: Sword Singer 32,929
Beauty in Simplicity 32,892
Lure O' War (The Old Realms) 32,707
The Novel's Sidekick 32,703
A Dream Harem Life Built With Superior Firepower 32,441
The Power of Ten Book Four: Dynamo 32,347
ETERNITY: A Reincarnation Tale 32,198
Demon Hunters 32,156
The Big Bad Wolf 32,000
The Prowlisi and The Assembly 31,911
Leftover Apocalypse 31,902
Dreamland 31,813
Ogre Tyrant 31,809
Class: Mash 31,737
Scorched - Winter Winds 31,630
I am Just a Broken Machine 31,480
The Badger Dungeon 31,315
A Tale for the Lost 31,255
Merigold Lee 31,174
W.A.R.F.R.A.M.E. 31,086
War Queen 31,061
The Young Master in the Shadows 31,021
Deteoh – A Glitched World’s Isekai Story 30,937
Victor of Tucson - Part 1: Pit Fighter 30,883
Lilly’s Adventures In the Old World 30,862
Blood & Noodles 30,836
Wish upon the Stars 30,769
The Elusive Human, So Often Forgotten [Progression Fantasy] 30,749
How To Survive Inside this Forsaken World with Me 30,678
Transcontinental 30,677
Weird Magic 30,572
Mana Soul 30,490
Core Defect 30,418
The Plagued Rat 30,370
Dungeon Core Abi 30,059
The Wolf Saga, Wolf that Devours Empires 30,018
Generation of the New Age 30,007
After the End: Serenity 29,937
Empress of the World 29,881
The Entropic Knight - a litRPG Story 29,796
Heretical Oaths 29,730
Quantum Worlds (A LitRPG dark fantasy) 29,722
Floozy Devil 29,695
The Grimoire is Not Complete! [A Magical LitRPG Adventure!] 29,535
How am I Supposed to Save This World with No Power? 29,486
Blind Wastelands 29,439
The Break 29,356
Living as a Demon 29,316
Murder Quest Vol 1: Murder on the Minecart Express 29,280
Orion’s Last Words 29,013
World Story: Biographies of Extraordinary People 29,001
The Heart is a Void: Ashes to Ashes 28,990
Leveling up the World 28,894
Altura’s Defiance [ A Transmigrated into a Villainess LitRPG with Kingdom Building, MC befriending and Xianxia Politics] 28,868
Journey Into The Abyss: A Progression Fantasy 28,753
How I Met Your Monster 28,707
The Programmer's Dungeon [Progression, LitRPG] 28,660
Buried City 28,636
Spires 28,551
The Elements of a Savior 28,531
Oval / Earth 28,529
The Mother of Monsters 28,487
The Destiny of Fyss 28,423
The tales of the Omnidragon 28,203
God of Thieves 28,068
Thief of Time 28,042
A Dearth of Choice (Dungeon Core) 27,985
The Faceless Minion 27,973
Old Terran Soul 27,943
Pay me in Venison 27,874
The Origins Of The Races [Español!] 27,859
Loremaster of the Amaranthine lands 27,859
Had To End Sometime (Apocalypse LitRPG) 27,851
Shroud 27,681
Solitary Sovereign 27,670
I'm Not The Hero 27,666
ANNO: 1623 27,582
Son of the Poorest Count 27,529
A Collection 27,508
Misadventures Incorporated 27,343
My Clone in an Another World 27,304
Witches and Knights and Unicorn Fights 27,166
In Dying Starlight: A Cyborg Sci-Fi Adventure 27,106
Spawning: Toprak 26,996
Eretriah online. Spanish version. A litRPG novel with VR in a futuristic world. 26,994
Valkyria Squadron 26,944
Kingdom of Rust 26,854
Wolves revolution 26,831
Tracking Kelsie 26,794
The Blessed Child 26,768
Oathbound 26,743
The Key of Destiny 26,740
Cascadia 26,733
Force of Will 26,720
The Rise of the Winter Wolf 26,661
Aerial 26,652
Count of Frozen End 26,628
The Hero Without a Past 26,625
The Prophet's Ascension 26,410
Bug-Hunting as a Heretic 26,408
Stolen by the System 26,388
Warrior, Wizard, Demon Queen? 26,380
[Spanish] La Llave del Destino 26,299
Glitched! Uplift Arc 26,219
Sacred Brother 26,087
Incant - A Coven in Atlanta (Short Story) 26,057
I Choose Violence. A Imperium- Isekai LITRPG Portal Harem Fantasy 26,041
A Knight's Lilies 25,985
The Trials of The Fallen Paladin 25,885
Master, This Poor Disciple Died Again Today 25,840
The Last War 25,832
Wherever the Wind Takes Us 25,804
The Eightfold Fist 25,802
Galatea: A Litrpg Story 25,789
Supreme Opportunity 25,715
Future of Rogues [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] 25,674
Crests the Skies - A Story about a Dragon, amongst other things. 25,643
Wang Zen: Path of Commonity 25,620
Contract Summoner [Revised] 25,571
The Oddity (Rewrite) 25,555
Mana breaker - A litRPG Epic 25,510
Battle-Witch's Warrior Thrall: Post-Apocalyptic Reverse Harem Cultivator Fantasy 25,506
The Riddle of Lead: Requiem of the Gun Knights 25,490
A Dream of Magic 25,454
Dauntless: Origins 25,421
Path of the Hive Queen 25,410
Era Doves: You Are Not the Chosen One! 25,393
Delicate as Glass 25,375
Ebony Chitin - Adventures of The Hive 25,368
Hubris 25,356
The Baron von Bickenstadt 25,353
Restart (Reborn as a Reluctant Demon Lord, Book 2) 25,351
WTF 25,340
Drknfel Dungeon 25,340
Dungeoneers 25,289
A Past Life Of A Vampire Lord 25,287
Afterlife Quest: Theodore Saga 25,284
Chronicles of Unia: Rise of the Empire 25,276
Aether Engineering 25,261
Melody of Mana 25,254
A Spirit Vein's Guide to Immortality 25,247
Exrenity 25,230
Evolution Re:start 25,224
Capital of Greed 25,197
Travels along the Astral Road 25,192
The DT Journals 25,182
Power Nap 25,160
Simulation Nation 25,142
The Skies Beyond the Cage 25,137
Dr. Z's Zombie Apocalypse 25,131
Aegis: Welcome to the End of the Universe 25,117
Path of Boundless Adventure [Writathon Participant] 25,100
Rebirth of the Great Sages 25,098
War Slaves - [Writathon Participant] 25,090
Vanisher 25,082
Ringleader [Writathon Participant] 25,060
World in Ruins 25,053
The Wandering Scholar 25,052
Hidden Beacons (Illustrated Magical Transformation Progression Fantasy LitRPG) (Wuxia-Themed Main Heroine) 25,051
Rise! 25,048
Sent to the Slush File 25,037
Path of Salvation 25,032
Strings 25,032
Daughter of Yser 25,031
New Paris [a Modern-day LitRPG] 25,015
The Sword Saint 25,013
The Bird in the Basement 25,011
Finding Magic 25,005
Am I the Evildoer? 25,003

Review Champion

New themes have been unlocked for the Review Challenge. Since this challenge is new, there are minor updates and clarifications. 

It is now enough to submit a single review in the registration form and every new review you write will be automatically counted if it matches the themes. You no longer need to submit each review individually. 

New themes have been unlocked. The older themes can still be used if you didn't participate yet. 

April 1 themes; 

  • Review a story on the Promote your story, April Thread 
  • Review a story that has a Female Lead
  • Review a story tagged as Space Opera
  • Review a story that has [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] in the description (this could be from older events)
  • Review a completed story 
  • Review a story with a Villainous lead 
  • Review a story tagged as a short story.

April 16 themes ;

  • Review a story tagged as Comedy
  • Review a story tagged as Artificial Intelligence
  • Review a story tagged as Anti-Hero Lead
  • Review a story tagged as Cyberpunk
  • Review a story tagged as First Contact
  • Review 2 stories from the list of Writathon participants above. 

May 6 themes:

  • Review 6 stories from the Writathon Winner list (each story counts as 1 theme) 
  • Review a story on the Promote your story, May Thread 

As a reminder about the Review contest:

The contest is simple. You need to find stories to read based on certain themes. You can then review those stories and get points. If you have at least 21 points you will win!

You can review one fiction per theme / one theme per fiction. 
You can only review after reading 5 chapters. 
Your review must be relevant and unique to the story.
The review must not break the review rules.

Note that if any review was disqualified due to low effort, it could mean that you will lose the contest. So we recommend that you don’t participate if you only intend to do it with half an effort.

How to win:
You will get 2 points for an advanced review
And 1 point for a standard review.
At the end of the contest, we will verify your reviews, calculate your points, and award you. 

If you win, you will get one month author premium. 
For those that get
21 points: A Bronze achievement worth 500 Exp
30 Points: A Silver Achievement worth 1000 Exp
40 Points: A  Gold achievement worth 1500 Exp 

Deadline May 12, 23:59 IDLW 

Fun notes:
- This contest is for reviews written after April 1. 
- You can still acquire the normal achievements for writing a review. 
- You can use the advance search to find stories with the theme
- These are the most commonly used words in reviews included in the event so far.  


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That's a long list of stories this time, Jesus.

How long are they usually then?

There isn’t really a usually, the list just keeps getting longer. 

Those lists are getting way too long to be useful like that. Why isn't this a list like "Rising stars" or any other, where I can see tags and filter out the books I'm not interested in?

That’s a really good questions. Isn’t this list supposed to make it easier for readers to find stories from the writathon? Just putting all the titles in a huge list isn’t helpful for that at all.

I agree with Brandon and Howle. This list is largely useless. It doesn't even show the authors' names.

How am I supposed to know which of these stories are from friends of mine, or from authors who I like?

I am very sad. 😿

Mine is somewhere. Good luck figuring out which though

I shall use my power of Psychic Duck Summoning.

 . . . 

*I saw Momma Duck yesterday, scouting out new nesting sites.



@Buller yours is 5th Place

Pretty cool for an MC that's 'old as balls.'  ❤🦆😸🦕❤

Ye mine is somewhere too, good luck finding mine it's near the bottom

A writathon tag we could filter by would be very useful!

How awesome, I'm dead last lol. 

Dead last is probably better than somewhere in the middle in terms of drawing new readers in.  If anyone looks at this list to find fics with no info to go off of other than the name they'll probably start scanning through either from the top or the bottom.

I hope so. Going through this list is killing me on the inside.

I made it yes! 12k words until 55,555!

Look ma', I'm up on the list! Whoop whoop!

That being said, Writathon has been a lot of fun so far. Definitely found my love for writing stories through it and I am so glad I chose to participate. I wish everyone else all the inspiration and motivation in the world to write on to the end!


Woot! I made it! I’m Not The Hero is a twist on the classic isekai cliches. Now to get to 55k.

Alright on the list. Congratulations to all who made it. :D

Congrats to "am i the evildoer" for just barely making it in

I completely forgot about the writeathon until a few days ago so I didn't make the list, but I will make the deadline by May 5th. 

I completely forgot about the writeathon until a few days ago so I didn't make the list, but I will make the deadline by May 5th. 

I just arrived here but I have to agree, this list looks a bit vast. 

Whooohoooo! I just squeaked in ahead of the deadline. I'm writing on my phone while holding a newborn in the other arm, but I still made the first milestone. Pursue your dreams, friends, no matter the obstacles. :)

Haha, you get credit for convincing me to participate. Anyone reading this sound go read your story!

Yeah! I think they should put the name of the author and a cover of their fiction in the list if the final results aren't going to show word count from most to least. That way everyone has a chance at a little extra exposure.

By the way, anyone reading this, should read the comment above. It has very good life advice!

Your word cloud has a bad case of biblioform. 

Is it my imagination or are there significantly more this year?

Finally made the list, I thought I made it with 5 mins to spare only to remember IDLW timezone. 


Chronicles of Unia: Rise of the empire is a post-apocalyptic fantasy Kingdom building with a reincarnator, please check it out if that interests you!

Some clear cheating going on. 100K words in 15 days LOL!

*laughs in Pirateaba*

*does happy but embarrassing dance in privacy of own home*

Oufft, my story is on the list, but it’s in the middle! A bit of a shame that. Still, good job everyone who made the first check mark!

I welcome any and all reviewers of my work, "The Sword Saint"... as long as they're positive, and funny, and call me handsome somewhere in the review.

Happy to have made it on the list :)

Second place! Woohoo! It's a shame the stories won't be listed from top to bottom based on word count anymore.

With every contest, the list grows. Why not change the rules a bit by only allowing new stories to be used for the contest? It would add new flavors to the variety that is the stuff we read.

Big support and praise to making the winner's list no longer ranked by wordcount.  I know it was a talking point last year/October about how, despite intent, readers tended to focus on titles at the top of the list, and ordering it by wordcount made it a contest which awarded attention in a quantity-over-quality way.  Even listing it alphabetically, randomly, or be genre makes things far more fair.  Very happy to see this change this year!

I wasn't able to participate this time, but I'll definitely be there for the next one! Good luck to all of you!

Review contest submission form doesn't have tags from the second round of themes. I suppose they can be submitted as "other " but then, what's the point in the specific tags? 

There is no need for tags, the system currently searches the user profile automatically for reviews matching selected themes after he/she submitted at least one of their reviews via the form

You have 15 detected reviews, but 13 distinct themes reviewed, so you got the maximum possible points for the 13 themes. 

Contest rules also requested me to review me the Writhatlon participant story twice despite it may likely have tags other stories had as well ;-)

Also, this is not the final sorting, your final point allocation will only be done after the contest ends, this is just the current approximate allocation. Your final points may decrease based on whether or not you have done a distinct review for each of the distinct themes.

How I can make a distinct review if I can't label is at distinct review :-D

It is decided by an AI, based on your reviews starting from April 1st Just target each theme and do a review on that theme, and you will get your point, don't worry about the fiction having other themes as well. 

Congrats to the other Writeathon participants who made it on this list!

And best of luck crossing the finish line!

Made it despite my college work🐺

I meant to ask this earlier when the review event just started, but what happens if you write a review that has more than one of the qualifying themes? Is it counted multiple times due to containing more than one of the qualifying tags or is it just counted once?


Each theme counts only once. 

Does it mean I can review the story that hits all the tags AI+Cyberpunk+First Contact+Anti-Hero and get the same amount of point as if I reviewed four stories with different themes separately? Each theme will still count once, but it will be all the themes in single review 

What about "Review 2 stories from the list of Writation participants above.", does that count as being able to do two reviews for this theme or do two reviews count as one?


From the rules: "You can review one fiction per theme / one theme per fiction. " 

Each review will only counts once. There are no shortcuts. 

As for the "Review 2 stories from the list of Writation participants above" pick any 2 fictions from the list, and leave a review for each one of them. Again, no shortcuts. 2 stories, 2 reviews.



I have...a question about the "This contest is for reviews written after April 1." note and how it relates to updating reviews.

I like updating reviews when I finish something/to show how many chapters I've read/get much further and have more to add. Specifically as an example: I've finished a recently completed story and updated my review from chapter 300 to 401 Here.  Because I updated it yesterday it shows april 17th as the date it was written... even though I first wrote most of the review several months ago.

Does this count for the "completed" category? is the automation smart enough to note it was first reviewed a while ago?

I don't want it to look like I'm cheating somehow... but if this is within the rules of this event are we allowed to just update all our old reviews that qualify for points? I also don't want this to be marked as my review for a category and somehow then be disqualified for cheating because it feels like its breaking the "After April 1st" rule even if I didn't mean to.

Hello, I am the programmer of the review contest automation thing.

@JohnPlume, There is a complex sorting algorithm that makes sure that you get points for only one theme per review. So you don't have to worry about getting points for multiple themes from one review. Just keep reviewing without worries

@beast_reagards, You will have to review each of the themes separately to get points for that theme. For example, you have reviewed 15 stories from April 1st up to now. But you only reviewed 13 distinct themes. So you are getting points for only those 13 distinct reviews. 

@Leephoya, you have to review 3 stories for writathon separately up to now 1) With writathon participation written on description 2) One from the list 3) Again one from the list. These 3 reviews won't overlap and you will only get points for these 3 themes ONLY if you review these 3 themes separately. 

@Bluelighting42, That review you modified won't get past the verification system. Your review has to be CREATED after April 1st for it to get verified for further criteria. So you don't have to worry about appearing like you are cheating. 


Also, the example I have given for beast regards is just the current approximate allocation. The final sorting will be done only after the review ends. You won't get points for a theme unless you have done a distinct review per theme. 

Uh oh. That won't work, I think. Because I have 13 advanced reviews for different themes this month, which should add up to 26 points, but I had previously rated like two of the stories I reviewed (just a star rating), so how would you differentiate between a rating and a review? Because royal road itself doesn't differentiate those (it's a bug, but it still doesn't), so if you're scraping the site itself, I think that the bot will say that I only have 10-11 valid reviews, so 20-22  points. 

If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me. I am not capable of running the bot myself, so I'm just working off of what I know and think.  

You have 12 verified advanced reviews on 12 distinct themes, adding up to 24 points. This is the first time I am hearing about the bug, but I guess if you have already rated a story you had already read it before. So you will have to find completely new stories to read and review for the contest  

There is no way to overcome this bug if rating a story defines the date of your review creation according to RR's coding. You will have to open a support ticket for those reviews to get manually verified after the contest ends I guess, or the contest rules will also have to add that the reviewed story must be something you haven't rated or reviewed before. That is for the RR staff to decide whether they will give points for those reviews, but I am guessing even they will not be able to manually verify whether or not you did those reviews before or after 1st April if rating a story decides your review creation date. 

Well that throws my excel sheet for a loop. 

I guess I gotta rack my brain what I had rated before.

Yay! Barely made the cut :') 

I'm pretty new to the site so this is my first time participating in the Writeathon and while I'm a little sad that I didn't get to participate earlier when I was really in a frenzy pounding those chapters, this Writeathon has been a really big motivating factor for keeping me writing through the very emotionally difficult arc that the story is in now. T w T 

Not sure if I'll finish the story before I write 55k more words but I'm really glad the site has events like this! 

For the Review Challenge, the admins will have to do lots of cross-checking. Since many stories fit multiple themes, it will be difficult for them to find out which review was meant for which theme, in order to reach the combination for the highest amount of participation points. I already have problems to match my own new reviews to the themes and I'm not even halfway there.

and I found a typo: from the list of Writation participants above -› Writathon

Hehe. I got in by the skin of my teeth. First time making a story so I'm glad I was able to just pump out enough words for this.

For the new review champion themes: should we select "another theme" in the registration form? If yes, how do you know which theme one chose for that specific review?


I removed the theme section from the form.

Everything from our end was automated so that you'll get the right amount of points for the number of themes you've done. I don't understand exactly how that works, but I know it is complex equation magic, and the end results are as intended. 

Thanls for all the answers! :)

Note that if any review was disqualified due to low effort, it could mean that you will lose the contest. So we recommend that you don’t participate if you only intend to do it with half an effort.

so is there any downsides to losing the contest?

also i might not be getting it, but to get more points i am supposed to do more reviews or do i get points for upvotes, sorry im a little lost since i havent done this events before.


More reviews = more points. Upvotes are not counted. 
I guess outside of the conest, there are no downsides to being disqualified. But I don't think you'd want to put in the effort for leaving 15 reviews and then ending up disqualified over a single low effort review.

Gosh, I wrote 25674 words in 10 days while living in a school with dorm and studying until midnight, lol that is damn insane 10 days. 

Idea: In the author backend for managing a fiction, put a checkbox for participating in the writathon challenge, and then you can have the advanced search be able to search for that. (And thinking ahead, you'd code the checkbox for each writathon separately and then the advanced search function could be like a dropdown list so you could search different writathons). 

Great idea, but complicated by there being a bunch of different Writathons

I was suggesting this on a go forward basis only. 

Happy i made it on the list. Scifi/mythology cannbe hard to mix, sl im glad i made it

I feel like organizing that list somewhat would be useful. Maybe split them off by genres?

2 weeks for each of the first two groups of themes, but only 5 days for the 3rd theme group :O 

This is going to be hard! 

( -_・) ︻デ═一 ▸

( -_・) ︻デ═一 ▸ 


That should reach, right Dearest?